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Results for Sale 325, 2014 FALL FEATURE AUCTION.

Generated at 8:19:12 AM on Sunday, December 15, 2019.  Prices are exclusive of Buyer's Premium and may be subject to change.  Prices are shown in US Dollars.

Lot Description Price
1 (12) STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURES OF 19TH C ROYALTY - Including (4) couples as individual figures: King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra; Duke of Unsold
2 (8 PCS) BENNINGTON POTTERY - All 19th c., including: (2) Cow Creamers (1 Flint, the other repaired at tail), 6 1/2 long; 1849 Flint Toi 600
3 (6 PCS) BENNINGTON YELLOWWARE POTTERY - All 19th c., including: (2) Scarce Book-Form Flasks, Departed Spirits, with museum number on bo 1,100
4 RARE BENNINGTON POTTERY FIGURINE - Standing Lion with Fruit Basket in Mouth, facing left, with textured ears, ruff and tail, in brown s 1,400
5 (6 PCS) BENNINGTON POTTERY - All 19th c. Pitchers, including: Hunter with Dog, 9 tall; Laurel Wreath, 9 1/2; Peacock & Palm Tree, 8 1/4 Unsold
6 (5 PCS) BENNINGTON POTTERY - All 19th c., including: 1849 Flint Tobacco Jar, alternate rib pattern, 8 1/4 tall; Covered Salt, 7 1/4 dia 275
7 RARE ROCKINGHAM POTTERY FRAME - Oval Molded Frame in classic dark brown tortoiseshell glaze, accepts 6 1/2 x 5 1/4 oblong cabinet photo 100
8 TEAPOT - Rare 18th c. Whieldon Pottery Soft Paste Teapot, brown sponge glazed with old gilt highlights, overall vine pattern, and fine Unsold
9 THREE EARLY WORCESTER BOWLS - All in Chinoiserie Blue & White, the largest has temple in landscape exterior, prunus interior, 3 7/8 x 9 750
10 RARE SET OF SIX WORCESTER CUPS AND SAUCERS - Circa 1785 Blue & White Porcelain in the Manchester pattern, handleless cups with the W ma 325
11 (2) EARLY WORCESTER PORCELAIN SWEETMEAT DISHES - Chamberlain Regent China, circa 1816-20, both with the No 155 Bond Street, London addr 250
12 (2) EARLY WORCESTER PORCELAIN SWEETMEAT DISHES - Derby China, both with the red crown mark, circa 1806-25, in similar heart shaped form 100
13 (2) EARLY WORCESTER PORCELAIN SWEETMEAT DISHES - Derby China, both with the red crown mark, circa 1806-25, in the same three-lobed form 150
14 EARLY WORCESTER SWEETMEAT DISH - Heart Shaped, with cobalt and gilt edge, five groups of polychrome flowers, the central one inside a g 100
15 EARLY WORCESTER SAUCER - Blue on White Birds in Branches, circa 1775, with blue C mark, 1 x 5 diam. Fine condition. Unsold
16 RARE ENGLISH IRONSTONE JUG - Unusual Shaped Masons Six-Sided Jug with scalloped top and mans face in 3/4 relief at base of handle, Chin 175
17 (SET OF 6) ENGLISH IRONSTONE PLATES - Early Masons Patent Imari Vase and Rock or Pekin Vase, underglaze blue with hand painted iron red 225
18 MINIATURE ENGLISH TUREEN WITH UNDERPLATE - Masons Two-Handled India Grasshopper Pattern in the Imari palette, printed China Ironstone W 600
19 (3) EARLY ENGLISH CHINA PLATES - Including: Masons Chinoiserie blue & white stoneware with gold highlighting, with blossoms and prunus, Unsold
20 (SET OF 6) ENGLISH IRONSTONE PLATES - Masons Bamboo Pattern in blue, with indent edge, with the underglaze blue crown over swagged bann 275
21 (4) EARLY ENGLISH IRONSTONE CHINOISERIE PLATES - Including: Pair of Mandarin Style, circa 1815-20, with four children in garden, panele Unsold
22 ENGLISH IRONSTONE BOWL & PAIR OF PLATES - Masons matching early Mandalay pattern with impressed marks, circa 1815, all 9 1/2 diam, bowl 100
23 (2 PAIR) EARLY ENGLISH PLATES - Including: Masons Stoneware Deep Dishes, circa 1815, with rippled cobalt rims having gilt grapevine dec Unsold
24 MASONS IRONSTONE CENTER BOWL - Chinoiserie Square Bowl with clipped corners, in Mandarin decoration, decorated with figures in gardens 325
25 (2 PCS) ENGLISH CANEWARE - Both circa 1800, unglazed exteriors, including: Bulbous Teapot in Roman Revival style, possibly by E. Mayer, 550
26 (2 PCS) LEEDS CREAMWARE - Baluster Mug marked Ale, circa 1780, having a painted leaf surround, intertwined strap handle ending in appli 375
27 ENGLISH CREAMWARE TUREEN - Oval Covered Footed Tureen with cabbage leaf and cornflower decoration, handles, large finial, unmarked, pos 375
28 (4 PCS) EARLY ENGLISH CREAMWARE - All late 18th c, including: Turner Pierced Basket with handles, in yellow-green and brown, 2 1/4 x 8 125
29 (3) EARLY ENGLISH TEAPOTS - Including: Two Pearlware Pots, in similar floral decoration with wine colored trim, one bulbous, one squatt 550
30 ENGLISH CANEWARE PLATE - Butter Yellow Plate with blue enamel border, impressed mark Turner for John Turner, Lane End, North Staffordsh Unsold
31 (2) PAIR OF SPODE IRONSTONE - Both in Imari palette, including: Two New Stone China Frog Pattern Bowls, (the pattern commissioned by Ki Unsold
32 (2 PCS) LIVERPOOL SOFTPASTE WITH REVERSIBLE TRANSFERS - Both black on white, circa 1800, unmarked, including: Mug with Miss and Grandma Unsold
33 (2 PCS) EARLY SUNDERLAND LUSTREWARE - Circa 1800-1830, including: Milk Pitcher with hand painted transfers on both sides of heraldic im 150
34 (2 PCS) EARLY ENGLISH SOFTPASTE TRANSFERWARE - Including: Dixons Sunderland Cream Pitcher, circa 1830, with Masonic symbology and inscr Unsold
35 (2 PCS) EARLY DERBY PORCELAIN - Including a Covered Urn, Roman Revival, in mint green with gilt detailing, red crown mark, incised LCL 250
36 (2) EARLY ENGLISH PORCELAIN SERVING PIECES - Including: Oval Sauceboat with attached base, leaf form handles, bud form finial, polychro Unsold
37 (2) EARLY ENGLISH PORCELAIN SAUCE TUREENS - Including: Early Soft Paste Sauce Boat with underplate and ladle, in brown water lily decor 150
38 (2) EARLY ENGLISH PORCELAIN SAUCE TUREENS WITH UNDERPLATES - Both in Chinoiserie Imari pattern and palette, separate underplates, inclu 125
39 (6) EARLY ENGLISH PORCELAIN SAUCERS - Including: Pair of Worcester Chinoiserie of a woman at a garden fountain, in green and gold with Unsold
40 PAIR OF ENGLISH SERVING DISHES - Mayer & Newbold Shaped Serving Dishes, with gilt edge, hand painted polychrome flowers, raised floral Unsold
41 (3) ARMORIAL PLATES - Circa 1805-1830, including: Rare Worcester Barr, Flight & Barr gilt palmette and cloud pattern over salmon field 375
42 PAIR OF ENGLISH SERVING DISHES - Derby Porcelain Sweet Meat Dishes, circa 1810, in leaf form with roped edge and scrolled handle, havin 100
43 PAIR OF DERBY PLATES & LARGE BOWL - Imari Pattern Willow Tree with pair of birds, gilt edged, red mark, circa 1800-1820. 8 diam., good 250
44 (2 PCS) EARLY SPODE PORCELAIN - Including: Square Covered Vegetable Bowl with scrolled knop, moss green lily pad and pinstripe decorati 250
45 PAIR OF OVAL ENGLISH IRONSTONE PLATES - Flight, Barr & Barr Worcester Plates in brown leaf and red blossom pattern, gilt vines and bord 100
46 (3 PCS) EARLY SPODE PORCELAIN - Oval Platter and Two Serving Bowls in polychrome floral pattern #2527, gilt edged, with raised blossom Unsold
47 SPODE CENTER BOWL - Two-Handled Oval and Footed Ironstone Bowl in pink Mandarin pattern, scalloped edge, circa 1805-30. 5 1/2 x 14 1/2 300
48 LARGE OPEN IRONSTONE TUREEN - Hicks & Meigh of Hanley Staffs, England, circa 1806-22. Squared oval with handles in Imari pattern. 3 x 1 100
49 EARLY DRESDEN FIGURINE - Blanc de Chine of a Little Boy Traveler with Monkey, both seated on a rock outcropping, he is holding a staff 250
50 (2 PCS) NIPPON CORALENE PORCELAIN - Melon Form Biscuit Jar with three stem feet, shaped edge opening, domed lid, having flower blossoms 250
51 DELFT COVERED URN - 19th c. Six-Sided Ovoid Urn with domed lid having a lion finial, blue and white chinoiserie panel decoration, marke 275
52 (6) HAND PAINTED FISH PLATES - Doulton Burslem, signed by Henry Mitchell (active 1893-1908), gilt edged, including: Common Trout; Perch 250
53 (12 PCS) 18TH C GLASS STEMWARE - Including: Pair of Emerald Green, 5 1/4 tall; Pair of Engraved and diamond cut, 4 1/8; Single engraved 150
54 TIFFANY GLASS BOWL - Aurene Favrille Finger Bowl in purple-blue to yellow green exterior, turquoise interior, with faceted sides and ru Unsold
55 PAIR OF CRYSTAL COVERED COMPOTES - Early 19th c. cut glass faceted compotes, the lids with large finials, overall gilt vine decoration, 100
56 PAIR OF CRYSTAL DECANTERS & PAIR OF S/P BOTTLE HOLDERS - Small Ships Decanters in Cut Crystal by Wedgewood, Galway, Ireland, 6 1/4 tall 400
57 (3 PC) BOHEMIAN GLASS CENTERPIECE - Czech Frosted Glass and Gilt Trimmed Compote with Matching Pair of Vases, unmarked, circa 1920s. 9 100
58 (3) 19TH C COPIES OF ROMAN STATUES - Including: Partially Draped Standing Woman in nearly black patinated bronze, unmarked, on integral Unsold
59 FRENCH MANTEL TAZZA & PAIR OF CANDLESTICKS - Napoleon III Period Tazza in gilt bronze with overall ivy decoration and handles, set on a Unsold
60 (6) BRONZE DESK DECORATIONS - Most probably French, all 19th c, including: Woman Seated in Chair Playing with Kitten and Yarn, on onyx Unsold
61 FRENCH BRONZE EWER & FOOTED BOWL - Art Nouveau Pine Cone and Needle Pattern Ewer by L. Lerolle Freres, signed on underside, in warm cho Unsold
62 PAIR BRONZE TAZZAS, PAIR VASES & (2) SINGLE VASES - All 19th c, probably French, including: Empire Tazzas in simple form of pan mounted 475
63 FRENCH BRONZE THERMOMETER & PAPERWEIGHT - Replica of Napoleons Column in gilt bronze, with thermometer and register on front, Louis-Phi 425
64 (4 PCS) MINIATURE BRONZE FURNITURE - Including: Brass Four-Stem Oil Lamp with screen and four chained tools, 6 1/8 tall; PLUS Round Til Unsold
65 (2) GRAND TOUR BRONZES - 19th c. Italian Copies of Ancient Roman originals, including: Boy Blowing Horn, on integral plinth, mounted on 325
66 (2) FRENCH BRONZE TAZZAS - Neo-Classical Themed, Empire to Restoration Period, including: Tall Romanesque Censer, with ribbed pan with 250
67 (6) FRENCH GILT BRONZE DECORATIVE PIECES - All 19th c, unmarked, including: Tazza with Imari dish, scrolled leaf handles, reticulated f Unsold
68 PAIR OF FRENCH MANTEL TAZZAS - Second Empire Period Gilt Bronze and Black Slate Tazzas, having leaf form handles, scrollwork dishes on Unsold
69 GEORGE WASHINGTON ANDIRONS - Early 19th c. Commemorative Andirons in Cast Iron, of General Washington standing with one hand on hip. 15 700
70 RARE FIGURAL ANDIRONS - Rare Pair of 19th c. Cast Iron Figural Andirons in the form of an African-American Couple, with the original re Unsold
71 (6 PC) ARTS & CRAFTS FIREPLACE FENDER & TOOL SET - Copper and Bronze Quality Set, circa 1890, having a ball and dragon claw theme, cons 300
72 PAIR BRASS ANDIRONS - Pair of Large Classical Brass Andirons, late 18th - early 19th c, in the form of flame topped columns, complete w 650
73 (4 PCS) EARLY HAND HAMMERED COPPER COOKWARE - Round Bottom Candy Cookers, or Mixing Bowls, in graduated sizes, but not a set, the large Unsold
74 (6 PCS) FRENCH TIN-LINED COPPER COOKWARE - Six Graduated Sauce Pans, all stamped Bazar Francais, New York and 666, with riveted brass l 750
75 (9 PCS) GERMAN TIN-LINED COPPER MOLDS - All late 19th to early 20th c, all but one mold are handmade. Includes: Two Alsace Kugelhopf mo 500
76 (6 PCS) FRENCH COPPER COOKWARE - Includng: 13 1/2 Footed Pan with rigid D handles, PLUS Two Oval Au Gratin Pans with handles, 8 x 12 & Unsold
77 PAIR & SINGLE BRASS CANDLESTICKS - 19th c. English Brass Candlesticks, the pair with square top and base with round depression, the sin Unsold
78 (2) MARINE WOODCUTS - Attributed to Cyril A Wilkinson, (UK, 1893-1926), all 1922, Brixham Trawler & Thames Bridge, in matching 1/2 roun 250
79 (3) MARINE ETCHINGS - Ship Portraits by Charles JA Wilson (MA, 1880-1965), all pencil signed and titled, Sovereign of the Seas, Westwar 300
80 UNSIGNED MARINE PAINTING - Late 19th c. Depiction of a Beached and Dismasted Schooner being battered by whitecaps, oil on academy board 275
81 (4) CONTEMPORARY NAUTICAL INSTRUMENTS - All brass, including: Pair of Wall Mount Ships Clock & Barometer by Schatz; Boxed Miniature Sex 425
82 ENGLISH TRAVELING DESK - Brass Bound Rosewood Lap Desk with engraved plate on lid Caroline Sears Walker, 1858. Flush mount handles on s Unsold
83 (2) DUCK DECOYS - Two Carved and Painted Wood Decoys in the Madison Mitchell Style, Chesapeake Bay Area, by Joey Jobes, third son of Ca Unsold
84 (3) DUCK DECOYS - Early 20th c. Canvasback Working Decoys, in painted wood with lead weights, all by the same hand, roughly 17 long. Ni Unsold
85 (3) DUCK DECOYS - Early 20th c. Mallard Working Decoys, in painted wood, one with lead weight, by different makers, unmarked, roughly 1 275
86 (4) DUCK DECOYS - Early 20th c. Flat Body Mallard Working Decoys, in painted wood, by different makers, one marked CB Carler, Chesapeak Unsold
87 (2) EARLY GEESE DECOYS - Late 19th c. Canada Geese Working Decoys, in painted wood, unmarked. Roughly 26 long. One has an unpainted rep Unsold
88 (2) EARLY GEESE DECOYS - Early 20th c. Canada Geese Decoys, one working, one for display, in painted wood, unmarked. Roughly 22 & 24 lo Unsold
89 (4) DUCK DECOYS - Three Early 20th c. & One Modern Canvasback Working Decoys, in painted wood, by different makers, unmarked, roughly 1 250
90 DISPLAY DECOY - Wimbrel by C. Woodington, Sea View, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Circa 1950. Marked on underside. 11 tall overall. Goo 100
91 (19) MARITIME TRADE BOOKS - Inc: 1917 Bowditch; US Coast Pilot, Atlantic, St Croix to Chesapeake, 1909, 1918 & 1950; List of Merchant V 425
92 GARDEN PAVILLION - Carved Wooden Garden Pavillion with Two Seated Figures, varnished softwood. The carved figure on the left holds a ta Unsold
93 (2) FOLK ART PAINTED CARRIERS - 19th c. New England Food Carrier in green painted bent softwood with locking top having handle, initial Unsold
94 AMERICAN TRINKET BOX - Federal Period Maple Box with ombred mahogany inlay of eagle surrounded by wreath and riband on lid, rosewood ed 400
95 (2 PCS) TARTANWARE - Mauchlin Treen Desk Box & Hourglass, the first in Prince Charlie plaid, with sterling shield hallmarked by Charles 100
96 FRAMED HAND FAN - 18th c. French Hand Fan with silverleaf reticulated sticks, featuring a handpainted stipple engraving of the muses ma Unsold
97 VINTAGE COUNTERTOP DISPLAY CASE - Late 19th c. Tall Case in red paint with hinged glass door, pink paper lining, green back. On bun fee Unsold
98 OSCAR BACH ART DECO HAMMERED CHARGER - Hammered aluminum charger, circa 1930, featuring a Penguin, signed Oscar Bach Sterling Bronze Co 350
99 PAIR OF 19TH C AMERICAN WESTERN SPURS - Circa 1870-80 Iron Hand Cut Five-Point Star Spurs with chased silver and copper mounts in the f 900
100 CELLO - 19th c. Unmarked Full-Sized Cello with Bow in contemporary soft case. Only label inside is from a repair shop #7189, April 12, 550
101 BARBARA MORGAN (NY, 1900-1992); Martha Graham, Letter to the World, photogravure in green on mount, pencil signed lower right, dated 19 250
102 EARLY NEEDLEPOINT POCKETBOOK - 18th c. New England Flame Stitch, with later silk lining, bargello needle work in polychrome. 6 1/2 x 4 Unsold
103 TIFFANY MANTEL CLOCK - Napoleon III Style 8-day Time & Strike Clock in a faux tortoiseshell case with gilt bronze mounts, inset enamel 850
104 PR AREA RUGS - 26 X 8 - Pair of Baluch Bag Faces, Northeast Persia, late 19th c, square medallion with star-in-octagon center, surround Unsold
105 CHINESE ALTAR - Zitan Wood Long Altar or Scroll Table, Qing Period, having paneled top, profile skirt with relief decoration of Han bro 2,250
106 CHINESE POTTERY TRIPOD FOOTED BOWL - Rare Heavy Scallop Edged Bowl with red copper and cobalt over celadon dripped glaze, the three fee 1,200
107 CHINESE BEEHIVE WATER COUPE - Peach-Bloom Glazed Pot with Kangzhi Six-Character Mark and of the Period (1662-1722), having rounded side 2,000
108 EARLY CHINESE ROBE - 19th c. Court Robe with blue ground, long cuffed sleeves, wrap front with side attachment by gold buttons, the ove 5,500
109 CHINESE BRONZE PLANTER - Important Imperial Quality Cast Bronze with Ming Xuande mark, having a clipped corner flat rim, frieze of vine 1,100
110 CHINESE ALTAR - Tall Oblong Table, in Zitan or exotic rosewood, finished on all sides, having molded overhanging top, pierced and carve 500
111 CHINESE EXPORT BOWL - Daoguang Period and Mark, in cobalt blue with flaming pearl symbols on exterior, goldfish; the flat rim with gilt Unsold
112 PAIR OF PORCELAIN FOO DOGS - Late Qing Dynasty Export Statues in cobalt blue on pink platforms, the opposing figures holding offspring 800
113 CHINESE EGGSHELL BOWL - Scalloped side deep bowl with slightly domed foot, decorated with scraffito polychrome dragons and blossoms, oc 500
114 CHINESE PORCELAIN INKWELL - 18th c. Famille Rose Inkwell, signed, decorated with trees and figures. 1 3/4 x 7 x 3 1/2. Good condition. Unsold
115 EARLY CHINESE TWO-PANEL SCREEN - Heavy Framed Screen, possibly architectural doors or shutters, the mortise and tenon frame only in rem Unsold
116 CHINESE PORCELAIN CUP - Justice Cup with figure of child, copper red & grey decoration. The cup was designed that if it is filled to a Unsold
117 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Large 20th c. Meiping Vase painted in famille rose enamels with raised dragons, one pink, one blue. Dao Guang mark. Unsold
118 CHINESE JADE - Song Dynasty Variegated Jade Carving of a Duck with a Hawk on its back. 3 1/2 long. Good condition. 6,000
119 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Small Ming Dynasty Jar with blue & white decoration of phoenix birds, collar rim. 5 x 4 1/2 diam. Good condition. 750
120 CHINESE EXPORT FOLDING SCREEN - 19th c. Six-Fold Carved Lacquer Screen with continuous image of various waterfowl in lush wetlands on b 1,000
121 CHINESE BRONZE - Tang Dynasty Gilt Bronze Six Buddhas Altar Figure, on open integral plinth. 4 1/4 tall. Fine condition. Unsold
122 CHINESE POTTERY - Ming Dynasty Covered Circular Box with blue and white decoration, rabbit on lid. 2 5/8 x 4 7/8 diam. Very good condit 800
123 LARGE CHINESE BRONZE JARDINIERE - 19th c. Cast Bronze, signed on underside, with panels depicting heroes on horseback in mountains on o 500
124 CHINESE BRONZE CENSER - Footed Round Censer bearing a Qianlong mark on the underside, the double-domed lid having a large foo dog finia 250
125 CHINESE PAINTED SCROLL - Qi Bashi (1864-1957), Painting of four plants with three insects, Beijing Art Institute, signed and with two s Unsold
126 (3) CHINESE PAINTINGS ON ONE SCROLL - 19th c. Floral & Foliage Studies with Butterflies, watercolor on paper, all by the same artist, t 600
127 CHINESE SILVER PLACKET - Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) Belt Ornament, in gilt silver, with aristocrat on horseback and five attendants behin 450
128 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Ming Dynasty Brush Washer featuring two dragons in confrontation, in celadon glaze, with custom wooden stand, in cu Unsold
129 CHINESE BRONZE - Han Dynasty Scroll Weight in two parts, reticulated, with three tigers supporting a mountain, lower pins fitting into 2,400
130 PAIR OF CHINESE SCROLLS - Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxhi Imperial Scrolls on Silk of Birds on Flowering Branches by Chiang Ting-hsi/Jian Unsold
131 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Republic Period Sweet Meat Bowl with domed cover, decorated in famille rose flowers on exterior, with erotic scene Unsold
132 CHINESE BRONZE - Large Han Dynasty Hu Form Vase with gilt decoration, ring handles suspended from taotie lugs. 12 3/4 x 10 1/4 diam. En Unsold
133 CHINESE POTTERY - Kangxi Period Bisque Figure of Guei Hsi in sancai glaze. 11 tall. Restoration to ring, ring hand, crown, foot, and ha Unsold
134 CHINESE POTTERY - Yingqing Vase with incised decoration, pale celadon glaze, foliated lip rim. Yuan dynasty. In custom box. 9 3/4 x 5 3 1,500
135 CHINESE PAINTED SCROLL - Qipei Gao (1660-1734); Portrait of an Aristocratic Woman leaning on a Cherry Tree, watercolor and ink on silk, Unsold
136 FRAMED CHINESE PORCELAIN PLAQUE - Famille Rose Panel depicting young children playing in a bamboo grove, tossing fruit. In lacquer fram Unsold
137 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Imperial Covered Jar with raised green, blue and aubergine decoration of foo dog, dragon and qilin. Raised seal mar Unsold
138 EARLY CHINESE TOMB EFFIGY - Polychrome Terra Cotta Standing Bull Tomb Effigy, Tang Dynasty (960-1279 AD), depicted standing with raised 2,750
139 CHINESE BRONZE - Large Bronze Sculpture of a Dragon with gold inlay and incised decoration. 10 long. Encrusted, corroded, nice age pati Unsold
140 CHINESE LANDSCAPE SCROLL - Magnificent 17th to 18th c. Painting on Silk of extensive mountain landscape in mist, with two figures and t 2,750
141 PAIR OF CHINESE POTTERY FOO DOGS - Pottery Guardian Figures in green, gold and brown glaze. Approx. 21 x 24 x 14. Repairs to tail of on Unsold
142 BRONZE BUDDHA - Antique Gilt Bronze Buddha, seated in Dyanasana, with hands in Bhumisparsha Mudra, sanghati robe over one shoulder, elo Unsold
143 CHINESE SCROLL - Watercolor on Silk of People in Mountains by Ju Jie (1524-1585), signed and sealed, mounted on brocade scroll, with mu Unsold
144 SNUFF BOTTLE - Shadow Agate Snuff Bottle of flattened oval shape with oval raised base, 1850 to 1900. The shoulders are ornamented with Unsold
145 (24) CHINESE WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS WITH PRESENTATION - Portaits of Insects presented to US Consular Officer in Canton on June 21, 1948, 3,000
146 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Large Bowl with enamel decoration of birds, insects and flowers on exterior, three pair of rabbits on interior Unsold
147 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Bottle Vase in Peach Bloom Glaze, Kangxi mark and period. In box. 9 x 5 1/4 diam. Repair at rim. Unsold
148 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Small Hu Form Vase with two handles, in tea dust glaze with gilt decoration, Qianlong mark. In box. 5 1/2 tall. Lig Unsold
149 LARGE CHINESE POTTERY VASE - Hu Form Ge Type Glaze Large Vase with Qianlong mark. 14 1/4 x 9 x 7. Good condition, original small glaze Unsold
150 ZAO WOU-KI (China/France, 1820-2013); Plaine Rose, 1956, five-color litho, pencil signed and dated lower right, numbered 81/125. Editio 3,750
151 PAIR CHINESE PORCELAIN CUPS - Republic Period Famille Rose Cups with floral decoration, inscriptions, Yongzheng marks. In custom box. 1 Unsold
152 CHINESE STIRRUPS - Ming Dynasty Iron Stirrups with gilt dragons head bosses flanking the strap slot, shaped vent in the foot plate. 6 t Unsold
153 CHINESE POTTERY - Cizhou Meiping Vase decorated with leaping deer, lappet leaf shoulder, in brown over tan, possibly Yuan dynasty. 7 3/ Unsold
154 CHINESE POTTERY - Yingqing Water Dropper in the form of a small boy climbing on a huge toad, in pale celadon glaze with fine craquelure Unsold
155 THAI STUPA CROWN - Carved Sandstone Architectural Fragment in the form of a Stupa reliquary, having four faces with Buddha seated in an 1,750
156 CHINESE BRONZE - Han Dynasty Figure of Standing Tiger, with head turned and tail up, on integral base, encrusted. 4 long. Nice patina. Unsold
157 MING PERIOD INKSTONE - Ming Period Inkstone in carved limestone, consisting of two raised platforms with offset figures of lions, one t Unsold
158 PAIR OF MONUMENTAL CHINESE VASES - Celadon Floor Vases in ovoid form with throated neck and rolled rim, decorated with flowering branch 900
159 PAIR OF CHINESE VASES - 19th c. Celadon Pottery Vases in the form of ribbon bound bags, with raised polychromed and gilt symbols of for 900
160 CHINESE MIXED METAL SCULPTURE - Warring States Finial in the Form of a Bird, in bronze with silver inlay, having an oblong mounting tab Unsold
161 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Cylindrical Brush Pot in celery green glaze, with relief decoration of woman riding water buffalo past bare tree, s Unsold
162 CHINESE JADE BRACELET - 18th-19th c. Pale Green Jade Bracelet. 3 diam. Fine condition. 950
163 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Fa Hua Shrine Figure of an Official, in aqua and black glazes with serpent and turtle at his feet, on integral plin 750
164 CHINESE INKSTONE - Duan Inkstone with cover, inscriptions on top, bottom and sides. Working surface with surrounding trough is concave 800
165 CHINESE JADE - Dark Green Jade King Seal with Qianlong six-character seal, lengthy inscriptions on all four sides, double-headed dragon 8,000
166 CHINESE POTTERY - Hanan Black Glaze Vase with russet splashes, in ovoid form with narrow neck, possibly Yuan dynasty. 7 3/8 x 7 diam. F 900
167 CHINESE BRONZE - Ming Dynasty Bronze Incense Burner in the form of a three-legged frog. 5 3/4 t, 7 1/2 x 4. Good condition. Unsold
168 CHINESE BRONZE - Warring States Bronze Bottle Vase with silver and gold inlay, pendant ring handles, signed on underside. 10 x 6 1/4 di Unsold
169 CHINESE SCROLL PAINTING - Ink Painting with Colors on Silk of Scholars under pine trees, signed and with chops. In black box frame, gla Unsold
170 CHINESE MIXED METAL BASIN - Large Tang Style Parcel Gilt Bronze Basin with engraved decoration of birds, repoussed medallion in bottom, Unsold
171 CHINESE JADE PENDANT - 19th c. Pale Green Jade Pendant in plaque form, with shallow relief carving of elder watching two boys pulling b Unsold
172 (5) SNUFF BOTTLES - Collection of (5) Porcelain Snuff Bottles with tops. Including: Seed shaped bottle with four panels, matching top w Unsold
173 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Small Stemmed Cup with blue & white decoration of carp, four character mark. 3 x 3 1/2 diam. Good condition. Unsold
174 CHINESE BRONZE VESSEL - Ming Dynasty Bronze Covered Food Vessel, with swing bail handle, inscribed inside lid. Unsold
175 CHINESE JADE - Large Carving of a Mother Horse with her colt on her back, possibly Song Dynasty. 4 1/2 t x 7 x 3 3/4. Area of roughness Unsold
176 CHINESE BRONZE VASE - Late Ming Bronze Vase cast in Han dynasty Hu form with appied Taotie mask handles and late Shang / early Zhou Dyn 500
177 PAIR CHINESE WINE CUPS - Pottery Wine Cups in turquoise crackle glaze, white interior, narrow foot. Chien Lung Period (1736-1796). 3 1/ 250
178 QASHQAI CARPET - 59 x 86 - Southwest Persia, mid 20th c, small diamond medallion in red and ivory, set on a cranberry field filled with 550
179 CHINESE CHAMPLEVE BRONZE URN - 18th c. squat Urn with rimmed collar neck, three taotie handles with drop rings, six champleve panels be Unsold
180 CHINESE BRONZE - Standing Figure of Quan Yin on lotus pedestal, parcel gilt, thin walled. 16 tall. Unsold
181 ANCIENT CHINESE WOOD CARVING - Zhou Dynasty (12th c.) Architectural Fragment of Phoenix Bird, in elm wood, on museum mount. 27 x 12 1/2 1,200
182 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Dark Green Plaque Form Pendant with family in garden, inscription verso; PLUS Pale Green Pendant figure of a boy Unsold
183 (2) CHINESE JADE & QUARTZ CARVINGS - White Jade Figure of bird with fish and flowers; PLUS Purple Quartz Pendant of plums. 18th-19th c. Unsold
184 CHINESE POTTERY - Yizin Zisha Brush Washer in the form of a low bowl with rolled rim, incised decoration of birds on a floral branch, l 750
185 PAIR OF CHINESE REVERSE GLASS PAINTINGS - Early 19th c. Portraits of Courtly Women, both depicted leaning on edge of balcony, inside an 6,500
186 PAIR CHINESE BURIAL FIGURES - Green Glazed Pottery Tomb Figures of Scholars with robes having overly long sleeves (mirrored hands raise Unsold
187 (4) CHINESE SCROLL PAINTINGS - Four Watercolors on Paper of Carp by Xu Gu (Ziyang Shanyen, 1824-1896), Qing painter and poet, mounted o Unsold
188 CHINESE SCROLL - Watercolor on Paper of Quail under Flowering Tree by Leng Mei (Jinmen Shushi, 1669-1744), Qing artist from Jiaozhou, h Unsold
189 CHINESE SCROLL - Ink and Watercolor on Paper of Lotus Blossoms and Sturgeon, by Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), signed and with seals, the or Unsold
190 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Large Deep Wucai Bowl decorated with dragons and having Ming mark, (possibly Kangxhi). In box. 4 7/8 x 8 1/4 diam. 2,000
191 CHINESE GLASS BOWL - Qianlong Period Peking Glass Amethyst Bowl with engraved mark inside tall foot, heavy walls tapering to thin flare 250
192 (2) SNUFF BOTTLES - Lot of (2) Fine Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, with tops and spoons, 1850 to 1900. Including: Natural picture jasper b 650
193 (2) PEKING GLASS PLATES - 18th c. Wine Colored Lotus Blossom Form Plates, with scalloped edge, ribbed sides, shallow foot. 7 1/2 diam. Unsold
194 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Large Cafe au Lait Bowl with blue & white calligraphy interior, flat rim, single bead on side. Late 19th c. 2 Unsold
195 CHINESE BRONZE FIGURE - Ming Dynasty (16th-17th c) Dhanada, Guardian King of the North, in ornate armor with billowing scarves, magnifi 3,000
196 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Deep Serving Bowl in powder blue having white decoration of dragons with flaming pearls on outside, pair of ph 500
197 (2) EARLY CHINESE MINIATURE BRONZE FIGURES - Late Ming Dynasty Furniture Mount of a Seated Daoist Priest, 3 tall & Middle Qing Dynasty 500
198 CHINESE PORCELAIN VASE - Baluster Vase with blue & white decoration of mother with two children, blue underglaze Guangxu mark. 11 3/4 t Unsold
199 (2) ORIENTAL BOWLS - Southern Song / Joseon Dynasty (16th c.) Large Bowls with white slip and underglaze iron brown decoration of birds Unsold
200 (2) CHINESE ANCESTRAL PORTRAITS - 18th c. Portraits in casein on fine cotton canvas, sewn from 18 strips; one depicting single couple w Unsold
201 CHINESE WATERCOLOR - Republican Period, circa 1930s, Man Riding Horse Pulling Covered Wagon, signed and with seal, In gold stick frame, 500
202 RARE EARLY CHINESE EXPORT SAUCER - Fine Porcelain for the English Market, 18th c., with a black line rendering of a young couple in wes Unsold
203 (2) CHINESE EXPORT SAUCERS - Pair of Qianlong Saucers painted with polychrome image of dancing boy, having shaped edge with cobalt blue Unsold
204 PR CHINESE PEWTER FIGURAL TEA BOXES - Water Buffalo with Monkey Passenger serving as handle to box, by Kut Hing, Swatow (Shantou), ca 1 3,000
205 CHINESE IVORY CHECKERS & BOX - 19th c. set of red and white Hand Carved Checker Pieces, each with a different court scene in deep relie 900
206 CHINESE BRONZE URN - Large 19th c. Baluster Urn decorated with fish and crayfish in water below and birds in flowering trees above, the 250
207 CHINESE JADE NECKLACE - Celadon Jade Pendant, the bowed side tablet with reticulated decoration and relief carved edges, suspended from 300
208 CHINESE SCEPTRE - 19th c. Ruyi Sceptre in carved huanghuali wood, decorated with nine figures, three on the head and six on the stem. 1 300
209 CHINESE JADE URN - Spinach Jade Covered Urn relief carved with writhing dragon passing through a cloud, having dragon head lugs holding 400
210 CHINESE STAND - Tall Vase or Plant Stand, with carved exotic hardwood frame having inset rouge marble top with reticulated brackets, re 900
211 PAIR OF CHINESE CARVINGS - Early Polychromed Wood Figures of Two Women Bearing Offerings, 8 1/2 tall. Shrinkage cracks, paint loss. Nic 400
212 CHINESE BRONZE BOWL & PAIR OF CANDLESTICKS - 19th c. Qing Bowl with relief decoration of Dragons, with Xuande mark on underside, 4 x 7 300
213 CHINESE VASE - Bulbous Vase with Art Deco design of duck and water lily in raised black on glossy apple green ground, rolled rim with c 400
214 CHINESE SCROLL PAINTING - 19th c. Watercolor on Paper of Vegetables and Fruit with lengthy inscription, signed and with seals, in mahog 325
215 CHINESE COVERED BALUSTER JAR ON STAND - Iron Red and Green Decorated Baluster Jar with Cover, having exaggerated waist, featuring a cou 1,300
216 PAIR FAMILLE VERTE VASES - 19th c. Famille Verte Vases in rare form of interlinked rings overlaid on archaic silhouette, 10 1/2 (26.7 c 900
217 CHINESE PORCELAIN VASE - 19th c. Baluster Vase with flared rim, black glaze with gold overpainting of Mandarin ducks and lotuses, cherr 250
218 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Blue & White Painted Bubble Bowl with Xuande mark, petal sides with geometric banded rim, lace work interior. 475
219 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Copper Red Bowl with white interior, underglaze blue Yang-Cheng mark inside narrow foot. 3 x 7 3/8 diam. Sligh 325
220 PAIR PEKING GLASS VASES - Pale Blue Double Gourd Vases with raised dragon decoration, engraved and gilt Guanxu marks, late 19th c. 5 1/ 100
221 LARGE CHINESE POTTERY VASE - Tang Style Bottle Vase with sancai glaze, raised blue dragons, green and ochre blossoms on white field. 13 Unsold
222 CHINESE BRONZE - Small Gilt Bronze Standing Quan Yin on integral lotus blossom plinth, Tang style. 4 1/4 tall. Wear to gilding. Unsold
223 CHINESE JADE - Archaic Form Variegated Jade Toggle in the form of a seated man with his hands between his knees, pierced at back of nec Unsold
224 CHINESE BRONZE - Small Bronze Gilt Censer in archaic form with three legs, two handles. Signed. 2 1/8 tall. Fine condition. Unsold
225 CHINESE SOAPSTONE - Tian Huan Soapstone Cong in form of archaic Tsung, in buttery variegated color. 3 7/8 tall. Unsold
226 CHINESE PORCELAIN - 19th c. Hu Form Vase in Flambe Glaze, with two lug handles, cream interior. 10 x 6 1/2 x 5 1/2. Light scratches in Unsold
227 PAIR OF FLOOR VASES - Chinese Export Porcelain Blue and White Floor Vases with foo dog handles. 23 1/2 high, 8 diam at shoulder. Minor 275
228 UNUSUAL CHINESE TEA JAR - Export Jar in Imari pattern, in the form of a covered baluster urn with two gilt handles having bearded human 100
229 ORIENTAL POTTERY STAND - 19th c Chinese Huali Rosewood Pedestal with three finely carved horned dragons, lotus leaf edged upper and low 1,600
230 YING QING (Contemporary Chinese) - Provincial Market Scene, watercolor on Arches paper, signed lower left, dated 1995, with seal. In fa 325
231 (7) BRONZE SCALE WEIGHTS - Seven Archaic Chinese Bronze Scale Weights in the form of various animals, including: Three Dragons ranging 275
232 CHINESE POTTERY - Yixin Zisha Brush Pot in triangular form with faux bamboo posts, landscape and inscriptions on panels. Stamped on und Unsold
233 PAIR CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWLS - Pair Chinese Fine Porcelain Rice Bowls decorated with four vignettes of scholars tools and luck symbols, 1,200
234 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Late 19th c. Beehive Brush Washer with four underglaze copper red medallion decorations on white field, six-charact 250
235 CHINESE MIXED METAL TEAPOT - Bronze Teapot with etched gilt decoration and signature, symbols of fortune, built in burner with reticula 325
236 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Republic Period Bannister Vase painted with bats and rocks, signed. Marked on underside. 15 x 5 3/4 diam. Fine cond 125
237 CHINESE JADE - White Jade Carving of a Mythological Creature, part horse, part tiger. 2 7/8 tall. Good condition. 950
238 (5 PCS) EARLY CHINESE PORCELAIN - Gu Form Vase in orange, with garlic mouth, gilt kilin lug trapped ring handles, round cartouches cont 700
239 CHINESE POTTERY TOMB PILLOW - Ming Period Chinese Tomb Pillow in green glazed terra cotta with footed wooden frame, 6 1/2 (16.5 cm) tal 300
240 ARCHAIC BRONZE POT - Archaic South-East Asian Bronze Cylindrical Pot with exterior decoration of two ranks of figures of men and deitie Unsold
241 CHINESE COURT PLATE - Handpainted Pictorial Chinese Porcelain Plate, 18th c, depicting court scene of servant with drinks approaching t Unsold
242 CHINESE POTTERY - Qing Dynasty White Glazed Dehua Ware Ding Form Censer, 18th c, on tripod base, with dragon head lugs, two loop handle Unsold
243 BEADED STOLE - Early 19th c. Beaded Stole of Chinese origin, having trade influences in pattern, on exposed linen ground, but with remn Unsold
244 CHINESE POTTERY FIGURE - Ming Sancai Glazed Seated Mother with Child, 14 tall. Chips to base, some loss to glaze. Unsold
245 (23 PCS) HONG KONG SILVER FIGURINES - Parcel Gilt Sterling Silver Processional Figures of Tradesmen & Farmers, along with two palanquin Unsold
246 (11 PCS) MALAY SILVER - All embossed and engraved, including: Large Scalloped Edge Tray, 20 diam; (7) Small Dishes or Pinggan, consisti 275
247 18TH C FRAGMENT CHINESE WALLPAPER - Portion of Handpainted Casein on Silk, featuring a pheasant at bottom, flowering bush behind with t 250
248 CHINESE MINIATURE VASE - Blue & White Decorated Miniature Baluster Vase with figures of warriors on veranda and four characters, feathe 100
249 CHINESE IRON TEAPOT - Qing Dynasty Cast Iron Pot with long flat spout, arched handle, characters of the Twelve Earthly Cycles around th 250
250 CHINESE JADE - White Jade Duck, with mint green blush to body, lavender blush to head, late 19th - early 20th c, on custom wooden stand 150
251 PAIR CHINESE PORCELAIN PLATES - Small Shallow Plates in a rich green glaze, with Qianlong marks. 1 1/8 x 4 3/4. Fine condition. Unsold
252 CHINESE PAINTING ON SILK - 19th c. Portrait of Confucius in Mountains, his fellow traveler losing his cap to the wind, unidentified sig Unsold
254 KOREAN POTTERY - Peach Form Brush Washer in celadon glaze with scraffito decoration of mums, shallow raw foot. 2 x 4 1/2 diam. Fine con 100
255 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Pouch Form Brown Glazed Vase, unmarked, with faux cord binding, raw rim, 20th c. 6 x 4 1/2. Fine condition. Unsold
256 CHINESE BAMBOO CARVING - Figure of Quan Yin seated on rock, bottle alongside, making gesture of contemplation. Inscription on back. Lat Unsold
257 PEKING GLASS VASE - Double Gourd Form White Vase with green overlay decoration of fish, banded foot, waist and rim. 9 x 4 1/2 diam. Fin Unsold
258 PEKING GLASS FIGURE - Amethyst Standing Quan Yin, holding hand fan, basin alongside. 7 tall. Good condition. 300
259 CHINESE MEDICINE DOLL - Qing Dynasty Carved Figure of a Nude Woman Reclining on a Leaf, naked except for slippers and bracelets, used b 550
260 PAIR AND SINGLE SCARCE CHINESE PORCELAIN TEAPOTS - Early 19th c. Pot within Warmer, in fern and cloud blue & white glaze, with original 400
261 CHINESE VASE - Baluster Vase in eggshell crackle glaze, heightened with black, having black banded rim and foot. On carved wooden stand 250
262 CHINESE FLOOR VASE - Baluster Vase in pale celadon glaze, decorated with dragons at the shoulder and opposing kilin at the neck. 23 tal 250
263 CHINESE PORCELAIN SPICE JAR - Tall Square Jar with blue willow decoration over a pale celadon ground, rounded shoulder, raised unglazed 375
264 CHINESE BRONZE CENSER & CLOISONNE STIRRUP - 19th c. Standing Qilin Censer with hinged head. 6 1/4 tall. Broken hinge, break to one hind 250
265 CHINESE SCROLL PAINTING - Angry Tiger Descending Hill between pine and maple, signed, with inscription and seal, 20th c. 26 x 13 image 250
266 CHINESE SCROLL PAINTING - Frogs, Lotus & Cricket, 20th c., signed, inscribed, with seal. 33 x 12 3/4 painting on 76 1/2 x 18 1/2 scroll 250
267 CHINESE POTTERY - Tang Style Sancai Glaze Water Dropper in the form of a swan holding a water lily blossom, signed on neck. 3 x 4 1/2 x Unsold
268 KOREAN POTTERY - Rice Measure with brown cut-glaze ring decoration, studded rim. 2 3/4 x 3 5/8 diam. Good condition. Unsold
269 PAIR OF CHINESE COCONUT & PEWTER CUPS - 18th c. Cups having coconut bowls with relief carvings of scholars tools, pewter lining and bas Unsold
270 CHINESE JADE - Oblong Amulet with raised dragon pursuing flaming pearl, four character inscription on back. Drilled at top. 3 1/4 x 1 1 Unsold
271 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Similar Figures of Monkeys scratching their heads, in green jade and black jade. 2 1/4 & 2 1/2 tall. Good condit 150
272 CHINESE JADE - Amulet of Writhing Dragon with Carp & Flaming Pearl, in reticulated white jade. 2 3/4 long. Fine condition. 150
273 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Amulet and Toggle in the form of Tadpoles, both from variegated white jade. 2 3/4 & 4 1/2 long. Good condition. Unsold
274 (2) SMALL CHINESE BRONZE VASES - 19th c. Archaic Form Vases, including: Tall Stem Vase with flared rim, double gourd form having kilin Unsold
275 CHINESE PORCELAIN PLATE AND MINIATURE TEAPOT - Export pieces, circa 1780, the eight-sided plate in Imari orange and blue, has a river l 250
276 CHINESE POTTERY FIGURE - Blanc de Chine Figure of Standing Quan Yin, cradling a Ruyi sceptre in the small of her left arm, standing on Unsold
277 CHINESE GINGER JAR - Ginger Jar in Sancai glaze with golden exterior, green interior, with raw underfoot, standing rim, having a later 500
278 CHINESE HARDSTONE - Chinese Chicken Bloodstone Seal Block, with un-cut heel, slightly domed top. In fabric covered box. 6 x 2 square. F 425
279 JAPANESE BUDDHA - 19th c Travelers Gilt Buddha, in black lacquered case with red inscription on the double doors and on back, fully gil Unsold
280 CHINESE SCROLL PAINTING - Two Roosters in Tree, 19th c, signed and inscribed with seal. 39 1/2 x 13 1/2 painting on 78 x 18 1/2 scroll. 250
281 (2 PCS) CHINESE POTTERY - Han Dynasty Glazed Pottery, including: Roof Gable Finial in form of a Man Astride a Rooster, 6 (15.2 cm) tall Unsold
282 CHINESE POTTERY - Tang Style Sancai Glaze Brush Washer in form of draped podium when inverted while not in use. 1 5/8 x 5 3/8 x 4 3/8. Unsold
283 CHINESE POTTERY FIGURE - Tang Style Sancai Glaze Seated Lady Musician with set of pan flutes raised to her chin, ornate coiffure. 6 1/2 Unsold
284 CHINESE PORCELAIN FIGURE - Blanc de Chine Standing Immortal with large loop earrings, reacting to foo dog leaping up at his leg, impres Unsold
285 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Republican Period Brush Pot with inscription, floral decoration, in cylindrical form. 5 x 3 7/8 diam. Good conditio 100
286 CHINESE JADE - Bi Disc Form Amulet in black jade with two raised dragons. 2 5/8 diam. Fine condition. 250
287 (3 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Bird Amulets, including: Duck in black jade; Phoenix in white jade & two Exotic Birds in reticulated foliage fro 250
288 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Kneeling Figures in Military or Court Costume, carved from variegated dark tan jade. 2 to 2 1/4. Good condition. Unsold
289 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Two Toggles, including Frog with cord in mouth & Coiled Carp Fish, both in celadon green jade. 2 1/4 to 2 1/2. G 175
290 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Two Toggles, both of exotic fungi, one in black & white, the other in clambroth jade. 2 1/4 to 2 3/4. Good condi Unsold
291 CHINESE PORCELAIN - Teacup with Cover, decorated with Koi fish, waves and clouds, Dao Guang mark inside narrow foot. 3 x 3 1/2 diam. Fi 100
292 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - 19th c. Chinese Jade Amulets, Dragon passing through ring, doubling back to bite top & Tiger atop ring. 3 & 2. G 100
293 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Two Amulets in the form of Frogs, one green, one variegated rusty. 1 1/8 & 1 3/4 long. Very good condition. Unsold
294 (3 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Cord Toggles in the forms of a Rat, a Cat and a Carp Fish, all in white jade. 1 1/4 to 1 3/4. Good condition. Unsold
295 CHINESE JADE - Scroll Weight in form of reticulated oblong flange with shaped end, dragon carved in relief, made from green-grey jade w Unsold
296 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Two Archaic Form Burial Amulets, both in dark green and black jade. 2 1/4 & 2 3/4. Very good condition. Unsold
297 (2 PCS) CHINESE JADE - Standing Figures in variegated mossy jade, one man, one woman, both courtiers. 2 1/2 & 2 3/4 tall. Good conditio 175
298 BRASS FLOWER POT - Chinese Brass Floor Flower Pot, circa 1930s, Art Deco influence, with rolled and soldered joints, ten sided pot set 50
299 CHINESE INK PAINTING - Chinese Wall Scroll Portrait of Daoist Immortal Li Tieguai, Deity of Healing, with lengthy inscription and multi 70
300 PAIR CHINESE WATERCOLORS - Pair of Daoist Temple Watercolors, 19th c.or earlier, depicting the condemning of sinners to the underworld, Unsold
301 CHINESE ENAMELED BOWL - Flared Rim Chinese Enameled Bowl decorated with birds in flowering bushes, with six character Jiaqing mark in u 250
302 CHINESE CELADON BOWL - Chinese Celadon Bowl with cast decoration of flowers, keyed border, pair of fish in bottom, 2 3/4 (7.0 cm) deep, Unsold
303 (3) CHINESE BONE VASES - Three Early 20th c. Chinese Carved Bone Shelf Vases, carved in fine detail. Each with figural cap, swagged cor 350
304 CHINESE PORCELAIN FIGURE - 19th c. Seated Quan Yin with Standing Child, in pale celadon glaze, on carved wooden stand. 6 5/8 tall (figu 275
305 CHINESE VASE - Bottle Vase in ombred blue glaze, Chien Lung period, 1736-1796. 9 3/4 tall, 4 1/2 diam. Roughness to foot. From a Phipps 350
306 CHINESE INKWELL - 19th c. Carved and Reticulated Teak Inkwell with delicate overall leaf decoration on urn form well, coiled dragon on 125
307 ANTIQUE 19th CENTURY CHINESE FOLDING RULE - In Chinese rosewood, with brass inlay, indicating units of measure equivalent to 1 1/4(3.2 Unsold
308 SILVER BETEL NUT BOX - Decorated with bas relief Buddhist symbols in cast and repoussed silver. Of low cylindrical form with hanging lu 50
309 CHINESE KNIFE MONEY - Bronze Knife Money, mounted on card long ago, marked Excavated at Port Arthur in 1904, Province of Tsi, 3rd Cent 250
310 (15) FRAMED JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINTS - All appear to be 19th c. or earlier, all oban unless noted, including: (7) Hiroshige Road to To Unsold
311 (12) JAPANESE BOOKS - Including: We Japanese, inscribed; Handbook on Woodcut Printing; (3 vol) Set & (7 vol) set, language texts. Belon 1,100
312 (5) JAPANESE MIXED METAL SCULPTURES - Blacksmith Made Insects, circa 1950s, in iron & brass: grasshopper, two crickets, fly and mosquit 375
313 JAPANESE BRONZE VASE - Meiji Period Bronze Vase in the form of an exotic fruit with upward turned talons on a six sided base. Tapered n 200
314 JAPANESE PAKTONG MIRROR WITH CASE & STAND - Early Meiji Period Paktong Signed Dressing Mirror with low relief decoration of a family of Unsold
315 UTAGAWA ICHIEISAI YOSHITSUYA (1822-1866); Yorimitsu Tries to Capture Hakamadare by Destroying His Magic (Kijutsu o yabutte Yorimitsu Ha Unsold
316 PAIR OF JAPANESE CHARGERS - Superb Mid 19th c. Imari Chargers with fine detail and color, 18 3/4 diam. Fine condition. Unsold
317 JAPANESE BRONZE INCENSE BURNER - 17th c. Edo Period Processional Incense Burner in refined near abstract form of a Pheasant, with lift- 1,800
318 CHINESE FLOOR JARDINIERE - Large Jardiniere / Koi Bowl, mid 20th c, with rose medallion decoration, panels depicting family scenes, int Unsold
319 (2) JAPANESE LACQUER BOXES - Ryukyu Black Lacquer and Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Boxes with lift-off lids, having similar border frames, on Unsold
320 MONUMENTAL BUDDHA HEAD - Japanese Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Head in solid polychrome painted wood, cut from a full-body statue. Carved from Unsold
321 JAPANESE CLOISONNE VASE - Ando Jubei (1876-1958) vase in signed presentation box, the Six-Sided Tapered Enameled Vase with squared shou 775
322 JAPANESE MAKIE LACQUER SMOKING BOX - Meiji Period (1868-1911) Makie Lacquer Tobakobon (Smoking Box) with overall decoration of chrysant Unsold
323 JAPANESE BRONZE SCULPTURE - Meiji Period Figure of a Hawk Preparing to Attack from a Rocky Outcropping, patinated hollow cast and chase Unsold
324 TWO-PANEL JAPANESE PAINTED SCREEN - Portraits of a European couple confronting a Samurai warrior, she is on horseback, he is carrying a 100
325 JAPANESE TWO-PANEL PAINTED SCREEN - Low Two-Panel Screen painted with flowers among a golden fog, brocade border, in red wooden frame, 250
326 JAPANESE PORCELAIN JARDINIERE - Late Meiji Period Fishbowl/Planter, low bulbous form with heavy flat rim, decorated in blue and white w 450
327 JAPANESE TOBACCO BOX - Meiji Period Signed Box in carved softwood with hardwood and stone insets, worn on the belt, featuring two tethe 325
328 JAPANESE CHARGER - 19th c. Imari, with landscape at center, alternating panels of bird in downflight and fox in bush, worn gilt edge, m 100
329 JAPANESE BRONZE - Meiji Period Bronze Okimono of a Striding Tiger, with etched stripes, signed on underside. 3 3/4 tall, 8 1/4 long. Li 700
330 JAPANESE COVERED PORCELAIN BOX - 19th c. Kutani Stand Form Porcelain Box with later lacquered lid, the concave sides decorated with six Unsold
331 JAPANESE TEMPLE LANTERN - Bronze Lantern set on Wooden Stand, late 19th to early 20th c, having flaming pearl finial, domed top with si 275
332 BUDDHA STATUE - 18th c. Large Japanese Hardwood Seated Buddha, he is depicted laughing, lounging in flowing robes, leaning on cushion w 200
333 JAPANESE SUMI SCROLL - 19th c. or earlier Sumi-e Calligraphy Scroll on linen, seven vertical characters, signed and with seal. In black 1,200
334 (2) JAPANESE SCROLL PAINTINGS - Portrait of an Immortal standing on a reed in the ocean, signed and with seal, circa 1900, 49 1/2 x 16 Unsold
335 (2 PAIR) JAPANESE BRONZE VASES - Including: Mid 19th c. Baluster Vases with applied writhing dragon in slightly darker tone, the vase h 200
336 JAPANESE BRONZE SCULPTURE - Meiji Period Figure of a Standing Woman Holding a Ruyi Sceptre, with seal on back, mounted on marble base. 325
337 JAPANESE WOODBLOCK - Gion Festival, a Sosaku Hanga Abstract Woodblock Print by Rikio Takahashi (Japan, 1917-1999), pencil signed in Eng 275
338 MIXED METAL JAPANESE KNIFE HANDLE - Figural Paper Knife Handle in gold, silver & copper over bronze, depicting two storks on one side, 250
339 (5) JAPANESE IVORY CARVINGS - (3) Netsuke of Seated Elders, (1) of a Tradesman with Basket, missing one hand, all signed, about 1 1/2 t 900
340 JAPANESE BRONZE VASE - Early Meiji Period Tall Ovoid Vase with band of silver inlaid ivy, concave foot and shallow neck, signed. 7 tall Unsold
341 LARGE JAPANESE VASE - Vintage 1930s Fujita Kutani Bottle Form Vase, in orange and gilt, with impressed mark. 20 1/2 tall, 10 1/2 diam. 100
342 PAIR OF JAPANESE BRONZE VASES AS LAMPS - Meiji Period Bronze Ovoid Vases featuring exotic birds, mounted on wooden base, double sockets 750
343 PAIR OF JAPANESE COVERED BOWLS - 19th c. Imari Covered Rice Bowls, with four character underglaze blue marks. 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 diam. Chip Unsold
344 (2) JAPANESE PLANTERS - Celadon Jardinieres, circa 1920, having side panels and flat rims with raised floral decoration, canted corners 500
345 JAPANESE CLOISONNE VASE - Art Deco Pigeon Blood Foil Arasuke Ginbari Vase featuring a single large rose blossom, with tall shoulder, si Unsold
346 (5) JAPANESE IVORY CARVINGS - Including: (2) Okimono of Standing Bijin-ga, (one without head), 3 1/2 & 2 1/2 tall; PLUS Cantonese Round 650
347 KOREAN POTTERY - Pear-Form Incense Burner in celadon glaze with incised decoration, flared rim, three dragon-form feet. 7 5/8 x 4 3/8 d Unsold
348 THAI FIGURE OF BUDDHA - Buddha in Dharmachakra Mudra, seated on integral reticulated lotus throne, Amarapura period (1789-1853). 4 3/4 Unsold
349 PAIR OF THAI TEMPLE POST FIGURES - Doorway Guardians in carved and polychrome painted full-length priest portraits, with some gilded de 100
350 CHINESE TEA BOX - 19th c. Lacquered Chinese Tea Box, elongated octagonal form with molded top edge, in bronze finish with black line dr 100
351 NORTHWEST PERSIAN RUG - 31 x 73 - Mid 20th c, three hooked hexagonal medallions in maroon and royal blue, surrounded by stepped ivory f 375
352 BAKTIARI RUG - 48 x 6 1/2 - West Persia, mid 20th c, square grid of boteh, weeping willows, vases and floral groups in ivory, gold, red Unsold
353 PERSIAN RUNNER - 34 X 9 1/2 - Northwest Persia, Iran, mid 20th c, six serrated medallions in red, ivory, orange, royal and persian blue Unsold
354 PERSIAN RUG - 310 x 55 - Northwest Persia, Iran, mid 20th c, with hooked and serrated ivory medallion set on a floral filled red field, Unsold
355 HAMADAN LONG RUG - 37 x 93 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, overall design with rosettes, palmettes, serrated leaves and flow 300
356 AFGHAN RUNNER - 25 x 99 - Afghanistan, circa 1950, three hooked diamonds connected by a Tree of Life in red, brown and blue-green. Set Unsold
357 PERSIAN AREA RUG - 31 x 5 - Silk Qom Area Rug, Central Iran, 20th c, rows of flower-filled vases and stepped polygons in burgundy, red, 300
358 PAIR OF HOOKED RUG RUNNERS - 24 x 112 each - Early 20th c. Parti-Colored Runners with black borders, Maine made, Waldoboro region. Very Unsold
359 RUNNER - 32 x 710 - Bokhara Runner, West Turkestan, with four rows of twenty-four stylized flowerheads in black, ivory and blue on red Unsold
360 INDO-PERSIAN DESIGN CARPET - 510 x 89 - India, late 20th c, Isphahan type pattern, large circular lobed medallion in salmon, midnight b 300
361 KARADJA RUNNER - 34 x 10 1/2 - Northwest Persia, mid 20th c, five stepped medallions in ivory, red, persian blue and camel on a dark ca Unsold
362 FUR RUG - Vintage 1970s White Alpaca Rug with stitched border. Approx. 72 square. Very good condition, supple and soft. 275
363 BALOUCH AREA RUG - 34 x 511 - Diagonal stripes of square medallions in black, ruby red and burgundy, ruby red geometric border, very go Unsold
364 PERSIAN AREA RUG - 39 X 65 - Stylized flowerheads, palmettes and geometric motif in ivory, navy blue, rust-red and gray on black field, 350
365 HAMADAN AREA RUG - 45 X 66 - Overall tree form designs in pumpkin and cinnamon on taupe field, taupe geometric design border, areas of Unsold
366 AREA RUG - 33 x 41 - Sarouk area rug with five rows of palmettes in ivory, navy and slate blue and cinnamon on rust-red field, navy blu Unsold
367 FIGURAL HOOKED RUG - 21 1/2 x 29 3/4 - Pheasant in Flight by Blanche Mary Joy Sweetall of Blue Hill, Maine, initialed lr and dated 98, Unsold
368 (9) PICTORIAL HOOKED STAIR RUGS - 9 x 14 1/2 roughly - Nine Pictorial Hooked Rugs for use on stair risers, subjects include pets, snow 250
369 (2) BALUCHISTAN PIECES - Northeast Persia, early 20th c: 1) A Baluch Bagface featuring a single Memling gul in royal blue, dark brown a Unsold
370 ORIENTAL RUG - 29 x 29 - Timuri Baluch Bag-face, Northeast Persia, ca 1870, octagonal medallion in brown, navy and ivory surrounded by Unsold
371 ORIENTAL MAT - 18 x 3 - Baluch Balischt (grain bag), Northeast Persia, late 19th c, Tree of Life design in navy blue and aubergine, set 200
372 ORIENTAL RUG - 26 x 22 - Baluch Bag-face, Northeast Persia, early 20th c, hooked hexagonal medallion surrounded by hook motifs in navy 250
373 ORIENTAL RUG - 3 x 53 - Anatolian Kilim, Konya, late 19th c, four hexagonal medallions in royal blue, red, gold, aubergine and ivory, s 650
374 HAMADAN RUNNER - 210 x 94 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, overall pattern of florettes, rosettes and palmettes in gold, brow 275
375 HAMADAN RUG - 44 x 65 - Northwest Persia, mid 20th c, indented medallion in red and gray. Set on a midnight blue field with rosettes an 150
376 KAZAK RUG - 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 - Southwest Caucasus, 20th c, three concentric diamond medallions in abrashed blue and tan/gold. Set on a rus 500
377 (3) HOOKED RUGS - Including: 29 x 106 - Hall Runner in fine scale with floral pattern on tan field, blue border, losses to ends; 66 x 4 Unsold
378 BALUCH AREA RUG - 34 X 411 - Two rows of serrated edge diamond medallions, three rows of open medallions in black, ivory and red on bla 100
379 ORIENTAL RUG - 310 X 74 - Old Kerman area rug with floral center medallion in apricot, slate blue, spring green and rose on ivory field 350
380 ORIENTAL RUG - 45 x 64 - Afshar Area Rug, South Persia, 19th c, overall hatch and floral design on a brown field, Persian blue, rust an Unsold
381 ORIENTAL RUG - 3 x 52 - Baluch Area Rug, Northeast Persia, late 19th c, diamond lattice of quatrefoil motifs in rust and ivory on navy 100
382 PERSIAN RUG - 38 x 6 - Persian Area Rug with three medallions in cinnamon, ivory, blue and red-brown on camel field, rust red floral bo Unsold
500 (2) FOLK ART GAMEBOARDS - New England Primitive Checker/Chess Boards, both 19th c, the larger is double-sided, in sage green painted pi 525
501 CHOPPING BOWL - Large Early 19th c. New England Chopping Bowl in turned maple, with remnants of a dumpcart blue painted exterior. 7 1/4 200
502 TWO EARLY 19TH C CROCKERY PIECES - Both in grey slip with impressed cobalt marks, the first a 2 Gallon Ovoid Jar marked Orcutt and Wait 1,500
503 UNSIGNED - Naive Portrait of a Chauffeur and an Enormous Hound in front of a brick wall, oil on canvas, circa 1910. In birds-eye maple 475
504 (2) FOLK ART PAINTINGS - Portraits of Dogs, circa 1890-1900, New England, both unsigned, in birds-eye maple frames; a Terrier at his fo 1,300
505 MINIATURE 18TH C SAMPLER - Fine Boston Needlepoint Sampler on Linen with line Mary Harker worked this sampler in the 13th year of her l 2,100
506 (2) EARLY REDWARE CROCKS - Late 18th to Mid 19th c. American: Ovoid Molasses Jug in dark brown glaze, with rolled rim, 11 tall, 9 diam. 250
507 MINIATURE BLANKET CHEST - Early Maine Miniature Blanket Chest or Deed Box in pumpkin pine, having a molded top with snipe hinges, till 800
508 (5) EARLY WOOD MORTAR & PESTLE - Vintage 19th c. or earlier Mortar & Pestle in various woods (some burled or figured) and degree of tur 750
509 THREE EARLY BURL BOWLS - 19th c. or earlier New England Wooden Bowls, of various design, simple conical form, one with canted sides tha 1,500
510 LARGE DOLL HOUSE CUPBOARD- Four Story Doll House with hinged front, circa 1900, in the original paint, having an interior with eight ro 850
511 FRAMED HOOKED RUG - View of a Snowy Logging Cabin surrounded by mountains and pine trees, along a stream, horse-drawn sled out front, p Unsold
512 (3 PCS) ANTIQUE NEW ENGLAND PEWTER - All marked, including: Freeman Porter, Westbrook, Maine, No. 1 Lighthouse Coffee Pot, circa 1845, Unsold
513 MAINE FOLK ART SEWING STAND - Mid 19th c. Octagonal Cabinet in red paint with yellow and black pinstriping, having a turned center stan Unsold
514 PRIMITIVE SPICE CABINET - Folk Art Countertop Cabinet containing sixteen drawers made from old cheeseboxes, with cup hooks as pulls, in 400
515 MAINE COUNTRY CUPBOARD - Mid 19th c. Pumpkin Pine Two-Part Cupboard in natural finish, the setback upper cabinet with deep molded corni 400
516 (8) FOLK ART FISHING LURES - Late 19th to early 20th c. New England Lures in painted wood with tin fins, various color and design schem 550
517 FIREWOOD BOX - Painted Pine Open Top Box, with heavily molded base and crown, in raw ochre paint, with molded panels having faux blue s Unsold
518 BUCKET BENCH - Early Maine Country Bucket Bench in pine, with remnants of red over grey paint, the shaped stanchions tenoned into the s 325
519 FOLK ART DECOY - Hand Carved Curlew Decoy by Chief Eugene Cuffee (Easthampton, NY, 1866-1941), in painted softwood, with distinctive ge 600
520 PRIOR-HAMBLIN SCHOOL - Waist Length Portrait of an Elderly Woman in a black dress, with white lace collar and blue ribbon having brooch Unsold
521 HOOKED RUG - 22 x 32 3/4 - Waldoboro Rug in Geometric Pattern, made by Margaret Wellman, wool on linen, late 1800s, early 1900s. Purcha Unsold
522 SHAKER PANTRY BOX - 19th c. Oval Lidded Finger-Jointed Box in poplar box in faint remnant of mustard yellow paint. 5 1/4 x 13 1/4 x 9 1 250
523 APOTHECARY CHEST - 19th c. Maine Country Tall Chest in pine with dump cart blue paint with barn red trim, molded frame with inset panel 750
524 PAIR OF OVAL AMERICAN PORTRAITS - Stylish Young Husband and Wife, circa 1810, he has sideburns and forward brushed hair, is in a black 4,000
525 PAIR OF EARLY 19TH C AMERICAN WATERCOLORS - Full Length Profile Portraits of Two Sisters, New England, in matching dresses, with river 2,000
526 LAMP STAND - 19th c. Tiger Maple Country Sheraton Stand with overhanging top, drawer with oval brass drop pull, ring and urn turned tap 325
527 SHERATON STAND - Period Country Two-Drawer Stand in Birds-eye Maple and Maple, with overhanging top having ogee corners, drawers with o 550
528 BLANKET BOX - Early 19th c. Maine Country Pine Dome Top Box in casein paint, ochre with faux grained and black edged banding, unfinishe 125
529 BLANKET BOX - Early 19th c. Dome Top Pine Box in vinegar resist sponge work paint of brick over ochre, with iron lock, unfinished inter 175
530 FOUR PIECE STACKING CABINET - Late 18th c. New England Graduated Pine Cabinets in barrow red casein faux grained paint, with hinged pan 3,250
531 RUNNER - 1 x 133 - Hooked Runner with Puzzle Center in dark blue. Purchased in Maine. Good condition. Unsold
532 OIL ON CANVAS, LAID TO BOARD - Young Boy in White Shawl Collar, holding a red Geranium, staring directly at the viewer. Unsigned, ca 18 Unsold
533 COUNTRY STAND - Early 19th c. Maine Hepplewhite One-Drawer Stand in walnut-stained birch, having thin plank overhanging top, with tiger 275
534 FOLK ART PORTRAIT - Bust Portrait of a Beautiful Young Woman in Lace Shawl and Yellow Scarf, mid 19th c, unsigned. In modern gold cove 600
535 MAINE COUNTRY SECRETARY - Mid 19th c. Pumpkin Pine One-Piece Secretary, the setback upper half with molded cornice, two panel cabinet d 400
536 FRAMED PICTORIAL HOOKED RUG - Exceptional late 19th c. Hooked Rug of Maine Three-Mast Schooner in a mitered and gilt massive rough sawn 500
537 WINDSOR ROCKER - 19th c. Rocker in mustard yellow paint with black pinstriping, ten spindle back, shaped seat, turned legs, flat, inser Unsold
538 EARLY TUCKAWAY TABLE - Fine Early Tuckaway Table in Elm, having a shoe foot, turning center yoke provides support to round top, 28 1/4 475
539 QUEEN ANNE CANDLESTAND - Queen Anne Cherry Candlestand, second half of 18th c., fixed oval top with well proportioned ring and urn turn 325
540 CONTINENTAL CORNER CUPBOARD - Early Pine Cupboard in whitewash, with molded cornice, two sets of recessed panel doors, two upper & one Unsold
541 NEW ENGLAND NAIVE ARTIST - Late 19th c., Five Chicks Picking Berries from Branches, oil on chamfered pine panel, unsigned, in molded re 350
542 CHILD-SIZED DRY SINK - Mid 18th c. Maine Country Dry Sink in pale grey paint, with later tin liner, setback cabinet with single door be Unsold
543 WRITING STAND - Mid 19th c. Two-Drawer Sheraton Stand in mahogany with birds-eye maple drawer and stile fronts, front half of overhangi 600
544 TAVERN TABLE - American Colonial Oval Top Tavern Table in pine with faux grain paint in black over red casein, simple tapered legs and 300
545 COUNTRY CUPBOARD - 19th c. Pumpkin Pine Open Top Cupboard, having three shelves, two lower doors with molded and gabled panel doors, mu Unsold
546 EARLY PHILADELPHIA SCALE - Solid Brass Balance Beam Scale by Henry Troemner, Philadelphia, marked on the edge of the capital of the col Unsold
547 NAUTICAL THEMED WEATHERVANE - Folk Art Sculpture of a Two-Mastted Schooner Pilot Boat, in black and gold painted wood with wire rigging Unsold
548 CANDLESTAND AND SIDECHAIR - Early 19th c. Country Chippendale Ribbon Back Chair in walnut with slip seat in 1920s cut velvet, 18 seat, Unsold
549 NAIVE MARINE PORTRAIT - Pilot/Tugboat John L. Underway, probably Boston, unsigned, oil on pine plank, circa 1890, in gold molded frame. 750
550 COUNTRY PINE CUPBOARD - Two-Part Country Cabinet in Yellow Pine, marked on top under upper cabinet F.B. Newton, Hamill, NY. This S.B. f Unsold
551 SERAPI CARPET - 9 1/2 x 123 - Northwest Persia, late 19th c, gabled square midnight blue medallion flanked by serrated leaves, palmette 8,500
552 PATRIOTIC WATERCOLOR - Civil War Era American Eagle with Shield atop Drum, E Pluribus Unum riband above surrounded by stars, cloud belo 650
553 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, with eagles with American shields flanking a map of the United States 5,500
554 FOLK ART AMERICAN SHIELD PAINTING - 19th c. Oil on Canvas stretched over re-purposed old pine, in shield form, depicting the American E 550
555 COLONIAL PINE CORNER CUPBOARD - 18th c. Country Yellow Pine Cupboard with molded frame, six-light doors over two recessed panel doors, Unsold
556 SAILOR-MADE LADLE - Early 19th c. New England Whalers Drinking Ladle, made up from a coconut shell, with mahogany and bone handle, pewt Unsold
557 SET STEAM BOAT BOILER GAUGES - Nicholson Ship Log Co Cleveland Ohio, set of three gauges with recording drum, all mounted on nickel pla Unsold
558 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, with right facing full-length eagle having blue riband with white Fre 1,300
559 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, with full-body spread-eagle bird head to left, clasping crimson riban 800
560 CHIPPENDALE CHEST - Fine Cherry Blockfront Chest, with molded edge overhanging shaped top, four conforming shaped graduated drawers, pi 3,000
561 BOAT MODEL - Detailed Wood Model with finished interior of Coastal Steamer Aucocisco, a Casco Bay ferry out of South Portland, Maine, b 1,700
562 (6) MARITIME WATERCOLORS - In two sets of three birds-eye maple frames, matted and glazed, including: The Chesapeake Encounters the Sha 1,000
563 ENGLISH SHIPBOARD BAROMETER, MAINE SEA CAPT ASSOCIATED - Improved Sympiesometer by C.H. & C. Cowland, Sunderland, with lacquered brass Unsold
564 MARSHALL JOHNSON JR. (MA, 1850-1921); Barque and Schooners in Golden Mist, oil on canvas, signed lower left. In vintage gold gesso edge 1,700
565 IRISH DEMILUNE SERVER - Large Figural Mahogany and String Inlaid Server, circa 1780, retaining the original brasses displaying the badg Unsold
566 SAILORS WOOLY SHIP PORTRAIT - 19th c. Woolwork of The Flying Cloud, Built 1851 by Donald McKay. She was an extreme clipper ship, built 700
567 CASED SHIP MODEL - 19th c. Maine Sailor Made Model of the Bark Elsie (mis-spelled Elcie) from Boston, built in Nova Scotia in 1868. Dep Unsold
568 STICK BAROMETER - Gimbal Mounted Marine Thermometer by J. Fales of New Bedford, Massachusetts, having a mahogany case and brass furnish 1,200
569 BRITISH SEA CHEST - Sailor Made Chest with inside of lid having painted portrait of three masted ship under riband reading R.E. Davies, 1,500
570 CHIPPENDALE HALL BENCH - Period Three-Seat Bench with repeating shell crest and pierced ribbon splat backs, out turned scrolled arms, s 4,000
571 CASED SHIP MODEL - RMS Queen Elizabeth, the Cunard Line Luxury Ocean Liner, made by the Art Model Studios of Mount Vernon, NY (decal be Unsold
572 MARINE WATERCOLOR - Late 18th c. Portrait of a French Warship at Winter Mooring, the deck tented with stove pipe protruding behind fore 900
573 U.S.L.S.S. TELESCOPE - 19th c. American Brass Telescope with original leather wrapping, marked for the United States Life Saving Servic 1,100
574 SHIP MODEL - Circa 1810-1840 Prisoner of War made Three Masted Whalebone Ship Model. Highly detailed with full complements of deck fixt 15,000
575 BACHELORS CHEST - Diminutive 18th c. Chippendale Mahogany Chest, having a molded edge overhanging top with a full width brushing slide, Unsold
576 CHART BOX WITH (4) CHARTS - Shipboard Chart Case in oak with rope beckets, hinged top, containing four charts: English Channel by Imray Unsold
577 STICK BAROMETER - Mahogany Cased Mercury Barometer with Thermometer by Spiers & Sons of Oxford England, circa 1880. Engraved white regi 1,100
578 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, with full frontal spreadwing bird, facing right, clasping the America 3,000
579 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy, with Dont Give Up the Ship banner on staff, 1,100
580 QUEEN ANNE BONNET TOP HIGHBOY - 18th c. New England Solid Cherry Two-Part Chest with molded cornice pediment having full depth center r 3,000
581 (2) PAIR & (3) GRADUATED CHINESE PLATTERS - Matching Oval Famille Rose Border Deep Platters with central decoration of birds, butterfli 1,200
582 (SET 16) CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWLS - Famille Rose Border Deep Bowls with central decoration of birds, butterflies and flowers. Late 19th 1,100
583 LANDMARK HISTORICAL SHIPS BINNACLE - Heaths Patent Hezzanith Dry Compass on brass and mahogany binnacle, circa 1895, incorporating the Unsold
584 CASED PRIMITIVE SHIP MODEL - Maine Folk Art Model of an unidentified Brigantine set in molded plaster choppy sea, depicted in detailed 1,000
585 QUEEN ANNE CHEST ON FRAME - Rare Three Part Solid Cherry Chest with cove cornice, five graduated drawers above, three below, with later Unsold
586 (27 PCS) CHINESE POTTERY - Late 19th c. Celadon Famille Rose, including: (15) Dishes with single bird on floral branch, insects & (6) O 1,500
587 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy, with red, white and blue banner on staff tha 2,100
588 FEDERAL STYLE OVAL MIRROR - Hand Carved by John Upton of Damariscotta, Maine, stamped and dated 1964 on back, numbered 279. Having a gi 950
589 SHIPS LANTERN - Mid 19th c. Galvanized Civil War Era Ships Lantern with lavender ribbed glass (cracked), tag reads B. Haliburton Jr. St 300
590 QUEEN ANNE TWO-PART HIGHBOY - Period Dresser, circa 1770, in mahogany, with bonnet top having broken pediment and three finials, top ce 1,600
591 KASHAN CARPET - 811 X 129 - West Central Persia, second quarter 20th c, dense overall design of palmettes, curved leaf groups, vines an Unsold
592 CHINESE DRESSER-TOP DESK WITH MIRROR - Black Lacquered Export Piece with overall raised gold and red figure and fauna decoration, garde 1,800
593 PAIR OF CHINESE PORCELAIN GARDEN SEATS - Fine Pair of Polychrome Barrel Form Seats having reticulated double coin fortune symbols on si Unsold
594 BOAT DIORAMA - Late 19th c. Bas Relief of a Three-Mastted Schooner with sea serpent figurehead, having wooden sails, the hull in black 600
595 WILLIAM & MARY HIGHBOY - Period Dresser, 1680-1720, likely Boston, in book matched burl walnut veneer, with original brasses, having a 2,600
596 KASHAN CARPET - 82 x 111 - Iran, late 20th c, all over pattern of vines, palmettes, serrated leaves and rosettes in ivory, navy, red an 2,750
597 PAIR OF CHINESE PORCELAIN FLOOR VASES - Exceptional mid 19th c. Famille Rose Baluster Vases, having scalloped rolled rim, double gilt f Unsold
598 CASED SHIP DIORAMA - Primitive Maine Sailor Made Diorama of a three-mastted ship underway with full sails in carved wood, indication of 550
599 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy, facing right, except for the chest shield. 4 1,700
600 JOHN BREWSTER, JR. (CT/ME, 1766-1854) - Portrait of Rev. Dr. Paul Coffin, Pastor of Buxton, Maine; oil on canvas, unsigned, in black mo 18,000
601 KERMAN CARPET - 119 x 149 - Southeast Persia, mid 20th c, lobed floral pendant medallion in rust, teal and ivory. Set on a large open i Unsold
602 BAROMETER ON STAND - Aneroid Barometer with Centigrade and Fahrenheit Thermometers, stamped anchor mark on back of brass case with init 450
603 PILGRIM ERA SEA CHEST - Then known as a Box Locker, probably English, early to mid 17th c, constructed of simple elm planks, complete w 900
604 THOMAS CLARKSON OLIVER (MA, 1827-1893); American Warship Under Sail, Schooners Aft, oil on academy board, signed lower right Clark Oliv 550
605 MARINE GAMING TABLE - Shipboard Arts & Crafts Period Gaming Table in oak with a fitted heavy leather top having gilt tooling of a centr 375
606 HALF HULL - Yacht Hull, circa 1890, with racing keel and rudder, in green and white paint, natural mahogany fittings, on black painted 700
607 MARINE SEXTANT - Fine Quality 19th c. British Sextant in ebony with brass and bone fittings, marked Whitford, London in large script. 1 350
608 MAINE SEA CAPTAINS PORTRAIT - Capt. Lott Moulton (1809-1864), watercolor on paper, unsigned, in the original mitered rosewood frame wit 950
609 CASED SHIP DIORAMA - Primitive Maine Half-Hull Model of a Five-Mast Clipper Ship, having green painted hull, with a full set of wooden 400
610 BUTLERS DESK - Period Hepplewhite Mahogany Huntboard Form Desk, faux upper drawer front falls to reveal felt writing surface, conch she Unsold
611 HERIZ CARPET - 12 x 89 - Northwest Persia, center medallion surrounded by serrated leaves and stylized flowerheads in gold, slate blue, 2,000
612 PAIR OF WINE COOLERS - Outstanding Regency Period Mahogany Wine Coolers in urn form, the covers with nicely carved pineapple finial ove 2,500
613 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Hodgdon, consisting of head, neck and wings only. 8 x 38 1/2 x 5 400
614 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy with banner on staff reading in painted red, 1,200
615 BREAKFAST TABLE - Circa 1800-10, Plum Pudding mahogany tilt top Breakfast Table, large rectangular top with rounded corners and beaded 1,000
616 PAIR OF HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT MINIATURE PORTRAITS BY MARIA LOUISA WAGNER (NY, 1815-1888) - Reuben Hyde Walworth (1788-1867), the last 3,500
617 RARE ARCHITECTURAL CORNERSTONE - Historically Important Geneva, New York Marble Plaque Engraved EAGLE TAVERN, Erected in 1830 by WILLIA Unsold
618 AMERICAN BAROMETER - Mahogany Stick Barometer by Huddleston of Boston, Mass, circa 1860, with engraved silvered dial marked Huddleston 550
619 18TH C INN SIGN - Painted Oak & Pine Roadside Tavern Sign for the J. Read Inn, circa 1790, having a coachman offering a toast on one si Unsold
620 SHERATON CHEST - Bowfront Dresser with overhanging top in bold mahogany veneers, the case in rampant curly maple, with four graduated d 1,700
621 KAZAK RUNNER - 93 X 46 - Southwest Caucasus, four octagonal medallions set on a navy field, geometric designs in ivory, gray, pumpkin a Unsold
622 GIDEON BRADBURY (ME, 1833-1904) - Mount Kearsarge, oil on canvas, unsigned, from an 1887 trip, with typewritten note on back that reads 2,500
623 DELBERT DANA COOMBS (ME, 1850-1938) - Mount Washington from Bethel, Maine, oil on canvas board, signed lower right D.D. Coombs, also ti 1,200
624 HARRISON BIRD BROWN (Maine, 1831-1915) - Coastal Scene with Whitecaps and Misty Cliffs, oil on canvas, signed lower right. In gold gess 1,750
625 SET OF (6) CHIPPENDALE CHAIRS - Six American Chippendale Period Mahogany Carved Dining Chairs, Newburyport, Mass., fourth quarter 18th 1,000
626 WILLIAM MERRITT POST (CT/NY. 1856-1935) - Sunrise, Spring Landscape with Stream; oil on canvas, signed lower right Wm. Merritt Post. In 1,000
627 IRISH TALL CLOCK - Uniacke & Henry of Dublin Tall Clock in a Chippendale Figural Mahogany Case, circa 1780, having a flat top with mold 1,000
628 OIL ON CANVAS, LAID TO BOARD - American Primitive Portrait of a Young Boy holding a red book, in a black coat with white shawl collar, 2,000
629 OIL ON CANVAS - American Primitive Portrait of Three Blonde Siblings, two boys in uniform, and a girl in a red dress holding a rod, uns Unsold
630 FEDERAL PERIOD FRAME SETTEE - Hepplewhite Mahogany Triple Chair Back Settee, with shield backs having pierced splat with relief carving Unsold
631 BAKTIARI CARPET - 93 x 117 - Iran, last quarter 20thc, diamond lattice of quatrefoil motifs in midnight blue, tan, ivory, maroon and sl Unsold
632 ATTRIBUTED TO EDWARD MITCHELL BANNISTER (MA/RI/CAN, 1828-1901) - River Scene with Canoeist, oil on chipboard, laid to board, unsigned, Unsold
633 BANJO CLOCK - Period Weight Driven Banjo Clock signed A. Chandler on the painted dial, in mahogany case with brass eagle finials, bezel 1,600
634 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy with banner on staff reading in painted red, 1,200
635 CHIPPENDALE WING CHAIR - Massachusetts Period Wing Chair in bold form, with well shaped back, deep cyma-curved wings, outward rolled ar 1,500
636 EMMA FORDYCE MACRAE (NY/MA, 1887-1974) - Fishing in Central Park, oil on academy board, signed verso in pencil, depicting five figures Unsold
637 AMERICAN SHELF CLOCK - Mahogany Pillar and Scroll Cased Clock by Mark Leavenworth, with the original paper label and 1820 US Census and 1,100
638 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, unusual vertical format with bird standing atop shield in side view, 1,000
639 PAIR OF ANDIRONS - Period Chippendale Cathedral Top Andirons with cylinder and ring turned columns, matching stops, spur foot, unsigned Unsold
640 SOUTHERN HUNTBOARD - Circa 1790 Hepplewhite Figural Mahogany Server in mahogany veneer, with overhanging string inlaid top, the case ha 1,750
641 CAUCASIAN STYLE CARPET - 98 x 124 - Turkey, last quarter 20th c, four columns of eight hooked polygons in slate, royal blue, sky blue, Unsold
642 ALEXIS DE LEEUW (Belgium, 1848-1883) - Woodcutters at Frozen River, oil on canvas, signed lower left A. de Leeuw and marked f. 1863. In Unsold
643 BANJO CLOCK - Period 19th c. Clock with mahogany case, brass finial, bezel and brackets, weight driven time only works with paper dial, Unsold
644 PAIR OF ANDIRONS - Period Chippendale Lemon Top Andirons with cylinder and ring turned columns, matching stops, spur foot, unsigned. 20 300
645 QUEEN ANNE SLANT FRONT DESK - Diminutive Desk in solid tiger maple, having a fancy fitted interior with shell carved center cabinet doo 2,000
646 WILSON HENRY IRVINE (CT/IL, 1869-1936) - The Abandoned Cart, signed lower left Irvine and titled on the stretcher. In later gold molded 1,400
647 CHINESE PORCELAIN PUNCH BOWL - Exceptionally Fine Rose Medallion Export Punch Bowl having a medallion center surrounded by six alternat Unsold
648 CHINESE PORCELAIN UMBRELLA STAND - Rare Green Fitzhugh Pattern Umbrella Stand, cylindrical, with unusual raised fleurette bosses at upp 2,500
649 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOUGH POT - Very Fine Famille Rose Square Bough Pot with the original five-hole domed lid, concave sides with well pa Unsold
650 BOWFRONT DRESSER - Period Hepplewhite, probably Irish, in mahogany with figural mahogany drawer fronts, having a molded top, two over t Unsold
651 SAROUK CARPET - 88 x 1110 - West Persia, second quarter 20th c, overall floral sprays of palmettes, rosettes and flowering vines in sky 1,000
652 GEORGE MORLAND (British, 1763-1804) - Woman Pouring Wine for a Traveler at her Cottage Door, oil on canvas, signed G. Morland on the wa 1,400
653 GEORGE MORLAND (British, 1763-1804) - Farmer and Daughter with Dog at Pigs Trough, oil on canvas, initialed and dated 1791 on end of ba 1,200
654 PAIR OF KNIFE BOXES - Fine Period Hepplewhite Knife Boxes in figured mahogany with slanted hinged covers having oval conch shell inlay, 2,000
655 FRENCH COMMODE - Early Walnut and Fruitwood Inlaid Commode with molded and banded overhanging top, fitted with three long drawers, mold Unsold
656 ENGLISH TRAVELING APOTHECARY BOX - Georgian Period Mahogany Case with flush-mounted brass handle on top, two cabinet doors with string 600
657 CHINA TRADE TEA CADDY - Late 18th c. Eight-Sided Casket Form Tea Caddy in black lacquer with overall detailed two-toned gold decoration 1,000
658 CHINA TRADE CHEST - Very Nice Chinese Camphor Wood Storage Box in black leather with brass banding, hinged cover having drape and swag 300
659 PAIR OF KNIFE BOXES - Exceptional Hepplewhite Period Knife Boxes in satinwood with excellent figuration, the slanted hinged covers with 4,000
660 ENGLISH SERVER - Unusual Sheraton Serving Table in mahogany, having a long flame figured single board top with molded edge, six birds-e 2,200
661 USHAK CARPET - 103 x 129 - West Anatolia, overall design of octagons, rosettes, vines and flowerheads in tan, maroon, gray and ivory. S 1,500
662 ELI TERRY BRACKET CLOCK - Pillar and Scroll Mahogany Case Clock with original weight driven 30-hr wooden time and strike movement, pain Unsold
663 EARLY CHINA TRADE PORTRAIT - Portrait of a Woman in a blue silk Robe a la Francaise, with lace collar and bonnet, a coral and gold cros Unsold
664 GREGORY LUKE ROLLINS (Contemporary Maine); Magnificent Large Carved and Gilded Spreadwing Eagle Plaque, with aggressive talons holding 5,500
665 SLANT FRONT DESK - Period Chippendale Country Desk in Honduras Mahogany, 18th c. New England, molded lid has lock and key, with fitted 800
666 BANJO CLOCK - Mahogany Case, with painted tin dial and eglomise panels, first half 19th c., unmarked. 29 1/2 x 10 x 4. Crazing to face 500
667 RODERIC OCONOR (Ireland/France, 1860-1940) - Portrait of a Young Woman, oil on canvas, unsigned but with original label verso from Corc Unsold
668 (2) 18TH C ENGRAVED MAPS - Hollandia Comitatus by Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638), Amsterdam, circa 1635. The upper right corner inse Unsold
669 RARE EARLY MAP - Johann Baptiste Homann; Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispaniae, Floridae, Novae Angliae, Carolinae, Virginiae et Pensylvan 2,400
670 PAIR OF PEDESTAL CABINETS - Classical Revival Cabinets in birds-eye maple with inset rouge marble tops having porringer corners, surrou Unsold
671 PAIR OF KARASTAN CARPETS - 87 X 122 & 88 x 122 - Persian Hunting Scenes, each with a gray circular lobed medallion and matching spandre 1,000
672 TALL CLOCK - Early 19th c. Country Chippendale clock in solid cherry, havng molded broken arch pediment with urn finial, fluted columns 700
673 THOMAS JONES BARKER (UK, 1815-1882) - Courting at the Highland Spring, oil on canvas, signed lower left T.J. Barker and dated 1879. In Unsold
674 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy with American shield in front of pendant tail 1,900
675 RARE GAMING TABLE - Transitional Queen Anne/ George II Walnut Gaming Table with rare concertina action folding frame and the original f 2,250
676 SOUTHERN TRIPLE DECK SHELF CLOCK - Antebellum Mahogany Case Clock by M&W Dyer of Savannah Georgia (1837-1840), with a carved eagle at t Unsold
677 TWO-PART FRENCH CUPBOARD - 18th c. French Country Stepback Cupboard with molded cornice, raised panel doors & sides, three shelves abov Unsold
678 RARE PUZZLE STAND - Hepplewhite Period Stand in banded and inlaid mahogany with pinwheel compass inlay on top (marked in degrees), slid 1,000
679 BRITISH BUTLERS BOTTLE CARRIER - Georgian Mahogany Six Compartment Carrier with each compartment having canted sides and a semi-circula 850
680 GAMES TABLE - Fine Diminutive Dutch Marquetry Mahogany Games Table having a boldly shaped and ornately decorated top with hinged leaf, 3,750
681 BAKTIARI CARPET - 61 x 109 - West Persia, with gabled oval medallion surrounded by birds, palmettes and stylized flowerheads in ivory, 900
682 AMERICAN SHELF CLOCK - Triple Decker or Eight-Day Standard Column & Cornice Clock, by Birge, Peck & Co. of Bristol, Connecticut (active 350
683 OIL ON CANVAS - American Primitive Fantasy View of Venice, with imagined costume, gondolas, architecture & nearby mountains. Circa 1840 900
684 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOUGH POT - Very Fine Famille Rose Octagonal Bough Pot with the original five-hole domed lid having a celadon green f 900
685 ITALIAN CHEST - Late 17th to early 18th c. Walnut Renaissance Style Chest with bold molded overhanging top, three paneled and molded dr 1,100
686 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy clutching small American shield, with head ra 700
687 PAIR OF UNUSUAL BEIDERMEIER HALL PEDESTALS - Pale Mahogany, circa 1815, German, having oval lids with carved gilt edges, both lids lift 1,100
688 PAIR OF PIER MIRRORS - Period George II Burl Figured Walnut Hall Mirrors in Queen Anne style, with later beveled glass mirror, retainin 1,500
689 (15 PCS) CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN - All in Green Fitzhugh Pattern, early 19th c., including: Cider Jug with gilt intertwined handle, st 1,500
690 ENGLISH VANITY - 19th c. Late Georgian Style Beau Brummel Dressing Stand in satinwood veneer with kingwood, boxwood and mahogany bandin 2,100
691 KASHAN CARPET - 7 x 113 - West Central Persia, with indented diamond medallion surrounded by delicate floral sprays, palmettes and styl 1,100
692 OIL ON CANVAS - Who Threw That Stone, an American Primitive Genre Scene of a boy hiding behind a well pump as white haired man and dog Unsold
693 CHINESE PORCELAIN FLOOR VASE - Exceptionally Fine Large Export Vase in baluster form with inverted rolled rim and tapered neck, having Unsold
694 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Painted and Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy with small American shield at chest, with hea 1,000
695 HEPPLEWHITE CHEST - Small New England Cherry Bowfront Chest with overhanging top having boxwood string inlay and kingwood banding, the Unsold
696 OIL ON CANVAS - American Primitive Portrait of Two Ladies in Sitting Room, both in lace bonnet & collars, one reading at a table, unsig Unsold
697 BRITISH BUTLERS STAND - Georgian Mahogany Deep Well Butlers Tray on Folding Stand, ca 1800. Shaped handholds on two sides. 5 x 24 1/2 x Unsold
698 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Stained and Dry-Brushed Gilt Wood, early to mid 20th c, in the style of Bellamy with elongated red, white and blu 700
699 ENGLISH LIQUOR CADDY - Early 19th c. Mahogany Case with barrel-front top having faux brass hinge and turned wooden knobs, the cloth lin Unsold
700 CHEST - Hepplewhite, circa 1790, Bowfront Four-Drawer Chest in mahogany, with overhanging top having string inlaid edge, the drawer fro 2,750
701 SPANISH COLONIAL LIFE-SIZED SANTOS - Late 17th/early 18th c. Carved, Gessoed, Polychromed and Gilded Wood Sculpture of a tonsured monk 2,500
702 PAIR OF RELIGIOUS FIGURES - 18th c. Peruvian Carved and Gilded Polychromed Wood Angels with pressed tin gold painted wings, in opposing 850
703 C1MARBLE SCULPTURE - French Renaissance Votive Figure of The Holy Mother, on an integral base, in Carrara marble, with applied brass cr Unsold
704 GILT PUTTI - Italian Large Scale Carved and Gilt Wood Bell-Pull in the form of a Cupid hanging on a cloth swag, with pivoting ring at b 400
705 ITALIAN CHEST OF DRAWERS - 18th c. Walnut with molded overhanging top, three molded front drawers flanked by stiles carved with putti a 1,700
706 OIL ON CANVAS - Idyllic Mountain Landscape with castle ruins and marble temple on opposite bank of lake, unsigned, school of Thomas Cha 1,000
707 MINIATURE OIL ON COPPER WITH IMPORTANT PROVENANCE - Italian Renaissance Oval Full-Length Portrait of a Child Saint, seated on a cushion 1,500
708 EARLY CONTINENTAL RELIGIOUS STATUE - Full-Length Portrait of Saint Barbara, probably German, late 16th to early 17th c, carved from a s 1,500
709 SPANISH RELIGIOUS PAINTING - Late Renaissance Ascension, oil on canvas, laid to board, in fatigued gold molded frame. OS: 17 x 13, SS: Unsold
710 WALNUT CREDENZA - 18th c. English Black Walnut Server with overhanging wood pegged plank top, two leaf carved drawers with pairs of fig 1,100
711 CIRCLE OF LEONARDO COCCORANTI (Naples, 1680-1750), POSS. - 17th-18th c. Italian Capriccio of a Mill Constructed among Classical Ruins, Unsold
712 ITALIAN RELIQUARY BUST & CUPIDS HEAD - 18th c. Carved Walnut Bust of a Woman, in full round, breast pierced for reliquary, glass is int 900
713 ITALIAN POTTERY GARDEN STATUE - Two-Part Glazed Pottery Figure of a Woman in Classical Winter Robes, near life-size, hollow-cast, early 700
714 FLEMISH PAINTING - Adoration of the Magi, Flemish, 16th c, oil on panel. In gold painted molded frame. OS: 22 x 23, SS: 16 x 17. Repair Unsold
715 FRENCH SIDEBOARD - 18th c. French Provincial Server with overhanging molded top, three shallow drawers with carved panel fronts and ori 600
716 RELIGIOUS ARCHITECTURAL RONDEL - Catholic Cardinals Crest with hat and cords surrounding a heraldic shield and rampant lion behind diag Unsold
717 18TH C SPANISH COLONIAL STIRRUPS - Carved Wood Covered Gaucho Stirrups with face on front of each, riveted iron band with shaped suspen Unsold
718 ATTRIBUTED TO MARTINIUS N. NELLIUS (Dutch/Belgian, 1621-1680) - An Orange in a Wanli Kraak Porcelain Bowl with Cherries and a Roemer on 3,500
719 CHIPPENDALE LOOKING GLASS - Period English Hall Mirror in booked burl walnut and gold carved trim, having a Prince of Wales crest, brok Unsold
720 WILLIAM & MARY CHEST - Period English Dresser in burl walnut, maple and flame mahogany veneer, with inlaid oval top having banded and m 1,300
721 AUBUSSON CARPET - 119 x 149 - France, Oval floral medallion with a rose pink frame set on a pale blue field, floral and leaf designs in 900
722 (9) SANTOS & TIN LITHO - Carved and Painted Wood Santos, Spanish Colonial or Mexican, of various sizes, designs and finishes, and in va 425
723 (2) SPANISH COLONIAL HOME ALTARS - Rustic Wood Folk Art Altars, Mexico, one open with no statue, carved cross on arched top, railing at 200
724 RARE PAIR OF IBERIAN TAPERSTICKS - Early Spanish/Portuguese 18th c. Six-Sided Sticks in carved wood with cerulean blue and gilt finish, 900
725 FINE ABATTANT - Figured Mahogany Fall Front Desk with shaped and stepped top, finial topped cookie corners over leaf carved stiles, sin 1,800
726 ITALIAN TOLEWARE CANDLE LAMP - Tin Lamp in black with gold decoration, having a loop topped pole with green backed shaped screen and pi Unsold
727 LARGE RUSSIAN ICON - Portrait of the Holy Mother in oils and gilt-work on wood, surrounded by scenes from her life, with scraffito deco Unsold
728 RUSSIAN PROFILE ICON - Unusual and Rare Icon of Archangel Michael holding the Cross of Christs Passion, painted on a wooden board in cu Unsold
729 PAIR OF 19TH C RUSSIAN ICONS - Madonna with Child & Christ the Redeemer; oil on panel with parcel gilt silver oklads having matching de 1,800
730 QUEEN ANNE CHEST ON STAND - Period Chest in Burled Walnut Veneer, having a molded top, two over three graduated drawers with herringbon 1,100
731 19TH C RUSSIAN ICON - The Annunciation, depicting the visit of Gabriel and the Holy Spirit to Mary, oil on panel with silver oklad havi Unsold
732 RUSSIAN ICON - 19th c. Icon of Christ the Redeemer in silver oklad with unknown makers mark stamped in halo, housed in gilt Italian ent 1,700
733 19TH C FRAMED RUSSIAN ICON - Christ the Redeemer, oil on panel with silver oklad hallmarked on lower edge for St. Petersburg, 1840, unk 2,100
734 (2) RUSSIAN BRASS ICONOSTASIS - 19th c. Home Altar Icon Screens in cast brass and enamel with four folding panels depicting (per the Ru 1,750
735 ENGLISH RENT TABLE - Large Round Early 19th c. Rent or Center Table in pale figured mahogany with gilt tooled green leather top, four p Unsold
736 (5) EARLY RUSSIAN BRASS ICONS IN 20TH C ARCHITECTURAL FRAME - Cast Brass and Enameled Icons in Orthodox Church Form Entablature, note o 3,750
737 RUSSIAN ICON - Madonna and Child in silver oklad with unknown makers mark, 84 zlotny, set into gilt frame with fitted mahogany case, un Unsold
738 18TH C FRAMED GREEK ORTHODOX ICON - Mary Enthroned with Christ Child, attended by Angels, oil on panel, housed in a later natural finis 1,200
739 19TH C FRAMED ITALIAN ICON - Madonna and Child Attended by Four Angel Musicians, tempera on mahogany panel, in the Renaissance style, w 1,600
740 DESK - 18th c. American Country Chippendale Cherry Slant Lid Desk, shaped bracket base, mortise and tenon case, cock-beaded graduated d Unsold
741 RUSSIAN ICON - Saint Nicholas, the Wonder Worker, circa 1820-1840, a fully painted oil on panel, with brass oklad having silvered halo. 600
742 RUSSIAN ICON - 19th c. Russian Icon of the Christ Pantocrator, finely handpainted on a wood panel and overlaid with a gilt brass oklad, 500
743 MINIATURE RUSSIAN ICON - Miniature Russian Icon of Single Saint above a city; with Silver Oklad having Cyrillic inscription along botto Unsold
744 BELGIAN TAPESTRY FRAGMENT - Portion of a 16th-17th c. Weaving depicting a Classical Warrior amidst a collapsing city. 35 1/2 x 29 overa 3,000
745 LIBRARY TABLE - Choice Carved Mahogany Classical Library Table, first half 19th c., the rectangular top having molded edge and two draw Unsold
746 RARE FRENCH COLONIAL FELT APPLIQUE TABLE COVER - 19th c. Felt Embroidered Applique Oval Table Cover, probably Indian sub-continent, fea 1,500
747 IMPORTANT HISTORICAL ENGLISH POWDER HORN - 17th c. Commemorative for 1603 Coronation of King James I of England, richly scrimshawn with Unsold
748 (3) EARLY GERMAN POTTERY BEER STEINS - All with pewter lids, including: Large Plum Sponged Stein with cartouche of man working a scythe 850
749 (2) KNIFE BOXES - English Chippendale String Inlaid and Banded Mahogany Knife Boxes, late 19th c, identical in every way except one is Unsold
750 18TH C TALL CLOCK - Country Chippendale Tall Clock in maple & birch, with molded arched top having brass finials, added leaf fretwork, Unsold
751 MAHAL DESIGN CARPET - 88 x 11 1/2 - Northwest Pakistan, late 20th c, four circular indented medallions in navy blue, ivory, gold, red a Unsold
752 BOULE TEA CADDY - Oblong Two Compartment Caddy in the Renaissance Style , Early 19th c. French, with chased brass scroll work panels ba 600
753 PAIR OF ITALIAN POTTERY BEEHIVES - Early 19th c. Garden Beehives converted to electric lamps, in white and honey spattered glazes, the 2,100
754 J.C. BARRETT, (Possibly Jerry Barrett, British, 1824-1906) - A Young Lady of the Theatre, oil on canvas, signed upper right and dated 1 3,000
755 SLANT FRONT DESK - Period Chippendale Desk in walnut, 18th c. New England, having molded lid with key, concealing a fitted interior hav Unsold
756 CHINESE SILK RUGS - 27 x 41 - (2) Kashan Design Silk Rugs, late 20th c. with white lobed center medallion set on a deep burgundy field, Unsold
757 PERSIAN TABLE TRAY - 19th c. Islamic Mamluk Heavy Copper Tray with inlaid silver Kufic script and vine decoration, large flat rim, prob 500
758 (3 PCS) ISLAMIC MIXED METAL - Including: Brass Tray with silver and copper inlay, six-pointed star at center, six Arabic inscriptions, Unsold
759 EARLY PERSIAN BRASS BOX - Cylindrical Sachet / Cricket Box, with domed friction fit lid, pierced for chain, overall fine chased decorat Unsold
760 SHERATON TWO-PART TAMBOUR DESK - Period Mahogany, with molded top having inlaid rope edge, two vertical tambours concealing drawer over Unsold
761 KAZAK RUG - 45 x 7 - Southwest Caucasus, early 20th c, two gabled rectangular medallions flanked by trees and rosettes in burgundy red, Unsold
762 ILLUMINATED PERSIAN MANUSCRIPT - 18th c. Poetry Leaf from Persian folio, in gouache and gold on parchment, depicting Moghul courting sc 1,200
763 BAROMETER - Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in Italianate Style Banded Mahogany Case, made for John Barker & Co, Ltd., of Kensington, 250
764 ENGLISH RECORDING BAROMETER - Fine mahogany cased Stormograph barograph by Short & Mason, circa 1910; the hood with bevelled glass, pro 650
765 CAMPAIGN CHEST - 19th c. English Two over Two Drawer Campaign Chest in solid Honduran mahogany with brass corners, binding and flush mo Unsold
766 (2) PERSIAN RUGS - 1) Persian Rug - 33 X 510 - NW Persia, early 20th c, stepped hexagonal medallion in red, sky blue and beige, set on Unsold
767 JAN BULTHUIS; (Dutch, 1750-1801) - (4) Ink & Wash Drawings, three are signed, including Two Gentlemen Greeting Each Other Warmly, 4 5/8 Unsold
768 (3) BATTERSEA/BILLISTON PATCH BOXES - All late 18th to early 19th c., the first in ovoid lobed form with a handpainted scene of a man o Unsold
769 PAIR BRONZE LURISTAN MOUNTS - Circa 2nd millennium BC. A pair of cast bronze mounts in the form of horses advancing, with legs bound by 800
770 CHIPPENDALE TALL CHEST - New England Walnut and Cherry Chest with deep cove molded flat cornice, seven graduated drawers with molded ed 2,000
771 PERSIAN MEHRABAN RUG - 43 x 611 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, overall floral design with double serrated leaves, flowerhea Unsold
772 GEORGE BONNEMAISON (France, died 1885) - The Seaweed Gatherers, oil on canvas, signed lr. In the original ornate gilt gesso frame. OS: 1,000
773 THOMAS SULLY (PA/UK, 1783-1872) - A Study for The Neread Doto of 1856, oil on canvas, unsigned, depicting the beautiful nude woman emer 10,000
774 CONTINENTAL INDIAN RITUAL BRASS LAMP - Cobra Form Hindu Puja Aarti Processional Oil Lamp, with some engraved detail. 19th c. 18 1/2 lon Unsold
775 FEDERAL PERIOD OVERMANTEL MIRROR- Very Large Horizontal Format Looking Glass in gilt split column, the deep cornice having pendant acor 1,100
776 NOURMAK CARPET - 89 x 1110 - China, late 20th c, flat weave reproduction carpet, large ivory oval indented medallion flanked by concent 600
777 OIL ON CANVAS - Moses Rescued from the Nile River,19th c. unsigned, depicting the Pharoahs daughter with her entourage, in original fan Unsold
778 OIL ON CANVAS - Orientalist School, 19th c, depicting woman being assisted off of camel, unsigned, in the original fancy gilt gesso fra Unsold
779 SEWING STAND - Unusual Sheraton Period Sewing Stand in rosewood, having an oblong case with canted sides and scalloped skirt, double hi 500
780 QUEEN ANNE SERVING TABLE - Period Mahogany Silver or Serving Table having large one board overhanging top, single thumb molded drawer, Unsold
781 KUBA RUNNER - 33 x 128 - Northeast Caucasus, early 20th c, a column of thirteen stepped, serrated and hooked hexagonal medallions in re 1,200
782 DUTCH WINTER GENRE SCENE - Daughter Bringing Food to Her Wood Gathering Father, oil on canvas, unsigned, mid 19th c. Possibly the origi 500
783 SPICE CABINET - 19th c. New England Pine Floor Standing Spice Cabinet having a molded overhanging top, three ranks of four deep drawers 500
784 CONTINENTAL LOOKING GLASS - Fine Gilt Framed Hall Mirror with elaborate triple urn and vine swagged crest over rectangular molded frame 600
785 HEPPLEWHITE CHEST - New England Country Hepplewhite chest of drawers in mahogany with overhanging single plank top, four drawers with c Unsold
786 CAUCASIAN PERSIAN RUG - 53 x 75 - Three stepped diamond medallions on a midnight blue field, geometric designs in gold, rust red, ivory Unsold
787 BARNYARD GENRE SCENE - Cat Confronting Cock and Three Hens, oil on canvas, signed Van Hagen lower left, late 19th c. In gold painted ge Unsold
788 TEA CADDY - Late Georgian Caddy in Tortoiseshell with casket lid having blank silver plate and overhanging edge notched to match block 1,100
789 EARLY MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN - Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664. Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae nova descriptio. Amstelodami : apud Ioannem Iansso 300
790 SET OF (6) CUSTOM BOWBACKWINDSOR CHAIRS - Four side and two arm; all branded J. Brown, Lincolnville, Maine, late 20th c, made in the tr 2,100
791 PERSIAN RUNNER - 39 X 127 - Ten gabled rectangular medallions on a navy blue field, stylized flowerheads and geometric designs in ivory Unsold
792 ATTRIBUTED TO SIR WILLIAM BEECHEY, R.A. (British, 1753-1839) - Three Children Picking Berries, watercolor and graphite on paper, unsign Unsold
793 RARE ANTIQUE MAP - Sanson, Nicholas (1600-1667).Seconde Partie du Gouvernment General de lIsle de France ou la Generalite de Paris, Div Unsold
794 (2) 18TH C ENGRAVED MAPS - Neue Welt-Karte welche auf zwoo Kugelflaechen die Haupt Theile der Erde . . . enthält. Homann Erben, Nürnber 250
795 BARREL BACK WINGCHAIR - Period Chippendale Claw Foot Wingchair in gold foliate brocade, with roped channel back and deep S curved wings 4,700
796 (2) ORIENTAL RUGS - 1) Sarouk Rug - 35 X 410 - W Persia, first quarter 20th c, overall floral design with flowering vases at each end, 600
797 HENRY A. DUESSEL (Germany/NY, 1858-1919) - Black Head, Monhegan Island, Maine, oil on canvas, signed lower left H.A. Duessel. In gold m 500
798 CARVED EAGLE PLAQUE - Cream Painted Wood, signed W. Hodgdon, Eliot, Me, 1982, #71 on back, in the style of Bellamy, clutching elongated 500
799 EAGLE CARVING - 19th c. Silver Leaf Softwood American Eagle Plaque, with hollowed out back, 34 x 8 1/2, multiple old repairs. Unsold
800 BURMESE TAPESTRY - Late 19th c. Hindu Kalaga, a Mandalay Wall Hanging illustrating a garden harem with multiple female figures, archer 500
801 OLD HICKORY TRIPLE-BASE DINING TABLE - Oak Top with hickory trim, having a three trestle base with diagonal supports, tenoned stretcher 1,200
802 OLD HICKORY SOFA - Three Cushion, with woven rattan wraps, sprung seat, loose cushions in blue and green plaid, self-corded. 16 seat, 2 1,900
803 OLD HICKORY ARMCHAIR & MATCHING OTTOMAN - Slightly arched back, rattan wraps, sprung seats, loose cushions in blue and green plaid fabr 1,200
804 OLD HICKORY FIVE-LEG DINING TABLE - Oak Top, with arched supports to a secondary frame, x-stretcher. 29 1/2 tall, 30 x 66. Good conditi 1,100
805 (4) OLD HICKORY SIDECHAIRS - Woven splint seat and back. 18 tall seat, 37 back, 17 x 19, one chair has a block support added between se 550
806 PAIR OF OLD HICKORY ARMCHAIRS - Bowback, having woven rattan wraps, sprung seat with loose cushions in green fabric, self-corded. 18 se 2,000
807 PAIR OF OLD HICKORY TWIN BEDS - Seven Spindle design, with ladder rails. 55 1/2 tall headboard, 47 tall footboard, 42 x 80 each. Good c 1,600
808 OLD HICKORY DESK & CHAIR - Desk with Upper Oak Cabinet having letter pockets and wagon wheel back rail, single drawer, bookshelves belo 1,200
809 MATCHING OLD HICKORY ARMCHAIR & ROCKER - Andrew Jackson style, two-hoop back, 17 tall seat, 28 arm, 38 back, 26 x 23. Good condition. 900
810 PAIR OF OLD HICKORY NIGHT STANDS - Oak Top, with woven splint sides, three shelves, 29 3/4 tall, 16 square. Both Nightstands are stampe 3,300
811 OLD HICKORY WRITING DESK - Upper Oak Cabinet with letter pockets and wagon wheel back rail, single drawer, bookshelves below on sides w 1,500
812 OLD HICKORY BARREL BACK ARMCHAIR - Open Frame, Pueblo Style, with hoop back, x-supported round seat in sprung red oilcloth, 18 tall sea 2,000
813 (3) PCS OLD HICKORY ACCESSORIES - A Pair of Ashtray Stands, 30 1/2 tall, weathered, no liners; PLUS Floor Lamp with tripod base having 450
814 PAIR OF CHALKWARE MANTEL FIGURES - Seated Spaniels, in opposing poses, late 19th c. In the original, untouched finish. 8 1/2 tall. Age 250
815 EAGLE CARVING - Circa 1930s Bellamy Style American Eagle Plaque in Carved Wood, polychrome paint, with Dont Give Up the Ship banneret. 1,200
816 FRAMED PAINTED TILE - Figures in the Westerstraat with the Westerkerk in the Distance, Enkhuizen, after Cornelis Springer (Netherlands, Unsold
817 WILLEM BOGERT (Netherlands, 1803-1849) - Old Leyden Windmill, oil on canvas, signed lower right W. Bogert. In polychrome painted molded 1,100
818 EARLY CONTINENTAL MILITARY PAINTING - 18th c. Cavalry Column Entering Dark Woods, dog in forefront, man attending empty white horse beh Unsold
819 DUTCH GENRE PAINTING - The Flemish Lace Maker, late 17th to early 18th c, unsigned. In gilt beaded frame liner. OS: 14 x 12 1/4, SS: 10 550
820 BOWFRONT DRESSER - Hepplewhite period dresser, in figural mahogany, having a top with double-beaded edge, two over three graduated bead Unsold
821 ELISABETH GRUTTEFIEN KIEKEBUSCH (Germany, 1857 - ?) - Hjorundsfjord, Near Aalesund, Norway; oil on canvas, signed lower left E. Gruttef 1,300
822 BRASS ANDIRONS, FENDER & BED WARMER- Federal Period Chippendale Brass Andirons with bold turnings and octagonal plinths, set on arch sp 500
823 PAIR OF ANDIRONS - Period Chippendale Nipple Top Brass Andirons with urn and ring turned columns, matching stops, spur foot, unsigned. 350
824 (24 PCS) ROSE MEDALLION - Including Six Each Chinese Export Famille Rose Mandarin Porcelain Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Small Bowls 900
825 CHIPPENDALE TALLBOY DRESSER - New England Maple and Figured Maple Gentlemans Dresser having dovetailed case, bold cornice molded top, s Unsold
826 PERSIAN RUNNER - 211 x 109 - Northwest Persia, Iran, mid 20th c, five variant medallions in red, royal blue, ivory, persian blue, brown 1,000
827 AUGUST MULLER (Germany, 1836-1885) - Elderly Bavarian Hunter Refilling His Drinking Flask at a Tavern, oil on canvas, laid to artists b Unsold
828 (5 PCS) CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN - 19th c. Famille Rose Meat Platter & Dish decorated with butterflies; PLUS Imperial Celadon Platter & 650
829 PAIR SMALL CHINESE PORCELAIN VASES - Famille Rose Baluster Vases having scalloped rim with waisted neck, gilt foo dog lugs, Mandarin pa 425
830 WILLIAM & MARY CHEST - Period 18th c. New England Chest having single plank top with applied molding, two over three graduated drawers 900
831 HERIZ RUNNER - 36 x 15 - Northwest Persia, with four serrated medallions and geometric motifs in ivory, gold, green and red on midnight 700
832 VON VOOS (Dutch, 19th/20th century) - Sunset, Beached Fishing Boats, oil on canvas, signed lower right. In gilt reticulated gesso frame Unsold
833 VON VOOS (Dutch, 19th/20th century) - Fishing Boat, Low Tide, oil on canvas, signed lower right. In gilt deep cove frame, OS: 14 1/2 x 700
834 (50 PCS) BLUE & WHITE CHINA - All 19th c. including, with gilt edge: Pair of Lobed Trays, 9 x 7; (7) Small Plates, 4 diam; Lobed Tray, 650
835 SET OF (4) ENGLISH PUB CHAIRS - 19th c. Yew Wood Armchairs in walnut finish, with pillow backs, out-turned scrolled arms, ring turned s 1,500
836 TABRIZ SILK RUG - 38 x 59 - Northwest Persia, mid 20th c, gold circular medallion with ivory, sage and midnight blue. Set on a terra co 1,200
837 SHIRLEY MARIE RUSSELL (CA/HI, 1886-1985) - Hawaiian Water Lilies, oil on canvas laid to board, signed and dated 1926 lower left. In dar 2,200
838 TEA CADDY - Regency Period Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy with serpentine front, coffined lid having silvered heraldic shield, silver stringin 1,200
839 DIMINUTIVE PAINTED CHEST - Continental Chest in softwood in red paint, with floral decoration on teal panels, having fitted overhanging 375
840 PAINTED SCANDINAVIAN BLANKET CHEST - Lift Top Chest with Single Drawer Base, softwood, with faux drawer fronts, in blue with crimson pa 600
841 HAMADAN RUNNER - 211 x 95 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, five flowerhead medallions in rust, gold, brown and Persian blue. 350
842 WILLIAM KEANE (NJ, active 1880-1895) - Trompe lOeil with Hanging Fish and Keys, oil on panel, signed lower right, with Berry-Hill Galle Unsold
843 ENGLISH WIG BOX - Mid 19th c. Six-Sided Mahogany, with inlaid boxwood and rosewood decoration, brass bail handle on top, lock with key, 325
844 SCARCE FLOOR-STANDING WIG STAND - Georgian Mahogany Six-Stem Wig Stand with acorn finial on the urn and ring turned center spindle, hav 250
845 CHIPPENDALE DRESSER - 18th c. Bowfront Dresser in red stained birch, having overhanging top, four graduated drawers with what appears t Unsold
846 TABRIZ AREA RUG - 41 x 57 - Northwest Persia, with floral medallion in ivory, navy blue, red and slate blue on red field, ivory flowerh Unsold
847 AFTER FRAGONARD - Bucolic Courting Scene, oil on canvas, unsigned, with man playing lute for woman with two servants alongside, in a lu Unsold
848 CHINESE CHARGER - 19th c. Canton Export Deep Charger decorated with island temple in blue on white, four character Qianlong mark on und Unsold
849 (2) SIMILAR CHINESE PORCELAIN VASES - Double Gourd Hulu Form Stem Vases in Famille Rose, with different Mandarin scenes, slightly diffe 375
850 PAIR OF CORNER CUPBOARDS - Pair of Paint Decorated Country Cupboards made from old re-planed pine, with molded dentil cornice, two narr 750
851 USHAK DESIGN CARPET - 811 x 1110 - Pakistan, late 20th c, overall design with palmettes, rosettes and large serrated curved leaves. Set Unsold
852 ARTIST UNKNOWN - Political Partisans, watercolor on paper, a colloquial scene of newsboys arguing on a street, with IS monogram and dat 950
853 CHINESE EXPORT PUNCH BOWL - 18th c. Famille Rose Pattern in Mandarin palette, with two large and two small domestic vignettes, spearhea 300
854 (2 PCS) CHINESE EXPORT - Oval Celadon Platter with polychrome decoration of fruit, flowers and insects, signed on underside, 16 1/2 x 1 375
855 REFECTORY TABLE - 19th c. English Replica of a Medieval Refectory Table in dark oak, with heavy gouged finish plank top having breadboa 2,600
856 (2) PERSIAN AREA MATS - #1 - 37 x 51 - Hooked diamond medallion on navy field with geometric designs, red geometric design border. #2 - Unsold
857 TROMPE LOEIL - Unsigned 19th c. oil on canvas, depicting a smoking pipe resting on nails on paper nailed over a plank wall, with a note 275
858 TROMPE LOEIL - Unsigned 19th c. oil on canvas, depicting an oriental vase suspended from a cord in front of paper tacked to a plank wal 500
859 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Late 18th c. Famille Rose Bowl with squared body and lobed rim, the interior and exterior top band featuring w Unsold
860 TAMBOR SECRETARY - Circa 1790 Hepplewhite Two-Part Inlaid Mahogany Secretary with low upper cabinet having central cabinet flanked by s Unsold
861 TABRIZ RUG - 44 x 67 - Northwest Persia, early 20th c, large rosette medallion and matching spandrels in midnight blue, gold, ivory and Unsold
862 18TH C TRAVELERS SCENE - Group of People Outside a Rustic Tavern, Uhlan Officer on horseback. Oil on canvas, possibly initialed lower r 250
863 (3 PCS) EXPORT CANTONWARE - Chinese Canton, 19th c, including: Covered Soup Tureen with Underplatter, 8 x 14 x 10 1/2 overall, with hai 375
864 (2 PAIR) FINE BRASS CANDLESTICKS - Early Federal Period, flared bobeche, urn over ring turned shaft, square beaded tapered base, with e 275
865 SHERATON SOFA - Period Mahogany Long Sofa with classic frame having reeded detail, inlaid leg blocks, vintage 1940s pale mint green sil 1,100
866 SANDPAPER PASTEL PAINTING - Hudson River Scene with sailboats and woman fishing from shore, unsigned, circa 1850s. In the original gold 400
867 JOHN JAMES AUDUBON (1785-1851) - Mus Minimus, Aud & Bach. Little Harvest Mouse. Males & Females. Natural Size. No 13, Plate LXV. Origin Unsold
868 ALEXANDER LAWSON (1773 - 1846) - After a drawing by TITIAN RAMSAY PEALE II (1799 - 1885). Fulvous or Cliff Swallow, Burrowing Owl, hand Unsold
869 JOSEPH WOLF (1820-1899) AFTER - Two Ornithological Prints, Tetragonops Ramphastinus & Xantholaema Haemacephala, hand colored lithos, ex Unsold
870 FRENCH DRESSER - 18th c. French Provincial Dresser in elm, with molded overhanging top, two over four molded edge drawers having the or 500
871 AUBUSSON CARPET - 119 X 149 - France, Floral center medallion on a taupe field with rose, pink, olive, tan and camel, wide ivory floral 1,900
872 TOLE TRAY ON STAND & PICTORIAL TOLE TRAY - 19th c. Gold on Black Blossom and Vine Painted Tin Tray with open handles, set on modern bla 275
873 PAIR OF FRENCH COMMODES - Early 20th c. Louis XIV Style Bombe Commodes with nicely figured salmon marble tops having molded edge, flora 1,200
874 TRAY ON STAND - 19th c. French Papier Mache Oval Tray in black lacquer with mother-of-pearl inlaid decoration and gilt detailing, havin Unsold
875 PAIR OF FRENCH STANDS - Early 20th c. Louis XV Style Stands in kidney form, having brass galleries and variegated black and white marbl 350
876 PAIR OF FRENCH ARMCHAIRS - Directoire Open Frame Armchairs with caned seats, in remnants of original dark green paint over walnut, havi 800
877 PAIR OF WINDOW BENCHES - Antique Adams Influenced Benches with early painted surface of black and gold over the original powder blue; t 1,600
878 PAIR OF HEPPLEWHITE SIDECHAIRS - Period Regency Chairs in yellow ochre paint with open back having crested rail supported by three vert Unsold
879 PAIR OF FRENCH STANDS - 19th c. Three Drawer Marble Top Stands with fruitwood marquetry inlay, brass ring pulls and gallery top around 500
880 FRENCH OCCASIONAL TABLE - Early Walnut French Provincial Table with dished serpentine molded edge top, conforming shaped skirt, full-le 950
881 (2) FRENCH COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS - 19th c. Bronze Table Medals, including: 1856 Berceau de Prince Imperial (Napoleon IV), Offert par la Unsold
882 B. GRANAS - Between Two Fires, a Continental Domestic Interior with a man polishing a copper pan while flanked by two young ladies, 19t 300
883 GEORGE WASHINGTON INAUGURAL BUTTON - Rare Original 1789 Stamped Brass Button reading G.W., Long Live the President, the GW in an oval a 1,900
884 RARE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR DOCUMENT, SIGNED BY HOPKINSON - Sixty Dollar Bond Numb. 483, dated 30 September, 1779, part of the Fren 1,100
885 PARTNERS DESK - English Mahogany Desk with tooled leather molded edge top, three shallow drawers along top with brass drop ring pulls, 2,250
886 GEORGE MCCONNELL (ME/OH, 1852-1928) - Trees by the Sea, oil on board, unsigned but with pencil note verso This was painted by my grandf 250
887 RICHARD HENRY HAMILTON PARK (NY/IL/ Italy, 1832-1902); Oval Profile Portrait of 1860 Presidential Candidate Stephen A. Douglas, who los Unsold
888 ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT - 13th c. France, Leaf from a Bible in Latin, on vellum, text from Isaiah, with nine rubricated initials, decora 750
889 (2) LEAVES FROM KING JAMES BIBLE - (2) Leaves from Chronicles, from the historic 1611 first printing of the Bible in the English langua 200
890 CANOPY BED - Period Sheraton Double Bed in Walnut with scroll cut headboard, tapered and ring turned head posts, bulbous reeded and rin 1,300
891 UNSIGNED CONTINENTAL PORTRAIT - Mid 19th c. Portrait of Mother and Child, oil on canvas; the infant boy is nude, standing in her lap, h 325
892 18TH C TINDERBOX PISTOL - Brass body, with engraved sides, steel trigger guard with star engraving, flintlock box-lock action with oval 250
893 ENGLISH DESK BOX - Late 18th to Early 19th c. Bowfront Burl Mahogany Box with conch shell oval patera inlay on hinged lid, string inlay 700
894 TEA CADDY - Very Nice Federal Period Tea Caddy in figured mahogany with inlaid oval fan patera, banded and string inlaid edges, herring 375
895 CHINESE EXPORT SOFA - Chinese Export Rosewod & Cane Sofa, having carved crest, rolled arms, carved fluted leg with brass casters, strip Unsold
896 ADOLFO AGUILA Y ACOSTA (Spain, 1858-1910) - The Spanish Beauty, oil on mitered mahogany panel, signed lower right A del Aguila Acosta, 2,200
897 IMPERIAL GERMAN-SAXONY INFANTRY SWORD - M1845 Single Edge Falchion with solid brass grip and guard, original leather scabbard with bras Unsold
898 SWORD - Late 17th c. Spanish Rapier with swept hilt, diamond blade having shallow runnel at forte, helm pommel, wire wrapped grip with 1,100
899 OTTOMAN DAGGER - 17th-18th c. Ottoman Dagger with gold painted fittings and horn handles. The blade with gold painted Greek inscription 1,100
900 ENGLISH THREE-PART DESK - Victorian Mahogany Writing Table, rectangular with molded edge, fine gilt tooled leather surface, frieze with Unsold
901 OIL ON CANVAS - 18th c. Still Life of Grapes, Peaches and Pears with Butterfly on Marble Tabletop, monogrammed lower left in red with E 2,000
902 RARE 17TH C GEOGRAPHY BOOK - Peter Heylen; Cosmography, in Four Books, containing the Chorography and History of the Whole World: and a Unsold
903 CONSOLE TABLE - Early Continental fruitwood carved console table with molded overhanging top, carved and molded frieze, singular rococo 350
904 PAIR OF SHERATON STANDS - Mahogany Dropleaf Stands with figured satinwood fronts to the double drawers, having beaded edges and later b 750
905 DIMINUTIVE SERVER - 18th c. Hepplewhite Server in figured mahogany with banded top, arched center with three above two drawers, round c 600
906 ATTRIBUTED TO PIERRE NARCISSE GUERIN, (French, 1774-1833 - Figure Studies, including Christ bound for scourging by two soldiers & a Sta Unsold
907 FEDERAL PERIOD ANDIRONS - Cast Brass Sectional Andirons in scarce form, with ring turned biscuit finials, set on tall arch spurred legs Unsold
908 ENGLISH SEWING STAND - Period Hepplewhite Octagonal Stand in figured mahogany with inlaid conch shell patera, inset banded border, hing Unsold
909 ENGLISH TEA CADDY - Georgian Oval Tea Caddy in Harewood, inlaid vine and blossom detailing, silvered brass top ring handle, mahogany ed 750
910 HEPPLEWHITE TAMBOUR DESK - Two-Part Bench Made Desk, in mahogany with banded trim, booked crotch mahogany panels, the upper cabinet hav Unsold
911 OOC, LAID ON PANEL - Unsigned Old Master depiction of the David & Bathsheba myth, 17th c. Italian School, she is depicted bathing the f Unsold
912 LOW CENTER TABLE - Late Georgian Low Round Table with segmented birds-eye maple top, inlaid rosette center, brass edging, set on four p 1,200
913 PAIR OF DEMILUNE STANDS - 19th c. Directoire Style Small Stands in walnut with carved molded edge top, three bowed drawers with small r 600
914 REGENCY BARRELBACK WINGCHAIR - Hearthside Chair, Period Mahogany Frame, with original large wooden casters, in sandy taupe polished lea 750
915 SLANT FRONT DESK - American Country Chippendale Period Desk in solid birch, with brass batwing pulls, breadboard ends, lid with lock an 800
917 CARD TABLE - Period English Chippendale Mahogany Card Table with banded edge top, double swing leg leaf support , replaced green felt s Unsold
918 GENTS DRESSING STAND - English Sheraton Period Beau Brummel Stand, after the notorious dandy of the same name (1778-1840), in mahogany 850
919 TILT TOP TEA TABLE - Period Queen Anne Solid Mahogany Table with single plank serpentine shaped top, urn turned column, padded snake fo 700
920 DROPLEAF TABLE - 18th c. New England Walnut Drop Leaf Dining Table set on six Queen Anne legs, swing leg leaf support, drawer at one en 600
921 WILLIAM ASHTON (UK, 1853-1927) - Woman at Farm Spring, oil on canvas, signed lower left W. Ashton, in gold cove frame. OS: 20 x 24, SS: 500
922 BRITISH TEAPOY - Georgian Flame Mahogany Cabinet with string inlaid coffered hinged top having lock (no key), molded edges, canted side 900
923 FLEMISH ARMCHAIR - Victorian English Copy of 17th c. Baroque Armchair in walnut stained oak, having an upholstered back panel and inset 250
924 AMERICAN TEAPOY - Empire Period Octagonal Cabinet in crotch mahogany veneer, having banded top edge and roped trim at bottom, hinged li Unsold
925 BANQUET TABLE - Period Mahogany Hepplewhite Dining Table can be used as pair of demilunes, having overhanging top, conforming beaded sk 500
926 VICTOR KORECKI (Poland/Russia, 1890-1980) - Sunset Road, Birches, oil on canvas, signed lower left, in gold cove frame with linen liner 700
927 SMALL SERVING CABINET - Regency Mahogany Cabinet with birds-eye maple inlaid top, single drawer having birds-eye diamond inlay with cen Unsold
928 PAIR OF CHIPPENDALE SIDECHAIRS - Period English Georgian Mahogany Chairs with shaped crest rails, intricately carved, interlaced and pi Unsold
929 REPLICA FEDERAL MANTEL MIRROR - Federal Style Mirror in gilt & black frame, the molded cornice with pendant spheres, frieze has scrolle 425
930 CHIPPENDALE DROP LEAF TABLE - Period Mahogany Table with single plank top & leaves, straight skirt, wood peg construction, block to rou Unsold
931 MINIATURE PORTRAIT - English Bust Portrait of a Young Man with Sideburns, blue coat with gold buttons, white vest and stock, unsigned, Unsold
932 ENGLISH HEPPLEWHITE SEWING STAND - Period Coffin Top Stand in burl mahogany, with conch shell inlaid oval patera, banding and string in 325
933 PEMBROKE TABLE - Period Country Chippendale, in cherry, peg construction, with single drawer, early brass pull, shaped end skirt, lambs Unsold
934 ENGLISH CELLARET - George III Octagonal Mahogany Cellaret on Frame, having tapered sides, set on molded legs, terminating on casters, w Unsold
935 SHERATON DRESSER - Period New England Four-Drawer Bowfront Dresser in figural mahogany with boxwood stringing, overhanging top, beaded Unsold
936 BOSTON SCHOOL - Portrait of a Young Boy with Cap, oil on canvas, unsigned, 19th c. In lemon gold molded cove frame. OS: 30 1/4 x 26, SS 250
937 LADYS WINGCHAIR - Period Chippendale Walnut Frame Wingchair in lovely proportions, with tall narrow back, deep wings, rolled arms, squa 1,000
938 DROP LEAF TABLE - Period Chippendale Figured Mahogany Table with six square ribbon channeled legs, having double gate legs on both side Unsold
939 FEDERAL PERIOD MIRROR - Hall Pier Mirror with Classical Revival frieze, having a deep molded cove cornice with seventeen pendant sphere Unsold
940 PAIR OF CONSOLE CARD TABLES - Empire Period Figural Mahogany Tables with flip and turn tops on concave veneer skirts, lyre shaped colum Unsold
941 CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - Miniature Landscape with Woman on Riverside Road Approaching a House, unsigned, 19th c., probably Dutch. In the or 400
942 PAIR OF PEDESTAL CABINETS - 19th c. English Mahogany Hepplewhite Cabinets, with molded top, single drawer with inset banded and booked 500
943 CARD TABLE - Massachusetts Chippendale Mahogany Flip Top Gaming Table, circa 1820, with gate leg, the bowfront top with cookie corners, 750
944 SEWING STAND - Mid 19th c. Mahogany Stand with overhanging hinged lid, inner compartments, oblong case with canted corners, concave fro Unsold
945 GEORGE III WINGCHAIR - Period Bristol Wingchair, having a broad seat, in gold silk chinoiserie brocade, self-corded, with camel back, s 2,750
946 WILLIAM ALLEN (British) - Portrait of John Anderson, oil on panel, with original handwritten label verso that reads The portrait of Joh 275
947 CENTENNIAL LOOKING GLASS - Chippendale Style Mirror in mahogany with gilt urn finial having wheat and flower spray, gilt carved swan pe 700
948 ENGLISH GENTS SERVER - 19th c. Two-Drawer Server in mahogany having overhanging top with rounded corners and eased edge, tiger maple ve 425
949 FIELD MEDICINE CHEST - Civil War Era Rosewood Case with flush-mount brass handle in top, two hinged doors on front containing flannel l 550
950 CHEST OF DRAWERS - Early 18th c. Queen Anne Country Pine Chest of Drawers in pumpkin pine, plain faced graduated drawers, never had pul 300
951 JOHN GOULD (UK, 1804-1881) & HENRY CONSTANTINE RICHTER (UK, 1821-1902) - Vanellus Cristatus, hand colored ornithological lithograph, si 700
952 SLAVE SHIP PRIZE AWARD - Feb 28, 1850 Settlement for the seizure of the Brig Independence, seized by the USN Brig Perry; written in Ric Unsold
953 RARE 17TH C BOSTON WARRANT - Order signed by Addington Davenport, Clerk of Courts, dated Dec 3, 1698, for Samuel Gookin, Sheriff of Suf Unsold
954 (2) MAINE PAINTED BOXES - Slide Lid Valuables Box with till, paint decorated pine with dated Anno 1775 and initials E.G.D. on the long Unsold
955 BLANKET CHEST - Country Folk Art Painted Pine Two Drawer Blanket Chest in mustard, with dumpcart blue and pumpkin detailing and floral 300
956 MAX KLEIN-DIEPOLD (German, 1873-1949) - Border Crossing, oil on canvas, signed lower left and initialed lower right. In gilt ribbed cov 250
957 (2) AUTOGRAPH LETTERS - ALS signed A.I. Noel Byron to Miss (Abigail) Tuckerman, dated Dec 13th (no year). Anna Isabella Milbanke (1792- Unsold
958 (3 PCS) HARRIET BEECHER STOWE MEMORABILIA - Cabinet Photo of the author of Uncle Toms Cabin with grandson Freeman Allen (inscribed vers 1,000
959 PRE-CIVIL WAR CORRESPONDENCE & RECORD BOOK - Letters to Charles G Havens (1808-1888), prominent New York City attorney, real estate inv 250
960 COUNTRY HEPPLEWHITE CHEST - Early 19th c. New England Maple Chest on Bracket Base, with overhanging top, five graduated molded edge dra 400
961 UNSIGNED PRIMITIVE - Still Life with Apples Spilling from Basket, circa 1900, oil on canvas. In gold painted shallow cove frame. OS: 16 Unsold
962 (2) RARE CIVIL WAR MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS - Orders for Dr. George B. Pomeroy of Philadelphia, dated March 14, 1863 and April 21, 1864: th 275
963 EPHEMERA FROM THE HENRY WARE LYON ESTATE - Includes: (4) Presidential Appointments; Commission to Rank of Ensign, March 1868; Appointme 1,600
964 MINIATURE CANNON - Practical Cast Iron Civil War Artillery Style Cannon on steel carriage with elevation screw, five-spoke cast iron wh 350
965 CHIPPENDALE STYLE CHEST ON FRAME - 19th c. Cherry Chest with deep cove molded top, five molded edge graduated drawers with what appear 900
966 UNSIGNED - Early 19th c. British Traveler Departing a Tavern, hostess at door, boy tending horse. Sign over door reads The Tappit Hen, 250
967 E J CHURCHILL CASED SHOTGUN - 12 ga Side by Side Hammerless Utility Model, s/n 3900 (circa 1937), double trigger, 30 barrel, 2 1/2 chok 3,900
968 WINCHESTER MODEL 21 16 GAUGE SHOTGUN - Winchester Model 21 Side by Side 16ga. Skeet, s/n 7353 (mfg in 1937), 26” barrels, WS1/WS2 choke 5,000
969 WINCHESTER RIFLE - Model 06 Pump .22 Takedown, serial number 806846 (1936, last year of production), walnut stock, 22 short, long, lr & 375
970 NEW ENGLAND CHEST - Early 19th c. Country Chippendale Chest in solid maple, with overhanging molded top, four graduated drawers with mo 375
971 E. AIREY - Still Life of Fruit including halved melon, wrapped orange, concord grapes, peaches, apple and banana. Oil on canvas, signed 275
972 SHOTGUN - Winchester 12 gauge Shotgun, model 12 s/n 741434, ca 1950, fitted with Cutts Compensator, walnut checkered pistol grip and ex Unsold
973 1884 US ARMY SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOOR RIFLE - Army Issued 45/70 Breech Loading Rifle, with black walnut stock and blued metal, lock with th Unsold
974 PAIR OF 18TH C HOLSTERS & CANTEEN - Saddle Pistol Holsters in heavy leather, jacked with pine tar, having brass butts, slotted for stra 550
975 QUEEN ANNE DROP LEAF TABLE - Period Mahogany Table with long drop leaves, gate legs, deep skirt, straight tapered legs with round pad f Unsold
976 LILA B. HETZEL (PA, 1873-1967) - Impressionist View of French Village, oil on academy board, signed lower right L.B. Hetzel, 1912. In g 225
977 CASED CIVIL WAR POCKET REVOLVER - Eagle Arms Co of New York Pocket Revolver, .30 cal, 5 shot, marked “Merwin & Bray, Fire Arms Co. NY” 1,600
978 BELGIAN TARGET PISTOL - A Very Nice Liege Pistol, breech loading, 6 mm flobert rim-fire, with 10 barrel, ca 1870, L7C makers mark, JB p 425
979 (2) EARLY PISTOLS - Allen & Thurber 1837 Patent Pepper-Box Revolver, 6 shot, .36 caliber, with 3 1/2 barrel, 7 1/2 oa, marked for Worce 950
980 PRIMITIVE DRY SINK - 19th c. Maine Country Pine Kitchen Cabinet in pine, with shaped and molded splashback, zinc lined sink having mold Unsold
981 UNSIGNED - Early Victorian Portrait of a Refined Elderly British Gent seated in a crimson upholstered chair at his writing desk, circa 100
982 COLT PISTOL IN HOLSTER - Colt M1903 .32 cal. Automatic, Type III (1910-1926), ser no 263306, pocket hammerless, with integrated barrel Unsold
983 REV WAR CANTEEN & WASHINGTON COMMEMORATIVE PLATE - Red Painted American Revolutionary War Era Canteen with J + K carved in one side, 93 300
984 RARE MAINE COACHMANS PERCUSSION RIFLE - Joseph Graves (1800-1876), .48 cal double percussion rifle, stamped on barrel J. Graves, Bangor 1,600
985 H.F. HUNTER - Still Life with Peaches and Grapes, oil on canvas board, signed lower right, circa 1900. In carved gold frame. OS: 12 3/4 650
986 BLANKET CHEST - 18th c. Maine Blanket Chest in pumpkin pine, with single plank molded and hinged top, faux drawer front with three shal 325
987 RIFLE - Marlin 336-RC, .30-.30 serial number J37889. Made in 1958. Lever action. 19 1/2 barrel. 38 1/2 long overall. Good condition. 425
988 FRENCH SHOTGUN - St. Etienne Robust No 32 S, 16 gauge Breech Break Double Barrel Shotgun, serial number 99916, circa 1920, with engrave 400
989 RIFLE - Marlin Model 1894 Lever Action 44/40 Rifle, serial no 233949. Manufactured in 1902. Walnut stock. 23 1/2 barrel, 42 long overal 800
990 PAINTED BLANKET CHEST - 19th c. Pine Blanket Chest in ochre grain paint with stippled panels, black pinstriping, hinged top, painted in 425
991 UNSIGNED - British Domestic Interior Scene of Elderly Wife Presenting Candy to Her Husband, the shop boy standing at her knee, oil on b Unsold
992 ANTIQUE REVOLVER - Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver .31 cal, 5 shot, 5 barrel. Serial number 18969, all parts match. Poor condition, tri 425
993 SHOTGUN - JC Higgins 12 gauge modified 2 3/4 chamber. 48 1/2 long overall. Good condition. Unsold
994 RIFLE - Stevens Model 56c Buckhorn .22 cal s/l/lr Rifle, mag fed, with peep sights, circa 1940. Walnut stock. 30 1/2 barrel, 43 1/4 ove 100
995 CAMPAIGN CHEST - 19th c. English Two-Part Chest in mahogany with boxwood edging, two over three drawers having flush mounted brass pull 900
996 POSSIBLY WILLIAM B. RHODES (France, 1860 - ?) - Barbizon Landscape with Woman and Child, oil on walnut panel, signed Rhodes lower right 450
997 SHOTGUN - Sears & Roebuck Ranger 105-21 Bolt-Action 20 ga Shotgun, stock fed, walnut stock, circa 1948. 32 3/4 barrel, 46 1/2 long over Unsold
998 SHOTGUN - Mossberg Model 183D-A, Bolt .410. Walnut stock. (1947-1971). 45 long overall. Good condition. Unsold
999 RIFLE - Remington .22 cal long model 24, semi-automatic autoloading rimfire (made 1922-1935), ser no 126590 (1933). 21 barrel, 39 long 300
1000 COLD PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE - A Shorebird Feeding, with one foot raised, unmarked, probably Austrian, circa 1900. 6 long. Good condition 375
1001 COLD PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE - A Large Bird of Paradise, unmarked, probably Austrian, circa 1900. 13 1/2 long. Some wear to paint. 550
1002 WILLIAM H. TURNER (Contemporary Virginia) - Two Puffins, in cold painted bronze, signed on rocky base, 1989, 32/50. 9 1/2 tall. Fine co Unsold
1003 JENNY LIND CAST IRON DRESSING MIRROR WITH UNUSUAL VARIATION - Vintage late 19th c. Cast Iron Tabletop Mirror Stand featuring the Americ 750
1004 STERLING FLATWARE - (95) Pc Lot of Repousse Pattern Sterling Items by S. Kirk & Son, incl (92) pcs of flatware, a pair of candlesticks, 2,000
1005 DAVENPORT DESK - 1870s Renaissance Revival Desk in burl walnut veneer with banded inlay, drop in letter box which lifts out to reveal h Unsold
1006 CIGARETTE CASE - 14K Yellow Gold Cigarette Case with Blue Cabochon Stone Clasp. Engine turned decoration to top and bottom surfaces of 1,550
1007 COFFEE & TEA SERVICE - (5) Pc Sterling Silver Coffee and Tea Service by Gorham in the Plymouth Pattern. Set includes: Coffee pot, 10 hi 1,000
1008 HARVARD SILVER BASEBALL TROPHY MUG - Sterling Glass Bottom Mug made by Gorham for Spaulding, engraved 1899 Harvard University Scrub Bas 500
1009 STERLING FLATWARE - (88) Pc Set of Sterling Silver Flatware by Tiffany & Co. in the San Lorenzo Pattern in new felt lined wooden case. 3,000
1010 SEWING STAND - Choice Aesthetic Movement Fancy Sewing Stand in walnut and burl walnut, the elaborately molded and stepped square hinged 650
1011 ORIENTAL RUG - 31 x 5 - Persian Turkoman with lobed medallion surrounded by floral sprays, palmettes and leafy vines, in white, light b Unsold
1012 RARE OFFICE WALL CLOCK - Cherry Cased Chelsea Time Only Wall Clock, circa 1905-1910, marked on painted metal dial Chelsea Clock Co. Bos Unsold
1013 BRONZE SCULPTURE - Full Body Cast Bronze American Eagle with wings spread, head down and to the right, mounted atop rough hewn vertical Unsold
1014 DESK CLOCK - Tiffany Studios Art Deco Graduate Pattern Bronze Desk Clock. 3 high, 4 deep, 3 1/2 wide. Fine condition. 650
1015 VICTORIAN SOFA - Renaissance Revival Walnut Framed Sofa with molded arch back, floral caps at top of scrolled arm posts, shaped skirt, 500
1016 GABRIEL ARGY-ROUSSEAU LAMP - Rare French Art Glass Prarie Veilleuse or Night Light with Scent Infuser, signed and marked France, circa 6,500
1017 ART GLASS FIGURINE - Lalique Rooster in frosted crystal, signed on underside of base. He is depicted with his head down and tail vertic 350
1018 ART GLASS VASE - Iridescent Lavender Rose Vase, King Tut, circa 1925, attributed to Victor Durand, unsigned, with ground black pontil. 600
1019 ART NOUVEAU FIGURAL DESK LAMP - Scarce Solid Gilt Brass 1890s Desk Gas Lamp, converted to electric, with chased three-petal form brass 550
1020 PAIR OF HOODED CHAIRS - Louis XV Style Guerites or Sentry Canopy Chairs, also known as Porters or Conversation Chairs, with exposed fin 1,600
1021 SIGNED STEUBEN CRYSTAL VASE - Large Clear Art Glass Bouquet Vase with gently flared rim and eight lozenge shaped feet, circa 1950, sign 650
1022 STEUBEN AURENE GLASS - Chinese Form Vase in blue, with ground pontil. Unmarked. Circa 1910. 6 1/2 tall, 6 diam. Fine condition. 400
1023 (7 PC) CORDIAL SET - Moser Art Glass Set in amberine with polychrome enamel decoration, the footed ovoid decanter with applied salamand 300
1024 PAIR OF FLINT GLASS CANDELABRUM - 19th c. Canary Glass Three-Stem Candelabrum with faceted crystal drops. Components screw together, wi 650
1025 GOLDEN OAK SIDEBOARD - Circa 1890 Renaissance Revival/Arts & Crafts Transitional, Quartersawn, no makers mark, two-part, the upper part Unsold
1026 60 DIAMETER GOLDEN OAK DINING TABLE - Circa 1890 Renaissance Revival/Arts & Crafts Transitional, no makers mark, stencilled 12 ft., No. 1,600
1027 SET OF (8) GOLDEN OAK DINING CHAIRS - Circa 1890 Renaissance Revival/Arts & Crafts Transitional, two Armchairs and six Side Chairs, no Unsold
1028 LEADED GLASS TABLE LAMP - Circa 1910 Bronze Based Double Socket Electric Lamp, no makers mark, with green and red glass domed shade hav 800
1029 FIVE-PART FILE CABINET - American Quarter-Sawn Golden Oak Office Stacking Cabinet , made by Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co., Rochester, NY, circ 800
1030 (8 PCS) INTERIOR WICKER SUITE - Matching Seagrass and Fiber Cord Wicker, circa 1890-1910, unpainted, including Settee, 20 seat, 27 arm, Unsold
1031 ARTS & CRAFTS ERA DESK LAMP - Bronze Lamp Base, unmarked, circa 1920, with triple pine trees on the sides of the footed triangular plin Unsold
1032 GERMAN SILVER MECHANICAL MUSIC BOX - Baroque Style Cyma Sided Engraved Silver Box with bird-form latch that releases a small singing me 2,950
1033 GERMAN MUSIC BOX - Symphonian Musical Automaton, with (20) 10 1/2 discs, having a molded, footed mahogany case with the name engraved i Unsold
1034 SWISS MUSIC BOX - Circa 1890 Swiss Tabletop Cylinder Music Box, 10 tune, in grain painted and pinstriped case, Jacot works with 1888 pa Unsold
1035 PAINTED VICTORIAN BED - Full-Size Eastlake Renaissance Revival Bed in cream paint with gold detailing and incised blue pinstriping, hav Unsold
1036 ARTISAN IRON GATE - Art Deco Hand Wrought Iron Gate in the manner of William Hunt Diederich (NY, 1884-1953), arch-topped, having dimens 1,400
1037 ARTISAN THREE-FOLD FIRE SCREEN - Art Deco Hand Wrought Fire Screen in the manner of William Hunt Diederich (NY, 1884-1953), the center 600
1038 MONUMENTAL PAIR OF ANDIRONS - Monumental pair of wrought iron andirons with swan necks supporting large globes, swing out pot hooks, fr 800
1039 LARGE STAINED GLASS WINDOW - Circa 1890s Queen Anne Revival Stairway Window with polychrome scrolled vine and jewel border and mitered 2,050
1040 VICTORIAN CENTER TABLE - Renaissance Revival Mahogany Library Table with molded and shaped puddingstone top, ornately carved frame, mol 1,250
1041 DHURRIE CARPET - 114 X 15 - India, mid 20th c, with large diamond lattice with serrated flowerheads and multi-colored checkerboard moti 400
1042 STERLING FLATWARE - (114) Pc Set of Sterling Silver Flatware by Wm B. Durgin Co. in the Fairfax pattern in felt lined single drawer mah 1,900
1043 BRASS CASH REGISTER - National Cash Register Co of Dayton, Ohio Model 130 Art Nouveau Dime Candy Store / Barbershop Cash Register in so 550
1044 NYC SUBWAY DESTINATION ROLL - Metal Framed Hand-Cranked Subway Destination Roll, circa 1900-1910, Queens, New York City, marked No 1 Up 500
1045 ITALIAN CREDENZA - Greek Revival Cabinet in ebonized walnut inlaid with bone, having gilt ormolu mounts. Center cabinet locking doors ( 1,500
1046 AUTOMOBILE - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, vin #1J8HR582X8C118779, 45,564 miles. 4x4 Limited Edition, 5.7 L V8 HEMI with automatic transmis 13,000
1047 TRADE SIGN - Circa 1950 KEIL, Charlestown, N.H., Keys Made Exterior Hanging Sign in painted aluminum, double sided, 27 1/2 x 11, exclud 200
1048 1956 TEXACO GAS PUMP WITH GLOBE - Restored Tokheim Pump, Model 300, s/n 338511, 7/56, ul no 481511, double sided, single hose, in red a 1,200
1049 SLOT MACHINE WITH CABINET STAND - Triple Jackpot by International Game Technology (IGT) of Reno, NV, Model No B5136DW, s/n 482932, quar 700
1050 (13 PC) INDIAN COLONIAL DINING ROOM SET - Early 20th c. Bone and String Inlaid Exotic Hardwood Set consisting of: Three-Part Dining Tab 4,500
1051 WALDO PEIRCE (NY/MA/ME, 1884-1970); The Flutist at Sunrise, watercolor and charcoal on paper, unsigned, but from an estate sketchbook. Unsold
1052 WALDO PEIRCE (NY/MA/ME, 1884-1970); The Artist and His Family, watercolor and charcoal on paper, unsigned, but from an estate sketchboo Unsold
1053 JOE ANDOE (NY/OK, 1955 - ) - Untitled (Mare and Foal), 1999, oil on linen, signed upper left, Arlene Lapides Gallery of Santa Fe label 7,500
1054 PAINTED STEEL TOY - Structo Toys 1919 Deluxe Convertible Coupe Automobile #12, in rolled steel, red body with black fenders and windscr 275
1055 CHINA CABINET - Custom Hepplewhite-style Two-Part Cabinet, circa 1930, with Kensington Furniture Co of NYC label verso, in mahogany wit Unsold
1056 AREA RUG - 4 X 63 - Kurdish Area Rug with three rows of hexagonal medallions in ivory, burgundy and dark blue on rust-red field, burgun Unsold
1057 EUGENIE M WIREMAN (PA, 1899-1961) - Seven Illustrations for Goldilocks and the Three Bears, graphite and charcoal, some signed or initi 7,500
1058 COLLECTION OF (115) LEAD SOLDIERS - All Pre-WWI, including: (23) Infantry w/ (2) Officers on Horseback, US, Spanish American War; (12) 450
1059 CAST IRON PULL TOY - Oxen Drawn Hay Wagon with removable rack and African-American rider, unmarked, possibly Hubley, 6 1/2 x 12 x 5, go 750
1060 ENGLISH OAK SLANT FRONT DESK - 19th c. Ornate Oak Carved Desk with heavy scroll & foliate decor to fascia, four graduated drawers, pier Unsold
1061 WALDO PEIRCE (NY/ME/MA, 1884-1970); Mike, 31, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right, signed, titled and marked Bangor, Me on reve Unsold
1062 EMILE ALBERT GRUPPE (MA, 1896-1978) - Mending the Nets (Gloucester), oil on canvas, signed lower right, titled verso, in driftwood fram 9,000
1063 CAST IRON MECHANCAL BANK - Always Did Spise a Mule, sold under name Kicking Mule, manufactured by J&E Stevens Co, Cromwell, Connecticut 500
1064 CAST IRON MECHANICAL BANK - Trick Dog, Type I, circa 1888-1900, Hubley Mfg. Co., Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 7 1/2 tall, 8 3/4 x 2 7/8. Go 800
1065 (12) COUNTRY CHAIRS - Pine Plank Seat Grange Chairs with simple turned frames, in original old ochre paint with black striping. Circa 1 400
1066 JAMIE WYETH (PA/ME, 1946 - ) - The Warning, a monumental limited edition giclee print of an attacking seagull, pencil signed lower righ Unsold
1067 TOY BOAT - Miss America by Mengel Playthings, a wind-up speedboat in mahogany with copper fittings and mechanisms, propellor and rudder 350
1068 TIN LITHO TOY - 1927 Marx Armored Truck with clockwork drive, 9 3/4 long. Light corrosion to wheels and chassis, drive is intact, works 100
1069 COLLECTION (8) EARLY TIN TOYS - Including: Two Dayton Tin Hillclimber Four-Seaters, flywheel drive, 10 1/2 long, both poor; Steam Fire 350
1070 PAIR OF PARLOR CHAIRS - English Renaissance Revival Court Style Chairs in oxblood leather upholstery, brass tacking, the carved mahogan Unsold
1071 (16) ORIGINAL PEN & INK ILLUSTRATIONS - Social Satirical Drawings by Francis Gilbert Attwood (MA, 1856-1900), founding illustrator of t Unsold
1072 (3) EARLY TOYS - Big Victory Spring-Loaded Tin Litho Toy Cannon, 12 1/2 long, with operating lever sheared off; PLUS Folk Art Dancing M 100
1073 PAIR OF FRENCH ORMOLU FIGURATIVE CANDELABRUM - 19th c. Gilt Bronze, one with a young boy musician playing a single pipe, the other with 800
1074 ALABASTER SCULPTURE - Young Schoolgirl in Winter Coat and Hat, Wind at Her Back, unsigned, circa 1910. 10 3/4 tall, chip to front edge 300
1076 ALBERT LOREY GROLL (NM/AZ, 1866-1952) - Provincetown Dunes, oil on canvas, signed lower left and verso, with card on back giving locati Unsold
1077 (12) VINTAGE BRASS GAS FIXTURES IN (5) TRAYS - Scrollwork Brackets with matching Smoke Bell Hangers, all cleaned and highly polished, w 400
1078 MAX KRUSE (Germany, 1869-1938); Nenikhkamen, a table bronze on marble base, signed on side, titled on front. 14 tall overall. Missing t 800
1079 JOHN ALEXANDRE JOSEPH FALGUIERE (French, 1831-1900) - Portrait of a Boy, cast bronze on molded jasper plinth, signed on back of left sh 1,300
1080 CONTEMPORARY GAME TABLE - Fine Quality Hepplewhite Style Gaming Table by Maitland-Smith, string inlaid mahogany, figural marquetry drop 500
1081 M. BENNETT; Mother and Daughter with Dog at Beach Gate, circa 1880, signed lower right. In later gold leaf carved frame. OS: 35 x 45. S Unsold
1082 (3 PC) GIRANDOLE SET - 1830s Ornate Gilt Brass Girandole Set, pair of single stem flanking central three stem, the bases depicting babe 275
1083 WICKER ARMCHAIR - Wakefield Label, circa 1875, in dark brown paint, Bar Harbor style, tall back with continuous roll arm, basketweave w 250
1084 DAVID BURLIUK (Ukraine, 1882-1967); Still Life with Vase of Flowers, Teapot and Cup, oil on paper, signed lower right Burliuk, in gold Unsold
1085 WHITE WICKER PORTERS CHAIR - Full Basket Weave Hooded Chair with portholes, circa 1920, with interior armrests and cushion. 18 seat, 67 800
1086 WHITE WICKER CHAISE LOUNGE - Bar Harbor Pattern, circa 1910, with cushions. 19 seat, 26 arms, 39 back. 33 x 68. Good condition, cushion 300
1087 (2 PCS) WHITE WICKER - Fancy Chair and Ladys Desk, decorated with spit curls and beehive beads, the chair with lyre-shaped back, the de 450
1088 (2 PCS) WHITE WICKER - Fancy Settee and Etagere, with spit curl and beadwork decoration; a three-shelf stand with magazine rack at top, 450
1089 ROARING TWENTIES FLOOR LAMP - Dark Walnut Lamp with eight-sided green slag shade having matching walnut frame, gold cloth fringe, set o 550
1090 ELISEE MACLET (French, 1881-1962); Still Life with Pink Roses and Black Eyed Susans, oil on artist board, signed lower right E. Maclet, Unsold
1091 MANOLIS CALLIYANNIS (Greece/France, 1923-2010); Enfant Rouge III, 1961, oil on canvas, signed upper right; signed, titled and dated ver Unsold
1092 PAIR OF BANQUET LAMPS - White Cut to Clear Glass Lamps with gilt pinstriping, gilt brass fittings, two-tiered white marble base. 26 tal 650
1093 PAIR OF LARGE FRENCH VASES - Porcelain Baluster Vases in white, with gilt trim and detailing, polychromed hand painted floral cartouche 200
1094 PAIR OF FRENCH PORCELAIN MANTEL URNS - Porcelaine de Paris Classical Form Urns having hand painted scenes of a young couple with their 350
1095 CUSTOM DINING TABLE - Three-Piece Custom Chinese Chippendale Style Dining Table in mahogany veneer, with round end made up from free-st Unsold
1096 DOUBLE-SHADE STUDENT LAMP - 1920s Vintage Brass Lamp with adjustable height armature, original paddle switched electric sockets, conica 275
1097 PAIR OF ENGLISH PORCELAIN COOLERS - 19th c. Orientalist Coolers in Blue Willow Pattern with gilt edging, having a domed lid with heart 1,200
1098 VU CAO DAM (Viet Nam/France, 1908-2000); Maternite, 1966, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right, titled on brass frame tag, depic 12,000
1099 VU CAO DAM (Viet Nam/France, 1908-2000); Composition, 1969, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right, titled on brass frame tag, dep 9,500
1100 LADYS RING - Platinum Contemporary Design Ring, set with one marquise cut diamond measuring 14.45 x 7.62 x 4.52mm, actual wgt. 2.95 cts Unsold
1101 LADYS RING - Platinum, Oval Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone Ring, centered by an oval sapphire flanked by round diamonds, shoulders se 6,500
1102 POCKET WATCH - Fine Gold Hunting Case Pocket Chronometer with Up and Down Indicator, Chas. Frodsham, ADFmsz, no. 08504, 1895, 18K, Thre 4,250
1103 BRACELET - Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire Link Bracelet, with (7) domed wave form tapered links set with sapphires alternating 3,500
1104 BROOCH - Platinum and Diamond Floral Spray Circle Brooch, c. 1940-50, set with (32) graduating round diamonds centering a diamond-set f 1,300
1105 GENTS WRISTWATCH - Stainless Steel Rolex Oyster Chronograph with 17 Jewels, (3) Registers, Model 6238, sn 866399. 1 1/2 diam. face. Fin 26,000
1106 BRACELET - Ladys Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Bracelet; geometric links are bead and box-set with square, baguette and round cut diamo 7,000
1107 TUXEDO SET - Boxed set of (9) Art Deco Round Platinum, Black Onyx and 14K Yellow Gold Cufflinks, Buttons and Shirt Studs. All with roun 900
1108 TUXEDO SET - (9) Piece Boxed Set of Platinum, Mother-of-Pearl, and 14K Gold Art Deco Cufflinks, Buttons, and Studs. Each set with a cen 550
1109 TUXEDO SET - Boxed Set of (9) Art Deco Platinum, 14K Gold, and Mother-of-Pearl Cufflinks, Buttons, and Studs. Each set with a central p 550
1110 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Art Deco 18K White Gold Hamilton Open Face Dress Pocket Watch, Masterpiece Model, 23 jewels, sn 3002492 In origina 850
1111 GENTS POCKET WATCH - 18K Yellow Gold Vacheron Constantine Open Face Pocket Watch, sn 335406. 1 7/8 diam. Fine condition, monogrammed on 1,100
1112 BROOCH - Edwardian Diamond and Platinum Brooch, rectangular openwork plaque centered by square cut diamond and further set with diamond 650
1113 LADYS WRISTWATCH - Art Deco Ladys Platinum and Diamond Hamilton Wristwatch, black Arabic numerals, tonneau shape case, with single-cut 1,000
1114 BRACELETS - Matched Pair of Ladys Fancy Victorian 18K Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelets, with extensive applied gold beadwork design. From the 2,200
1115 WATCH CHAIN - Art Deco 14K Gold Two Tone Link Watch Chain. 15 long; 11.3 dwt Fine condition. 375
1116 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Hamilton Official US Naval Stainless Steel Pocket Watch in original steel case with protective suspension. Movemen 275
1117 GENTS WRISTWATCH - Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date Wristwatch with tiger eye dial and 18K yellow gold case and bracelet, sn on band 838 Unsold
1118 GENTS WRISTWATCH - Model 5513 Rolex Submariner Wristwatch with stainless steel case and band, circa 1967. Running condition, crystal an 5,500
1119 GENTS WRISTWATCH - Cartier Roadster Automatic Wristwatch with stainless steel case, Roman numerals and black leather strap, #225545CE 2 Unsold
1120 THOMAS MOSER KING SIZE BED - Vita Bed in solid cherry, having arched plank headboard that curves back towards the wall, supported by lo 3,500
1121 ALEX KATZ (NY/ME, 1927 -) - Swamp Maple I, 1970, serigraph on Arches paper, pencil signed lower left and numbered 6/84. This was plate 1,500
1122 LOUISE NEVELSON (Russia/NY/ME, 1899-1988); Tropical Leaves, 1972, lead intaglio relief on white field, pencil signed, dated and numbere 1,900
1123 KIEFF ANTONIO GREDIAGA (Spain/Canada, 1936 - ); Abstract, cast bronze on integral base, signed Kieff and marked 7/9. Buttery yellow pat 1,000
1124 COFFEE & TEA SERVICE - German 800-Silver Deco Design (5) Pc Tea & Coffee Service by Otto Wolter of Schwabish-Gmund, c. 1920-30s, straig 850
1125 MODERNIST SWIVEL ARMCHAIR - The Iconic Egg Chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal Hotel and Air Terminal in Copenhagen, Den 950
1126 SACHA KOLIN; (NY, Paris & Vienna, 1911-1981), A Collection of (15) Modernist Works, all signed, including: (4) Watercolors dated 1975, Unsold
1127 CABOT LYFORD (NH, 1925 - ) - Three Figures, cast aluminum in five parts, set on pins on rough-hewn stone base. Unsigned. Roughly 34 x 1 Unsold
1128 ROY LICHTENSTEIN (NY, 1923-1997); Entablature II, 1976, limited edition 3/30, serigraph and lithograph with gloss copper and mat pink f 3,000
1129 ROGER PRINCE (20th c.) - Three Graces, Cast Bronze in chocolate patination, signed on skirt, 10 tall. Fine condition. 1,000
1130 CENTENNIAL DESK - Ladys Custom Period Slant Front Desk in mahogany with brass gallery rail, deep shell carved front flanked by applied 1,100
1131 (2 PCS) SAILOR FOLK ART - Both early to mid 19th c, including: Balleen Ditty Box with scrimshawn decoration of a three-story Georgian b 300
1132 FIGURAL WEATHERVANE - Early 20th c. Folk Art Hollow Copper Whale Weathervane with later sphere and cast directionals, on rod, the whale Unsold
1133 RICHARD K. LOUD (MA/CT, 1942 - ); Chris-Craft Runabouts, depicting two of the classic motorboats racing along the coast in the mid-thir 4,000
1134 MARINE CLOCK - Seth Thomas Mayflower 3 Ships Clock in nickel plated case, with key. 3 1/2 x 5 1/4 diam. Good condition. 200
1135 EMPIRE CENTER TABLE - Period French Empire Round Mahogany Center Table, overhanging top, ormolu mounts, three column form legs, curved 250
1136 MARINE CLOCK - Seth Thomas Wall Mounted Chromed Case Ships Clock with underhung external bell, mounted on wooden panel with remnants of Unsold
1137 WWII USN BOXED MARINE CHRONOMETER - Hamilton Model 22 Two-day Chronometer Watch, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dated 1943, 2 1/4-in. matte s 1,100
1138 WALL MOUNT SHIPS CLOCK - Seth Thomas Brass Cased Ships Clock with underhung bell, silvered face marked for Chas. C. Hutchinson of Bosto 350
1139 GRIFFIN BAILY COALE (NY/CT/MD, 1890-1950) - The Mayflower, oil on canvas laid to mitered panel, signed lower right and dated 1935. In p Unsold
1140 FRENCH FOLIO STAND - 19th c.Louis XV Style Art Folio Stand in parcel gilt walnut with the leaves having the original gilt radiating can 750
1141 WWII MARINE PELORUS ON BINNACLE - Pelorus No 1, Illuminated Dial, manufactured by the Lionel Corporation, New York. Serial no 2138, iss Unsold
1142 FRAMED STEAMSHIP PRINT - Chromolithograph for use in Shipping Offices, circa 1905-1915: New Haven Steamboat Company, featuring the Rich Unsold
1143 FRAMED STEAMSHIP PRINT - Chromolithograph for use in Shipping Offices, circa 1905-1915: Ocean Steamship Co. of Savannah, depicting Kans 250
1144 FRAMED STEAMSHIP PRINT - Chromolithograph for use in Shipping Offices, circa 1905-1915: International Navigation Company representing t 425
1145 STEEL MEDICAL CABINET - Doctors Office Pharmaceutical Cabinet, circa 1930, in cream paint with two glass doors, glass sides and four ad 275
1146 DECK CHAIR & LAP DESK - Circa 1870s Red Walnut Folding Deck Chair with black leather upholstery, inlaid bone buttons, 12 tall seat, 27 325
1147 WHALING HARPOON - 19th c. Iron Harpoon with sprung barbs, original pine shaft is intact. 14 3/4 long head, 97 1/2 long overall. Good co 300
1148 YACHT CLOCK - Chronometer by Boston Clock Co. with silvered face, housed in heavy solid brass case with canted face and screw-off cover 475
1149 THEODORE VICTOR CARL VALENKAMPH (Sweden/MA, 1868-1924); Barque Underway at Sunset, oil on coarse linen, signed lower right TVC Valenkam 1,400
1150 CYLINDER FRONT DESK WITH BENCH - 20th c. Custom Cylinder Top Louis XIV Style Ladys Desk, having figured exotic veneer panels with ebony 600
1151 MAINE SHIP CARPENTERS TOOL CHEST - 19th c. Heavy Chest in Pine with Walnut trim and interior fittings, the hinged lid with carved and s 500
1152 JAMES HARDY III (UK, 1937- ) - (3) Ship Portraits of American Whalers, all signed lower right, oil on board, in matching mahogany frame 1,200
1153 NAVIGATORS POCKET KIT AND MINIATURE PARALLEL RULER - Shagreen Cased Draftsmen or Navigators Tools by McAllister & Co, Chestnut Street, 325
1154 SHIP ACCOUNTING MARKERS - 19th c. File Markers made from slats of mahogany having handwritten ink labels that read Papers, Ship Seaflow Unsold
1155 PAIR OF WINGCHAIRS - Circa 1920s Chippendale Style Ball & Claw Foot Wingchairs in pink chintz brocade self-corded slipcovers over the o 500
1156 WHALING PRINT WITH PASTEL - South Sea Whale Fishery after William John Huggins (British, 1781-1845), engraved by E. Duncan. Dated 1834. 475
1157 SAILOR-MADE DIORAMA MIRROR - Maine Folk Art Mirror with black painted pine frame having corner blocks with sailors knots, having a dior 450
1158 SHIP PORTRAIT - S.S. Dochra, New York, oil on academy board, circa 1914, when sold to American shippers Barber & Co, unsigned, in oak f 500
1159 BOAT PORTRAIT - Watercolor of Motor Yacht Nathalie, circa 1880, mounted in gold painted porthole frame, possibly from this very boat, u 400
1160 WORK TABLE - Heavy Walnut Work Table, probably from a drygoods store or haberdashery, 20th c., with reeded edge overhanging panel top, 650
1161 SAILORS KNOTBOARD - Late 20th c. Walnut Shadowbox with rope molded frame containing forty examples of nautical ropework, each with labe 425
1162 (3) NAUTICAL IMPLEMENTS - Brass & Rosewood Spyglass by Abraham & Co of Liverpool (marked on first draw), circa 1880, four draw, 11 1/2 550
1163 ENGLISH SEWING BOX - Regency Period, Casket Form, in embossed red leather with gilt brass fittings and lion paw feet, ring handles, hav 650
1164 ENGLISH KEEPSAKE BOX - 19th c. Burl Mahogany Serpentine Sided Fitted Box with casket top having ivy inlay, ebony banding and boxwood st 325
1165 VICTORIAN KNEELER - Gothic Style Kneeler, circa 1850, probably French, in mahogany, having dual demon form crests on each stanchion, go 325
1166 PATTARINO MAJOLICA POTTERY FIGURE - The Holy Family by Prof. Eugenio Pattarino (Italy, 1885-1971), in polychrome, with gilt detailing, 2,500
1167 PATTARINO MAJOLICA POTTERY FIGURINE - Christ the Child Triumphant, by Prof. Eugenio Pattarino (Italy, 1885-1971), in polychrome, with g 550
1168 GERMAN PORCELAIN RELIGIOUS FIGURE - Meissen Blanc de Chine Style Madonna and Child, on integral plinth, circa 1930s, with blue crossed 250
1169 (3) CAPODIMONTE PLAQUES - 19th c. Italian Ceramic Religious Bas Relief, including a pair of stations: The Crucifixion and the Lamentati 1,000
1170 GILT WOOD CRUCIFIX UNDER DOME - Late 19th c. Florentine Carved and Watergilt Crucifix, in full round, on rocky mound, attached to foote 100
1171 BRACELET - Art Deco Platinum and Old European Cut Diamond Line Bracelet, designed with (39) box-set old European cut diamonds in milleg 4,250
1172 CLIP - Platinum, Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Circle Clip, c. 1930-35, with (3) graduating platinum circles set with diamonds 1,800
1173 BRACELET - Art Deco Platinum and Synthetic Sapphire Line Bracelet, designed with channel-set French cut synthetic sapphires, millegrain 600
1174 LADYS RING - Art Deco Platinum and Old European Cut Diamond Ring, with central box mounted stone surrounded by diamonds in domed, pierc 2,100
1175 BRACELET - Platinum, Star Sapphire, and Diamond Link Bracelet, signed SC&L (Shreve, Crump & Lowe, Boston), with (7) star sapphires and 7,000
1176 BRACELET - 14K Gold and Gem Set Bangle Bracelet, India. A serpent motif set throughout with emeralds and seed pearls, hinged, plunger c 1,050
1177 (2) CROSSES - Lot of (2) Antique Crosses, incl. silver cross set with (10) citrines on sterling chain and 18K yellow gold, blue enamel 300
1178 SCARF JABOT - Circa 1930s Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, and Ruby Scarf Pin/Jabot, in the form of a squirrel with arrow. Set with (73) diamo 800
1179 BROOCH - Platinum, DIamond and Pearl Wreath Form Brooch, with three clusters of pearls and set with single and full cut diamonds and (1 1,200
1180 EARLY CROSS - Antique Silver and Enamel Gem Set Cross. Bezel set with garnets, emeralds, rose-cut diamonds and seed pearls on hand engr 550
1181 JEWELRY SUITE - (2) Pc 18K Bi-Color Gold and Diamond Jewelry Suite consisting of a Brooch and Pair of Earrings. Designed with clusters 900
1182 ART DECO COMPACT - Art Deco Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold Compact with scallop shell form thumbpiece with (3) baguette channel se 325
1183 BROOCH - 14K Yellow Gold and Gem-set Scarecrow Brooch, designed with sapphire eyes and a round emerald, ruby and sapphire buttons, all 700
1184 PENDANT - Antique 14K Gold and Old Mine Cut Diamond Cross; a hinged bail suspends seven old mine cut diamonds in buttercup mountings. T 1,100
1185 LADYS RING - Platinum, Star Sapphire, and Diamond Ring, set with a natural oval star sapphire (est. wgt: 4.60 cts) flanked by baguette- 600
1186 BRACELET - 14K Yellow and White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Bangle Bracelet, set with (9) sapphires and (18) diamonds. With chain safety 600
1187 BRACELET - 18K Yellow Gold Brushed Gold Cuff Bracelet. Marked Italy, K18, and C&B. 3/4 wide, inside dimensions: 2 1/8 x 1 3/4; 18.3 dwt 800
1188 BROOCH - 14K Gold and Diamond Bee Form Brooch, body and eyes set with round brilliant cut diamonds in white gold, with textured yellow 1,100
1189 LADYS RING - Retro 14K Rose Gold, Ruby and Diamond Ring in buckle motif with an old European and round diamond, further set with (7) di 750
1190 PIN COLLECTION - (11) Pc Jewelry Collection with (10) Assorted Vintage Gold Stickpins, PLUS a 14K Gold Bar Pin with round green faceted 500
1191 WARMING DISHES - Pair of Assembled 3-Part English Georgian Armorial Warming Dishes, with sterling silver bases and warming bowls, and u 1,600
1192 COLONIAL PERIOD SPOONS - Group of (7) 18th c. American coin silver tablespoons, (6) by Joseph Richardson, Sr. (Philadelphia, 1711-1784) 2,100
1193 WINE UTENSILS - Collection of (4) English Georgian Sterling Silver Wine Utensils, incl. wine coaster, (2) decanter labels, and a toddy Unsold
1194 STERLING FLATWARE - Collection of (20) Pcs of English Georgian Period Sterling Silver Flatware, incl pcs by Richard Crossley, William E 500
1195 INKSTAND - English Georgian Period Sterling Footed Silver Inkstand with (2) silver topped cut crystal inkwells & silver stamp box, Shef 550
1196 LADLE & CASTER - (2) Pieces of English Sterling Silver, including a large ladle in Kings Pattern and sugar caster. Ladle is by silversm 275
1197 BERRY SPOONS - Group of (4) 19th c. Silver Berry Spoons, (2) by Thomas Townsend (Dublin 1811) and (2) by John Le Gallais (St. Helier, J Unsold
1198 SERVING ITEMS - Group of (3) Sterling Silver Serving Items, incl a Victorian English tea caddy by Fordham & Faulkner, Hanau tea straine 450
1199 STERLING INKSTAND - English Victorian Reticulated Sterling Silver Inkstand with Silver Topped Cut Glass Bottles by silversmith Thomas B 250
1200 STERLING UTENSILS - (5) Piece Collection of Georgian Period English and Irish Sterling Silver, including (2) Vinaigrettes, (2) Marrow S 900
1201 RARE SILVER CHARGER - German .800 Silver Charger by Architect and Designer Silversmith Herbert Zeitner (1900-1988), decorated with figu Unsold
1202 NECKLACE - One of a kind custom design Platinum, Pearl and Diamond Necklace with (1) drop pearl and approx. 7.0 cts of diamonds suspend Unsold
1203 BANGLE BRACELET - Finely crafted 18K White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet with (888) blue sapphires weighing approx. 19.93 cts and 6,500
1204 LADYS RING - Designer 18K Yellow Gold, Opal and Diamond Ring signed by designer Tremonti. This rare opal is from Lightening Ridge Austr Unsold
1205 JOHN W. MCCOY (PA/ME, 1910-1989) - Crashing Surf, Maine Coast, oil on canvas, signed lr and dated 1970, in faux barnwood molded frame w 5,000
1206 LIFE-SIZED BRONZE BUST ON PEDESTAL - Charlotte Corday by Jean Baptiste Clesinger, (French, 1814-1883), signed, marked Roma, 1858, F. Ba 6,000
1207 EAR STUDS - 18K White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ear Studs with approx. 4.29 cts of blue sapphires. Replacement value of $15,000.00. 1/ Unsold
1208 LADYS RING - Rare Platinum, Purple Sapphire and Diamond Ring. The natural (no heat) sapphire weighs approx. 4.25 cts and the diamonds w Unsold
1209 EARCLIPS - Vintage Platinum and Diamond Earclips, with round and baguette diamonds. Replacement value of $15,000.00. 1 long, 1/2 wide. Unsold
1210 IMERO GOBBATO (ME, 1923-2010) - Harborside Home, oil on canvas, signed lower right I. Gobbato, in grey painted molded frame, OS: 37 1/4 7,000
1211 ANTONIN MERCIE (French, 1845-1916); David Vainquer, monumental bronze sculpture, signed on integral plinth A+Mercie, a late 20th c. cop 1,500
1212 LADYS RING - Classic design Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Ring. The sapphire with approx. weight of 2.33 cts and the diamonds with app Unsold
1213 EARRINGS - 18K White Gold, Emerald and Diamond Earrings with (2) emeralds with approx. total weight of 2.08 cts and small diamonds with Unsold
1214 BROOCH - 18K Yellow Gold, Ruby and Diamond Bumblebee Form Brooch with approx. 2.0 cts of diamonds and approx. 4.0 cts of square cut rub Unsold
1215 RONALD FRONTIN (Contemporary Maine) - Kathy, gouache, signed ur and dated 93, a bust portrait of a long-haired woman in a pink dress ag 1,000
1216 CLARK FITZ-GERALD (NY/ME, 1917-2004) - Almost, wood sculpture, initialed on base, a life-size portrait of a standing young girl, carved 1,100
1217 BRACELET - 14K Yellow Gold, Black Onyx and Coral Bracelet with Diamonds weighing approx. 1.09 cts, onyx and coral weigh approx. 40.11 c 2,600
1218 BROOCH - Edwardian 18K Gold and Rose Cut Diamond Brooch with black enameling, floral form with (6) diamonds. Replacement value of $2,50 Unsold
1219 EAR STUDS - Platinum, Emerald and Diamond Ear Studs set with (2) emeralds with approx. total weight of 1.55 cts and (20) diamonds with Unsold
1220 JOSEPH BATTAGLIA (NY, 1925-2006); Looking Out on an Italian Piazza, oil on canvas, signed lower left Battaglia, circa late 1940s. In fi Unsold
1221 BILL WORRELL (TX/NM,1936 - ); Soul of the Shaman, patinated bronze wall mount sculpture, signed Worrell at the birds feet, intended for 550
1222 BRACELET - Designer 14K Yellow Gold, Diamond and Crystal Bracelet with (139) diamonds weighing approx. 1.33 cts. Replacement value of $ Unsold
1223 EARRINGS - Custom design 18K White Gold, South Seas Pearl Earrings with Black and White Diamonds. 15 mm pearls. Replacement value of $8 4,500
1224 LADYS RING - Custom design 18K White Gold, Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring. Tourmaline weighs approx. 1.80 cts and the diamonds with Unsold
1225 SILVER BROMIDE PHOTOGRAPH - Multiple Portrait of a Model by Baron Adolph de Meyer (NY, 1868-1946), first official photographer for Vogu 4,750
1226 ROGER PRINCE (20th c.); Three Cubist Figures, cast bronze, lost-wax process, all signed on integral bases, one mounted on wooden plinth 1,100
1227 PENDANT - Old Persian Enamel, Rose Cut Diamonds and Pearl Pendant, teardrop form suspended from a fine link chain. Enamel flower and wa Unsold
1228 BRACELET - Vintage 14K Yellow Gold Bracelet with (13) antique assorted slides on two herringbone chains suspending (1) oval locket. 16. Unsold
1229 EARRINGS - Custom design Platinum and Diamond circular form Earrings. Replacement value of $6000.00. 1/2 diam. Fine condition. 2,500
1230 MICHEL HENRY (France, 1928 - ); Charme du Soir a Cannes, oil on canvas, signed lower left, titled in accompanying folio from Wally Find Unsold
1231 PAINT DECORATED PEDESTAL - Faux Green Marble Painted Wood Display Column with round molded plinth, reverse tapered column with alternat 250
1232 GREEN MARBLE PEDESTAL - Aesthetic Period Four-Part Green Marble Pedestal with Egyptian influence, having an octagonal plinth, tapered r 300
1233 PAIR OF GERMAN PORCELAIN FIGURINES - KPM Mantel Vases in the form of a cherub behind a dog cart, with flower swags on the sides of the Unsold
1234 (12) LIMOGES FISH PLATES & MATCHING PLATTER - Hand Painted Plates, no two the same, with scalloped and fluted edges, four each of pale 350
1235 FRANK L. SPRADLING (IL/NJ/NY, 1888-1972); The Old Barton in Drydock in Rockland, Maine, oil on canvas, signed lower left, titled verso Unsold
1236 CUSTOM SILVER CHEST ON STAND - Late 19th c.Yacht Style Mahogany Chest, lock plate marked Reed & Barton, with deep s-curve lid concealin 750
1237 (12) BURSLEM FISH PLATES - Marked Edwin J.D. Bodley or Gillman, Collamore & Co, 5-8547, with scalloped and fluted ivory and gilt edge, Unsold
1238 SET OF (10) OYSTER PLATES - Six Well Plates with hand painted shell detail and dimensional shell partitions, pastel colored central wel 350
1239 (6) LIMOGES FISH PLATES - Marked Elite, with scalloped and fluted ivory and gilt edge, the same fish on each plate rendered in gold ove 200
1240 CHARLES WOODBURY (MA/ME, 1864-1940); The Chaperone, pencil and watercolor on paper, unsigned, titled with attribution on Vose Galleies Unsold
1241 PAIR OF GERMAN PORCELAIN FIGURAL CANDLESTICKS & MEISSEN SHOE FORM VASE - 19th c. Four-Stem Candelabrum in Baroque style, with blue and Unsold
1242 LIVERPOOL PITCHER - Medium Sized Cider Pitcher with black transfer Courtship and Sailors Departure oval cartouches, circa 1820. 7 1/2 t 100
1243 ART POTTERY VASE - Fulper Long Stem Vase in moss green and butter yellow flambe glaze, with raised mark on the underside. 16 tall. Smal 1,200
1244 BROTHER THOMAS ART POTTERY - Pair of Plates by Brother Thomas Bezanson (1929-2007), Benedictine Monk of the Weston, VT Priory: Hexagona 300
1245 WILLIAM THON (NY/ME, 1906-2000); The Fisherman (or Peggy M), mixed media on paper, signed lower right and with his seal, titled verso o 1,500
1246 (4) FRENCH OLIVE JARS - Four Large Provincial Terra Cotta Olive Jars, 18th-19th c, some with green dripped glaze Mother-In-Law Tears, P 550
1247 (3) OLIVE JARS - Early 20th c. Mediterranean Terra Cotta Jars with handles and lids, with scraffito and/or painted decoration. 21 1/2 t 250
1248 CONTINENTAL SILVER - (2) Pieces of 19th c. Continental Silver, including Danish covered vessel hallmarked for Copenhagen 1831 and a 19t 325
1249 (3) PCS DECORATIVE SILVER - Group of (3) Pieces of Decorative Silver, incl Tiffany & Co. ram figure, Missaglia sterling boat form bowl, 1,100
1250 OIL ON PANEL - The Pirates after the Harpers Weekly engraving appearing in the July 20, 1861 issue, taken from the painting by Francois 1,600
1251 SILVER BOXES - Collection of (5) Hinged Silver Boxes, including (2) snuff boxes, (1) card case, (1) cigarette case, and (1) Georgian st 425
1252 (3) PCS EUROPEAN SILVER - (3) Piece Collection of European Silver, incl Georgian sterling footed cup, Continental 800-silver footed cup 250
1253 (5) PCS CONTINENTAL SILVER - Collection of (5) Pcs of Continental Reticulated and Repousse Silver, consisting of (2) fancy baskets, (1) 750
1254 (8) SERVING PCS - Group of (8) Sterling Silver Serving Pcs, including items by Gorham, James Allan & Co. (Charleston, SC), Alvin, and W 1,200
1255 JOSEPH BATTAGLIA (NY, 1925-2006); The Pieta, oil on masonite, signed upper right Battaglia, with what is purportedly an unfinished self Unsold
1256 JOSEPH BATTAGLIA (NY, 1925-2006); The Judgement of Christ, oil on canvas, signed verso Battaglia and dated 10-1947. In Italian fatigued Unsold
1257 JOSEPH BATTAGLIA (NY, 1925-2006); The Garden of Gethsemane, oil a coarse burlap sugar bag, signed verso Battaglia. In Italian fatigued Unsold
1258 DOLL HOUSE FURNITURE - (9) Pc Collection of 800-Silver Doll House Furniture, incl (4) side chairs, (2) armchairs, (1) settee, (1) table 125
1259 WWI AMERICAN FINANCIER DIARY & PHOTO ALBUM - American Relief Expedition of August 6-17, 1914: Eliot Tuckerman, Esq. as representative o Unsold
1260 LEONARD TSUGUHARA FOUJITA (France/Japan/Switzerland, 1886-1968); Portrait of a Young Boy, drypoint etching with aquatint, pencil signed Unsold
1261 GENTS POCKETWATCH - Rare 18K Gold Case 5 Minute Repeater Pocketwatch, marked Jules Jurgensen Copenhagen on the enamel face. Case marked 6,000
1262 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Circa 1871 N-Size E. Howard & Co. Boston Hunter Case 18K Gold Pocket Watch, case marked HTS & S 18K 12106, movemen 2,200
1263 GENTS POCKETWATCH - 18K Yellow Gold Hunter Case Repeater Chronometer Pocketwatch with stop-watch function. Case stamped JN, back inside 1,900
1264 GENTS POCKETWATCH - 18K Yellow Gold Hunter Case Pocketwatch. Porcelain dial with Roman numerals, sweep second hand, marked LW Zimmerman 1,900
1265 JOE BRAINARD (NY/VT, 1942-1994); Four Watercolor/Gouache on paper, including: Poppies, 1977, Cheese, 1975, Puppy Party, 1972 & Exposure 8,500
1266 POCKET WATCH - 18K yellow gold Jules Jurgenson, Copenhagen, Gents Hunter Case Pocket Watch, sn 11049, in engine turned case. 2 1/8 diam 2,800
1267 LADYS POCKETWATCH - Rare Handmade Hallmarked 18K Yellow Gold Victorian Hunter Case Pocketwatch, multi-colored gold with floral and repo 1,200
1268 GENTS POCKET WATCH - 14K Yellow Gold Elgin 18-Size Hunter Case Pocket Watch with engine turned and floral engraved fancy case. Case is 1,100
1269 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Gold Hunter Case Elgin National Watch Co. Pocket Watch, engine turned case marked B.W.C.& Co. Warranted 14K 359535 1,300
1270 ANDERS ZORN (Sweden, 1860-1920); Dagmar, 1912, etching on paper, pencil signed lower right, titled verso on Frederick & Keppel of NYC l Unsold
1271 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Box Hunter Case Pocket Watch by Elgin National Watch Co., in heavy 14K gold marked Duber case, sn 979201, movement 1,650
1272 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Gold Open Face Pocket Watch by Baume & Company, case marked Warranted 14K US Assay 2264. Movement is marked Baume 950
1273 GENTS POCKET WATCH - 18K Gold Jules Jurgensen Open Face Pocket Watch, in original box; watch has a glass presentation interior cover. C 2,800
1274 LADYS POCKET WATCH - Gold Fancy Hunter Case Elgin Pocket Watch, case has floral and scroll engraving on one side, back cover engraved w 900
1275 (SET OF 4) ENGLISH EQUESTRIAN PRINTS - From Foress National Sports Series, Elephant Folio, London, hand colored engravings after John F Unsold
1276 PEARL NECKLACE - Single Strand of (102) Graduated Cultured Saltwater Pearls, 3.25mm to 7.25mm, with Antique Platinum Clasp set with mar 2,500
1277 NECKLACE - Double Strand Graduated Cultured Pearl Necklace with 14K Yellow Gold, Emerald and Diamond Clasp; (59) pearls in each strand. 1,000
1278 HEADDRESS ORNAMENT - Gold and Jaipur Enamelled Indian Mughal Headdress Centerpiece set with cut diamonds and cabochon emeralds. 2 3/8 x 3,300
1279 EARRINGS - One pair of 18K White Gold, Diamond and Tsavorite Earrings with omega clips with posts, designed as a wide, curved half hoop 1,900
1280 PHILIP RUSSELL GOODWIN (NY/CT, 1881-1935) - Adventures with Rod and Reel, watercolor on paper, signed lower left. In gold ribbed frame, 2,500
1281 LADYS RING - Art Deco Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Ring with cabochon sapphire, (20) old cut diamonds, six buff-top calibré-cut sapphi 1,700
1282 BRACELET - 14K Yellow Gold and Diamond Link Bracelet, composed of (36) round brilliant cut diamonds spaced by gold S form links. Comple 1,400
1283 LADYS RING - Platinum, Opal and Diamond Ring, ca 1915, with oval opal in pierced quatrefoil motif mounting set throughout with full and 1,100
1284 LADYS WRISTWATCH - Edwardian Platinum and Diamond Dress Wristwatch, ca. 1910, with replaced quartz movement and 14K white gold snakeski 600
1285 IRENE BUSZKO (NY, 1947 - ); Brooklyn Rooftops, oil on canvas, signed verso. In mahogany slat frame, OS: 24 3/4 x 33, SS: 24 x 32. Good 1,800
1286 IRENE BUSZKO (NY, 1947 - ); Brooklyn Winter Rooftops, oil on hardboard, unsigned, marked lower left Blizzard, 1/20/78. In mahogany slat 1,400
1287 NECKLACE - Vintage Art Nouveau 18K White & Yellow Gold and Diamond Pendant Form Necklace on fine gold chain. With (7) diamonds. Replace 1,500
1288 EARRINGS - Pair of Vintage Art Deco Platinum, Ruby and Diamond Earrings. Replacement value of $3500.00. 1 long, 1/2 wide. Unsold
1289 LADYS RING - Unique 18K White Gold, Fancy Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond Parrot Form Ring. Retail value of $6000.00. Size 6 1/2. Fine condi 1,500
1290 SAINT LOUIS BLAISSE (Haiti, 1956-1995) - Homestead Scene oil on masonite, signed lr, marked Cap Haitien, marked 70/10/2 & 70/28/5, appe 1,000
1291 OOC - Ecole Mixte, Cap Haitian signed lr Eriaud Louis, depicting schoolchildren on playground outside school, headmaster in military un 550
1292 LADYS RING - Platinum and Diamond Ring, set with a brilliant cut diamond flanked by tapered baguettes. The cast constructed mounting co 1,900
1293 GENTS WRISTWATCH - Stainless Steel Day, Date, Moon Phase and Calendar Wristwatch by Maurice Lacroux, 25 jewels, sn 37757 AF 077667, 50M 1,800
1294 BRACELET - 14K Yellow Gold, Diamonds and Tanzanite Bracelet. Diamonds weigh approx. 2.06 cts and tanzanites weigh approx. 6.54 cts. Rep Unsold
1295 KEN GORE (MA/IL, 1911-1990); Rockport Harbor, oil on canvas, stretched over masonite, signed lower right, titled verso, depicting lobst 700
1296 BROOCH - Vintage 18K Yellow Gold, Pearl and Diamond Ribbon Form Brooch. Replacement value of $3000.00. 1 1/2 long, 1 1/4 wide. Fine con 900
1297 NECKLACE - Strand of Graduated Pearls with Floral Form 14K White Gold and Mine Cut Diamond Clasp, (81) pearls measuring 4mm to 8mm. 18 1,200
1298 BRACELET - Vintage 18K Yellow Gold Handmade Link Bracelet with Hallmarks. 7 1/2 long, 1 1/8 wide; 21.4 dwt. Fine condition. 1,100
1299 BROOCH - Period Art Nouveau 18K gold and blue enamel round portrait brooch, the female subject has a rose cut diamond crown and collar, 450
1300 CHINA CABINET - 19th c. Custom Two-Part Continental Mahogany China Cabinet, the upper stepped-back cabinet with deep flat molded cornic 600
1301 PIERRE LAGRADE (French, 1853-1910) - Young Parents with Child, oil on panel, signed lr, unframed, SS: 13 1/2 x 10, good condition. Unsold
1302 FEDERICO BALLESIO; (Italy, 1852-1943) - The Hornpiper, watercolor, signed lower left, marked Roma, circa 1890, depicting a young boy en Unsold
1303 THOMAS RUSSELL DUNLAY, (MA, 1951 - ); The Bombay Taxi Horn, oil on canvas, signed upper right and dated 73, signed and titled verso, wi 350
1304 (3) BRITISH ORNITHOLOGICAL PRINTS - John Gould (1804-1881) & Henry Constantine Richter (1821-1902) from The Birds of Great Britain, Tay Unsold
1305 ITALIAN SLANT FRONT DESK - 20th c. Italian Serpentine Drop Front Desk with Concave Canted Sides, three drawers below the writing surfac Unsold
1306 MARGARET GLASS (UK, 1950 - ) - Foreshore, Pin Mill, Suffolk, pastel, initialed lower right, titled verso on a Sarah Samuels of Wrexham 600
1307 ALEXANDER A. DZIGURSKI (CA, 1911-1995) - Sunlit Sea, oil on canvas, signed lower right, titled on frame tag, in gold cove frame with li 650
1308 JOSEPH RIMINI (MA, 1920-2000); Gloucester Harbor, oil on canvas, signed lower left Rimini, in gilt Arts & Crafts style frame. OS: 25 x Unsold
1309 RAPHAEL SOYER (NY, 1899-1987) - Self-Portrait by Raphael Soyer, stone lithograph, with color, pencil signed and numbered XIX/XXV. Unfra Unsold
1310 MAINE REPURPOSED TABLE - Tombstone Molded Panel Pine Door, made over into a table utilizing tapered spiral steel rod legs in black, wit 100
1311 ARBIT BLATAS (NY/FR, 1908-1999) - Joe Battaglia at Lowys, ink drawing, signed lower left, titled and signed verso, in hand carved gilt Unsold
1312 JOSEPH BATTAGLIA (NY, 1925 - 2006) - Two paintings: Still Life with Three Eggs & Three Walnuts, both oil on board, both signed, mid 197 550
1313 FRANK W. BENSON (MA, 1862-1951) - Two Etchings, one of five shorebirds in flight, signed lower left; the other of three Canada geese in 425
1314 FRANK PIERCE FRENCH (NY/NH, 1850-1933) after IRVING RAMSEY WILES (NY, 1861-1948), engravers proof on paper, a book illustration of a Ti Unsold
1315 CUSTOM LOWBOY - Mahogany Chippendale Style Lowboy with engraving on back cFL Fecit, MCMXXIV, having overhanging banded edge top, one dr Unsold
1316 WILL BARNET (NY/MA, 1911-2012) - Under the Table, aquatint etching on paper, pencil signed and titled in lower margin, 1942 edition of 500
1317 DESCARTES - Trompe lOeil in mixed media of a plank wall with various bits of ephemera pinned up by a red ribbon, including a 1950 New Y Unsold
1318 DESCARTES - Trompe lOeil in mixed media of a shingle wall with an 1863 Farmers Almanac hanging over tobacco leaves, cigar advertising s Unsold
1319 UNSIGNED BRITISH - Portrait of a Distinguished and Handsome Gentleman, circa 1820, in black coat with white waistcoat and stock, a gold Unsold
1320 LIBRARY TABLE - 20th c. Mahogany Edwardian Style Table by Knudsen Woodworks, having an overhanging top with molded edge on front and si 250
1321 DAVID MORGAN (UK, 1964-) - English Country River with Swans and Cows, oil on artists board, signed lower left, in gold molded cove fram 300
1322 DUNCAN E. SLADE (IL/ME, 1918-2013) - Portland, Maine Street Scene, oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated 1988, in gold molded fra Unsold
1323 WILL ROWLAND DAVIS (MA/ME, 1879-1974); Unhappy Winter Cat, graphite and colored pencil on illustration board, signed verso with his Jam 325
1324 JOHN CALVIN STEVENS (MA/ME, 1855-1940) ATTR; Marsh, Cape Elizabeth) or Marsh near Pond Cove School, 1910, oil on canvas, both titles an 900
1325 PAIR OF REGENCY STYLE TWIN BEDS - Circa 1910 mahogany and banded inlay beds. Flat headboards with molded rails and finials, bowed footb 250
1326 (3) BROOCHES - Collection of (3) Brooches, including (2) 18K yellow gold and baroque pearl pieces and (1) gem-set bar pin. Lot includes Unsold
1327 LADYS RING - 18K Yellow Gold, Sapphire, and Channel Set Diamond Ring, designed with a row of (8) square cut natural sapphires edged by 900
1328 LADYS RING - 18K Yellow Gold and Channel Set Sapphire Band, set across the top with (7) rectangular-cut slightly tapering natural sapph 500
1329 LADYS RING - 18K White Gold and Diamond Five Stone Ring, designed with five round brilliant cut diamonds set in four prong buttercup mo 550
1330 OVERMANTEL MIRROR - 19th c. Water Gilt Framed Three Panel Classical Revival Mirror, arched center, with architectural detailing. acanth Unsold
1331 LADYS RING - 18K Yellow Gold and Channel Set Old European Cut Diamond Band, set across the top with (7) old European cut diamonds joine 475
1332 LADYS RING - 18K Yellow Gold, Emerald, and Diamond Rams Head Ring, in by-pass design set with a total of (6) 2.70 mm emeralds and (6) r 2,000
1333 (5) ANTIQUE FOBS - Lot of (5) Antique Gold Fobs, including a double sided anchor set with a bloodstone and carnelian; amethyst fob; blo 1,200
1334 EARRINGS - 14K Yellow Gold and Pearl Pansy Form Earrings, centering a 7.90 mm near round pearl with pinkish overtones in a matte and po 850
1335 SET OF (6) DINING CHAIRS - Custom Chippendale Ribbon Back Side Chairs in walnut with blue upholstered slip seats, circa 1930s. Good con 250
1336 GENTS WRISTWATCH - 14K Yellow Gold Wristwatch by Croton, 17 Jewels, with cloth band, case marked 69904 and with a J with arrow and 14K 225
1337 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold and Green Enamel Frog Form Ring, composed of bright green guilloche enamel with bezel set ruby eyes. The s 1,000
1338 NECKLACE - Carved Orange Jade Necklace. Composed of a plaque carved in a melon motif joined by carved beads graduating from 11.70 to 14 600
1339 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, centered by (1) round brilliant cut diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds, all prong s 1,800
1340 FRENCH IRON STANDING BABY CRADLE - Mid 19th c. wrought iron and wire work Cradle on separate stand, in remnants of the original robins Unsold
1341 BROOCH - 18K Yellow Gold and Enamel Bird Form Brooch with French hallmark. Replacement value of $2000.00. 1 1/2 wide, 3/4 high. Fine co Unsold
1342 GENTS CUFFLINKS - Vintage French Hallmarked 18K Gold, Ruby and Diamond Cufflinks. 3.3 dwt tot., 1/2 diam. Fine Condition. Unsold
1343 BROOCH - Vintage 18K Yellow Gold, Pearl, Emerald and Diamond Double Duck Form Brooch. 1 3/4 wide, 3/4 high. Fine condition. Unsold
1344 EARRINGS - Pair of Platinum, Oval Sapphire, and Diamond Earrings, designed with flowerhead motif, centered by an oval sapphire set abov 550
1345 CHIPPENDALE STYLE WING CHAIR - Circa 1920 Mahogany Frame with agressively carved ball and claw feet on squat legs, recently reupholster 375
1346 EARRINGS - Pair of 18K White Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings by Sonia B, each set with (16) diamonds, marked 18K, with omega backs. 2 1/ 450
1347 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold and Diamond Cross Band Motif Ring. Size 7; 4.4 dwt. Fine condition. 800
1348 GENTLEMANS ITEMS - (2) Pc Lot Including a 14K Yellow Gold Fob with Watch Chain and a 14K Gold Cigarette Holder in Fitted Box. Watch fob 1,000
1349 JEWELRY SUITE - Sterling Silver Tumbled Bead Bracelet and Earrings Suite; bracelet with (4) aquamarines and (3) purplish red tourmaline 500
1350 DINING CHAIRS - Assembled set of five formal mahogany dining chairs. Set consists of four ca 1900 replica ribbon back sidechairs with w Unsold
1351 GORDON ROBINSON (MA, 1920-1979) - The Broken Fence, watercolor, signed lr, depicting a sprung barbwire fence with a distant farmhouse i Unsold
1352 WILLIAM STAPLES DROWN (RI, 1856-1915) - English Cottage Scene, signed lower left, depicted in spring with figures on road, in Victorian 200
1353 LEO MEISSNER (ME/NY, 1895-1977)OOB - In the Hills, signed lower left, depicting a Maine farm, with multiple labels and backstamps, incl 350
1354 NADEZHDA BRONZOVA, 1988 - Showball, watercolor, with her monogram lr, a precisely rendered fantasy of buildings, vehicles and people ro 250
1355 PARLOR SUITE - Ca 1900, custom mahogany three piece parlor suite consists of two armchairs and settee. Ornately carved open backs with 350
1356 FINE HEYDENRYK FRAME - Fabulous Period Dutch Hand Carved and Water Gilt Matched Corner Impressionist style frame with linen liner, from 275
1357 SET OF (4) HAND COLORED LITHOGRAPHS - ‘Feline Series’ by Joseph Wolf (1820-1899) & J. Smit, published by M & N Hanhart, depicting assor 750
1358 HAND COLORED ENGRAVING - Boston by Charles Mottram (UK, 1807-1876), after John William Hill (NJ/CA, 1812-1879), publ by Smith Brothers, Unsold
1359 THEODORE TIHANSKY (Contemporary Maine); Monhegan Ice House, oil on plywood, signed lower right and dated 05, depicting the derelict bui Unsold
1360 LOLLING CHAIR - 19th c. Mahogany Frame Armchair with leaf carved scrolled arms, shell and scrolled leg having scrolled foot, upholstere 750
1361 EMILY BURLING WAITE (MA/RI, 1887-1980) - Pinkie, oil on canvas, signed upper right, titled on label verso from the 45th Annual Exhibiti Unsold
1362 FRANCIS GARAT (French, 1870 - ) - Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, watercolor on artists board, signed lower right and dated 1890. In gesso 475
1363 LADYS PENDANT WATCH - Elgin 14K Yellow Gold Engraved Hunter Case Watch, with engine turned floral and scroll design with village scene. 400
1364 LADYS PENDANT WATCH - Pendant Watch in 14K Yellow Gold, with fancy engraved floral scroll and scenic case, by Illinois Watch Company, s 400
1365 CUSTOM MANTEL MIRROR - 20th c. Italian Decorators Hand Carved Neo-Classical Style Frame with gold and black finish, in the form of an e Unsold
1366 LADYS POCKET WATCH - Gold Hunter Case Waltham Pocket Watch, in fancy engraved case marked A.W. Co. 14K H6336, movement marked Royal 206 650
1367 LADYS POCKET WATCH - Gold Fancy Engraved Hunter Case Pocket Watch by Elgin, case marked M.K. 18K 627, key wind key set movement marked 600
1368 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Gold Open Face American Waltham Pocket Watch, case marked R & F Warranted 14K US Assay 43109, movement marked 21 J 1,800
1369 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Open Face 14K Yellow Gold Deco Era Pocket Watch by Waltham, case marked Waltham 14K Fine Colonial 386282A, movemen 500
1370 GENTS POCKET WATCH - International Watch Co. 14K Yellow Gold Demi-Hunter Case Stem Wind Lever Set Pocket Watch, with exterior cased Ara 850
1371 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Gold Open Face Waltham Pocket Watch, case marked Warranted 14K US Assay B.W.C. Co. 6200209, movement marked 17 Jew 625
1372 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Open Face Art Deco Dress Watch, 18K yellow gold case with French hallmarks, #3281, movement unmarked as is dial. 2 500
1373 LADYS PENDANT WATCH - 14K Yellow Gold American Waltham & Co. Pendant Watch, dial marked Elvah Skinner & Son Boston, case marked AWC Com 350
1374 GENTS POCKET WATCH - E. Howard & Co. Open Face Pocket Watch, in Keystone watch case made for E. Howard & Co. marked 8132618 Guaranteed 100
1375 CUSTOM CARD TABLE - Paines Furniture Co.of Boston. Sheraton Style Inlaid Gate-Leg Card Table in mahogany with shaped top having cookie 500
1376 LADYS WATCH & CHAIN - 14K Gold Open Face Pendant Watch with leaf engraved case, PLUS Victorian 14K Yellow Gold Watch Slide Chain, with 425
1377 (3) POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (3) Pocket Watches incl pieces by Elgin and Waltham. Including: Elgin Hunter Case porcelain dial with Roman 850
1378 (3) POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (3) Pocket Watches incl examples by Illinois Watch Company and Hamilton. Including: Illinois open face heav 650
1379 (2) POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (2) Pocket Watches in Coin Silver Cases incl American Watch Co. Waltham key wind and Illinois Watch Company 150
1380 VICTORIAN ARMCHAIR - Classical Revival Upholstered Armchair, with red walnut frame having medal and leaf crest, drape pendants, full bu 300
1381 (2) POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (2) Gold Filled Pocket Watches, including Ball and Elgin National Ball open face watch marked Ball Official 325
1382 GENTS POCKET WATCH - E. Howard Watch Company Boston Gold Filled Pocket Watch, white porcelain dial, stem wind, lever set. With white en 150
1383 (2) PAIR & (2) SINGLE SHORT BRONZE CANDLEHOLDERS - Including: Pair of French Gilt Empire Triple Dolphin stemmed, with footed paneled pl 250
1384 (2) PAIR OF MANTEL LIGHTS - French Gilt Bronze Candelabrum, including: Three-Stem Louis-Phillipe Period with symmetrical natural form, Unsold
1385 CHILDS DRESSER - Cottage Dresser with Swivel Mirror in Childs Scale, brown painted pine with overall gold detailing & Good Girl on top 350
1386 PAIR OF INDONESIAN ARCHITECTURAL FRAGMENTS - Large Gilt Wood Winged Clouds that would have flanked the entrance arch to an important bu Unsold
1387 (2) SIGNED VENETIAN MASKS (1 MINIATURE) - Full-Sized Gilt & Miniature Silverleaf Carved Wood Masks by Gianni Cavalier (1932 - ) who wit 400
1388 GREENSTONE SCULPTURE - Nude Torso of a Woman, the shoulders twisted to right from the hips, marked FBL on back, mounted on a walnut bas 250
1389 MUSEUM REPLICA BRONZE - Ombre de la Serra (Shadow of the Evening), from the original 3rd c. BC Etruscan figure in the Guarnacci Etrusca 400
1390 DAVENPORT DESK - American Arts & Crafts Period Ladys Davenport Desk with open gallery, fold-out blue velvet writing surface, long front 250
1391 PATRICK VON KALCKREUTH (Gemany, 1892-1970); White Hulled Sailing Ship on Rough Seas, oil on canvas, signed lower right P.V. Kalckreuth, Unsold
1392 WILLIAM MERRITT CHASE, (NY/CA/IL, 1849-1916) - Self Portrait and Portrait of the Artists Wife; rotogravure prints from the original ink Unsold
1393 OTTARINO CAMPAGNARI (Italy, 1910-1981); Seascape with Rolling Waves, Rocky Shore; oil on canvas, signed lower right O. Campagnari, in h 300
1394 RON GOYETTE (20th c. Maine); Acadia, 1989, oil on masonite, signed lower right R. Goyette, signed, titled and dated verso. In gold mold 1,500
1395 BUTLERS CHEST - Custom Hepplewhite Style Butlers Chest branded Vanersk (Erskine-Danforth Co, New York), ca 1930s, in mahogany with tige 400
1396 ALEXANDER DZIGURSKI (CA, 1911-1995); Sunset, California Coast, oil on canvas, signed lower right A. Dzigurski and with his stamp verso. 850
1397 FREDERICK LEO HUNTER (NY, 1858-1943) - Beached Dover Trawlers, oil on canvas, signed lower right F. Leo Hunter, 1932, in gold banded pa 250
1398 PRIMITIVE MARINE PAINTING - Salvaging a Grounded Ship in the Tropics, oil on canvas, artist unknown, initialed D and dated 81 lower rig 400
1399 LUCY JANE WEBSTER (Contemporary Maine) - Castine, oil on canvas, signed lower right L.J. Webster, titled verso. In walnut frame with li 300
1400 VICTORIAN SLEIGH BED - Figural Mahogany Sleigh Bed with beaded molding, set on casters, 38 tall footboard, 41 headboard, 59 wide, 79 lo Unsold
1401 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring, prong set with round, faceted sapphires weighing approx 1.39 ct. and 1.38 ct. each. Yellow 800
1402 HAT PINS - Lot of (11) 14K and 18K Gold Hat Pins in various designs and sizes, some set with pearl, sapphire, emerald, and ruby; one ha 600
1403 JADE JEWELRY - (2) Pcs of Jade and Yellow Gold Jewelry, including a link bracelet and ladys ring. Bracelet has (5) carved spinach jade 325
1404 LADYS RING - Edwardian 18K White Gold, Diamond and Emerald Ring. Size 4 1/2; 2.3 dwt tw. 1,100
1405 66 DIAMETER ROUND DINING TABLE - Late 19th c. Solid Cherry Table, with molded edge, beaded conforming skirt, ring turned and tapered le 550
1406 LADYS RING - Platinum, Yellow Gold, Old Mine Cut Diamond and Emerald Ring, with antique platinum and diamond flowerhead cluster top and 1,300
1407 NECKLACE - Cultured Pearl Necklace with (61) 9.40mm near round pearls completed by a circular 14K white gold clasp set with three 6.30 425
1408 BROOCH - 14K White Gold, Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl Flower Brooch, set with (5) sapphires, (10) round diamonds, and centered by a sing 300
1409 BRACELET - Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet with 14K Yellow Gold Round Reticulated Clasp with Dragon motif. Bracelet has (72) 6.5mm pearls, 450
1410 STATION MASTERS DESK - 19th c. Slant Top Desk, in stripped and refinished pumpkin pine, with paneled backboard (having the original whi Unsold
1411 LADYS WRISTWATCH - Omega Round Head Wristwatch in 18K Gold, with fine snakeskin band and faceted crystal, movement marked 18 Jewels 485 600
1412 BROOCH & PENDANT - (2) Pc Lot including Victorian Shell Cameo with 14K White Gold Brooch/Pendant, PLUS a 14K Yellow Gold, Round Jadite 200
1413 LADYS WRISTWATCH - 18K Gold Art Deco Era Round Head Wristwatch by Patek Philippe, case marked 251981, movement marked 147987, with blac 1,100
1414 BRACELET - 14K Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet by Tiffany & Co., in original box. 3/8 wide, inside dimension: 2 3/8 across ; 11.8 dwt. Fine c 1,600
1415 MAINE WASHSTAND - Early 19th c. Sheraton Washstand in mahogany with remnants of old shellac, having tall peaked and canted backsplash, Unsold
1416 NECKLACE - 14K Yellow Gold Pearl and Sapphire Pendant on a Box Link Chain. Chain: 32 long, Pendant: 1 x 3/4; 11.4 dwt tw. 750
1417 JENSEN JEWELRY SUITE - (4) Pc Set of Sterling Silver Jewelry by Georg Jensen, including (3) bangle bracelets and matching circular pin. 250
1418 JENSEN BROOCHES - Collection of (4) Sterling Silver Brooches by Georg Jensen. Including: Horse head silhouette, marked X90, 2 3/4 x 1 3 900
1419 JENSEN JEWELRY - (3) Pcs of Sterling Silver Jewelry by Georg Jensen, PLUS sterling bracelet by Nefrom. Jensen pieces include: Ring mark 800
1420 CARD TABLE - 19th c. Mahogany Card Table in mahogany with flip and turn top having molded edge, rounded corners, concave skirt, leaf ca 250
1421 BRACELET - 14K Yellow Gold Clasp Form Bracelet, set with central emerald cut amethyst flanked by (3) diamond melees. 3/8 wide; inside d 600
1422 GENTS WRISTWATCH - Heuer Aquastar Regate Intrepid Wristwatch with stainless steel case and cloth band, sn 402381. Good running conditio 750
1423 NECKLACE - Double Strand Necklace of Cultured Pearls, with (87) 7.50 - 8.00 mm semi-baroque pearls completed by a round engraved white 475
1424 LADYS WRISTWATCH - Art Deco Era 18K Gold Gubelin Wristwatch, 17 jewel movement, sn 159889, has lavender lizard band. 1/2 wide x 1. Good 500
1425 CANTERBURY - 19th c. Mahogany Canterbury with turned stiles having finials, five partitions, single shallow drawer with ebony banded ed 475
1426 LADYS WRISTWATCH - Art Deco Platinum Rectangular Head Wristwatch by C.H. Maylan, set with diamonds and black onyx, retailed by A. Stowe 550
1427 LADYS WRISTWATCH - Gucci Equestrian Style Rectangular Head Cuff-Form Wristwatch with Black Dial, sn 1500, with quartz movement. 2 3/4 b 275
1428 TUXEDO SET - Gents (7) Pc Art Deco 14K Gold, Mother-of-Pearl, and Seed Pearl Dress Set with (6) collar studs and (1) pair of cufflinks. 250
1429 RUSSIAN SILVER - (5) Pieces of Russian Silver, incl (3) religious medals, (1) enameled egg pendant, and (1) enameled opium pipe. Medals 550
1430 WILLIAM & MARY STYLE MIRROR - 19th c. Mirror Frame with ornate five wood floral inlay, later beveled glass and replaced back. 38 x 30 1 Unsold
1431 (2) ENGLISH EQUESTRIAN PRINTS - From Foress Series, London, hand colored engravings after Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894), including: 250
1432 SENEQUE OBIN (Haiti, 1893-1977); Still Life with Fruit, with Sugarcane Surround; oil on masonite, signed lower right, marked Cap Haitia 850
1433 BOSTON SCHOOL - Bust Portrait of a Woman looking over shoulder turned to viewer, unsigned, circa 1920, unframed. 24 x 20. Repaired tear 400
1434 DAVID W. WHITE (ME, 1896-1988) - Neap Tide, oil on hardboard, signed lower right, titled verso. Unframed, mounted on white painted plyw 275
1435 (4) CHAIRS - Assembled Set of (4) Chippendale Mahogany Chairs, 19th c, consisting of 2 Ribbon back, 1 Period and 1 Custom with rush sea Unsold
1436 DAVID W. WHITE (ME, 1896-1988); Street Scene Motif IV, oil on plywood, signed lower right, titled verso, dated 1981 and priced at $150. Unsold
1437 ELIZABETH GOWDY BAKER (NY/MA/OH, 1860-1927); Oval Portrait of Young Miss Helen Prescott of Waltham, Mass. Watercolor on heavy paper, si Unsold
1438 PAIR OF LITHOS ON FABRIC W/ APPLIQUES - Portraits of Young Chinese in San Francisco, the girl by F. Shattuck Doheny; the boy by R. Behr Unsold
1439 JUNE ARNOLD (UK, 1944 - ) - House in Volissos, pastel, signed lr, titled on Sarah Samuels of Wrexham label verso; depicting a sun-bathe Unsold
1440 PEDESTAL - American Gilded Age Plant or Sculpture Pedestal in red walnut, having a square top with clipped corners, shell carved skirts 250
1441 JAMES BARTHOLOMEW (Contemporary British) - Path to the Old Man, watercolor & pastel, signed lower center, titled verso. In oak box fram Unsold
1442 ALEXANDER MINEWSKI (ME, 1917-1979); Monhegan Island, signed Minewski lower right, his NYC address stamp verso. Oil on board, mounted wi 700
1443 ARTIST UNKNOWN - Portrait of Dutch National Militia Officer Mathias Johan Frederik van Tets (1773-1832), identified verso, with provena 250
1444 HOPE SMITH (attrib.) (RI, 1879-1965) - The First Baptist Church in America, Providence, RI, erected in 1775, oil on canvas, in artist p Unsold
1445 WORK STAND - 19th c. Tiger Maple Drop Leaf Stand with two drawers having mushroom knobs, ring and urn turned legs with bowed waist. 29 375
1446 OOC - Still Life with Fruit in Compotes, Decanter, signed F. Hellstrom lower left, in deep cove ebony frame, SS: 16 x 23, OS: 21 x 28, Unsold
1447 AMERICAN NAIVE PAINTING - Portrait of a Young Farm Girl Cuddling a Rabbit in Her Lap, oil on academy board, unsigned, late 19th c. In V 600
1448 PAIR OF ORNITHOLOGICAL PRINTS - Hand Colored Lithographs of Falcons by Joseph Wolf (1820-1889) & H.C. Richter, published by Hullmandel 250
1449 FRANCOIS B. DE BLOIS (MA/CAN, 1829-1913) - Still Life with Fruit and Glass Bowl, oil on canvas, signed (backwards) F.B. De Blois, 1881 200
1450 FEDERAL CANDLE STAND - Four Lobed Oblong Maple Top Table on Birch Base, tapered urn turned column with flat scrolled profile legs on te 250
1451 (4) OIL ON PAPER LANDSCAPES - Three Autumn Coastal Scenes & Winter Country Scene titled Wisconsin en Hiver, all signed Etienne, the fir Unsold
1452 SYDNEY K. HARTMAN (NY, 1863-1929) - Saint Germain-des-Pres, July, 97, Paris, watercolor/gouache on artists board, signed, titled and da 450
1453 FRAMED VINTAGE WALLPAPER PANEL - French Belle Epoch Block Printed Polychrome Wallpaper Panel of a garden urn overflowing with a bounty 350
1454 JOHN A. COOK (MA, 1870-1936) - Gloucester Harbor, watercolor, signed lower left, circa 1890s, in gilt molded frame, laid on mount, glaz Unsold
1455 POLYCHROME CLASSICAL MIRROR - Italian Classical Style Polychrome Framed Mirror with cherub portrait cartouche at top set between scroll Unsold
1456 H. WINTHROP PIERCE (MA, 1850-1935) - The Artists Studio, Boston, watercolor on academy board, signed lower left, in modern silver stick Unsold
1457 ARTHUR COTTER; (20th c. British) - The Picnickers, oil on canvas, signed lower left, titled on stretcher, depicting a Gypsy family in t 600
1458 TOBY ATLAS (attributed to) (Contemporary Cambridge, Mass) - Two Pots, unsigned. Purchased by the consignor from the artist. In oak half 250
1459 SPEED MENEFEE (FL, 1879-1968); Florida Coast on the Gulf of New Mexico, oil on canvas board, unsigned but inscribed verso with title an 275
1460 BED STEPS - Set of Sheraton Period Bed Steps, in mahogany, having tooled leather treads on each of the three risers, set on short turne 550
1461 ALAN MAGEE (ME/PA, 1947-) - Bird Skull, graphite on paper, signed lower right, in silver leaf molded frame, matted and glazed, OS: 18 x 850
1462 MARGARET GLASS (UK, 1950 - ) - Strutting Cockerel, pastel, initialed lower left, titled verso on a Sarah Samuels of Wrexham label. In g Unsold
1463 GEORGE SCHWACHA JR. (NJ, 1908-1986); New England Colonial Church, watercolor on paper, signed lower right Geo. Schwacha. In cream paint Unsold
1464 ROBERT E. SPAULDING (IL, 1903-1996) - Chicago River, 1929, watercolor on paper, signed and titled verso. In mahogany frame, glazed. OS: Unsold
1465 ENGLISH OAK DISPLAY SHELVES - Freestanding Arts & Crafts Two Shelf Display Rack in fumed quarter sawn oak, having shaped, beaded edge b Unsold
1466 HAROLD WINFIELD SCOTT (NY/CT, 1898-1977); On the Run to Brewster, oil on canvas board, signed lower right HW Scott, titled verso, depic 500
1467 UNSIGNED WATERCOLOR - Naive View of Gloucester Harbor, late 19th c, in folk art seashell frame, under glass. OS: 17 x 21, SS: 10 1/2 x 400
1468 KIMBERLEY BONNEY BROWN (cont. Maine) - View from a Bedroom Window, Jewell Farm, gouache, signed lr, titled verso,1995, with label from Unsold
1469 (2) FRAMED EGLOMISE PANELS - Greek Revival Panels featuring woman with pipes and man with lyre, surrounded by roping, with implements o 175
1470 CHIPPENDALE SIDECHAIR - Late 18th c. Chippendale Chair in mahogany with red brocade slip seat, probably Philadelphia area, rams horn pi 800
1471 ORIGINAL DISNEY CELL - Wynken, Blynken & Nod from the 1938 animated film, gouache on acetate applique and background illustration board 1,300
1472 IN THE MANNER OF ADOLPH SCHREYER (France/Germany, 1828-1899) - Arab Horseman, oil on canvas, unsigned, unframed. 20 x 16. Several small Unsold
1473 R. BESSIER (20th c. French) - Paris Street Cafe Scene, signed lower right, oil on canvas. In hand carved gold frame with linen liner. O 300
1474 UNSIGNED - Floral Still Life of Cut Pink and Yellow Zinnias on a taupe field, oil on canvas, circa 1900, in original gilt gesso frame w Unsold
1475 CHILDRENS CHAIR - Aesthetic Movement Period Chair, ca 1880s, with four column and arch back, leaf carved and spiral ribboned stiles, ta 100
1476 LEANDER LEITNER (OH/DE/NY, 1873-) - Impressionist Autumn Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower left L. Leitner. In silver molded frame Unsold
1477 MARY H. HULL - Portrait of a Young Girl in White Dress in Garden, watercolor on paper, signed lower left, circa 1910. In gold molded st Unsold
1478 ANGEL BOTELLO (Puerto Rico/Haiti/Spain, 1913-1986); Girl with Starfish, linocut, pencil signed lower right Botello, numbered lower left 650
1479 OOC - View of Manhattan with Brooklyn Bridge Arching Overhead, signed H. Dunne lr and dated 48, in gold molded frame, SS: 9 5/8 x 13 3/ 225
1480 PAIR OF ITALIAN CHAIRS -Two Early 20th c. Carved Walnut Folding Savonarola Chairs, with shell crest and relief carving on back, trapped 325
1481 LEON LOUIS MAHELIN; (19th c. French), Alpine River Town, signed in plate lr, hand colored etching, in gold molded and painted panel fra Unsold
1482 BEN SHAHN (NY, 1898-1969) - Plate from For the Sake of a Single Verse, color stone lithograph, published by Atelier Mourlot, 1968, an e 275
1483 CHARLES BLONDIN (20th c. France) - The Madeleine, Paris, oil on canvas, signed lower right, titled on stretcher, in gold gesso frame, O 650
1484 SYDNEY K. HARTMAN (NY, 1863-1929) - Swan in City Park, watercolor/gouache on paper, signed lower right and dated 27. In gold stick fram 250
1485 ITALIAN DRESSING TABLE - Mid-20th c. Florentine Wood Ladys Dressing Table in typical gold and cream decoration, with scraffito surface, 250
1486 (9) MARITIME PRINTS BY IMPORTANT AMERICAN ARTISTS - All etchings unless noted, in various stick frames, matted and glazed, including: ( Unsold
1487 GRAPHITE DRAWING - Copy of Madonna of the Chair by Raphael (1483-1520), dated lower right 14 about 1819 and illegibly Gescheiden Bonbar Unsold
1488 (5) PERSIAN PAINTINGS - 19th c. Portraits of Horsemen, oil on bone, all signed by the same artist, four horizontal & one vertical forma 650
1489 COLONIAL INDIAN STATUE PLINTH - 19th c. Copper Plinth featuring a repeating band of the Great God Ganesh in high relief, palm leaf and Unsold
1490 HISTORICAL LIBRARY CHAIR - Yellow Pine Chair with Heads of American Poets Longfellow and Whittier as finials, leaf and blossom carved b 275
1491 PAIR OF SILVER PLATE CANDELABRUM - Five Stem Georgian Style Candelabrum marked by E.G. Webster & Son, Brooklyn, NY, circa 1900. With we Unsold
1492 PAISLEY TABLECLOTH - 54 x 126 (excluding fringe) - Late 19th c. Anglo-Indian Machine-Made Cotton Tablecloth on crimson ground, made up 2,000
1493 PAISLEY CLOTH - 60 x 102 - Late 19th c. Machine-made Paisley Piano Scarf or Tablecloth with mint green center. Probably English. Good c 300
1494 BRITISH SAMPLER - Fine Needlework Sampler by Elizabeth Thompson, Flintham (Nottinghamshire, East Midlands), Aged 12 years, 1840, with d 700
1495 SHAKER ROCKER #6 - 19th century, with four arched slats and shawl bar, 6 stamped on the back of the top slat, curved arm rest topped wi 300
1496 CRAZY QUILT - 58 x 75 - Dated 1883 Patchwork Quilt in silk, velvet and brocade, with silk brocade backing, having painted and stitchwor 275
1497 COVERLET - 87 x 100 - Very fine four-color Coverlet in red, blue and green two panel wool, signed in corner Made by C. Yordy, Willow St Unsold
1498 19TH C QUILT - 66 x 76 - Applique Album Summer Quilt in red and green with floral embroidered center, signed by girls from the Cowell f 1,100
1499 (2) FRAMED STEVENOGRAPH RIBBONS - Thomas Stevens (1828-1888), woven pictorial #169 Are You Ready, depicting the 15 March, 1883 win of O 150
1500 FRENCH POLE SCREEN - French Green Painted and Grisaille Decorated Pole Firescreen, mid 19th c, in Louis XV style, having a spadefoot tr Unsold