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Results for Sale 329, 2015 WINTER FEATURE AUCTION.

Generated at 8:19:44 AM on Sunday, December 15, 2019.  Prices are exclusive of Buyer's Premium and may be subject to change.  Prices are shown in US Dollars.

Lot Description Price
1 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - 19th c Maine Native Carved Figural Birch Root Club, featuring an eagles head, with some bark remaining, most of the handle chip-carved. Includes custom stand. 26 long. Good condition. This club ... 2,100
2 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - 19th c Maine Native Carved Figural Birch Root Club, featuring a wolfs head, having brass tack eyes, with root texture remaining, most of the handle chip-carved, bark left at bottom. 28 long. Goo... 1,900
3 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - 19th c Maine Native Carved Figural Birch Root Club, featuring a snake head in full round between spikes and four shallow relief carved spirit faces in the bark at collar, most of the handle chip-c... 1,600
4 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - 19th c Maine Native Carved Figural Birch Root Club, featuring two wolf spirit heads in full round between spikes and pitch daubing having later added green paint, most of the handle chip-carved, s... 1,700
5 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - 19th c Maine Native Carved Figural Birch Root Club, featuring three spirit heads with brass tack eyes, between spikes, in nearly full round, with reference to a bull, a wolf and a goat, most of th... 3,250
6 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - 19th c Maine Native Carved Figural Birch Root Club, featuring a wolf spirit head with painted eyes and nose, spikes as ears, in nearly full round, pitch daubed root ball, most of the handle chip-c... 2,000
7 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - 19th c Maine Native Carved Figural Birch Root Club, featuring a fox spirit head with carved eyes surrounded by red paint, red painted teeth, spikes as ears, in full round, most of the handle chip-... 2,100
8 PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB - Circa 1900 Maine Native Carved Polychromed Figural Birch Root Club, featuring a screaming head with carved and painted eyes, red painted root spikes, most of the handle chip-carved into a black pa... 200
9 NATIVE AMERICAN CLUB/STAFF - 19th c Story Telling Staff, Wabanaki tradition, carved from alder root, having an eagle head top from one root, a crown with star in relief cut bark at the top of the shaft, bark symbols o... 800
10 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Bird Decorated Olla by Juanita Pino, Zia Pueblo, New Mexico, circa 1940, signed on underside. 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 diam, a few small rim flakes. 2,200
11 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Acoma Decorated Terra Cotta Olla, circa 1920, with blossom, eye and cross theme, 8 3/4 x 9 1/8 diam, good condition. 2,750
12 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Zia Decorated Terra Cotta Olla, circa 1880, with bird and berry theme, 10 x 9 diam, a few rim flakes. 3,250
13 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Acoma Decorated Terra Cotta Olla, circa 1900, with steppe and lightning theme, 7 1/2 x 10 diam, good condition. 1,500
14 (8 PCS) SMALL PUEBLO POTTERY - All early terra cotta, unknown origin, some possibly Hopi or San Juan, including: Human Effigy Figure (billiken) 8 1/2 x 5 1/4 diam, repaired, missing one bit on back and nose; PLUS De... Unsold
15 (2 PCS) BLACK ON BLACK PUEBLO POTTERY - Both Santa Clara, NM, including: Serpent Jar by Lela and Van Gutierrez, with original paper label, 5 3/4 x 4 1/2 diam, light scuffs; PLUS Butte Decorated Olla by Juanita and T... 300
16 (2 PCS) BLACK ON BLACK PUEBLO POTTERY - Both Santa Clara, NM, including: 4 1/2 dish in thunderbird pattern by Margaret Naranjo, good condition; PLUS 5 5/8 dish in lizard pattern by Frances M. Chavarria, some scratch... Unsold
17 SMALL ANASAZI POTTERY PITCHER - Cylindrical Form Pitcher with stepped in tall neck, sinuous strap handle, geometric decoration, 6 3/4 tall. Professionally reassembled. 200
18 (2 PCS) BLACK ON BLACK PUEBLO POTTERY - Both Santa Clara, NM, including: 4 1/4 bowl in butte pattern by Margaret Naranjo, light scuffs; PLUS 4 1/2 bowl in wave pattern by Frances Salazar, some scratches. Both are si... 250
19 (2 PCS) BLACK ON BLACK PUEBLO POTTERY - Miniature Bowls, including: 2 1/2 feather pattern by Dora Gonzales, San Idelfonso, NM, good condition; PLUS 2 7/8 butte pattern by Carmel Romero, Santa Clara, NM, some scuffs.... 200
20 CASAS GRANDES POTTERY - Bird Effigy Bowl with three bands of tri-color decoration, 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 diam. Chip and crack at back rim. 250
21 CASAS GRANDES POTTERY - Seated Man Effigy Bowl with lightning decoration on back, the man holds a hand to one cheek, 7 x 6 1/2 diam. Good condition. From a Michigan museum. 400
22 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mississippi Culture, 800-1400 AD, terra cotta pouring vessel with spout forming body of mother bird who is feeding her chicks, 5 3/4 tall, 5 3/4 diam. Good condition. 600
23 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mississippi Culture, 800-1400 AD, blackware pot with frog effigy forming handle, 4 tall, 7 1/2 x 6. Good condition. 275
24 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mississippi Culture, 800-1400 AD, terra cotta pot with coiled snake, 4 tall, 6 diam. Good condition. 275
25 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mississippi Culture, 800-1400 AD, terra cotta bird form pot, with tail and head, indication of wings, 4 1/2 tall, 9 1/2 x 6. Good condition, missing beak tip. 200
26 (4 PCS) PUEBLO POTTERY - Hopi, all early 20th c, including: Redware Seed Bowl with black decoration, 2 1/4 x 6 diam; PLUS Jar, Bowl and Small Saucer in red and brown decoration, 4 x 3 3/4 diam, 3 x 4 1/2 diam & ... 300
27 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY BOWL - Pueblo Decorated Bowl pencil signed Zia (Pueblo), Martina G. Pino, price of $1.00, circa 1930, remnant of shop label, 3 1/2 x 9 1/4 diam, good condition. 1,000
28 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY OLLA - 19th c Pueblo Olla, with black paint decoration, re-assembled, unmarked. 6 x 6 1/2 diam, extra bits in bag inside. 100
29 (5 PCS) BLACK ON BLACK PUEBLO POTTERY - All unmarked miniatures. probably Santa Clara, NM, including: Four Bowls, various patterns, 1 1/4 to 2 1/4, good condition; PLUS a Salamander, 2 3/4 long, repaired tail. Unsold
30 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY BOWL - Early Anasazi decorated redware bowl, reassembled, 3 1/2 x 8 1/4 diam, one piece missing, chipped rim, paint loss. 250
31 HOPEWELL CULTURE BOWL - Grey Clay Bowl with remnants of paint decoration, firing marks, Middle Woodlands, probably Ohio River valley, 100 BC - 300 AD, 3 x 6 1/2 diam, good condition. 350
32 ZUNI POTTERY BOWL - Small Shallow Bowl with four blossom interior, three bent cross exterior, late 19th c. 1 1/2 x 4 3/4 diam, edge flakes. 100
33 PUEBLO POTTERY - Santo Domingo Double Spout Jug with central strap handle, Mew Mexico, circa 1920, floral decoration, 8 tall, 9 diam, restored. 100
34 PUEBLO POTTERY - 19th c Zuni Decorated Bowl, New Mexico, 2 1/2 x 6 3/4 diam, good condition. 275
35 (4 PCS) PUEBLO POTTERY - Maricopa, all 20th c, including Large Bowl decorated with frogs and snakes, signed Mary Juan, 4 1/4 x 6 3/4 diam, repaired; PLUS Small Bowl with arrow decoration, stamped Hot Springs, Ark... 100
36 PUEBLO POTTERY - 19th c Acoma Olla with bird figures, New Mexico, 3 1/4 tall, 4 diam, good condition. 275
37 (2 PCS) PUEBLO POTTERY - Blackware Double Gourd Form Vessel, along with a Smoke Blackened Bottle with a red stripe, both probably San Idelfonso, 5 x 8 x 3 1/2 and 6 1/4 x 4 1/2 diam, spout from one end of first i... Unsold
38 ZUNI POTTERY FIGURE - Standing Owl in painted terra cotta by Zuni potter Nelle Bieu, mid 20th c, 3 1/2 tall, minor soiling. 125
39 NAVAJO RUG - 1890s Vintage Blanket Rug in red, dark brown, oatmeal, orange and ivory, with three stepped diamond medallions, bent crosses and a lightning border, 4-5 x 6-11, minor fading and wear. 1,500
40 NAVAJO RUG - 1890s Vintage Blanket Rug in red, black and ivory, with six stepped diamond medallions and a greek key border, 4-8 x 7-2, mnor fading and wear. 1,300
41 RIO GRANDE BLANKET - Soft Fringed Banded Blanket in two-tone tan and black horizontal stripes with red highlights, central black cartouche has polychrome fleches, 41 x 76 excluding fringe, minor moth losses. 700
42 NAVAJO RUG -Pictorial Rug circa 1890, with central tree holding birds, birds in flight and feathers surrounding, on a red field with brown ends, 34 1/2 x 47, worn. 1,700
43 RIO GRANDE BLANKET - Saddle Blanket in blue-grey and black over ivory with red pips, red and yellow fleches, lobed center medallion, 65 x 33, worn. 400
44 GERMANTOWN RUG & MAT - Rug with grey field, circa 1900, having three ranks of alternating red and ivory lighting with dark grey edging, the borders in dark grey and red dagging, 36 x 60; PLUS Small Eye Dazzler Mat w... 275
45 RIO GRANDE SERAPE RUG - Crystal Pattern featuring birds, in ivory, brown and blue with red highlights, 53 x 81, minor staining and fading, otherwise good condition. 350
46 NAVAJO RUG - 1960s Vegetable Dyed Chinle Pattern Rug in earth tones of grey, ivory ochre and burnt sienna, 61 x 80, a few minor stains, otherwise very good condition. 350
47 NAVAJO BLANKET - Chinle Style, wide ruins pattern, in earth tones of dark brown, medium brown, oatmeal, and ochre with wine bands and fleches, marked as being woven by Peggy Lynch (b. 1945, Navajo/Diné, Arizona), 36 ... 250
48 RIO GRANDE SERAPE RUG - Chimayo Pattern, circa 1925, featuring central, in ivory, dark brown and blue with red highlights, 5-10 x 6-8, single quarter-sized hole, minor fading, otherwise good condition. 500
49 NATIVE AMERICAN TEXTILE - 19th c Loomed Woolen LAssumption Sash, Metis peoples, Quebec, Canada, in red with green stripes and white figures, edging, fringed ends. 4 x 78, excluding fringe. Good condition. 150
50 NAVAJO RUG - Small Mat in geometric oatmeal, red-brown and black on ivory, 1920s vintage, 25 x 21, good condition. 200
51 NAVAJO RUG - Very Fine Homespun / Wide Ruins Blanket, circa 1900, with sand colored field, black, red and pale blue stripes and fleches, 4 9 x 2 10. minor edge loss, old repair to one end. 2,250
52 HURON CHEROOT CASE - Birch Bark Slip Case with moosehair decoration over black stroud cloth, circa 1850, the flowers representing herbs used in native medicines. 6 x 3 x 1 1/8. Minor wear and losses. This was exhib... 550
53 HURON CARD CASE - Birch Bark Slipcase with moosehair decoration of love birds and flowers, circa 1850, 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 5/8, minor losses. This was exhibited at the Hudson Museum, University of Maine, Orono. 375
54 HURON CHEROOT CASE - Birch Bark Slip Case with moosehair decoration over black stroud cloth, circa 1850, the flowers representing herbs used in native medicines. 5 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 5/8. Minor wear and losses. This was... 600
55 HURON CHEROOT CASE - Birch Bark Slip Case with moosehair decoration of pairs of figures, trees, bird in bush and tipi, circa 1840. 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 7/8. Professsionally restored top and bottom, crack to one side. Th... 500
56 HURON CHEROOT CASE - Birch Bark Slip Case with moosehair decoration, circa 1840, the flowers representing herbs used in native medicines. 4 7/8 x 2 5/8 x 3/4. Minor wear and losses. This was exhibited at the Hudson... 650
57 (3) GREAT LAKES QUILL BOXES - Canadian Birch Bark Boxes with floral white and red quill decoration, including: Round Box with lift-off lid, 2 1/8 x 4 3/4, marked in pencil on underside Isle of Macco, Mashaha Lakes,... 300
58 MICMAC QUILLWORK PURSE - Circa 1840 Birch Bark Reticule in flat ovoid form with overall porcupine quillwork decoration, orange, green and white, hinged top, remnants of ribbon strap stitiched to sides. 6 1/2 x 7 x 4... 700
59 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Late 19th c Quill over Birch Bark Dometop Box in rectangular form with lift-off lid, geometric top, dyed spruce root front and back to lid, , chevron sides, pine interior sides and bottom, 5 1/4... 600
60 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Late 19th c Large Quill over Birch Bark Box in round form with lift-off lid, geometric top, chevron sides, pine bottom, 4 3/4 x 7 3/4 diam, top of lid separating from sides of lid, losses to q... 425
61 HURON CARD CASE - Birch Bark Slipcase with moosehair decoration of flowers, circa 1850, 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 5/8, minor losses. This was exhibited at the Hudson Museum, University of Maine, Orono. 275
62 HURON CARD CASE - Birch Bark Slipcase with moosehair decoration of flowers, circa 1850, 3 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 3/4, minor losses. This was exhibited at the Hudson Museum, University of Maine, Orono. Unsold
63 HURON CARD CASE - Birch Bark Slip Case with moosehair decoration over red stroud cloth, circa 1850, the flowers representing herbs used in native medicines. 4 1/8 x 3 x 5/8. Minor wear and losses. This was exhibite... 450
64 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Mid 19th c Quill over Birch Bark Box in round form with lift-off lid, white geometric top, chevron sides, pine bottom, 4 x 6 1/4 diam, top of lid separating from sides of lid, losses to quilli... 300
65 HURON CARD CASE - Birch Bark Slipcase with moosehair decoration of four different panels of flowers, circa 1840, 3 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 3/4, minor losses. This was exhibited at the Hudson Museum, University of Maine, Orono. 475
66 HURON MINIATURE BOX AND EYEGLASS CASE - Birch Bark Slipcases with moosehair decoration of flowers, circa 1850, 1 5/8 x 1 3/4 x 2 7/8 oval & 4 x 1 1/2 x 3/4 lozenge, losses and stitch repairs to edges. Unsold
67 HURON MINIATURE BOX AND TRAY - Birch Bark Hinged Top Oblong Box & Deep Tray with convex sides, the first having moosehair decoration of birds, trees, dogs, a tipi, seberal men smoking pipes, the second with just flowe... 275
68 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Late 19th c Quill over Birch Bark Box in rectangular form with lift-off lid, roped row top, fully covered dyed spruce root three-tiered sides with white diamond insets, pine interior sides and b... 200
69 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Late 19th c Quill over Birch Bark Box in round form with lift-off lid, geometric top, dyed spruce root edge to lid with white inset diamonds, half chevron sides, pine bottom, 3 1/2 x 5 1/4 dia... 325
70 CHIPPEWA QUILLWORK BOX - Dome-Top Birch Bark Box with lift-off lid, overall polychrome floral decoration, geometric border. Circa 1900. 3 3/4 x 6 1/4 x 4 3/4. Minor losses. 275
71 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Late 19th c Quill over Birch Bark Dometop Box in rectangular form with lift-off lid, chevron top and sides, pine interior sides and bottom, faint pencil inscription on underside, 3 1/4 x 6 1/2... 425
72 OTTOWA MINIATURE CREEL - Birch Bark with blue and red quillwork decoration, circa 1900, 2 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/4, loss to quills. 200
73 MICMAC HANDFAN - Birch Bark Fan with red and white quillwork depicting a spirit mask on one side and Christian cross on the other, 19th c, 12 3/4 x 6 5/8. Loss to bottom edge, quillwork. Scarce in any condition. 125
74 HURON HANDKERCHIEF CASE - Circa 1900 Case having birch bark base and four-part lid, the uppers with floral moosehair decoration, mounted on pleated silk sides, roughly 8 x * x 3, faded, cracked, silk is poor. Scarc... 150
75 GREAT LAKES QUILLWORK BOX - Birch Bark Box in squared oval form with lift-off lid having white and yellow floral decoration around a five point star, fully quilled sides, envelope inside with mineral samples from Obsi... 150
76 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Circa 1865 Oval Birchbark and Bentwood Box fully covered in geometric polychrome quillwork, patchwork domed top, chevron sides, 3 1/4 x 3 x 6 1/2. top of lid has separated from sides of lid, ... 150
77 MICMAC QUILLWORK CIGAR CASE - Oval Case in overall quill, birch bark body, wooden base, old paper label on underside inked Capt Sutton, Grosspoint, 1865, from Sherman, from Capt Allen, 17 Reg.4 1/2 x 2 x 2 1/2. S... 325
78 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Circa 1880 Quill over Birchbark Box in squared oval form with lift-off lid, chevron top, fully covered dyed spruce root three-tiered sides with white diamond insets, pine bottom, 3 1/4 x 6 3/4... 175
79 MICMAC QUILLWORK BOX - Late 19th c Quill over Birch Bark Box in oval form with lift-off lid, geometric top, dyed spruce root edge to lid with white inset diamonds, chevron sides, pine bottom, 3 x 6 1/2 x 4, losses ... 175
80 NATIVE AMERICAN CREEL - Obijay Incise Decorated Birch Bark Creel, with separate lid, leather thong handle, circa 1920, found in Maine. 10 1/2 x 13 x 9. Lid is cupped, otherwise very good condition. 350
81 SET OF (6) GRADUATED BIRCH BARK HANGING BASKETS - Late 19th c, probably Penobscot, found in maine, each basket reinforced with bent willow, lashed with leather, hung from leather thong, 36 long overall, 5 to 4 diam. 250
82 PASSAMAQUODDY BIRCH BARK BOX - Circa 1900 Oblong Box attributed to Tomah Joseph with lift-off lid (missing top), having bent willow reinforcement at rim, decorated with three owls, three men carrying canoes, three men... 650
83 PENOBSCOT MINIATURE CREEL - Early 20th c Birch Bark Creel with Cover, decorated with animals and trees, having leather thong strap. 3 3/4 x 4 x 3 3/4. Good condition. 350
84 PENOBSCOT BIRCH BARK BOX - Circa 1840 Cylindrical Box with lift-off lid, having bent willow reinforcement at rim, geometric decoration, 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 diam, minor edge losses. 325
85 NATIVE AMERICAN STONE FETISH - Anthropomorphic bird form, pierced for cord, Northeastern United States, circa 800-1000 AD, in green porphyry, 4 1/4 long, very good condition. 500
86 NATIVE AMERICAN STONE FETISH - Anthropomorphic Pop-eyed bird form, with raised fan tail, pierced for cord, Northeastern United States, circa 800-1000 AD, in brown porphyry, 3 1/2 long, very good condition. 500
87 NATIVE AMERICAN STONE FETISH - Anthropomorphic Pop-eyed bird form, with raised tail, pierced for cord, Northeastern United States, circa 800-1000 AD, in black porphyry, 3 3/4 long, very good condition. 550
88 STONE BIRD PIPE - Mississippi Mound Building Culture, circa 800-1000 AD, in banded slate, with the bowl on the birds back, 5 1/2 long, good condition. 550
89 NATIVE AMERICAN STONE PIPE - Trowel Form Stone Pipe with incised decoration, the variegated stone with a slight sparkle, Washington County, Virginia, circa 1000 AD. 6 long, repaired bowl. Paper tag gives location and... Unsold
90 NATIVE AMERICAN STONE PIPE - Long Nose Anthropomorphic, Mississippi Mound Building Culture, circa 800-1000 AD, in brown slate, 4 1/4 long, very good condition. 500
91 NATIVE AMERICAN STONE PIPE - Bird Anthropomorphic, Mississippi Mound Building Culture, circa 800-1000 AD, in brown slate, 3 3/4 long, very good condition. 450
92 LARGE NATIVE AMERICAN STONE PIPE - Anthropomorphic Parrot form, with incised wings and tail, drilled eyes, feet on underside, Northeastern United States, circa 800-1000 AD, in brown porphyry, 7 1/4 long, scuffs and s... 950
93 LARGE STONE FIGURAL PIPE - Black Stone Eagle and Snake Pipe, with incised decoration, integral base, Central Mexico, 5 x 11 x 3 1/2, repaired back edge to base. 400
94 PAWNEE STONE PIPE - Red Catlinite Pipe carved with Bald Eagle on back of a turtle, crossing a tree trunk log, the remainder of the stem carrying a bear, a buffalo and a tribal Chief, the vertical pipe bowl set nearly ... 1,200
95 (4) NATIVE AMERICAN PIPE FRAGMENTS - Including: Red Catlinite Bowl & Stem, 4 & 6 long; Grey Catlinite Bowl, 4 long & Black Clay Pipe in one crude piece, 4 1/2 long. Generally good condition. 100
96 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - Early 19th c Iroquois Maple Cane carved with a human head handle having one remaining inset bead eye and a full-length body below, featuring a feathered cape, the tapered and varnished ... 950
97 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - Mid 19th c Iroquois Maple Storytelling Cane carved with a Biblical narrative within a spiraling serpent. The tapered and varnished shaft is fully and elaborately relief carved, Adam &... 1,300
98 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Alder Cane with brass toe, having handle in form of a deers head, 35 1/2 long, worn, nice age and use patina. Displayed at the Hudson Museum, U of M, Orono, in the 2003 exhibit... 750
99 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Hickory Cane in remnants of black enamel paint, with handle in form of human head having open mouth, brass tack hair and collar, 31 long, worn, portion gone form lower back of h... 275
100 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Iroquois Maple Cane carved with a human head handle having tack eyes and remnants of white and green paint, the tapered and varnished shaft ending in a brass ferrule, with two sn... 700
101 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Hickory Penobscot Cane, for a southpaw, having a t-handle carved with a bear head at front and an eagle head at back, an underhung flower blossom as a fingerstop, a turtle on the... 750
102 NATIVE AMERICAN FETISH STICK - Woodland Indian Crane Head Dance Stick carved from one branch, with polychrome paint, segments of un-stripped bark, 22 long, 11 wide head, good condition. 425
103 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Alderwood Cane, with handle in form of deer spirit head with tack eyes, 39 long, worn, some bark missing from shaft, nice age and use patina. Displayed at the Hudson Museum, U o... 250
104 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Applewood Cane, with handle in form of a bear spirit head, with a human face behind, both having inset faceted glass bead eyes, 35 3/4 long, worn, nice age and use patina. Displ... 275
105 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Alderwood Cane carved with a snakes head, rings of feathers and beads, initialed HCB, dated 1829, and with the glyph of a pine tree, found in Maine. 30 3/4 long. Nice age a... 225
106 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Hickory Cane carved with a horse head handle, human, goat and dog heads carved where branches met main stalk, stripped of bark and with scorched decoration, varnished. Found in M... 350
107 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - Mid 20th c Micmac Alderwood Cane, carved in an open double-helix, a tribute to a master carver, with the smaller strand being quite flexible as it is attached only at top and bottm, the... 200
108 PANAMANIAN RIDING CROP - Circa 1905 simple T-handled cane carved with smiling human head having a fez cap, with painted teeth. Old paper tag reads Price $2.00. English riding crop of a rare hard wood guayaba prieto... Unsold
109 FRANCO-AMERICAN WALKING STICK - Late 19th to early 20th c Maple Cane, the handle carved as a mans head with beard and having a tasseled cap set at a jaunty angle, collar and tie, featuring a sturdy spiraling snake ca... 150
110 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Applewood Cane, with handle in form of animal spirit head, 38 long, worn, missing one horn, nice age and use patina. Displayed at the Hudson Museum, U of M, Orono, in the 2003 e... 150
111 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Natural Form Sapling Cane, carved with date of 1883, having a handle in form of a pigs head with wire nose ring, 38 long, worn, nice age and use patina. Displayed at the Hudson... 250
112 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Ash Cane, probably Northwestern, with handle in form of horse and bear spirit heads, having inliad glass bead eyes with rough gold settings and with mother of pearl panels on top... 125
113 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Thornwood Sapling Cane, with handle in form of a horses head, 33 1/2 long, having wire nail eyes with old silver glitter, cartouche of a turtle in the unstripped bark of the sh... 250
114 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Applewood Cane, with handle in form of animal spirit head, 36 1/2 long, worn, missing one ear, nice age and use patina. Displayed at the Hudson Museum, U of M, Orono, in the 200... 100
115 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Alderwood Cane carved with a human head handle from the root ball, bark remaining on crooked shaft, found in Maine. 35 long. Nice age and use patina. Displayed at the 2003 Hudso... 550
116 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Alderwood Cane carved with a horses head in white paint, having brass tack eyes, the tapered shaft painted black, probably Iroquois. 38 1/2 long. Nice age and use patina, some ... Unsold
117 NATIVE AMERICAN WALKING STICK - 19th c Applewood Cane in casein whitewash, carved with a beautifully simplified dogs head handle, the tapered shaft featuring alternating large and small chip carved checkering, separa... 225
118 COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL 19TH C NATIVE AMERICAN / FORT SILL PHOTOGRAPHS - (10) Original Mounted Silver Bromide or Albumen Cabinet Photos, taken circa 1870-1895 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma of Apache and Arapaho tribal members... 500
119 CHARLES BIRD KING (DC/RI, 1785-1862); Five Native American Portraits from History of the Indian Tribes of North America, hand colored lithographs printed and colored at J.T. Bowens Lithographic Establishment, Phila... 600
120 LIFETIME COLLECTION OF BOOKS ON NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE - (9) Boxes, approx (220) titles, about half hardbound, including many coffee table, some more academic, many general education, a few early govern... 700
121 NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTING - Gouache of Chief on Horseback by Julian (Pocano) Martinez (NM, 1897-1943), signed lower right, in black stick frame, under glass, 12 x 14 3/4, good condition. 600
122 ALBUM OF NATIVE AMERICAN POSTCARDS & PHOTOS - Views of Colorado Lands and Tribes, including: (10) Real Photo Post Cards published by the Garden of the Gods Trading Co, circa 1925, portraits of Pueblo Indians in tradit... 250
123 SENECA BEADED POUCH - Circa 1875 Fine Quality Six-Sided Pouch with birds, butterfly and spirit figures over red stroud cloth, having green ribbon edging, original black silk neck and drawstring intact, green silk line... 2,800
124 SENECA BEADED POUCH - 1840 or earlier, with scalloped edge, central polychrome blossoms and ferns over black silk velvet, gold, blue and red banded edge with white striping, microbeads, pale green silk edge and gusset... 800
125 LENAPE WOMENS MOCCASINS - Circa 1850, Delaware, in buckskin with sky and cobalt blue leaf form over pink bead panel top, fold down cuff in black velvet with pale orange silk ribbon edge having tiny blue bead edge, pi... 250
126 SIOUX BEADED PIPE BAG - Late 19th c Deerhide Bag with white field beaded panel having blue, green, red and yellow spirit symbols, swag and tassel below, striped edging. Roughly 19 x 8, stiff, missing bottom fringe. 600
127 MICMAC BEADED BAG - 19th c, featuring a horse and vines over red stroud cloth, snakeplant back, single flap, green silk sides, polished cotton lining, cotton cord strap. 4 x 4 1/4. Very good condition. 700
128 SENECA BEADED MOCCASINS - Wedding Moccasins, circa 1850, in brain tanned buckskin with crimson velvet panels having sky blue silk trim and ties, with white beaded edge, clear bead raised blossoms with yellow tips, rou... 950
129 LENAPE CHILDRENS MOCCASINS - Pair of Beaded Moccasins, Delaware, circa 1860, in buckskin, with blue and red bead top panel, the folded down cuff in remnants of red silk above blue-green cotton, having blue beaded swa... 900
130 NATIVE AMERICAN WISK - Sioux Fly Wisk, circa 1860, having a painted hide handle, turkey feather fan and twisted leather thong chord with two glass beads, 21 long, one feather gone. 275
131 SIOUX BEADED KNIFE SHEATH - Late 19th c Deerskin Knife Sheath with red and white beaded face, having sky blue edge and parti-colored fleches, blue and red beaded cord has four red horsehair and tin dangles, 15 long o... 550
132 SENECA BEADED CAP - Glengarry Hat in red stroud cloth with raised clear beaded floral decoration, red grosgrain ribbon tail, circa 1860, roughly 3 1/2 x 10 x 5, fine condition. 375
133 IROQUOIS BEADED CAP - Glengarry Hat in brown velvet with parti-colored raised beaded floral decoration, red ribbon binding, circa 1870, roughly 3 x 9 x 5, signs of use, beadwork intact. 600
134 OJIBWAY BAG - 19th c Beaded Bandolier Bag with green purple and red vine design over tan field, fully beaded, red stroud cloth binding, having a red-striped white cotton chintz backing, 42 x 16, as found, some bead ... 500
135 (4 PCS) MICMAC BEADWORK - All early 20th c, including: Pouch Purse in purple silk decorated with a bird and flowering bush on each side, fringed top with gold glass ring handle, 10 3/4 x 8; PLUS Pouch Purse in brown... 300
136 LAKOTA PIPE BAG - 19th c Beaded Deerhide Bag with fully beaded band of crosses, field of spirit figures, rolled edge and cord, remnants of quilled fringe. Roughly 24 long overall. Losses to leather and beads. 750
137 CREE BEADED WALL POCKET - Fine Beaded Deerskin Two Pocket Wall Hanger, the back inscribed in calligraphy James Percey Dare, From his esteemed Friend Wm Barry Pha. 6 3/4 x 3, minor bead loss. 250
138 SENECA BEADED POUCH - Circa 1860 Fine Quality Six-Sided Single Flap Pouch with eight-sided beaded star, clover on flap, silk binding and cord, cotton lining, 5 x 6 1/2, good condition. 500
139 IROQUOIS BEADWORK - Centennial Era Wall Pocket in red wool with beadwork of American Flags and Eagle, swags and loop fringe, 9 x 9 x 3, good condition. 1,100
140 PAIR OF SIOUX CHILDRENS MOCCASINS - Circa 1890, deer hide uppers, sky blue and gold beadwork with pink verticals, buffalo hide soles, 8 long, good condition, signs of wear. 700
141 (2 PCS) APACHE BEADWORK - 19th c Buckskin Wallet with three fleches and Deerskin Panel with four spirit figures, 4 1/2 x 8 & 6 x 6 1/2, good condition. Unsold
142 (4 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK - All 19th c, including: Pair of Sioux Gauntlets in horse hide with deerskin repairs, 6 x 8 1/2; PLUS Sioux Belt, on deerskin base, in two-tone blue, 1 1/4 x 24 1/4; PLUS Apache Qu... 150
143 (2) LAKOTA BEADED SASHES - Early 20th c Loom Woven Beadwork, the smaller is cloth-backed with buckskin fringe, both with geometric decoration, 2 3/4 x 32 & 1 1/4 x 20, excluding fringe, minor losses 250
144 MICMAC BEADED POUCH - Circa 1870 Round Bottom with Fine Polychrome Beadwork of Flowers over brown velvet, white silk binding, calico binding to single flap, parti-color loop fringe, cotton lining, 5 x 5 1/2, loss to... 200
145 SENECA BEADED POUCH - Mid 19th c, Axe-Head Form, with sparse polychrome leaf and blossom decoration on dark brown velvet, white bead border, a few copper spangles, with red cloth binding, white cotton lining, fine cot... 275
146 SENECA BEADED POUCH - 19th c Double-Flap Beaded Pouch in elongated octagonal form with three-sided flaps, both sides having the parti-color raised beadwork flowers over a brown velvet body, red cotton twill binding, g... 250
147 SENECA BEADED POUCH - 19th c Double-Flap Beaded Pouch in elongated ovoid form with three-sided flaps, both sides having the parti-color raised beadwork flowers over a brown velvet body, tiny copper disc spangles, red ... Unsold
148 IROQUOIS BEADED POUCH - 19th c Double-Flap Beaded Pouch in axe-head form with rounded flaps, both sides having the parti-color raised beadwork flowers over a brown velvet body, red cotton binding, remnants of blue cot... Unsold
149 (3) SENECA/IROQUOIS BEADED BAGS - All circa 1900, including: Seneca Two-Flap Bag with triple lobed bottom, black velvet with single blossoms, blue & white rays, red cotton binding, 4 x 4 1/2; PLUS Irouquois Double S... 250
150 MICMAC BEADED POUCH - Circa 1890 Fine Quality, six-sided, single fold-over flap, with polychrome spirit figures beaded over brown stroud cloth, with remnants of red silk binding, pink polished cotton lining, 5 x 4 1/... 300
151 MALISEET BEADED POUCH - Mid 19th c Two Sided Polychrome Floral Pouch with open top, rounded shape with upper waist, faux flaps in beadwork, dark blue stroud cloth field, brown velevt edging, white cotton lining, 6 1/2... 800
152 (5) SENECA PIN CUSHIONS - Beadwork Pincushions of various form, size and decoration, all circa 1870, including: 3 1/2 round with blue, yellow and white blossom over red cotton and green silk edge; PLUS 1 3/4 round w... Unsold
153 (2 PAIR) MOHAWK CHILDRENS MOCCASINS - Both in Deer Hide, with typical floral beadwork over black cloth, the cuffs with red binding, roughly 5 1/2 & 6 1/2 long, wear to both, vamp of one off but present. 400
154 IROQUOIS BEADED POUCH - 19th c Six-Sided and Double Flapped Bag with polychrome floral beadwork on both sides, over brown velvet, silk binding, polished cotton lining, 6 x 5, losses to bead edging. 250
155 MICMAC BEADED POUCH - Circa 1910, rounded bottom, single fold-over flap, with polychrome spirit figures beaded over yellow stroud cloth, blue cotton binding, pink polished cotton lining, 3 7/8 x 4 1/2, good condition. 275
156 MICMAC BEADED POUCH - Circa 1910, rounded bottom, single fold-over flap, with polychrome spirit figures beaded over red stroud cloth, blue cotton binding, red & blue polished cotton lining, 3 7/8 x 4 3/8, loss to lo... 300
157 IROQUOIS BEADED POUCH - 19th c Double-Flap Beaded Pouch in elongated ovoid form with rounded flaps, both sides having the parti-color raised beadwork flowers over a brown velvet body, red cotton twill binding, remnant... 100
158 PAIR OF CHEYENNE WOMENS MOCCASINS - Circa 1900, buckskin uppers, sky blue beadwork with pink, gold and red steppes, buffalo hide soles, 10 long, good condition, signs of wear. 375
159 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED HIDE POUCHES - Including: Green, red and white striped small long bag, early 20th c, from Illinois, 3 1/2 x 8 1/2, good condition; PLUS Large Round Bottom Bag with scalloped top edge, part... 175
160 (2) SENECA BEADED POUCHES - Both 19th c, double-sided, the first with rounded bottom and double flaps, in brown velvet, parti-colored floral beadwork, purple binding, 4 1/4 x 4 1/4, minor wear; the second is six-sid... 100
161 CREE BEADED WALL POCKET - Circa 1880, in black velvet with two pockets, orange cotton binding, beaded floral decoration, 13 1/2 x 5 1/2, some wear. Unsold
162 APACHE POUCH - 19th c Apache Deerskin Pouch with green and red beaded edge, red quill wrapped cords having tin dangles with orange feathers, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2, some losses, staining. 250
163 APACHE BASKET - Large Deep Grain Tray in typical coil built willow and martynia, having four branches of geometric decoration from a central disc, late 19th c, roughly 5 1/2 x 18, old repairs. 700
164 MAIDU BASKET - Deep Cooking Bowl in coil built willow with red bud, three-rod construction, with repeating six-pointed star pattern, 19th c, northern Sacramento valley, roughly 7 x 12 1/2, good condition. 550
165 APACHE BASKET - Large Wedding Bowl in typical coil built willow, martynia and yucca, having two dagged lines of black separated by a band of red, herringbone rim, circa 1900, roughly 4 1/4 x 16 1/2, minor losses, re... 200
166 (2) MINIATURE PIMA BASKETS - Both early 20th c, in coil built willow and martynia, including: a conical bowl with Greek Key, roughly 1 3/4 x 3 5/8 diam; PLUS a tapered bowl with bent cross decoration, 2 5/8 x 5,... 150
167 (2) MINIATURE PIMA BASKETS - Both late 19th c, in coil built willow and martynia, conical bowls, one with female human figures, 2 1/8 x 4; the other with lizard spirit figures, 1 3/4 x 3 7/8, both in good condition. 350
168 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Tlingit Round Tapered Basket with brown and orange geometric decoration. Purchased in 1915. 5 x 6 1/2 diam, stitched split to side. 375
169 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Tlingit Cylindrical Basket with polychrome ranks of geometric decoration. Late 19th c. 9 1/4 x 6 diam, repaired splits to sides. Unsold
170 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Tlingit Cylindrical Basket with polychrome ranks of geometric decoration. Late 19th c. 7 3/4 x 8 diam, one split to top edge, slightly distorted. 400
171 PIMA BASKET - Medium Deep Grain Tray in typical coil built willow and martynia, having five flanges of geometric Greek Key decoration from a central disc, roped rim, circa 1910, roughly 3 3/4 x 13 1/2, good condition 425
172 (2) NOOTKA GIFT BASKETS - Finely Woven Lidded Baskets in spruce wood and cedar bark, circa 1900, including: Pink Ducks and Stripes, 3 X 4 1/2 diam; PLUS Particolor Ducks and Stripes, central medallion, 2 3/4 x 4 1/... 250
173 PIMA BASKET - Large Bowl in typical coil built willow and martynia, having Greek Key geometric decoration and herringbone edge, late 19th c, roughly 4 3/4 x 14 1/2. Good condition. 350
174 APACHE BASKET - Late 19th c Medium Tray in typical coil built willow and martynia, four leaf pattern with human and horse figures, roughly 2 1/4 x 10 1/4, stained from use. 650
175 MINIATURE PIMA BASKET - Late 19th c, in coil built willow and martynia, conical oval form, with alternating male and female human figures, 2 1/8 x 6 x 4, good condition. Unsold
176 (2) NOOTKA BASKETS - Early 19th c Twined Grass Baskets, Vancouver Island, Canada, including: Downward Points, 4 1/4 x 7 diam, losses to top edge; PLUS Horizontal Bands, 3 3/4 x 6 1/2, good condition. 100
177 LARGE PENOBSCOT BASKET - Cylindrical Lidded Hatbox in blue, black and natural banded ash splints in wide and narrow widths, with a single handle on the side, 13 x 14 diam, good condition, a bit faded. 350
178 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Small Tlingit Round Lidded Box with rattle top, brown and orange geometric decoration. Circa 1900. 3 x 4 diam, split at one edge of lid, one crack at side, faded color. 250
179 MISSION BASKET - Deep Bowl in coil built willow with dark spiral most apparent on the exterior, early 20th c, roughly 4 3/4 x 13, good condition. 275
180 HUPA BASKET - Referred to as a jewel or gift basket. Materials are died brachen fern root, maiden hair fern stem & bear grass. The Hupa are a lower Klamath peoples SE of Eureka, CA. The decorative trangles are refer... 325
181 SENECA MINIATURE BASKET - Very well made early 20th c, Allegheny Iroquois, two-handled open basket, round to square form, in ash splint, bent oak, natural finsh with green accent at top rim and bottom edge. 2 1/2 x 5... 225
182 MINIATURE MAkAH BASKET - Neah Bay, Washington, late 19th c, Round Box in finely woven grass with red orange and black decoration, star on top, fitted lid, cloth lined interior, 2 1/8 x 3 5/8 diam, faded, wear to lin... 200
183 (2) HOPI WILLOW TRAYS - Circa 1900 Shallow Round Trays with Thunderbird decoration, one in orange with black edge, the other in black with X center, both 14 1/2 diam, good condition, faded. 150
184 (5) MAINE NATIVE AMERICAN SMALL BASKETS - All circa 1900, including: Penobscot Berry Basket, ash splint, round to square with a green band, 4 1/4 x 7 1/2 diam, old repairs, soiling; PLUS Passamaquoddy ROund Bowl in ... 100
185 TACONIC GATHERING BASKET - Ash Splint and Bent Oak Round Basket with swing bale handle illegibly marked in paint, attaached by long-stem eyelets in hand fashioned oak, circa 1890. 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 diam. Good conditio... 300
186 APACHE BASKET - Medium Deep Grain Tray in typical coil built willow and martynia, having six branches of spiraling diamonds radiating from a central disc, late 19th c, roughly 3 1/2 x 13 1/4, stained from use. 325
187 PIMA BASKET - Early 20th c Medium Tray in typical coil built willow and martynia, Greek Key pattern, roughly 2 x 11 3/4, good condition. 325
188 TAGHKANIC BASKET - Miniature Melon Basket in splint oak and willow, early 20th c, 4 3/4 x 5 1/2 x 5, nice nutty color, good condition. 275
189 NOOTKA MINIATURE LIDDED BASKET - Late 19th c Round Box in finely woven grass with interior fitted lid having knop, dark blue, purple and green striped decoration, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 diam, faded, otherwise good condition. Unsold
190 MAINE NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - 19th c Splint Ash Open Basket, round to square with bent oak handles, 4 1/2 x 8 diam, good condition. 100
191 (3 PCS) MOHAWK IROQUOIS BEADWORK - Wall Pocket Match Holder dated 1903, 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 excluding loop fringe; PLUS Picture Frame containing the original tintype of a Native American couple, possibly on honeymoon, in ... 300
192 (2) IROQUOIS BEADED BOXES - Both circa 1900, in tan cotton over chipboard, with hinged lids, one with rounded bottom is marked Box on lid and back, Goodby on front, in white, green, yellow, orange and blue; the ot... 275
193 (2) IROQUOIS BEADED SOUVENIR CANOES - The first, marked Saratoga, 1902, has a pink fabric base, purple, pink and clear beadwork with gold spangles, looped fringe, 9 1/2 long, losses to fringe; the second is marked ... 100
194 LARGE IROQUOIS BEADED BAG - Circa 1900 Rigid Bag, Six-Sided Chinese Lantern Form, having pink silk exterior, bird and blossom decoration, looped beaded fringe, gold cotton interior, 7 1/2 tall, excluding fringe, very... 450
195 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED BAGS - Including: Mohawk, pink cotton with clear bead trim, handle, two mythical lake creatures on one side, captioned dog and deer on the other, 7 x 7 1/2, excluding loop fringe, minor we... 650
196 (4) IROQUOIS BEADED BIRDS - New Years Doves, all circa 1900-1910, in sawdust filled cottton twill, only one marked 1901 (in yellow beads), one in blue, one in white and one parti-colored, 5 to 7 1/2 long, minor los... 225
197 (3) IROQUOIS BEADED BIRDS - New Years Doves, in sawdust filled cottton twill, the two larger dated 1899 (yellow) & 1900 (green), the smaller unmarked (white), 4 3/4 to 8 long, minor bead loss, faded. 150
198 (2) IROQUOIS BEADED BIRDS - New Years Doves, in sawdust filled cottton twill, dated 1905 (green) & 1906 (white), 8 long, no bead loss, faded. 100
199 (2) IROQUOIS BEADED BIRDS - New Years Doves, in sawdust filled cottton twill, the larger dated 1901 (green), the smaller 1907 (yellow & green), 6 to 8 long, no bead loss, faded. 400
200 (2) IROQUOIS BEADED BIRDS - New Years Doves, in sawdust filled cottton twill, one dated 1901 (green beads on yellow), the other 1902 (white beads on pink), 9 & 8 long, minor bead loss, faded. 225
201 SENECA BEADED WATCH POCKET - Circa 1890, in red stroud cloth with clear and white raised beadwork, in a box with old label that reads Indian Bead Work Brought form Niagara? or Centenial (sic) Fair?, 8 x 4. Fine co... 250
202 (5 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN BEAD & NEEDLEWORK - All late 19th to early 20th c, including: Huron Pouch Purse in dark green velvet with pink floral beadwork, silk lined, 7 x 6 3/4; PLUS Cree Pouch in overall fine beadwork... 275
203 CREE BEADWORK POUCH - Tapered Ovoid Strike-a-Light Bag in black stroud cloth, with edge binding, to carry flint, having green, yellow, blue, pink and white blossom and leaf forms, twisted hide cord. Circa 1890. 6 x... 750
204 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED WALL POCKET - White Beadwork on tan velvet, circa 1900, probably Seneca, with red ribbon bow at top, beaded cross, initial H, flowers and looped edge, 7 1/2 x 4 3/4, good condition. 100
205 (2 PAIR & 1 SINGLE) IROQUOIS BEADED TOKENS - Including: Pair of Tall Boots in pink cotton with clear and red beads, to commemorate a shared trip, 3 tall; PLUS Two Hearts in pink cotton with clear and parti-colored be... Unsold
206 (5 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN LOOM BEADWORK - All early 20th c, including: Polychrome Floral Wall Hanging with five pendant silk fringed panels, suspended from batten with (damaged) strap, 5 1/2 x 17, excluding strap & fr... 325
207 NATIVE AMERICAN DOLL - Carved Wood Doll with human hair, possibly a fetish, probably Penobscot, found in Maine. 11 tall. Good condition. 850
208 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN DOLLS - Primitive Carved Pine Figures meant to represent a male and a female, probably Plains Indian, 7 tall each, nice age and use patina. 425
209 SAGINAW-CHIPPEWA CARVING - Rainbow Trout by Smokey Joe Jackson, circa 1960, (died 1993), Michigan, 23 long, repair to back fin. 500
210 SIOUX FETISH CARVING - Ceremonial Figure in carved wood with red paint and string, representing a male figure doing a ghost dance, marked on the bottom Columbia Museum, Columbia College, Dubuque, Iowa. 10 tall. Goo... 400
211 NORTHWEST TRIBES CEREMONIAL KNIFE - Blubber Knife from a whales rib, having incised decoration of fish, salamander and centipede, macrame end with hanging loop, 19th c, possibly Yupik. 13 long, one bit of edge missing. 300
212 NATIVE AMERICAN INSTRUMENT - Musical Rasp, Huron, with crying crane at end, six-tooth rasp, polychrome paint, 12 long, good condition. 275
213 (3) NATIVE AMERICAN WOODEN UTENSILS - All late 19th c. including: Iroquois Ladle, 10 1/4 long; PLUS Plains Loom Shuttle with incised sun and arrow, 16 1/4 long; PLUS Sioux Stirrer with punched decoration, 22 long, ... 225
214 PENOBSCOT KNIFE - Crooked Knife, user-made with crude steel blade, chip-carved wooden handle, blade set with wrapped copper wire. Early 20th c. 8 3/4 long overall. Nice age and use patina. 200
215 (3) MINIATURE NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS - All early 20th c, including: Micmac Open Round Basket in seagrass and splint, with curli-cue edge, 1 3/4 x 4 diam, faded; PLUS Passamaquoddy Round with domed cover, finely wov... 100
216 (3) PENOBSCOT HAND FANS - Basketry Fans in various weaves, one red, one green and one natural, one has a wrist loop, one has a gold ribbon bow, all are circa 1900. All are roughy 13 tall with a 9 1/2 diam top. Good ... 100
217 MINIATURE PASSAMAQUODDY BOX - Covered Round Box in sweet grass and splint, with curly edge at top and bottom, friction fit lid with ring over chamois lining, 1 1/4 x 1 7/8 diam, very good condition. 100
218 (3) ABANEKI VEGETABLE BASKETS - Indian Corn Form, with typical porcupine curls, stained in variegated colors, having leaf topped lids, roughly 15 x 2 1/2 diam each, good condition, faded. 450
219 (2) PASSAMAQUODDY RATTLE BASKETS - Square Childrens Rattles with hoop handles, including: Late 19th c ash splint with oak handle, finely woven sides, 3 7/8 x 2 3/4 x 2 7/8, good condition; PLUS Ealry 20th c broad a... 100
220 (2) PENOBSCOT MINIATURE BASKETS - Both early 20th c, in finely woven ash splint, including: Oblong Laundry Basket with two handles, green stripes, 2 x 5 1/2 x 4 1/2; PLUS Very Finely Woven Deep Basket with rigid ho... 150
221 MICMAC SEWING BASKET - Circa 1910 Covered Basket with internal pocket, in red, white and blue, with overall curli-cue decoration, the lid with centered rigid loop handle and four drop rings on sides, matching drop rin... 250
222 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS - Both circa 1900, in sweetgrass and ash splint, including: Penobscot Large Low Round Covered Thread Storage, in pink checkerboard pattern, with roped grass handle having knotted ends, 2 1/... Unsold
223 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN SMALL YARN SKEIN BASKETS - Both circa 1890-1900, including: Abenaki Acorn Form with central aperture, in faded green ash splint with seagrass edging, double loop tabs, 4 3/4 x 4 1/2 diam; PLUS Pe... 100
224 (2 PCS) PASSAMAQUODDY BASKETRY - Both circa 1910-20, in splint ash and sweetgrass, including: Snowshoe Form Wall Pocket with red wool tufts, the shoe strung with twine, the pocket in red splint curls, green grass over... 125
225 (2) SOFT WOVEN BASKETS -Twined Polychrome Baskets, probably Central American, roughly 7 x 7 diam & 6 x 5 diam, good condition. 100
226 PENOBSCOT MINIATURE COVERED BASKET & PAIR OF NAPKIN RINGS - Circa 1910 Sweet Grass & Splint Lidded Basket with red lid ring and edge, bottom edge, finely woven, 2 1/4 x 2 1/2 diam; PLUS Pair of Sweet Grass Napkin Ri... Unsold
227 PENOBSCOT MINIATURE LIDDED BASKET - Splint and Seagrass Basket with fancy curls, in green, pink and orange, ring on lid, 2 1/4 x 3 5/8 diam. Good condition, faded. 250
228 PASSAMAQUODDY BASKET - Blueberry Form Basket by Theresa Neptune Gardner (1935-2004), Sipayik, Pleasant Point, Perry, Maine, decorated with porcupine curls, 3 tall, 3 diam, faded. Includes original card. 150
229 PASSAMAQUODDY FRUIT BASKET - Strawberry Form, with typical porcupine curls, stained red, having leaf edged lid and long hanging loop, 4 1/2 x 4 1/4 diam, good condition, faded. 150
230 PASSAMAQUODDY FRUIT BASKET - Strawberry Form, by Clara Neptune Keezer, Sipayik, Pleasant Point, Perry, Maine, signed on bottom, having typical porcupine curls, stained red, with leaf topped lid and short hanging loop,... 200
231 ABENAKI FRUIT BASKET - Strawberry Form, with typical porcupine curls, stained red, having leaf edged lid and long hanging loop, 2 x 3 diam, good condition, faded. Old handwritten tag reads Algonquin family, Abnaki ... 70
232 PASSAMAQUODDY FRUIT BASKET - Pineapple Form, by Clara Neptune Keezer, Sipayik, Pleasant Point, Perry, Maine, signed on edge of lid, having typical porcupine curls, stained yellow, with leaf topped lid and short hangin... 325
233 PASSAMAQUODDY VEGETABLE BASKET - Carrot Form with Rattle, stained orange with blue leaves, 7 x 3/4 diam, good condition, a bit faded. 100
234 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS - Both early 20th c, including: Passamaquoddy Lidded Button Basket, finely woven sweet grass and splint, with ring handle, green stripes, 2 1/2 x 5 1/4, minor loss to lid edge; PLUS Penob... 150
235 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS - Both early 20th c, including: Passamaquoddy Lidded Button Basket, finely woven sweet grass and splint, with knotted end handle, pink stripes, 2 1/4 x 6 diam, faded; PLUS Penobscot Minia... 100
236 (2) PASSAMAQUODDY FRUIT BASKETS - Blueberry Form, by Theresa GArdner, Sipayik, Pleasant Point, Perry, Maine, signed on edge of lid, having typical porcupine curls, stained blue and green, with leaf topped lid and shor... 200
237 PENOBSCOT BASKET - Wonderful Fancy Round Lidded Sewing Basket in splint and sweetgrass, with red standing loop decoration on lids and sides, lift ring on lid, circa 1920, roughly 4 3/4 x 9 3/4, fine condition. 100
238 (2) PENOBSCOT MINIATURE BASKETS - Both early 20th c, including: Round Covered Basket in alternating green and natural splint, 2 x 3 7/8, good condition; PLUS Tatting Floss Holder in sweet grass and ash splint, havin... 100
239 PASSAMAQUODDY BASKET - Late 19th c Covered Round Basket in ash splint, with overall porcupine quills, rigid ring handle on lid, natural finish, roughly 7 x 9 diam, good condition. Displayed at the Portland Historica... 250
240 (2) MINIATURE PENOBSCOT BASKETS - Both early 20th c, including: Tiny Buttocks Basket in splint oak, 1 3/4 tall, 2 1/4 x 2, good condition; PLUS Mug Form in red, yellow and green stained ash splint, 2 3/4 x 3 1/2 ... 100
241 (2) MAINE NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS - Both early 20th c, including: Micmac Fancy Lidded Round Sewing Basket in red and natural splint and sweetgrass, the lid edged in red curli-cues and with a ring handle, the side with... Unsold
242 (2) PENOBSCOT BASKETS - Both early 20th c, lidded, in sweetgrass and ash split, including: Sewing Basket in many colors, with lapped cover having a ring lift, 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 diam, good condition, faded; PLUS Trinkets... 100
243 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN COVERED BASKETS - Both circa 1900, with knot end handles, in sweet grass and ash splint, including: Penobscot, slightly domed lid, faded green banding, 3 3/4 x 8 diam; PLUS Passamaquoddy, with bo... 100
244 (2 PCS) PASSAMAQUODDY BASKETRY - Both circa 1900, in sweetgrass and splint ash, including: Wall Pocket with hanging loop, faded pink, 12 x 4 x 2 1/2; PLUS Lidded Round Trinket Box in faded dark blue, with ring lift... Unsold
245 PASSAMAQUODDY MINIATURE BASKET - Circa 1900 Very Fine Lidded Round Trinket Box in sweetgrass and ash splint, with lift ring knop, faded yellow stain, 2 x 3 1/4 diam, fine condition. Unsold
246 PASSAMAQUODDY SEWING BASKET - Circa 1890 Clamshell Purse Form, in red and green ash splint (a spiral pattern), with sweetgrass center medallions and roped handles with knotted ednds, double-ring closure, 4 1/4 x 7 1/... 100
247 (2) PENOBSCOT SMALL LIDDED BASKETS - Both circa 1890-1900, including: Round Pink Porcupine Curl Sided Bowl with friction fitted lid in sweetgrass, pink splint bow handle, roughly 4 x 5 1/2 diam; PLUS Low Ovoid Trink... 100
248 (2) PENOBSCOT SMALL LIDDED BASKETS - Both circa 1890-1910, in faded dark green splint and natural sweetgrass, including: Round Sewing Basket with lapped lid having a segrass handle with knotted ends (one loop gone), 3... Unsold
249 PASSAMAQUODDY SEWING BASKET - Circa 1910 Large Covered Round Basket in fraded aqua ash splint and sweetgrass, having overall curli-cue decoration, standing ring knop with ribbon candy halo, 5 1/2 x 9 3/4 diam, exclu... 250
250 MAINE NATIVE AMERICAN GATHERING BASKET - Round to Square Ash Splint Basket with bent oak swing bale handle, 9 tall, 10 diam, stained, nice age and use patina, intact. 250
251 UNUSUAL PASSAMAQUODDY BASKET - Circa 1910, Chalice Form Basket, in faded wine color, with scalloped top rim and foot, curled surface bowl, 7 tall, 6 1/4 diam, good condition. 100
252 PENOBSCOT BASKET - Late 19th c Ash Splint Covered Basket with tall bentoak crossed handles, overall fine porcupine quill decoration, marked in pencil calligraphy on bottom, Mrs. Chas. H. Roberts, Biddeford, Maine. 1... 225
253 MICMAC PICNIC BASKET - Circa 1900 Covered Square Basket in checkerboard woven splint ash, with rigid willow bale handle, 10 1/2 tall x 12 x 10 1/2 overall, 5 1/4 x 10 x 10 body, very good condition. 100
254 (2) PIMA BASKETS - Both early 20th c, in coil built willow and martynia, including: a conical bowl with five human figures, roughly 3 3/4 x 8 diam, minor rim loss; PLUS a small open sided bowl with inverted points, ... 200
255 MINIATURE NAVAJO BASKET - Traditional Wedding Tray, coil built with red and black star center, early 20th c, 1 7/8 diam, fine condition. 50
256 (6) PENOBSCOT BASKETRY TRIVETS & (2) THIMBLE HOLDERS W/ (8) THIMBLES - Three Pair of Graduated Splint and Sweetgrass Trivets, green trim, 4, 6 & 8 1/4, good condition; PLUS Two 1 1/4 Sweetgrass Thimbles, (one dama... 100
257 PENOBSCOT BASKET - Large Two-Handled Open Sewing Basket in split ash, with small kidney shaped basket hung on interior side, with overall alternating pink and natural ranks, 5 1/2 x 14 1/2 diam, good condition. 100
258 (2) HOPI BASKETRY PLAQUES - Both round polychrome decorated, late 19th c, including: Totem of Angwus-nasemtaka, the Crow Mother, roughly 12 diam; PLUS red ringed shield form, 10 3/4 diam, both faded. 200
259 (2) PENOBSCOT MAY BASKETS - Circa 1910, blue cylindrical with tall loop handle, 14 x 7 1/2, 4 diam; PLUS red and green striped with flat rim, low hoop handle, 10 x 6 diam, good condition, faded. 150
260 PENOBSCOT SEWING BASKET - Circa 1890, in splint and sweetgrass, faded blue-green, having a lap fitted conical top with flat center, loop knop, two internal small hanging baskets, 5 1/2 x 9diam. Good condition. 225
261 PASSAMAQUODDY SEWING BASKET - Open Top Two Handled Fancy Basket in sweetgrass and green splint, braided handles, seven-sided tapered top, cylindrical body with splint wall having grass overlay, roughly 6 x 9 1/2 dia... Unsold
262 (5 PCS) SMALL PASSAMAQUODDY BASKETRY - All early 20th c, including: Side-by-Side Oblong Baskets, in pink and natural splint, flatttened curl outside banding, 2 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 6; PLUS Low Round Covered Button Box in ... Unsold
263 (2) PENOBSCOT SEWING BASKETS - Faded Blue-Green Splint & Round Seagrass with braided handle having knotted ends, 2 1/2 x 8 1/4 diam; PLUS Faded Dark Blue Cross-Hatched Splint Band & seagrass round basket with ring t... Unsold
264 ABENAKI YARN SKEIN BASKET - circa 1890-1900, Acorn Form with central aperture, in faded green and purple ash splint with seagrass, large ring handle with double loop tab and cord closure, 6 x 7 3/4 diam, excluding h... 125
265 (2) PENCOBSCOT FANCY BASKETS - Both circa 1900-10, in ash splint and sweetgrass, with covers, including: Medium Round Sewing Basket with faded red and green decoration, curli-cue sides, ring hnadle on top, roughly 3 3... Unsold
266 MONTAGNAIS TOQUE - Circa 1890, Native Quebec Hat, in dark blue and red trade wool panels with blue ribbon binding, parti-colored beaded band, printed cotton lining. Roughly 11 tall, 10 wide, when flat. Minor losses. 350
267 RINGS - Collection of (32) Native American Crafted Silver Rings, most set with stones, many are early to mid-20th c., (3) are artisan signed. Signed pieces include: Mans navette shaped ring with inlaid stones by Nava... 950
268 (3) BELTS - Group of (3) Early 20th c. Navajo Crafted Native American Leather Belts with Silver Accents. Including: Circa 1910 33 long belt with oval engraved buckle and (10) conchos, unmarked, conchos: 2 1/8 x 2; ... 650
269 ZUNI JEWELRY - Collection of (8) Pieces of Silver and Inlaid Stone Zuni Crafted Native American Jewelry, incl. (2) pair of earrings, (2) brooches, (3) rings, and (1) bracelet. Including: (2) Pc suite of c. 1940 silver... 550
270 (4) BRACELETS - Group of (4) Navajo Crafted Native American Silver Cuff Bracelets Including: Early filework silver bracelet, with feather pictograph makers mark, 1 wide, inside dimensions: 2 1/2 x 1 3/4; Reticulat... 850
271 (2) NECKLACES - Group of (2) Zuni Crafted Native American Silver Squash Blossom Necklaces. Including: a circa 1930 unsigned silver hollow bead necklace with (12) squash blossoms, each set with (9) turquoise stones, an... 1,400
272 ZUNI JEWELRY - Collection of (10) pieces of Silver and Turquoise Zuni Native American Jewelry, incl (5) brooches, (2) rings, (2) pr. Earrings, and a cuff bracelet. Including: Needlepoint motif cuff bracelet set with c... 1,000
273 (10) PCS JEWELRY - Group of (10) Pieces of Silver Native American Jewelry, mostly Navajo made, including (2) brooches, (3) pairs of earrings, a pill box, and (4) bangle bracelets. Including: Circa 1900 silver concho w... 250
274 NECKLACE - Circa 1930 Navajo Crafted Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace. With double strand of hollow beads, (12) squash blossoms, each shadow box set with a natural shape turquoise stone surrounded by rope ... 600
275 ZUNI JEWELRY - Group of (5) Pieces of Zuni Crafted Silver and Inlaid Stone Native American Jewelry, incl. (2) rings and (3) brooches. Including: Mosaic inlay ring depicting a dancing mudhead by Rosalie Pinto, with rop... 650
276 (5) PCS JEWELRY - Group of (5) Pieces of Native American Crafted Beaded Jewelry, including (4) necklaces and a pair of earrings. Including: Vintage Santo Domingo Thunderbird beaded necklace, with tied cord, approx. 24... 650
277 (3) NECKLACES - Group of (3) Native American Necklaces, including: a continuous necklace composed of Anasazi culture bone beads, 32 long, wear and chips to bones; a continuous necklace composed of c. 1500 clay beads ... 300
278 JEWELRY SUITE - (2) Pc Zuni Crafted Native American Jewelry Suite, including Squash Blossom Necklace and Matching Earrings, by Lance & Cordelia Waatsa. Including: a silver double strand hollow bead necklace with intri... 550
279 (3) BRACELETS - Group of (3) Vintage Navajo Crafted Native American Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelets. Including Circa 1920 bracelet center set with large oval green turquoise stone surrounded by scrollwork decorati... 1,200
280 (2) BRACELETS - Group of (2) Silver and Turquoise Navajo Crafted Native American Cuff Bracelets. Including: Heavy sterling silver bracelet center set with natural shape turquoise and with engraved decoration, makers ... 1,100
281 BELT - Native American Made Heavy Leather and Silver Concho Belt with Side Drop Panel. With engraved oval silver buckle, (10) 2 3/8 diameter engraved conchos, and (5) smaller engraved conchos on drop panel. 45 ½ lon... 475
282 JEWELRY SUITE - (2) Piece Silver and Lapis Jewelry Suite by Navajo Maker Lucinda Yazzie, consisting of a necklace and matching pierced earrings. Necklace features graduated hollow beads, with (5) central engraved bead... 750
283 ZUNI JEWELRY - Group of (3) Pieces of Artisan Signed Zuni Silver and Turquoise Jewelry. Including: Kachina form pendant crafted by Mary & Olson Leekity, signed MO verso, 1 x 2 ½; Needlepoint motif round pendant/br... 250
284 NECKLACE & BRACELETS - (3) Pieces of Vintage Native American Silver and Turquoise Jewelry, including (2) bracelets and an artisan signed necklace. Including: Vintage Navajo hollow bead necklace with (5) hollow pendant... 375
285 BRACELET - 19th Century Haida Native American Open Back Bangle Bracelet with engraved pictographic symbols. 1/2 wide; 2 1/4 x 2 1/2; 0.80 ozt. Good condition. 325
286 (2) NECKLACES - (2) Native American Beaded Necklaces, incl. 19th c. multi-color trade bead and tubular bone necklace and a necklace of alternating animal teeth, beads and bones. 28 long & 25 1/2 long, respectively. ... 100
287 NECKLACES - Group of (2) Native American Navajo Graduated and Engraved Silver Hollow Bead Necklaces. Including: necklace with round edge hollow beads; and circa 1960 flat edge hollow bead necklace. Both 24 long; 4.74... 400
288 BOLO TIE - Zuni Crafted Inlaid Bolo Tie with Leather Cord and Silver Tips, depicting a dancing Native American chief. Inlaid with turquoise, red coral, mother-of-pearl and jet; tips have floral form drops; unmarked. B... 425
289 NORTHWEST AMULET - Bird Head Fetish in carved fossilized ivory with inlaid abalone shell, pierced at neck, 2 3/4 long, very nice age and use wear. 450
290 INUIT STONE CARVING - Large Greenstone Figural Group of an overnight encampment, the man providing for the woman, who is in her bedroll, marked 393 on underside, roughly 4 x 10 1/2 x 9 1/2, a few surface bumps. 550
291 STONE CARVING - Large Carving of a Shaman going through transformation, crouching, his head wrapped in his arms, facing out. Roughly 9 1/2 x 16 x 13. Good condition. 300
292 INUIT STONE CARVING - Large Greenstone Transformation Figure, with human mask on the back of a walrus, roughl;y 9 x 4 x 11, repair to nose. 200
293 INUIT STONE CARVING - Large Greenstone Walrus, 1612 scratched into underside, 5 x 4 x 8 1/2, light scuffs. 250
294 (2) THULE CARVINGS - 19th c Miniature Fetishes of a Polar Bear and a Seal Head, 1 1/4 & 1, nice age and use wear and patina. 375
295 NATIVE AMERICAN SNOWSHOES - Micmac Indian, Maine, Child-Sized, bent oak and sinew with red wool tie-offs.19th c. 33 1/2 long. Good condition. 125
296 (2 PCS) THULE CARVINGS - 19th c Miniature Full-Length Male Figure & Female Bust with one loose arm, peg waist, 1 5/8 & 1 1/4 tall, one arm chipped on male, one arm missing from female. 350
297 (4 PCS) THULE CARVINGS - 19th c Miniature Fetishes of Water Fowl in various bone, including petrified Mastadon, some pierced as pendants. 1 1/8 to 1 5/8 long, one has an inked musem number, differing degrees of wear... 350
298 (2 PCS) THULE CARVINGS - 19th c Miniature Fetishes of a Walrus & a Bear, both roughly 2 long, good condition. 375
299 (2 PCS) THULE MASTADON BONE CARVINGS - Human Figure Riding Animal, 3 1/8 long; PLUS Animal Pendant, 2 3/8 long, losses to legs, human figure missing head. 350
300 INUIT KNIFE - Whalebone Ulu or Womans Knife, for chopping food, skinning, etc, in classic form, with leather wrist thong with bone bead, late 19th to early 20t c. 4 1/8 x 4 1/4. Good condition. 100
301 INUIT CARVING, S&P SHAKERS - Small Plateau with three Eskimos dancing, from walrus tusk, 1 7/8 x 2 1/2 x 1 3/4; PLUS Salt and Pepper Shakers with walrus head and seal, 2 1/4 tall, good condition. 250
302 (4 PCS) INUIT CARVINGS - Late 19th to early 20th c, including: Brown Bear in wood, 1 tall; Sea Creature, Polar Bear & Kayak in bone, 1 7/8, 1 1/8 & 2. Good condition. 275
303 (4 PCS) INUIT BONE CARVINGS - Including: Needle Case with screw-off finial top, red and black scrimshaw, late 19th c, includes leather needle, 3 5/8 long, shrinkage crack; PLUS Incised Bust, 1 5/8; PLUS Incised Trin... 250
304 INUIT PIPE - 19th c Sleek Pipe with carved mastadon bone bowl having brass lining, inserted bird bone for stem, 6 1/2 long, good condition. 325
305 INUIT CARVING - Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board in the form of a sea-going kayak with hunter and two seals, early 20th c., 9 3/4 long, 5 wide paddle, good condition, figure and paddle are loose. 425
306 INUIT CARVING - Greenland Trupilac, caribou antler, with inset eyes, circa 1940, 6 3/4 tall, very good condition. 175
307 PRE-HISTORIC SPEAR TIP - Serrated Fishing Spear Tip in carved mastadon bone, 5 1/2 long, good condition. 200
308 (3) INUIT SOAPSTONE CARVINGS - All signed in Inuit, all but bird with Canada Eskimo Art official stickers, including: Large Fat Bird, 4 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 4, dated 80, numbered 11A-02448, tail corner chipped; Walrus Ly... 200
309 INUIT STONE CARVING - Greenstone Transformational Shaman Figure with bird and bear, having inset bone teeth and eye, initialed BA, numbered 5-22467 & with inuit glyph, copyright 1988. Roughly 6 x 6 x 2 1/2, goo... 550
310 PRE-COLUMBIAN STONE PIPE - Large Carved Black Stone Crouching Figure Pipe, Mississippi Culture, 4 3/4 x 7 x 3 1/4, chip to one knee. Unsold
311 PRE-COLUMBIAN STONE PIPE - Large Carved Pink Granite Stone Slave Pipe, a kneeling male figure with bound arms, Central America, 6 1/2 x 8 x 2 3/4, good condition. Unsold
312 PRE-COLUMBIAN STONE PIPE - Large Carved Granite Frog Effigy Pipe, with substantial stepped platform base, Central America, 3 1/2 x 9 x 3 1/4, good condition. Unsold
313 PRE-COLUMBIAN STONE CARVING - Green Porphyry Seated Figure of a Man with an animal form right arm, Central Mexico, 8 tall. Good condition. Unsold
314 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Mayan Terra Cotta Incise Decorated Figural Decanter, a seated man in protective head gear (ball player?), wrapped in a blanket, seated with his arms partly raised, with pierced ears, his head t... 1,300
315 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Jalisco Pottery Kneeling Female, Protoclassic Period, circa 100 B.C. - 250 A.D. West Mexico, Ameca style. 17 tall. Professionally reassembled. 1,000
316 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY FIGURE - Full-Body Priest Figure, Olmec, in glazed terra cotta, with museum stand, 7 tall, chip to back of headdress, repaired neck. Unsold
317 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Mayan Terra Cotta Antrhopomorphic Jug with five spouts, a man with a tail crouching under a huge pack, wearing an ornate necklace, on top is a faded old label that reads Cargocar de Banco Coli... 500
318 PRE-COLUMBIAN FIGURE - Full-Length Terra Cotta Portrait of a Mother with her baby in a sling, 7 tall, on a custom museum stand. Missing one leg. 225
319 (3 PCS) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Including: Frog-Form Whistle in red, 3; Tripod Vessel with two goat heads, 4 1/2 wide; Small Olla with striped decoration, 3 tall. Minor losses. 250
320 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY WHISTLE - Horny Toad Form Terra Cotta Whistle, the tail as mouthpiece, 3 1/2 x 6 1/8 x 4 1/4, old repairs. Unsold
321 (2 PCS) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Including: Tripod Vessel with paint decoration, loop legs and Tripod vessel with rattle legs. Roughly 5 diam. 250
322 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY FIGURAL WHISTLE - Figure of a Lizard Demon, standing with hands on his hips, teeth bared, in remnants of black, red and ochre paint, 6 tall. One leg replaced, one repaired. Still plays. Unsold
323 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - (11) Spinning Weight Beads & (1) Ball-Form Rattle, most with incised decoration, most appear to be Mayan. Unsold
324 PRE-COLUMBIAN BRACELET - Beaded Bracelet of stained bone, with three carved figural stones, approx. 6 long. Good conditon. 250
325 PRE-COLUMBIAN BRACELET - Carved Shell or Stone Barcelet featuring a monkeys head, Central America, 2 7/8 diam. Good condition. 250
326 PRE-COLUMBIAN CARVED SEAL - Mayan Jaguar Seal in carved stone, with integral handle, 4 1/2 x 2 x 1 1/4, chipped edges. 550
327 CASA GRANDE STONE MORTAR & PESTLE - Small Lava Stone (Tufa) Mortar in shallow oblong form with lug handles, globular pestle of the same period, pre-Columbian, Chihuahua, Mexico region. 1 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 4 mortar, 2 3... 500
328 MESOAMERICAN SCULPTURE - Mayan Lava Carving of a human figure seated with arms and head resting on knees, creating a circular aperture that may be a target for spear or ball. Roughly 13 x 11 x 6. Weathered. Unsold
329 PRE-COLUMBIAN LARGE GRINGING STONE - Large Lava Stone with shallow dished surface, very porous, with denser pinkstone grinder, probably South America, 4 x 13 x 9 & 7 x 3 1/2 x 2 1/4, good condition. Unsold
330 ARAWAK STONE CARVING - Grinding Pestle carved with a face on top, West Indies, pre-Columbian, roughly 9 3/4 tall, 4 x 5 at base, good condition. 3,250
331 ARAWAK STONE CARVING - Crouching Skeleton carved with a flat end, West Indies, pre-Columbian, roughly 6 long, 4 1/2 x 3 1/2, good condition. Unsold
332 ARAWAK STONE CARVING - Puzzled Monkey Head carved with wrinkled brow, open eye sockets, West Indies, pre-Columbian, roughly 3 tall x 6 1/2 x 5, good condition. 450
333 ARAWAK STONE CARVING - Seated Monkey carved seated with hands on knees, West Indies, pre-Columbian, roughly 6 x 3 x 5, weathered. Unsold
334 PAPUA NEW GUINEA CARVED CANOE PROW - having ancestral portrait, lizard and bird, stylized crocodile on sides, with remnants of pigment. Upper Sepik River. Circa 1900. 27 1/2 c 13 1/2 x 10. Wear from age and use. Unsold
335 AFRICAN CARVED ELEPHANT TUSK - Early 20th c., relief carved with panels containing two men in conversation, an elephant pulling on a tree with its trunk, a butterfly and rabbit, a bird in a berry tree, a crocodile fee... 1,400
336 AFRICAN CARVED BOARS TUSK - Early 20th c., relief carved with 17 figures of travelers on a spiral route, including a boy with a dog on leash, a father nit-picking his sons hair, a man in European uniform working woo... 1,700
337 AFRICAN BEADED HEADDRESS- Ceremonial Headdress, Yoruba Peoples, Nigeria, in conical form with parti-color fully dimensional decoration of 14 birds approaching the peak which a different bird surmounts, early 20th c., ... 500
338 AFRICAN CARVING - 19th c. Standing Figure of a European Man, in carved and gessoed wood, with beaded belt, probably Dan Peoples, Liberia, 14 1/4 tall, good condition. Unsold
339 AFRICAN STONE CARVING - Blackstone Bust Portrait of Haloed Head, signed Mudumeni Chinyama (Zimbabwe) and dated 35 on underside, 6 1/2 x 4 x 1, light scratches. Unsold
340 AFRICAN MASK - Mende Ceremonial Helmet Mask with Janus heads, representing Sowo, the water spirit and used in a female ritual, having remnants of red cloth tassels, Nigeria, early 19th c, 14 x 11 x 8 1/2, old stapl... Unsold
341 AFRICAN FIGURE - Carved Wood figure of a Pregnant Woman, possibly a furniture support, Hemba People, Congo, on a museum mount, 27 tall overall, 7 1/2 x 7, losses at base. 350
342 (3) AFRICAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - All 19th c., Luba Peoples, Congo, made from horn, including: Trumpet with snakeskin wrap, 21 1/2 long; PLUS Flute with head finial, 12 long, repaired finial; PLUS Dance Rattle with ... 550
343 AFRICAN MASK - Ancestral Dance Helmet Mask, late 19th c., Yoruba People, Nigeria, carved wood with remnants of the original paint, 8 3/4 x 14 1/2 x 8, good condition. Unsold
344 (2) AFRICAN WOOD IMPLEMENTS - Both 19th c., Ladle with human head, Ashanti People, Ivory Coast, 15 1/2 long & Dance Wand/Club with warriors head, Yoruba People, Nigeria, 20 1/2 long, shrinkage cracks. 150
345 NECKLACE - Early necklace composed of graduated multi-color jasper disc shaped beads from Nepal/the Himalayas, with silver clasp. 25 long. Good condition. 150
346 RARE NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY BOOK - A Collection of Indian Anecdotes, Anonymous (Rufus Merrill, 1803-1891), Concord, NH, Published by William White, 1837. First edition. Miniature. Leatherbound, 192 pages, woodcut i... 325
347 BURL BOWL - Possibly Woodland Tribe, crudely turned, late 18th c, birdseye maple, in deep round form with flared rim, with roughness at bottom, 4 3/4 x 11 1/2, very good condition, with single old pewter patch.. 1,300
348 NATIVE AMERICAN BURLWOOD BOWL - Beautifully Proportioned Shallow Bowl with two stepped open handles, heavy base tapering to a very thin edge, Woodland Indians, mid 19th c. 4 x 17 3/4 x 16 1/4, fine condition. 2,250
349 NATIVE AMERICAN WAR CLUB - Plains (Sioux-Santee) Gunstock Warclub, circa 1850, in tiger maple with brass tacks, pierced ends, forged steel blade, 30 1/2 long overall, 6 blade, very good condition, light scratches, a... 2,700
350 NORTHWEST NATIVE AMERICAN MASK - Very rare circa 1900 mask, most likely Tlingit. Polychrome painted and carved wood with snake and warrior characters and applied wooden teeth. 20 x 22 x 11 1/2 deep. Original as-fou... 95,000
351 COVERED NORTHWEST INDIAN BOWL - Early Tlingit or Haida Carved Wooden Effigy Figure Potlatch Bowl with covered bowl in back, squatting animal form with man clenched in his teeth, hand symbols in relief on back, 13 x 2... 1,600
352 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK CAP - 19th c Iroquois Beaded Glengarry Cap on a dark brown velvet base, in polychrome tree of life patttern, with remnants of pink silk ribbon binding, cotton and linen lined interior, blue cr... 650
353 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED LEGGINGS - Metis Deerhide Leggings, Quebec, Canada, with polychrome floral faceted beadwork, different on both sides, white bead edging, tiny round brass button closure, densely spaced up one si... 300
354 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED MOCCASINS - Early 20th c Metis Moosehide Womens Moccasins, Quebec, Canada, with polychrome floral faceted beadwork, pointed elk hide tongues, 9 long, good condition. The cuffs for these moccas... 300
355 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED BAG - Chippewa Beaded Bandolier Bag with front slit, completely covered in vivid parti-colored beadwork of flowers, translucent background on 5 1/4 wide strap, white background on 15 x 11 1/4... 700
356 NATIVE AMERICAN POWDER HORN - Northwest Coast, 1840-1850, possibly Tsimshian. Carved and scrimshawn cow horn as a large fish swallowing a smaller fish head first, the cap is the tail of the smaller, has a leather wash... 1,200
357 NATIVE AMERICAN RUG - Navajo Eye Dazzler, early 20th c, in grey, white, red and dark brown, 31 1/2 x 60. good condition, a few spots. 850
358 NATIVE AMERICAN RUG - Four Medallion Navajo Rug, early 20th c, 27 1/2 x 48, very good condition. 900
359 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN BLANKETS - Navajo Wearing Blankets, circa 1950s, in grey, red and black, 31 x 39 & 31 x 56, both in good condition, a few small spots. 800
360 PAIR OF NATIVE AMERICAN GLOVES - Cree Doeskin Womans Gauntlet Gloves, circa 1880, with beadwork trim and four-pointed star, three life lines on back of hand, plus embroidered polychrome vines, mountain sunrise on gau... 275
361 WILD WEST SHOW BREASTPLATE - Sioux-Style Warriors Breastplate, made for a Wild West Show, circa 1890, having all authentic materials except the use of painted wood instead of bone. Found in France, which was toured b... 450
362 HISTORIC NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED VEST - Beaded Cloth Vest with provenance to Quanah Parker (ca 1850-1911), last Chief of the Comanches, featuring red diamonds with pink and blue borders on a white field, stitched to th... 1,800
363 BEADED NATIVE AMERICAN SADDLE BLANKET - Sioux Beadwork Saddle Blanket, circa 1880, having geometric designs in red, pink, prussian and aqua blue, silver on white background. On native tanned hide with an old canvas ba... 1,500
364 NATIVE AMERICAN WEARING BLANKET - Navajo Georgetown Transitional Serape, circa 1870, in finely woven red with orange, black and white figuring, orange whipped edge. 48 x 72. Multiple holes, some fading. 1,600
365 HISTORIC NATIVE AMERICAN PIPE TOMAHAWK - Forged Iron Tomahawk Pipe having stamped brass disc reading 1901 High Eagle Buffalo Bills Wild West Show, hung off the 23 beaded drop along with a 1901 Indian Head Penny bu... 800
366 COLT REVOLVER IN NATIVE AMERICAN HOLSTER - Colt Model 1875 Single-Action Six Shot Revolver, 32-20 WCF cartridge, 4 barrel, s/n 209002 (1901), with a 1911 $5 Indian Head Gold Coin set into the walnut grip on one side ... 4,250
367 PAIR OF NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED PANELS - Lakota Sioux, circa 1890, legging panels, in lazy stitch, with red, yellow, blue and green geometric designs on a white field, green border, stitched to hide with a checkered co... 500
368 PAIR OF NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED PANELS - Yankton Sioux, circa 1880, legging strips, in lane stitch, with red, gold, prussian, cobalt and aqua blue and lime and forest green geometric designs on a white field, green bor... 500
369 NATIVE AMERICAN TOMAHAWK - Bronze Trade Hammer Tomahawk Head, mounted on Iroquois style shaped walnut and brass studded haft, 19th c. 21 1/4 long overall, 5 3/4 blade. Good condition. 500
370 HISTORIC NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED BAND ON BLANKET - Hudson Bay Blanket with Sioux Beaded Deer Hide Band, featuring four shields with pendant thongs, circa 1880, having the name label of John G. McCullough (1835-1915), A... 650
371 NATIVE AMERICAN CRADLEBOARD - Kiowa Papoose Carrier, attributed to Tahdo, circa 1910, Oklahoma, having the lower half from a blanket, attached by a section of deer hide to the beaded hood, which has red, blue and gree... 1,000
372 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY BOWL - Late 19th c. Zuni Pueblo Pottery Bowl in red and black over white, decorated inside and out, 4 tall, 8 3/4 diam, repaired breaks with inpainting, minor edge flakes, rubs. 325
373 NATIVE AMERICAN HEADDRESS - Plains Indian Battle Roach made of porcupine guard hair with red staining, on a woven fibre base, late 19th to early 20th c, on a custom museum stand, roughly 18 long overall, minor losses... 1,400
374 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Mescalaro Apache Burden Basket, circa 1890, traditionally twined and decorated. with heavy wire reinforced rim, deer hide straps and thongs, red cotton and hide covering to bottom. 13 tall, 1... 375
375 NATIVE AMERICAN DOLL - Arapaho Female doll, deer hide with blue trade wool beaded dress having red grosgrain ribbon border, leather belt, three strand beaded necklace, ring earrings and high-top beaded moccasins. Her ... 1,500
376 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETRY JAR - Apache Water Carrier, in bottle form, tightly coil woven grass with pitch sealer, having two offset plaited horsehair loop handles that would have received a cloth carrying strap, circa ... 250
377 NATIVE AMERICAN SMOKING PIPE - Sioux Pipestone (Catlinite) Tomahawk Pipe, in two sections, with needle engraved decoration, circa 1890, 11 long overall (stone only), 5 3/4 top of bowl to edge of blade. Minor edge ni... 700
378 NATIVE AMERICAN DOLL - Lakota Sioux Doll in beaded buckskin fringed dress, tall beaded boots, beaded belt and knife sheath, cloth body, hide hands and head, beaded features and choker necklace, thong tied real hair. C... 950
379 NATIVE AMERICAN WEARING BLANKET - Navajo Georgetown Serape, circa 1890, in red with three brown, yellow, white and red diamonds, brown and white borders, red and white whipped edge. With carved hanging batten. 55 x 7... 500
380 NATIVE AMERICAN CLUB - Apache Skull Cracker, late 19th c, having deer hide covered carved wooden shaft and head, hand stitched, with rawhide thong bindings, tufts of horsehair at handle knop, 26 long overall, good ... 900
381 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET HAT - Paiute, Central Eastern California, circa 1880, in tightly woven sumac, with geometric decoration. In oak and glass case. 13 1/2 x 13 1/2 x 13. Good condition. 325
382 HISTORIC NATIVE AMERICAN PHOTOS: (1) CABINET CARD, (2) STEROVIEW CARDS & SMALL ALBUM - All Albumen Photos, including: Rare CP Oto Faw-Faw Osage Ceremonial Dance, taken outdoors, with American flags on staff, 4 x 5 ... Unsold
383 (4) RARE INDIAN WARS US ARMY PHOTOS (ONE SIGNED BY CUSTER OFFICER) - Including: Albumen of General Miles and Staff (Wounded Knee Massacre), seated at mess, by George Trager, Northwestern Photographic Company, Chadron,... 800
384 HISTORIC BOUDOIR CABINET PHOTO OF NATIVE AMERICAN & (2) LETTERS - Albumen of Lacota Chief Rain-in-the-Face (circa 1835-1905), by David Frances Barry (1854-1934), Dakota Territories, stamped, signed and with the subjec... 650
385 HISTORIC CABINET PHOTO OF NATIVE AMERICAN - Chief White Buffalo of the Cheyenne (1862-1929), photographed by John N. Choate at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, winter of 1880-1881, in h... 500
386 (4) HISTORIC PHOTOS & (1) PHOTOGRAVURE OF NATIVE AMERICANS - All circa 1890-1915, including: Albumen of Machippi Crow Chief in Army Jacket by A. Finch of Billings Montana, 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 image; PLUS Silver Bromide of... 500
387 (4) HISTORIC CABINET PHOTOS OF NATIVE AMERICANS - Including Kiowa Indian & Western Lawman, taken by Addison, Fort Sill, O.T., circa 1880, with Winchester rifle & Colt revolver displayed, horizontal bend at waist; PLUS... 600
388 (3) HISTORIC ALBUMEN PHOTOS OF NATIVE AMERICANS - Indian Traders Store and Freight Train in from the UPRR (Union Pacific), Fort Washakie, Wyo., circa 1880, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 image, stain on right; PLUS Sharp Nose, A... Unsold
389 CABINET PHOTO OF NATIVE AMERICANS - Historic Portrait of Crow Man with Wife and Daughter, marked long ago Curley and his Family (probably not), by David Francis Barry (ND, 1854-1934), with his Bismarck, Dakota Terri... 750
390 TEDDY ROOSEVELT LAND GRANT TO NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN - Oct 20, 1906 Grant for 360 acres in South Dakota to Lakota Princess Sophia American Horse, with secretarial signature for Roosevelt by secretary F.M. McKean, who c... 425
391 (2) CURTIS PHOTOGRAVURES - Evening on Flathead Lake, 1910, and On the Pond, dOreille-Kalispel, 1910, by Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952), on Japan tissue, 5 x 7 format, matted, unframed. From his magnum opus The N... Unsold
392 EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS (WA/CA/WI, 1868-1952) - Large Folio Photogravure: Awaiting the Scouts Return, Atsina, plate 181, 1908, John Andrew & Son, matted, unframed, 22 x 18 full sheet with deckled edges, 17 1/4 x 12... 1,000
393 EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS (WA/CA/WI, 1868-1952) - Large Folio Photogravure: TiMu Cochiti, plate 555, 1925, matted, unframed, 22 x 18 full sheet with deckled edges, 17 1/4 x 12 3/4 impression, published by Suffolk E... Unsold
394 EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS (WA/CA/WI, 1868-1952) - Large Folio Photogravure: The Blackfoot Country, plate 636, 1926 (on tissue), matted, unframed, 22 x 18 full sheet with deckled edges, 17 1/4 x 12 3/4 impression, pu... 1,200
395 EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS (WA/CA/WI, 1868-1952) - Large Folio Photogravure: On the Canadian River, plate 659, 1927, matted, unframed, 22 x 18 full sheet with deckled edges, 17 1/4 x 12 3/4 impression, published by S... 1,800
396 EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS (WA/CA/WI, 1868-1952) - Large Folio Photogravure: The Old Warrior, Arapaho, plate 673, 1927, matted, unframed, 22 x 18 full sheet with deckled edges, 17 1/4 x 12 3/4 impression, published b... Unsold
397 EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS (WA/CA/WI, 1868-1952) - Large Folio Photogravure: Black Man, Arapaho, plate 674, matted, unframed, 22 x 18 full sheet with deckled edges, 178 1/4 x 12 3/4 impression, published by Suffolk E... 1,600
398 EDWARD (JOHN EDWARD) BOREIN (CA, 1872-1945) - The War Dance, a mixed media painting, watercolor, India ink and gouache, signed lower right. SS: 20 x 28. From the Estate of Julia V. Greenbaum, New York, with photoc... Unsold
399 NATIVE AMERICAN TRADE SILVER - Hudson Bay Coin Silver Gorget with engraved fish, three suspended Crosses of Lorraine (Jesuit), known as Dragonflies by the Indians, stamped with the Hudson Bay marks, Montreal and tou... 6,250
400 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED VEST - Nez Perce Womans Vest, circa 1920s, having fully beaded fronts on a green cotton ground, white field with deer in purple, polychrome floral designs above, double breasted brass button cl... 2,500
401 NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTED PICTORIAL HIDE - Plains Indian Painted Buffalo Hide (Tatanka) Tipi Drape, late 19th c, with four ranks of figures surrounding a central Tipi, narrating deer, bear and buffalo hunts, dances, a h... 3,125
402 NATIVE AMERICAN KNIFE WITH BEADED SLING SHEATH - Choctaw, circa 1870, iron trade knife in deer hide slinged sheath having white glass bead geometric decoration over blue and red wool. The knife is 13 long overall, ha... 4,000
403 ANCIENT SOUTHWEST POTTERY - Anasazi/Cedar Creek Polychrome Bowl, in orange slip with black geometric decoration having white outline, circa 1300-1375 AD. 5 3/4 x 11. Professionally re-assembled from shards, from the... Unsold
404 NATIVE AMERICAN BLOUSE - Late 19th c Sioux Fringed Buckskin Womans Blouse, with pale blue beadwork at the open neck and in diagonals down front, at the applied fringe, which also lines the bottom and short sleeves, t... Unsold
405 NATIVE AMERICAN CRADLEBOARD - Lakota Sioux Papoose Carrier, made from a single pine plank and two cedar hoops, the uppermost a second generation replacement, the top edge of the plank carved and drilled, the reverse s... 2,750
406 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Apache Coil-Built Gathering Basket in Olla form, decorated with men, horses, geometric luck symbols and lightning symbols. 16 1/2 tall, 16 diam. Losses at bottom, some fading. 500
407 LARGE NATIVE AMERICAN SPLINT BASKET - Late 19th c. Passamaquoddy Indian Basket with handles, possibly for fishing net, 19 tall, 34 diam (excluding handles). Fine condition. 400
408 (7 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - All New Mexico Pueblo, polychrome, including: 1930s Vintage Unsigned Navajo with bird decoration, 5 1/4 x 5 1/2 diam; PLUS Medium Low Pot with canted top, signed by M. Waquie, Jemez... 350
409 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Tlingit Storage Basket in spruce root and dyed grass, North-West, late 19th c., having three bands of bold geometric decoration. 10 3/4 tall, 9 3/4 diam at base. Losses to top, old stitch re... Unsold
410 APACHE MOCASSINS - Childrens Partially Beaded Hide Mocassin Slippers, circa 1900, in polychrome with red, white and blue roped sole edge, shaped opening with red and green edging, 9 1/2 long, good condition. 700
411 NATIVE AMERICAN RUG - 45 x 88 - Navajo Grey Hills Pattern with ten lozenges, ca 1920s, ochre field with red and black border. Worn, multiple holes, old inletted repairs to corners. 500
412 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Signed Blackware Olla, Mata Ortiz, Mexico, with incised matte decoration on striated polished clay, coil built, with low flared rim. 7 1/2 x 7 3/4 diam. Good condition. Unsold
413 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Circa 1900 Apache Grain Basket with staggered triangular decoration, in Devils Claw, willow, and beargrass, 4 x 15 3/4, very good condition. 400
414 NATIVE AMERICAN BLANKET - Two Grey Hills Blanket, three medallions in green, black, oatmeal and ivory, circa 1940s, 62 x 31 3/4, very good condition. 450
415 (3) NATIVE AMERICAN BIRCH BARK VESSELS - Penobscot, early 20th c, including: Low Round Food Carrier with remnants of petal decoration at bottom, 6 x 11 3/4, some losses; PLUS Tapered Water Bucket with square bottom ... Unsold
416 NATIVE AMERICAN BOWL - Santa Domingo Kewa Pueblo Bowl, hand coiled with slip decoration of black guaco over cream, with the traditional break in line on the upper rim, red interior, red foot. Circa 1910. 3 1/2 x 7 d... Unsold
417 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Pottery Bowl by Master Maricopa Indian (Pi Posh) artist Ida Redbird (1892-1971), circa 1950, with fine line wind decoration. Signed on underside in pencil with original price of $32.00. 3 1/2... Unsold
418 NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY BOOK - Eleventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1889-90 by J.W. Powell, Director, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1894. 553 ... 250
419 (5 PCS) BLACK ON BLACK PUEBLO POTTERY - All Santa Clara, including: Large Ovoid Bowl with horned serpent, lightning tongue, unmarked, 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 diam; PLUS Medium Olla with feather decoration signed Merton n Lin... Unsold
420 SCARCE ARCHAIC QUARTZ SPEAR POINT - Notched Dovetail Long Point in Pressure Knapped Striated Smoky Quartz, 9000-6000 BC, Northeast Utah or Wyoming. 7 1/2 x 1 3/4. One tiny flaw. 450
421 (105) NATIVE AMERICAN WEAPON POINTS - Flint Points of various origins, color and size, mostly east coast to the Mississippi, some marked with origins. 3/4 to 3 long. Unsold
422 (110) NATIVE AMERICAN WEAPON POINTS - Flint Points of various origins, color and size, mostly east coast to the Mississippi, some marked with origins. 1 to 3 1/2 long. 800
423 (40) NATIVE AMERICAN WEAPON POINTS - Choice Flint and Stone Points of various origins, color and size, mostly east coast to the Mississippi, some marked with origins. 1 1/4 to 3 1/2 long. 700
424 (30) NATIVE AMERICAN TOOLS & KNAPS - Including: Stone Axe Head, Ohio Valley, 6; PLUS Stone Paint Bowl, Mississippi Culture, 4; PLUS Stone Sharpener, 5 1/2; PLUS Bone Awl 3 3/4 long, repaired; PLUS Unidentified Tai... Unsold
425 (40) NATIVE AMERICAN WEAPON POINTS - White Flint Points of various origins and size, mostly Mississippi valley, some marked with origins. 1 1/4 to 3 1/2 long. Unsold
426 (55) NATIVE AMERICAN BEADS - Turquoise Trade Beads in disc form, drilled at center, with color variations, some irregularities. 3/4 to 2. Some wear. 400
427 STONE MORTAR AND PESTLE - Ohio Valley, sandstone, roughly 12 x 12 x 5. 400
428 COLLECTION NATIVE AMERICAN FLINTS & FOSSILS & GLYPH - Glass Case containing (3) Obsidian Arrow/Spear Points, 1 1/2 to 3 long; (5) Flint Arrow Points, 1 to 2; (3) Fossil Sharks Teeth, 3/4; (3) Fossilized Shells; ... Unsold
429 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK VEST - Ojibwa (Chippewa) Mans Vest, circa 1890, with overall polychrome blossom and white vine decoration on a dark brown velvet ground, large central cartouche on back with three vines, remn... Unsold
430 (3 PAIR) NATIVE AMERICAN MOCCASINS - All late 19th to early 20th c, buckskin, including: Crow, with pink and blue bands of quillwork on the top, edged by yellow, red, green and pink beadwork to the ankle, blank back, ... 900
431 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN PIPE BAGS - Both 19th c, buckskin, including: Nootka, Vancouver Island, with remnants of red and purple quillwork, at the bottom, yellow, dark and light blue beading in a band up the side, long und... 1,200
432 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET - Hupa Twined Basket in bear grass, conifer and hazel shoot, circa 1910, sunburst center bottom, staggered striped diamonds on sides, banded top edge, roughly 7 1/4 x 9 diam, chips and tears t... 275
433 (3 PAIR) NATIVE AMERICAN MOCCASINS - Two Womens and One Mens Sioux or Plains Indians, early 20th c, the first two in purple, green, orange and gold on white & orange, blue, green, red and white with gold, ribbon bou... 650
434 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK VEST - Ojibwa (Chippewa) Childs Pictorial Vest, circa 1890, featuring crossed US flags and stars and with intials K.T. & H.W.S on the two front buckskin panels and an overall polychrome b... 475
435 NATIVE AMERICAN PIPE BOWL - Missisippian Mound Builder Culture Clay Bird Effigy Canoe Form Pipe Bowl, 4 1/8 x 5 x 3. Fine condition. 650
436 NATIVE AMERICAN DRESS - Lakota Sioux Womans Buckskin Dress, early 20th c, with fringed edging and long fringe with bead decoration, three flaps in front suspended from beaded strip, rows of money cowrie shells at str... 700
437 (2) SMALL NATIVE AMERICAN TOOLS - Small Plains Indians Stone Head Club, possibly a childs toy, with rawhide covered cottonwood handle and stone binding, two fringed cuffs with white, blue and yellow beaded bands 8 1/... 500
438 PAIR OF NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED CUFFS - Late 19th c Chippewa Cuffs with polychrome floral beadwork over white silk, having scattered spangles, red stroud cloth backing, wine colored silk binding, in display case. Rough... 250
439 NATIVE AMERICAN DANCE WAND - Lakota Sioux Dance Wand made from a pair of cowhorns, mounted on a wooden shaft with rawhide bindings, the cottonwood handle entirely covered in sky blue beadwork with wine stripes, with a... Unsold
440 SOUTHWEST DECORATED BUFFALO SKULL - Contemporary Turquoise, Coral and Amber Encrusted Buffalo Skull, with horns and interior painted black, the horns edged by tack decoration, white paint highlighting, teeth intact, p... Unsold
441 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTED HIDES - Modern, in the Plains tradition, in acrylic on deer hide with the hair on, both monogrammed with an X through three waves, dated 2001 & 2002, the first a battle scene with seven w... Unsold
442 (12) CONTEMPORARY KACHINAS - Hopi and Navajo, of various figures, in painted wood with feathers, cloth, yarn, beadwork, some marked on the bottom, a few signed Nick & Zelda Fast Horse, Bill Sowemaenewa, R. Plater... Unsold
443 REPLICA NATIVE AMERICAN WAR BONNET - Fully Feathered Bonnet in the style of the Mescalero Apache, with beadwork band, rabbit fur faux weasel tails, stained turkey feathers with applied down having horsehar trails. Rou... Unsold
444 REPLICA NATIVE AMERICAN WAR BONNET - Fully Feathered Bonnet in the style of the Lakota Sioux, with beadwork band, blue cloth and leather drops, stained turkey feathers, red and blue wrapped stems, fur covered leather ... Unsold
445 REPLICA NATIVE AMERICAN WAR BONNET - Fully Feathered Bonnet in the style of the Arapahoe Cheyenne, with beadwork band, rabbit fur faux weasel tails, stained turkey feathers with applied down having horsehair trails. R... Unsold
446 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN TRAVEL BAGS - Rare Plains Indians Buffalo Hide Tepee Bags, for transport of the coverings that form the shelter, in duffel bag form, with thong handles also used as tie-downs. Late 19th c. Roughly ... 800
447 (7) NATIVE AMERICAN CLOTHING ACCESSORIES - All contemporary, including: Breastplate in bone, glass beads, bear claw, brain-tanned deerhide, hemp twine and jingle bells (four off but present), roughly 21 x 12; PLUS P... Unsold
448 (2 PCS) HOPI POTTERY - Black on Red Serpent Decorated Low Bowl signed Annabelle Honie (1901-1980), circa 1940, Polacua, Arizona, 4 1/2 deep, 6 3/4 diam, minor wear; PLUS Assembled Early Terra Cotta Jug with incised ... Unsold
449 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY EFFIGY - Zuni Pueblo, Ceremonial Wide-Eyed Owl Figure, attributed to Nellie Bica, circa 1940s, 7 tall, very good condition. 275
450 (7) NATIVE AMERICAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - All contemporary, including: Large Drum from section of tree trunk, with deerhide heads top and bottom, thong lashed on sides, 14 1/2 x 11 diam, some thongs broken; PLUS Yuc... Unsold
451 (5) NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS - All contemporary, including: Apache Water Carrier in pitch daubed grass and reed with horsehair handles, 8 1/2 tall, 8 1/2 diam; PLUS Plains Sweetgrass Two-Handled Low Round, with polyc... Unsold
452 (4 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Contemporary Jicarilla Apache Scorched Pottery, all redware but the last, including: Large bowl, 4 deep, 11 diam; PLUS Jar with cinched neck, decorated with a raised serpent, 6 tal... Unsold
453 (8 PCS) PUEBLO & OTHER POTTERY & CATLINITE SMUDGE - All contemporary, including: Polychrome Acoma Olla signed GPR, white field and interior, 5 tall, 6 1/2 diam; PLUS Polychrome Jar marked La Pena Ceramica VeraGua... Unsold
454 RARE BOOK NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY - The original 1894 Department of the Interior Census Office Report on Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed in The United States (Except Alaska), at the Eleventh Census: 1890. Black c... 325
455 (8 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, Small Specialty Pieces, early 20th c, polychrome on white decoration, including: Wedding Pitcher, 5 3/4 x 3 3/4 diam; Jug, 5 3/4 x 4 1/4; Bottle, 6 x 4... 250
456 (4 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mississippi Culture, redware with scorching, including: Jar with Birds, 5 1/4 tall, 5 3/4 diam, 7 1/4 wide at lugs; PLUS Jar with two Lizard form handles, flared rim, 5 tall, 6 d... 325
457 NATIVE AMERICAN GRINDSTONE & GRINDER - Lava Stone Grinding Tablet with flat rock grinder, the tablet having a raised mound at one end, probably Central America, Meso-American. Roughly 17 x 10 x 8 tablet, 7 x 4 gr... Unsold
458 (5 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - San Idelfonso Pueblo, New Mexico, all blackware, including: Olla with feather pattern, signed Manuel, 4 3/4 x 6 diam; PLUS Bowl with feather patten, 3 3/4 x 5 1/4 diam; PLUS Two... Unsold
459 PUEBLO POTTERY BOWL - Large Polychrome Bowl by Mildred Antonio, Acoma Pueblo, NM, signed, circa 1975. Having repeating geometric themes. 4 3/4 x 8 1/4 diam, hairline crack, soiling, glue spot on rim. 125
460 (2 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Both Maricopa/Pima, Gila River, Arizona, bottle form polished redware with black decoration, the larger signed Vesta Bread, 14 x 8 diam, the smaller signed Grace Monahan, 12 x ... 250
461 (4 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mata Ortiz Pueblo, Ollas, including: Nicolas Silveira, black on red, 10 1/2 x 11 diam; Nora Silveira, same, 6 1/2 x 6 3/4 diam; Chela Olivas, same, 7 x 5 3/4 diam & polychrome o... 250
462 (4 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mata Ortiz Pueblo, Ollas, polychrome on tan, including: (2) Cesar Bugarini, 6 x 7 1/2 diam; Miguel Bugarini, 5 1/4 x 6 1/2 diam & Rene H (black on tan), 3 1/2 x 4 diam. Good con... Unsold
463 (3 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Mata Ortiz Pueblo, Olla with Owls Head Effigy by Reynaldo Q. de Lopez, polychrome on tan, 10 x 10 diam, repaired crack; PLUS Unmarked Olla, polychrome on tan, 6 1/2 x 7 1/4 diam;... Unsold
464 (5 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - All but one Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico, polychrome on tan, including: Seed Pot by B. Tosa, 5 1/4 x 5 1/2 diam, some wear; Jar by M.C. Tosa, 6 3/4 x 5 3/4; Long Neck Bottle by Tafoya... Unsold
465 (3 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Isleta Pueblo, all in scorched redware, unsigned, including: Owl Effigy Jar with scraffito detailing, 10 1/2 x 7 1/2 diam; PLUS Olla with lug handles, impressd cloth texture, cutwor... 150
466 (2 PCS) PUEBLO POTTERY - Both black on black, including: Two-Handled Vase with Kachina decoration, by Legoria Velarda (1911-1984), Santa Clara Pueblo, NM, 7 1/2 x 6 x 4 1/4; PLUS Bottle Form Vase with feather decor... Unsold
467 (3 PCS) EARLY PUEBLO POTTERY - All circa 1900-15, including: Acoma Bowl with interior polychrome floral decoration, 2 x 5 1/2, repaired crack; PLUS Miniature Acoma Pitcher with thunderbird decoration, original paper... Unsold
468 (4 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - (2) Small Black on Grey Pots by Robert Yazzie, Mesa Verde Navajo, 5 x 4 3/4 & 5 x 5 1/2; PLUS (2) Black Pots, an Oaxaca Plain Olla, 7 1/4 x 7 1/4 diam & Olla with snake decorati... Unsold
469 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Large Three-Legged Black Pot with band of decoration, flared rim, by Pablo Mateos, Tonala, Mexico, signed. 9 1/2 x 8 3/4 diam, fine condition. Unsold
470 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Large Black Olla with overall incised decoration to the upper half, flared rim, by Armando Silveiro, Mata Ortiz, Mexico, signed. 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 diam, fine condition. Unsold
471 PUEBLO POTTERY FIGURE - Storyteller with Nineteen Children, by Caroline Sando, Jemez Pueblo, NM, signed CLS, Sando is the grand-daughter of Andrea Tsosie, who helped revive the tradition of these figures. 10 1/2 ta... 100
472 (3 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - All redware, early San Juan Pueblo, including: Bowl with rolled rim, faint red decoration, 3 1/4 x 6 1/2; Small Two-Handled Bowl with impressed X decoration on rim, 3 x 5 x 4 1/4... Unsold
473 (2 PCS) EARLY PUEBLO POTTERY - Including: Hopi Redware Bowl with buff exterior, greek key banded rim with pendnt triangles, 2 1/2 x 5 diam; PLUS Small Navajo Redware Jar with overall black checkering, three Thunderb... Unsold
474 (8) KACHINAS - Contemporary Navajo/Hopi Kachinas, in painted wood with fabric, fur, bead, shell, turqouise and other accessories, all marked on bottom, 10 to 12 tall, good condition. 300
475 RINGS - Collection of (144) Native American Crafted Silver and Stone Set Rings, some artisan signed. Group includes rings set with turquoise, red coral, amethyst, and lapis. 25.25 ozt tw. Good condition. From old pawn... 1,400
476 BOLO TIES & BELT BUCKLES - (11) Pc Collection of Native American Crafted Silver, including (7) Bolo Ties and (4) Belt Buckles, many set with stones. Lot includes: Silver bolo tie with dancer motif, signed Bennett, Pa... 850
477 RINGS - Collection of (53) Native American Crafted Silver Gents Rings, most set with stones, most artisan signed. Includes rings set with turquoise, lapis, malachite, red coral, and mother-of-pearl. Two rings feature... 2,200
478 RINGS - Collection of (110) Native American Crafted Rings, many artisan signed, (22) are silver only, all others set with stones. Lot includes rings set with turquoise, onyx, red coral, hematite, abalone, and stone. 1... 4,250
479 RINGS - Collection of (145) Native American Crafted Silver Rings, all set with stones, some are artisan signed. Includes rings set with turquoise, mother-of-pearl, abalone, red coral, opal, malachite, onyx, and rose q... 850
480 WATCH TIPS - Collection of (33) Native American Crafted Watch Tips, most are silver (not the bands), many are set or inlaid with stones, many are signed. Includes pieces by Watson Honanie (Hopi), Richard Begay (Navajo... 650
481 BRACELETS - Collection of (13) Native American silver bracelets, some artisan signed, including (11) cuff bracelets, one link bracelet, and one cuff form watch mount. Lot includes: Sterling cuff bracelet by Navajo mak... 450
482 NECKLACES - Collection of (5) Native American Crafted Silver and Stone Set Necklaces. Including: Sterling pendant set with large amber stone by Navajo maker Phillip Sanchez on 18 long Italian silver chain, pendant: 2... 250
483 CONCHO BELTS - (2) Vintage Native American Crafted Silver Concho Belts. Including: a 34 3/4 long belt with (17) engraved 3/4 wide silver conchos and (17) round spacers; and a 41 long belt with (22) engraved silver ... 200
484 (12) PCS JEWELRY - Collection of (12) Pieces of Native American Silver Jewelry, many set with stones. Including: (3) Piece sterling silver Storyteller suite by Carol Feeley Designs with openwork cuff bracelet, 1 1/4... 275
485 FETISH JEWELRY - (2) Pc Vintage Native American Jewelry Lot including Navajo Carved Fetish Neckace and Matching Post Earrings. Fetishes depict a variety of animals carved from semi-precious stones. Earrings: 2 long; ... 150
486 NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER NECKLACE - Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace made from 1940s Indian Head dimes, horseshoe pendant with central blossom, unmarked, 28 necklace, 4 horseshoe, good condition. 550
487 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - Small San Idelfonso Blackware Pot decorated with spider having coral and turquoise beads, coved rim, signed Stahn-Moo-Whe (Barbara Gonzalez) on underside. 2 1/2 tall, 3 1/2 diam. Fine con... 150
488 NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY - (14) Pc. collection of finely crafted Native American Silver Jewelry, including (11) cuff bracelets, a bracelet and ring suite by Dene Tsosie Bini, and a watch band. Lot includes: Turtle form... 1,300
489 NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY SUITE - (2) pc Native American Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Suite including bellflower necklace and earrings. Necklace has double strand of hollow silver beads and (9) bellflowers set with natu... 500
490 NECKLACE - Native American Crafted Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace. Consisting of a double strand of hollow silver beads, (21) silver spacers, (20) blossoms set with turquoise stones, and a large naja set... 650
491 NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY - (7) Pc Collection of Silver Native American Jewelry, with (3) necklaces, a pair of earrings and (3) pc set with ring, brooch and pr of earrings. Lot includes: Squash blossom necklace with dou... 1,000
492 NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY - (2) Pc Native American Crafted Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Suite, including a squash blossom necklace and ring. Necklace features a double strand of hollow silver beads with (12) squash blos... 2,100
493 NECKLACE - Native American Zuni Crafted Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace. With double strand of hollow silver beads, (12) intricately formed and engraved squash blossoms, each set with turquoise, and large... 850
494 SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE - Vintage Native American Silver and Chunky Green Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace, with double strand of hollow beads, (10) squash blossoms, and (7) stone naja. Naja and each squash blossom f... 550
495 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER BOLO TIES - Alberto Contreras of Tucson, AZ. Sterling Bolos in Modernized Navajo Patterns with open work over solid backs, asymmetrical shapes, with his AC mark, on braided leather cords w... 425
496 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED BAG - 20th c Northern Plains Indian Two-Sided Soft Deerskin Beaded Bag with beadwork decoration at bottom of both sides, long fringe, the geometric design on one side is multicolored interlockin... Unsold
497 MEXICAN POTTERY - 20th c. Terracotta Polychrome Olla in ovoid form with medium-sized mouth, having tiered bands of geometric designs. 6 1/2 tall, 8 diam. Minor soiling, a few paint drips, underside scuffed. Unsold
498 NATIVE AMERICAN DOLL & BASKET - Northern Plains Indian Childs Doll in deer hide, with real hair, beaded decoration and features, 11 1/2 tall, in vintage carrying basket, 11 3/4 x 5 x 2 1/2, fine condition. 700
499 (3) SOUTHWEST AMERICAN RUGS - All 19th c, including Two Navajo Rugs in red, black and oatmeal, 24 x 45 & 36 x 62, stains, loss to edges; PLUS Fine Rainbow Serapi, 35 x 70, good condition. 200
500 NATIVE AMERICAN POT - Casas Grandes Red & Black on Variegated Clay by Oscar Quesada, Village of Juan Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico. Signed. 6 3/4 x 7 1/2 diam. Fine condition. Unsold
501 (2) NATIVE AMERICAN POTS - Mata Ortiz Olla by Gloria Hernandez, Red on Tan, 7 1/2 x 8 diam; PLUS Acoma Horse Hair Covered Pot by Gary Yellow Corn Louis, dated 99; 7 1/2 x 8 diam. Both signed. Fine condition. 200
502 NATIVE AMERICAN ART POTTERY - Ceramic Rainbow Colored Kiva Jar with Hummingbird Pattern by Marvin Blackmore of Dolores, Colorado, with needle etched decoration through multiple colored clay slips, fully decorated on a... 1,800
503 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK - 20th c Germantown Loom Beaded Strap with red and blue wool yarn fringe, having floral geometric decoration in dark green, yellow, pale blue, crimson and white, 40 overall length, 13 x 3 3/... Unsold
504 NATIVE AMERICAN SPOON - Northern Plains Indian Eating Spoon in wood, with beadwork decoration and deer hide fringe, the striped beadwork in orange, dark blue, crimson and yellow, with orange cross at center, the bowl ... 250
505 NATIVE AMERICAN LEG BANDS - 20th c Germantown Woven Dancing Leg Bands in wool and deer hide, with zigzag particolor pattern and long fringe, 10 1/2 x 2 3/4 bands, very good condition. Unsold
506 (3 PCS) MEXICAN PUEBLO POTTERY - Mata Ortiz, including: Black on Black Olla decorated with snakes, signed David Ortiz, 6 x 6 diam; PLUS Red and Black on Yellow Ochre, unsigned, 6 x 7 diam; PLUS Black on Grey-Tan... Unsold
507 (13 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY - All 20th c, including: Large Bowl by Tina Kie, Acoma Pueblo, NM, signed, 4 x 6 3/4 diam; PLUS Small Ovoid Bud Vase by S. Patricio, Acoma, signed, 3 1/4 x 3 1/4; PLUS Small Pot by... 250
508 NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK - 20th c Beaded Axe Head Form Placket, Northern Plains Indian, probably Sioux, with red steer, woman and whirling log in blue, red, yellow and green on a white field, on cotton laid over rawhi... Unsold
509 (3) NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTINGS - Hopi Kachina Dancers in gouache on faux vellum cardstock, circa 1950s, matted, unframed. SS: 15 x 10. Very good condition. 300
510 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETRY - Hupa Sweetgrass Cap, 19th c, Northern California, two-toned pattern, roughly 3 x 6, poor condiiton. Unsold
511 LITHO IN COLORS - Song of the Earth, 1977 by Charles Lovato (NM, 1937-1987), signed lower center, unframed, full sheet Strathmore with deckled edge, 30 x 22, very good condition. Published at Western Graphics. Unsold
512 LITHO - You Give Me Reason to Live, 1977 by Charles Lovato (NM, 1937-1987), signed lower right, numbered VII/X, unframed, full sheet Strathmore with deckled edge, 22 x 30, very good condition. Published at Weste... Unsold
513 INUIT SCULPTURE - Bird with Open Wings in Serpentine by King Kingwatsiak, Cape Dorset, as illustrated in plate 55 of the Kulik Art Inuit of Quebec 2001 Annual Winter Collection catalog. Mounted on black painted wood... 500
514 INUIT SCULPTURE - Musk-Ox in Serpentine with Bone Horns, signed on feet by Jomie Aipeelie, Iqualuit, dated 97. 11 long. Good condition. 500
515 (2) ESKIMO WALRUS TUSK CARVINGS - Inuit Carving of Man in Kayak with wooden paddle, 9 1/2 long; PLUS Man Hunting Bears, three figures mounted on a wooden plinth, 3 x 6 1/2 x 2 1/4, fine condition. 275
516 INUIT SCULPTURE - Goose Spreading Wings in Serpentine, signed on feet by Ashevak Adla, Nunavut, dated 10/98. 15 3/4 wingspan. Repair to one wing. Original 1999 receipt of purchase from Kulik Art Inuit, Quebec, is a... 300
517 INUIT BONE CLUB - Alaskan Sealing Club made from walrus bone, with scratched in name Kertoil Kingeekuk, PO Box 113, Savoonga, Alaska. The town is on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea. 24 long. Good condition. 350
518 POLYNESIAN WAR CLUB - Early 19th c. Fijian Style Root Stock War Club with chip carved handle and remnants of horizontal binding, which at one time would have covered nearly the entire shaft. 45 long. Shrinkage cracks... 1,700
519 FIJI ISLANDS WAR CLUB - Viti Throwing Club (Ula Tavatava) in carved dense hardwood, the domed head surrounded by bulging fluted flange, handle is tapered to square end. 19th c. 14 long, portion of flange gone, shrink... 600
520 HAWAIIAN POI POUNDER, Large Knob Type Pounder in Basalt, with unusual cap to handle, roughly 13 1/2 tall, 8 x 6, signs of use, scuffs, very heavy. Per The Gallery at Hawaiian Stones & Artifacts in Honolulu: Ever... 1,500
521 NEOLITHIC CARVING - Arawak Taino People, Caribbean, Ceremonial Stone Axe Head in anthropomorphic form of helmeted warrior, (1200-1500 AD), in grey-green hardstone. 6 1/8 long. Good condition, minor encrustation. Coll... 325
522 MESO-AMERICAN CARVED STONE PANEL - Important Mayan Panel of a Priest Bearing a Serpent, carved in low relief from pinkish stone, with glyphs lower right, integral frame. Recovered in Guatemala. Re-assembled with Russi... 17,000
523 MAYA CERAMIC VESSEL - Three-Footed Cocoa Cup, with incised decoration of three ball players in full regalia. 2 7/8 x 2 3/4 diam. Chips to rim and foot. Unsold
524 PRECOLUMBIAN POTTERY VESSEL - Remarkable Large Anthropomorphic Whistling Jug, possibly Lambayeque Culture, Peru, double chambered, with large flared rim pot with spout set on base having small bridge to back of full l... Unsold
525 EARLY FRENCH POLYNESIAN TOTEM - Tall Standing Totem with human face and leaf/wind patterns on front, fish and snake on back, probably Marquesas Island, last home of Paul Gauguin, and from around the time of his reside... Unsold
526 (2 PCS) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Burnished Black Jug with Priest Head spout, loop handle with two portrait heads; PLUS Jug in Form of Temple Guardian. Tlatilco, great basin, 600-800 AD. 5 1/2 & 8 tall. Hole in side o... Unsold
527 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Chancay Burial Urn, Central Coastal Peru, 1300-1400 AD, in anthropomorphic form with human features on collar neck, rim representing basket on head, clasped hands holding cup on egg-shaped body... Unsold
528 (17) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY CHARDS - Terra Cotta Figural Elements, mostly heads, some anthropomorphic, most with labels indicating era and region, Mayan Pre-CLassic to Toltan and Quiche/Coban. 3 to 1 1/4. Good condit... 250
529 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Mayan Pre-Classic Period Black Clay Two-Handled Pot, with crimped band and incised decoration, round bottom, flared rim. 5 3/4 tall, 7 1/2 wide. Santa Clara, near Guatemala City, 1000-500 BC.... 250
530 PRECOLUMBIAN POTTERY - Mayan Pre-Classic Period Terra Cotta Oil Lamp with large anthropomorphic handle, deep round basin, about 400 AD, found in El Baul, Guatemala. 4 1/2 tall, 10 x 6 1/4. Good condition. Unsold
531 NEOLITHIC CARVING - Mezcala Anthropomorphic Stone Idol in male form, Guerrero, Mexico region, 300 BC - 300 AD, cult of the votive celt or axe head, in grey-green hardstone. 4 1/8 tall. Old repair at neck. From a Thom... 900
532 (3 PCS) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Monte Alban Bird Form Vessel in grey clay, circa 100-300 AD, 7 tall; PLUS (2) Zoomorphic Terra Cotta Bird Form Flasks from Mexicos Chupicuaro Valley, Late Preclassic Period, circa 100... 250
533 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY FIGURE - Mayan Seated Offeratory Figure of a man with arms crossed at neck, earrings, headdress with long knotted tail at back, exposed genitals, curled legs, in remnants of paint, 8 3/4 tall, r... Unsold
534 TRADITIONAL MAYAN SLATE CARVING - Lizard Figure by the renowned Garcia Sisters of San Antonio, Cayo District, Belize. 4 1/2 long. Fine condition. 200
535 PRE-COLUMBIAN GREENSTONE FIGURE - Guerrero-Chantal Standing Figure of a Priest, in distinctive headress, with delineated facial features, hands resting on hips. 300 to 400 AD. 10 3/4 tall. Repaired at feet. Unsold
536 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Mayan Tripod Bowl, Pacific Coast, circa 550-950 AD, with Quetzalcoatl Head feet, the sides having repeating impressed image of a seated Priest, cloth texture to interior. 3 1/2 x 5 3/4, 6 1/2... 250
537 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Mayan/Jaina Offeratory Closed Jug surmounted by a Falling Ball Player in ornate headress, the sides of the jug with incised decoration, having a single vent hole. 5 1/2 tall. Good condition, e... Unsold
538 (5) MAYAN HARDSTONE TOOLS - Teotihuacan, 200 BC to 100 AD, including: Cultivating Spade, (2) Adze Heads and (2) Celts, 9 1/2 to 4 1/2 long, good condition. Unsold
539 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Tairona Zoomorphic Effigy Vessel in black clay with burnished exterior and glazed interior, 1000-1500 AD, having two loop handles in the form of wolves (?), 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 x 6 1/2, wear to no... Unsold
540 PRECOLUMBIAN STONE MASK - Chontal Carved Greenstone Mask, 400 AD to 800 AD, with open eyes and mouth, pierced ear, two holes at sides near top, 7 1/4 x 6 3/4, scratches. 550
541 (2 PCS) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Colima Anthropomorphic Pots with squating figures, West Mexico, 100 BC to 300 AD, decorated in red-brown slip, 6 3/4 and 4 3/4 tall, good condition. Unsold
542 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - A Charrera Zoomorphic Vessel, Bahia, cirac 800-400 BC, in the form of a turtles carapace, tiny head and tail jutting from each end. 6 1/4 x 6 x 7, rim chip. Ex: Sothebys NY; Nov 18, 1991, l... Unsold
543 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - (3) Charrera Vessels, 100 BC to 300 AD, including: Three-Legged Rattle Pot; Gourd Form Vessel with Frog Top & Two Spouted Ovoid Vessel with Rabbit Handle, 6 3/4 to 6 1/4 tall, rim chips, encr... 275
544 PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Jalisco Figure, 13th-14th c AD, in brown slip decorated yellow clay, depicting a kneeling Priestess, 5 tall, very good condition, with minor rubs. Unsold
545 (5 PCS) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY - Colima-Mixtec Offeratory Figures and Vessels, 12th to 15th c, one holding a bird, 5 1/4 to 7 3/4 tall. Two are re-assembled, most have some encrustation. 250
546 (2) PRE-COLUMBIAN STONE IDOLS - Mescala Fetishes in Green Jade and Black Stone, circa 300 - 500 AD, 3 1/2 and 3 tall, good condition. 250
547 (2) VERY RARE PRE-COLUMBIAN WOOD CARVINGS - Small Figures of Men Wrestling Jaguars, fetish forms more commonly having survived in stone, the features similar to the El Manati find, Vera Cruz, 1989, probably in cedar. ... 1,000
548 (5 PCS) ANCIENT POTTERY - Roman Era Oil Lamps, Middle-Eastern Region, three with decoration, 2 3/4 to 4 long, good condition, encrusted. Unsold
549 (3 PCS) ANCIENT POTTERY - Including: Tiny Ungetarum with three hanging lugs and flared rim, 1 1/4 tall; a Flat Dish with painted detail, 6 diam. and a Bulbous Footed Pot with collared neck and small lug handles, 4 3... Unsold
550 (3) ETHNIC COLLECTIBLES - Pre-Columbian Engraved Spiral Shell, (circa. 500 - 800 A.D.) decorated with an engraved image of a Mayan deity and having an ancient suspension slit; probably part of a necklace. 1 1/2 long;... 425
551 PRE-COLUMBIAN JADE - Costa Rican Moss Jade Amulet, pierced for cord and with horizontal channel. 2 1/8 wide. Edge chip. From a private Atlanta, Georgia Collection. 250
552 LARGE AFRICAN FIGURE - Fang Bieri from Gabon, in brass covered wood with bone eyes, bead necklace & belt, fibre skirt, scarification, pierced shoulders, 20th c. 24 tall. Losses to feet, nice age and use patina. From ... Unsold
553 AFRICAN FETISH GUARDIAN FIGURE - Old Carved Wooden Mother Figure from Baules People, Ivory Coast. She is depicted seated atop a painted leopard, a child on each knee suckling at her breasts, her ovoid face is turned t... Unsold
554 PAIR AFRICAN STOOLS - Carved Wood High Back Stools in Male and Female Anthropomorphic Form, Zoromo Peoples, Tanzania. Specially carved for chiefs and are referred to as thrones, used during judicial and initiation cer... Unsold
555 LARGE AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Figure of Seated Elder, probably Bembe (Congo), 19th-20th c., with skull cap, beard, stylized square scarified torso, his legs crossed, hands on knees. 37 1/2 x 14 x 10. Light encrusting, ... Unsold
556 AFRICAN FIGURE - Small Luba Standing Figure of Woman holding basket, with real hide skirt and fibre belt, plaited hair with receptacle in top. Carved hardwood, 19th c. 11 tall. Warm age and use patina. From a Thomast... 600
557 AFRICAN STATUE - Fang Bieri Peoples Guardian Reliquary Figure of Standing Man with canteen on back, feathered headband and painted skirt, carved from single log, 34 1/2 tall, 12 wide at shoulders, good condition, la... Unsold
558 AFRICAN FIGURE - Standing Maternity Figure, Congo, woman with scarification, almond shaped eyes, on custom stand, 20th c. 9 1/2 tall, excluding stand. Age and use patina. From a Thomaston Maine residence. 550
559 LARGE AFRICAN FIGURINE - Kota/fange style, Gabon Ancestral Ghost Figure with brass over wood, glass bead necklace and belt, hide skirt, mask-form face w smaller mask at belly, scarification, 20th c. 24 tall. Losses t... Unsold
560 AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Senufo Hornbill Sculpture, Mali 19th c., on museum mount. 48 x 9 1/2 x 9 1/2. Losses to legs, one wing, one ear, great age patina. Unsold
561 LARGE AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Dengese Ancestral Figure of Standing Bearded Man, Congo, 20th c., surprisingly realistic. 41 tall, 10 diam base. Weathered, wormage, losses. Unsold
562 AFRICAN MASK - Yoruba Ceremonial Headdress, used for agricultural ceremonies and public festivities, three welts signify female, carved wood and enamel paint, mounted to basket by fabric collar, raffia fringe, the mas... 500
563 POLYNESIAN TOTEM - Greeting Tiki Totem in carved and painted wood, probably Fiji or Solomon Islands, 20th c., with hollowed area at base, 16 tall, 6 diam, shrinkage cracks, age and use patina. Sale to benefit the Or... Unsold
564 LARGE AFRICAN DRUM - Floor-Standing Drum, Dan People, Ivory Coast, carved from a single log, featuring a relief carved mask motif. 44 x 13 diam, with African animal skin to replace missing head, old pegs included. 550
565 AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Large Dogon Standing Janus Figure of two-faced man with facial features on his thighs as well, a guardian figure, Mali, 20th c, 44 1/2 tall, 7 x 6 1/2, weathered, large shrinkage cracks, wormage... Unsold
566 AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Senufo Sculpture of Dual Ancestral Figure, 19th c, Ivory Coast, in carved and painted wood, with incised scarification, 45 1/2 tall, 5 x 5, excluding museum mount, nice age patina. Unsold
567 AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Ejaghem (Ekoi) Head, 19th c., Nigeria, in the form of a beautiful woman with elaborate coiffure, in red paint, fairly realistic. 14 x 8 1/2 x 9. Wear and staining from use, shrinkage cracks, los... 350
568 AFRICAN BRONZE STATUE - Benin Bronze Standing Figure of Royal Courtier, in crown with sceptre and vessel, with jewelry, on integral plinth, 19th c. 22 tall, 7 1/2 x 6 1/2. Nice age patina. 2,000
569 AFRICAN CARVING - Baule Asye Usu Couple (Ancestral Spirits), Ivory Coast, a young couple seated together on a single chair, representing Blolo Bla & Bian (Spirit of Wife & Husband). The figures carved separately and a... 350
570 AFRICAN DRUM - Ceremonial Drum, Yoruba Peoples, Nigeria, 20th c., having the body carved with faces, supported by four male form legs on ring base. Carved from one length of trunk with pegged skin top. 30 1/2 tall, 1... Unsold
571 AFRICAN HEADDRESS - Bamana Antelope Headdress or Tji-Wara of overall tall arching form, with stylized body supporting offspring on back, long horns with hair tufts, fiber-tufted eyes, rectangular base attached to bask... Unsold
572 AFRICAN BRONZE SCULPTURE - Traditional Queens Portrait of Iyoba Ede of Uselu in Benin (Nigeria), Mother of King Eresonyen of Benin (1735-1750), who restored the monarchy, 17 tall, roughly 7 1/2 DIA at base, vent ho... 1,100
573 AFRICAN MASK - Pende Tribe, Imitation Rites of Secret Society (now Dem Rep of Congo), carved wood with cloth headdress and raffia hair, hooded eyes, bared teeth, large domed forehead, 9 1/2 tall, good condition with ... Unsold
574 AFRICAN MASK - Kuba (Congo) initiation mask, in painted wood with cloth helmet having basket hat, raffia beard, tusk tied at hairline, 12 x 7 x 8 1/2, excluding raffia, wear from use, old repaired crack in forehead. 250
575 AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Large Dogon Figure of Warrior on Horseback, his arm raised to hold missing spear, Mali, 20th c, 39 x 17 x 7 1/2, shrinkage cracks, old repair to wrist. 250
576 AFRICAN MASK - Baule People, Ivory Coast, Horned Mask, 19th - 20th c, with paint decoration. 16 1/2 tall, 7 3/4 x 4 1/2. Minor losses to paint on eye lids, nice age and use patina. From a Thomaston Maine residence. 325
577 AFRICAN BRONZE FIGURE - Benin Bronze Court Figure, Nigeria, depicted with headdress, neck collar, jewelry, holding knife and vessel. 26 x 8 x 5. Good condition. 800
578 AFRICAN MASK - Baule Ivory Coast Carved Wood Kpan Mask, for Goli dance, representing the senior female with elaborate coiffure and scarification. In natural finish with brilliant blue and red outlining, on custom stan... 325
579 AFRICAN MASK - Baule Painted Wooden Mask of Woman with Horns on Helmut, decorated collar, on custom stand. 18 1/2 tall, 8 wide, 5 1/2 deep, 22 tall overall. Very good condition. 800
580 AFRICAN HELMUT MASK - Suku Peoples Hemba or Helmut Mask, Zaire, in carved wood with white painted face, with blue faced owl perched on top. Handle protruding from chin (would have been hidden by raffia collar). 17 ta... Unsold
581 AFRICAN BRONZE STAFF - Benin Cast Bronze Oba Staff or Sceptre, with crooked handle having water buffalo end, figures of three crouching men at top of staff which is decorated with lizards, crocodiles, tadpoles and a s... 350
582 AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Senufo Sculpture of Seated Maternal Ancestral Figure, Burkina Faso, 20th c, in carved wood, 59 tall, 8 x 10, shrinkage cracks, wormage. 250
583 PAIR LARGE AFRICAN HELMET MASKS - Bamana Helmet Masks in male and female form, Mali, 20th c, in carved painted wood with applied metal, leather and cowrie shells, 33 x 7 diam, 31 x 6 1/2, shrinkage cracks, losses ... Unsold
584 AFRICAN MASK - Kuba War Mask, (congo) 20th c, in carved wood with cloth helmet, glass beads and cowrie shells, 13 x 14 x 12, wear from use. Includes stand. 250
585 W13BATTLE AXE - Songye Fighting Axe with punch decorated steel blade, hardwood handle having brass tack edging, typical form found in solid bronze currency axe. 4 1/2 long blade, 12 1/2 handle. Very good condition, ... Unsold
586 AFRICAN STOOL - Luba People, Congo, Chiefs Stool, with edge decorated seat supported by kneeling female figure, with elaborate coiffure, scarification, fibre belt, on integral base, 19th c. 10 1/2 tall, 8 diam. Shr... Unsold
587 AFRICAN HELMUT MASK - Suku Helmut Mask Hemba, Congo, 20th c., with pig on top, dancing handle. 16 1/2 tall, 9 1/2 x 12 1/2. Good condition. Unsold
588 AFRICAN BRONZE WALL MASK - Senufo, Ivory Coast, Bronze Firespitter Kpenungo Wall Mask, Poro Male Society, with scorpion on top having horns. 9 x 7 x 5. Good condition. Unsold
589 AFRICAN MASK - Chokwe Pwo Mask, Kwili Kwasai, Angola, in carved wood with fibre hair and cowl, formal scarification of Maltese cross on forehead and mosojii or tears, on custom stand. 13 1/2 tall mask, 9 x 10, 16... 250
590 AFRICAN MASK - Baule Ivory Coast Carved Wood Kpan Mask, for Goli dance, representing the senior female. With elaborate coiffure and scarification, in natural finish, on custom stand. 16 x 7 x 5, 21 tall overall. M... 250
591 AFRICAN BOX - Kuba People, Congo region, Zaire, Carved Wood Cosmetics Box with remnants of Red Tukula Powder inside. 2 3/4 tall, 9 3/4 x 5 1/2. Very good condition. Scarce. 250
592 AFRICAN CARVED BOWL - Bamileke People, Cameroon, late 19th c., deep bowl with carved handle and opposing lug, incised cross motifs on both sides. This carved bowl was used to serve kola nuts or food. The offering of k... Unsold
593 AFRICAN SCULPTURE - Senufo People, Ivory Coast, carved one piece wooden effigy bowl with four figures, in natural surface. 18 high, 11 diam, chips on base. Unsold
594 AFRICAN BRASS CANNISTER - Ashanti People, Ghana, repoussed brass container with friction fit lid, decorated with lizards and snakes, geometric tiers, pierced edge with a few rings left intact. 15 tall, 17 1/4 diam. ... Unsold
595 POLYNESIAN LADLE - 19th c Carved Hardwood Ladle, a dugout canoe bailer, with chip carved bird head effigy hooked handle, deep cylindrical bowl, 15 1/4 long, 3 x 6 1/2 diam bowl, good condition. Unsold
596 LARGE AFRICAN BOWL - Footed Wooden Bowl, Ivory Coast, probably Baule People, having four feet and single lug handle, overall decoration in geometric bands, early 20th c. 11 3/4 tall, 12 diam, exc handle. Worn from use. 250
597 AFRICAN PANEL - Dogon Carved Wood Panel, Mali, 20th c., featuring relief carved human and animal figures. Comprised of two overlapping panels with three battens. Roughly 64 x 24 including battens. Missing both edges. Unsold
598 AFRICAN MASK - Baule Ivory Coast Carved Wood Kpan Mask, for Goli dance, representing the senior female. With elaborate coiffure and three small masks on forehead, decorated collar, in red, black and white pigments, on... 400
599 AFRICAN MASK - Baule Ivory Coast Carved Wood Kpan Mask, for Goli dance, representing the senior female. With elaborate coiffure and scarification, in natural finish, on custom stand.  1/2 x 6 x 4 1/2, 22 1/2 tall... 425
600 AFRICAN MASK - Baule Ivory Coast Carved Wood Kpan Mask, for Goli dance, representing the senior female. With remnants of original pigments, on custom stand. 11 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 4, 16 tall overall. Minor wear. Unsold
601 AFRICAN WOODEN SPOON - Carved Feast Spoon, Dan Peoples, Liberia, Wakemia having a carved European womans head at top, metal rod hanging loop. 16 x 5 1/2 x 2 1/4. Wear from use. 150
602 AFRICAN CARVING - Horse with Rider in hardwood, Dogon Peoples, Mali. 14 1/2 x 12 x 4 1/4. Good condition. 900
603 AFRICAN STAFF - Senufo Bronze and Iron Ceremonial Staff featuring a seated woman with bowl on head wearing glass bead earrings. The tapered square iron staff has two intermediate hooks, edge notching, on custom stand.... 375
604 AFRICAN MASK - Yaka initiation mask in carved wood, with hat and horns in painted fabric over reed armatures, raffia collar concealing long integral handle, upturned hooked nose, typical almond slit eyes, roughly 24 ... 250
605 (2) AFRICAN MASKS - Two Dogon Satimbe Masks, with figures on top representing the elder sister of the wearer, unpainted wood, 20th c, 33 x 9 x 6 & 30 x 6 x 5 1/4, good condition, old string repair to arm of one. 275
606 AFRICAN CARVING - Baule People, Ivory Coast, Heddle Pulley with Ancestral Portrait Handle, male head with delicately carved elaborate coiffure, beard, scarification, loop at top. On custom stand. 7 1/2 tall, 2 3/4 w... Unsold
607 AFRICAN BRONZE - Bamun Bronze Figure of Standing man with Staff, Cameroon, 20th c, 17 1/2 tall. 275
608 AFRICAN STOOL - Makonde Three-Legged Stool with dished top, marked Tayik on underside, Ethiopia, 20th c, 8 1/2 tall, 9 diam, wear from use. From a Thomaston Maine residence. 125
609 (2) AFRICAN SCULPTURES - Ashanti Couple on stool, Ghana, 20th c, 19 x 10 x 9 1/2, minor wear; PLUS Yoruba Female Fertility Figure, 20th c, 15 tall, shrinkage crack, wear from use. Unsold
610 (2) AFRICAN CARVINGS - Chokwe Fly Whisk Handle, Angola, 20th c, carved wood, 14 long, good condition; PLUS Yoruba Sceptre, Nigeria, 20th c, carved wood with applied metal handle, 20 1/2 long, signs of use. 150
611 AFRICAN MASK - Dan Mask, Ivory Coast, with sanded paint, glass beads, seashells, single metal bell remaining attached to canvas collar on one side, 20th c., 14 1/2 x 9 x 4, wear from age and use. From a private New... 400
612 SCULPTURE - Papua New Guinea Full-Body Figure of a Leaping Female Dancer, in soft wood, with cowrie shell eyes, real human hair and two-color fibre skirt. Early to mid 20th c. 44 wide. Worn. Unsold
613 AFRICAN FIGURE - Carved and Pigmented Wooden Figure of Seated Woman, Senufo, Ivory Coast. 10 tall. Shrinkage crack, encrusted, loss to one breast. 150
614 (2) AFRICAN PCS - Fly Whisk and Quirt in woven horsehair, both with geometric designs, the first in dark brown and tan, the second polychrome, 18 1/2 long with 20 tail and 11 long, good condition. Unsold
615 PAIR OF IRON FLOOR CANDELABRUM - African Iron Stands with graduated ranks of spiked candle cups on swan neck stems, mounted to graduated discs penetrated by a central twisted column, supported by a three-footed disc, ... 500
650 MINIATURE CUPBOARD - Late 19th c. Stepback Cupboard in varnished pine, with reticulated gallery, three glass doors over two-shelf cream painted interior, mirrored spalshback below, lower cabinet with three drawers abo... Unsold
651 (4 PCS) BLUE DECORATED STONEWARE CROCKERY - All 19th c., including: 2 Gallon Jug stamped White, Utica, with pea fowl, 13 1/2 x 8 diam; PLUS 2 Gallon Crock, with pecking hen, 9 x 10 diam, chipped rim; PLUS 3 Gall... 600
652 (4 PCS) BLUE DECORATED STONEWARE CROCKERY - All 19th c., with foliate decoration, including: 1 1/2 Gallon Pitcher, dark brown, 12 x 7 diam; PLUS 1 1/2 Gallon Pickle Jar, medium tan, 11 x 7 diam; PLUS 3 Gallon Ovoi... Unsold
653 (9 PCS) BLUE SPONGEWARE CROCKERY - All 19th c., including: Pitcher with net pattern, 9 x 7 1/2 x 5, small rim chip; PLUS Pitcher with latticework pattern, raised rose, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 5; PLUS Pitcher with net pa... 500
654 REDWARE FACE JUG - Mid-19th c. Redware Folk Art Face Jug with Albany Slip Glaze, possibly by Stine Pottery, White Cottage, Ohio; dated October 5, 1844. Date is inscribed on the base (Oct 5 1844) and under glaze on the... 18,500
655 MINIATURE CUPBOARD - 19th c Pennsylvania Miniature in mahogany with maple inlay, ebony knobs, having a simple scrollwork panel pediment with inverted acorn brass finial, two oblong doors with Y-shaped mullions, ivory ... 425
656 (3) EARLY AMERICAN PEWTER COFFEE POTS - All stamped on underside, including: Boardman & Hart, New York City, 11 3/4 x 10 3/4 x 5 3/4, small dents; PLUS Freeman Porter, Westbrook, Maine, circa 1840, 11 3/4 x 10 1/4... Unsold
657 (4) EARLY AMERICAN PEWTER COFFEE POTS - All first half 19th c., including: Rare Bulbous Form by Ashbil Griswold, Meriden, Conn, circa 1825, stamped on interior bottom with eagle touchmark, 10 1/2 x 11 x 5 3/4; PLUS... Unsold
658 (3 PCS) ANTIQUE NEW ENGLAND PEWTER - All marked, including: Freeman Porter, Westbrook, Maine, No. 1 Lighthouse Coffee Pot, circa 1845, 11 tall; PLUS William Lyman, Meriden, Connecticut, Coffee Pot, circa 1850, 12 1... Unsold
659 EAGLE WEATHERVANE - Full-Body Pressed Zinc Eagle, late 19th c, surmounting a small sphere, wings spread, in remnants of the original gilding, on the original steel rod, roughly 17 x 21 x 16, excluding rod. 450
660 SET OF (5) CHAIRS - Very Nice Windsor Chairs, one arm and four sides, with birdcage backs, one board carved and molded saddle seats, bamboo turned splayed legs, circa 1800-1830, 17 seat, 27 arm, 34 back, 22 x 18 ... 600
661 QUILT TOP - Early 20th c Cotton Applique Quilt Top on a white ground with red framing, having thirty panels, no two the same, including an American flag, a church with people in front, exotic birds, a hand fan, a Chin... 550
662 US PATRIOTIC TABLECLOTH - Circa 1870 Woven Damask Tablecloth in pink and white with central images of a Native American representing Liberty, the border having a repeating series of steam/sail ships, schooners, center... 250
663 RARE AMERICAN COLONIAL HUTCH TABLE - Mid 18th c. Hudson Valley Oval Top Hutch Table in red stained pine, with oak battens, with hinged seat, original pins, set on box base with shaped skirt and trestles, molded shoe f... Unsold
664 RARE LIVERPOOL CREAMWARE MUG - George Washington Commemorative, circa 1800, having a profile portrait of GW flanked by figures of women representing Liberty and Justice, a riband above My Favorite Son and below Lon... Unsold
665 THIRTY-SIX DRAWER APOTHECARY CABINET - 19th c. Country Cabinet in pine with several old layers of paint (apple green over ivory over dove gray casien), having concave cuts in the stanchions at the side of each drawer,... 650
666 MOCHAWARE PITCHER - Mid 19th c. Glazed Pottery in Cats Eye pattern blue, black and tan decoration. 5 5/8 tall. Repaired handle and spout. Unsold
667 (2 PCS) MOCHAWARE - Early 19th c. Cream Pitcher decorated with a Pea Fowl, green sponging, 4 tall, 5 x 3 1/4, repaired handle & Chamber Pot with white band, black seaweed and blue pinstriping, 5 x 8 1/4, good con... Unsold
668 SCARCE PRATTWARE JUG - 18th c. Soft-paste Oval Jug having raised decoration on each side of a heart containing two children, one giving a fright to the other with a mask on one side, one holding a doll and the other w... Unsold
669 EAGLE CARVING - Gilt Carved Softwood Eagle by John Upton, Bremen, Maine, 1952. Inscribed verso. 33 x 12 1/2. Good condition. 325
670 GLASS-TOP CORNER CUPBOARD - Mid 19th c. Two-Part Maple Cabinet, New England, having deep molded cove cornice, twelve light mullioned door over a three shelf cream painted interior, molded base to upper cabinet sets in... 700
671 ATTRIBUTED TO SUSAN CATHERINE MOORE WATERS (NY/NJ, 1823-1900) - Rooster with Two Chickens in Yard, oil on canvas, appears to have remnants of her signature lower right, with provenance as a gift to one of her students... Unsold
672 1816 RHODE ISLAND SAMPLER - Linen Alphabet Sampler with house, trees and fences at bottom, stitchwork inscription at center reads Mary Shaw, her sampler, wrought in the tenth year of her age, September the 19 (sic) i... 1,800
673 EARLY MAINE SAMPLER - Alphabet and Poem Sampler by Harriet Shackley, aged 12, Norway (Maine), March, 1820, on coarse linen, flanked by floral vines and with cross lower left. The poem reads The maid who walks in foll... 1,000
674 FRAMED ALPHABET SAMPLER - Boston Region Sampler, silk on coarse linen, marked at bottom Kitty Rosecheves, Her Work Made in the 11 (sic) Year of Her Age, 1789, featuring a camel and lambs in front of a truncated pyra... 375
675 DIMINUTIVE WALL-HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD - Late 18th c. pine in red paint, with two doors having narrow chamfer on frame around inset panels, half round spline, shaped ends and tall backboards, two shelf interior, 26 1... 250
676 18TH C SAMPLER - Alphabet Sampler in silk on coarse linen, reading at bottom Afa Tyler Sampler made in the 10th Year of her Age, Sterling, August the 27th, 1794. In vintage birdseye maple ogee frame, under glass, OS... 350
677 FRAMED POETRY SAMPLER - New England Petit Point Sampler in silk on linen, by Susan Guy, aged 13 years, 1848. With acorn and leaf border, two cats at bottom, birds and flowers surrounding the poem, which reads Humilit... 1,400
678 MINIATURE EMPIRE CHEST - 19th c. Two Over Three Drawer Dresser with capped scroll form stiles, conforming top, the upper two drawers with mitered edge, all having mahogany fronts, glass knobs, set on contoured platfor... 400
679 SUSAN CATHERINE MOORE WATERS (NY/NJ, 1823-1900) - Chicks and Cherry Baskets, oil on canvas, signed lower right, with provenance as a gift to one of her students in Bordentown, NJ. In gilt gesso matched corner frame, O... 8,250
680 PINE CORNER CUPBOARD -19th c One-Piece Cupboard, probably Pennsylvania, with two Double Panel Doors over Single Panel Doors, having ogee molded and dentil cove crown, three shaped shelves in white casein painted upper... 700
681 ATTRIBUTED TO SUSAN CATHERINE MOORE WATERS (NY/NJ, 1823-1900) - Still Life of Apples and Strawberries in Baskets, Set Among Daisies, oil on canvas, with what appears to be remnants of her signature and date of 1850 lo... 600
682 HOOKED RUG - 29 x 39 1/2 - 20th c. Hooked Rug featuring Girl with Watering Can, wool, velvet and silk. Purchased in Maine. Unsold
683 HOOKED RUG - 18 1/2 x 39 - Two Sunbonnet Girls, probably a pattern, all wool hooked on burlap, late 1800s, early 1900s. Purchased in Maine. Unsold
684 WINDSOR ROCKER - 19th c. Sack-back Arm Rocker in mustard yellow paint with black pinstriping, ten spindle back, shaped seat, turned legs, flat, inserted rockers with scrolled ends. 18 seat, 27 arms, 23 x 38. 37 1/... 400
685 PINE THREE-SHELF BUCKET BENCH - 18th c. Yellow Pine Storage Shelf, having graduated shelves, the topmost is grooved, with solid backing, set between tapered bootjack stanchions, having beaded front edge, rounded front... 100
686 SET OF (6) WINDSOR SIDE CHAIRS - Bow-back with beaded bentwood hoop, bamboo turnings to spindles, splayed legs and h-stretcher, having shaped seat, 16 seat, 36 back, 17 x 20 1/2. Refinished, age and use wear, sturdy. 1,600
687 CASED MINIATURE PORTRAIT - Said to be of General James Singleton (1762-1815), Captain of a Virginia troop, 1785, Commander of the 16th Virginia Regiment in the War of 1812. In gold mount with woven hair and gold monog... Unsold
688 CASED MINIATURE PORTRAIT - Watercolor on Ivory, said to be of Elizabeth Throckmorton (Ball) Singleton, (1775-1852), ca 1815, married Gen. James Singleton in 1797, had ancestral ties to Martha Washington. In gold case,... 1,000
689 I.F. DAVISON - Spilled Strawerry Basket, oil on canvas, signed lower right, dated June 1914. In gesso ranked frame, OS: 18 1/2 x 22 1/2, SS: 11 1/2 x 15 1/2, cleaned. 300
690 TALL CHIMNEY CUPBOARD - Early 19th c. One-Piece Cupboard in Pumpkin Pine, with simple molded crown, mitered and raised two panel door over three shelves, the interior in mint green paint, having original steel lock, l... 350
691 UNSIGNED PRIMITIVE FARM SCENE - New England Barnyard with Chickens and Chicks Feeding, circa 1890, in gold cove frame, OS: 24 1/2 x 31 1/2, SS: 19 1/2 x 26 1/2, cleaned, good condition. Unsold
692 HOOKED RUG - 30 x 58 - Floral design with muted colors including some reds and blues, all wool, hooked on burlap, late 1800s, early 1900s. Purchased in Maine. Unsold
693 HOOKED RUG - 24 X 42 - 20th c. Hooked Rug with Red Flowers in yellow pot, green border. Purchased in Maine. Unsold
694 PAIR OF ARCHITECTURAL COLUMNS - Early 19th c. Whitewashed Wood Columns in Egyptian Revival style, with reeded tapered round capitals, fluted and reeded tapered columns, octagonal molded base. 83 x 18 at base, 17 at... Unsold
695 CUSTOM SLANT LID DESK - Bench Made Chippendale Style Desk in tiger maple, by Albert R. Winroth & Sons, Stoughton, Massachusetts, April 20, 1929 (marked on back of uppermost drawer). The hinged lid reveals sets of vale... 1,200
696 HOOKED RUG - 38 X 54 - Puzzle Rug in dark blue, reds, greens and yellows, late 1800s, early 1900s. Purchased in Maine. 650
697 MINIATURE PORTRAIT - American Sepia Bust Portrait of a Beautiful Young Girl in white linen dress, with her hair in ringlets tucked behind her ears, an engaging directness to her look, circa 1840, unsigned. In a later ... 375
698 SUSAN CATHERINE MOORE WATERS (NY/NJ, 1823-1900) - Coast with Whitecaps on Rocky Cliffs, faintly signed lower right Mrs. Susan C Waters. In gilt matched corner gesso frame, OS: 22 1/2 x 26 1/2, SS: 15 1/2 x 19 1/2... 1,500
699 SCHOOL GIRL DECORATED BOX - 18th c Miniature Sea Chest Form Pine Box with folk paintings in oils of a Colonial home and barn in a New England woodland, the front and sides delineating types of trees common to those fo... 850
700 FOLK ART PORTRAIT - Full Length Portrait of a Young Blonde Girl in a Yellow Silk Lace Trimmed Dress holding a floral wreath, circa 1835, unsigned. The canvas is stenciled on back S.N. Dodges Artists & Painters Sup... 15,000
701 CHINESE EXPORT TRAVEL DESK - Brass Bound Huanghuali Wood Case, in rectangular form, with eased corners, fleur-de-lis brackets on inset brass frame, blank center plate, flush mount side handles, lock, brass finger hing... 800
702 FEDERAL PERIOD LIQUOR BOX - Fine Rectangular Decanter Case in mahogany with boxwood stringing, period oval brass pull on deep hinged lid, cross-banded edge, lock without key, resting on molded base, the six compartmen... 700
703 TEA CADDY - Fine Regency Tortoiseshell Caddy with elaborately crafted stepped mansard cover, blank silver cartouche at center and silver band partitioning overall; with bombe case, set on molded base with original bal... 3,000
704 HUDSON RIVER LANDSCAPE - Luminist View of Upstate New York Farm Overlooking River at Sunset, oil on canvas, unsigned, circa 1840, with recently cleared land in foreground, multiple figures in middle ground, colonnaded... 6,000
705 FINE PEMBROKE TABLE - Period New York Sheraton Table in mahogany, the excellent flame figured top with well designed shaped drop leaves, boxwood stringing to edge, single drawer opposed by sham drawer, both with press... 2,500
706 AFTER JOHN WESLEY JARVIS (NY, 1780-1840) - Portrait of DeWitt Clinton, Governor of New York, 1824-1828, oil on canvas. Identified on label verso from The Brooklyn Museum, both as an acquisition in 1918 and as a 1951... 1,300
707 SAILORS SCRIMSHAW, BOX AND LETTER - Whales Tooth Scrimshawn Full-Length Portrait of a young lady in fancy dress, 6 3/4 tall on a wooden plate; in a mahogany box marked Made April 1st, 1889, my 21st Birthday, CH Jo... 1,400
708 PAIR OF EARLY WALL SCONCES - Silvered Bronze Continental Pricket Candle Sconces with round domed and ribbed backplates, scrolled pivot arms supporting ribbed bobeche with large spike. Late 18th to early 19th c. 3 1/2... Unsold
709 CASED BRASS LONG GLASS WITH TRIPOD - Bardou & Co, Paris, Fine Quality Telescope, solid brass, with 2 1/2 objective, 37 1/2 main tube, 17 1/2 adjustable tube, having friction wheel adjustment; also includes 7 3/4 b... 1,500
710 COUNTRY HEPPLEWHITE CHEST - Late 18th to early 19th c. Maine Bowfront Dresser in select flame birch with crotched mahogany drawer fronts, the cabinet with boxwood banded overhanging top, the four drawers with beaded e... Unsold
711 FREDERICK PANSING (Germany/NJ, 1841-1932) - Grounded Sailing Ship, Steamer on Horizon, a study in black and white, oil on artists board, signed lower left Fred Pansing, circa 1910, in the original gold painted fram... Unsold
712 REPLICA DIVING HELMET - US Navy Diving Helmet, Mark V, in copper and brass, with a brass tag that reads Morse Diving Equipment Co Inc, Boston, Mass, No (blank), Date 8-29-41. Circa 1980s. Roughly 18 tall, 14 x 16... 750
713 SAILOR-MADE NAUTICAL WALL POCKET - Macrame and Sailcloth Wall Hanging with oil painting of four sailing ships (five-mast white-hulled schooner, six-mast black hulled schooner, three mast bark and four mast ship) with ... 1,000
714 (2) MARINE PAINTINGS - Foundering of a Three Mast Ship in a Storm, late 19th c., rendered in India ink and white chalk, with original captions in nib pen below. Marked on back Mt. Desert Island (Maine). Captions rea... 1,000
715 BREAKFAST TABLE - Small Queen Anne Mahogany Dropleaf Round Table, with nicely carved and shaped skirt, raised on cabriole legs with sharp carved knees, terminating in well formed pad feet. North coastal Mass, circa 17... 1,300
716 ATTRIB. TO JOSEPH B. SMITH (NY/NJ, 1798-1876) - The Sloop Julia Wins the Champion Prize (New York Times Headline), a historic rendering of the New York Yacht Squadron Champion of the August 16th, 1860 Regatta, with ... 21,000
717 SHIPS QUARTERBOARD - Carved and Painted Quarterboard for the ship John Knox, featuring the Scottish thistle and an Arm Bearing an Axe in polychrome, the remainder, letters, scrollwork at ends and trim, in gold over... 3,300
718 SHIPS QUARTERBOARD - Shaped and Painted Quarterboard reading Billow, probably from the schooner of that name, Captain Dyer, Rockland, Maine, lost off Duck Island, Portsmouth, NH in January of 1896. All original sur... 2,400
719 PAIR OF GIMBAL MOUNTED LAMPS - Late 19th c. Brass Ships Lamps Naugatuck Model by Plume & Atwood, with Green Man detailing, one burner marked Waterbury, the other, a replacement circa 1900, is marked Thomaston, Con... 425
720 ENGLISH CHINOISERIE TALL CLOCK - A Fine Japanned / Chinoiserie Lacquer Tall Clock by Alexander Watson, London, 1735 -1745, having an unusual green field on the Chippendale form case, with beautifully renderd floral de... 4,500
721 ENGLISH SILKWORK PANEL - Circa 1800 Classical Revival, silk on silk, depicting a young woman dancing, presenting a floral garland, basket of flowers on pedestal alongside, in oval vine wreath, within black and gold eg... Unsold
722 WILLIAM MATTHEW HALE (UK, 1849-1929); Competing Trawlers in a Green Sea, oil on board, signed lower right W. Hale. In gold and black molded frame, OS: 17 1/2 x 27 1/2, SS: 14 1/4 x 24 1/4. Losses at center betwe... 900
723 WHALEBONE SWIFT - 19th c. Whale Bone & Ivory Swift, probably sailor-made, with turned finial and clamp, 22 1/4 tall, opens to 26 diam, complex double curved splines. Missing screw set for clamp. One broken and repai... 1,900
724 BLUNT CASED SEXTANT - Important mid 19th Century E. & G.W. BLUNT Sextant with Ebony Frame, ivory graduated arc and vernier, and bronze fittings. The arc measures from - 5 to plus 105 degrees. The brass index arm wit... 500
725 FINE NEWPORT RHODE ISLAND 33 1/2 CASE CHEST OF DRAWERS- Late 18th c. Chippendale Four-Drawer Mahogany Block Front Chest with molded top, four graduated drawers with what appear to be the original brass batwimg drop b... 10,000
726 PRIMITIVE SHIP MODEL - Three Mast Brigatine Edward (with Marguerite overpainted on the stern), circa 1900, in painted wood, fully rigged with cloth sails, on integral stand. Roughly 38 x 55 x 16. Age and use pati... Unsold
727 BRASS SHIPS BELL - 19th c. Cast Brass Bell with integral yoke, two bead trim, original forged iron clapper. 9 1/2 tall, 10 3/4 diam. Good condition. 300
728 MARINE DIORAMA - 20th c. depiction of Cutty Sark entering harbor under a full moon, three smaller craft around, lighthouse ahead, with old black and gold frame, under glass, 16 1/2 x 23 3/4 x 4, minor losses. 500
729 PIE CRIMPER - Sailor Made Crimper, 19th c, in whale bone, with checked handle and fluted end, 6 long, with a 1 1/8 wheel. Good condition. 550
730 WILLIAM & MARY HIGHBOY - Two-Part Chest, of the period, from the family of Captain Horatio Patten (1818-1881) of Brunswick, Maine. This was originally commissioned by his family, original settlers of Topsham. Flat Top... 2,200
731 SEA CAPTAINS PORTRAIT - Life-Sized Waist Length Portrait of Captain Horatio Patten (1818-1881), subject identified by typed paper tag. Circa 1850, oil on canvas, back of canvas with the New York firm of Edward Dechau... 3,500
732 MAHOGANY WHEEL BAROMETER - Circa 1805, Pozzi & Co of Wooton Bassett (London), with broken pediment, brass finial, string inlaid edge, inlaid blossoms and shells, arch top barometer, silvered engraved wheel face marked... 300
733 FIGURED MAHOGANY WHEEL BAROMETER - Regency Five Glass Barometer by C Gerletti, Glasgow, with scrolled pediment, brass finial, hygrometer, arch top thermometer, round mirror, silvered dial barometer with engraved compa... 375
734 SHIPS CLOCK & BAROMETER DESK SET - Circa 1920s Seth Thomas Seven Jeweled Eight-Day Ships Bell Clock along with Taylor Stormoguide Barometer, dated 1922, in matching brass ships wheel cases, set in mahogany cradle, w... 275
735 CHINA TRADE DESK - Rare East Indian Rosewood Slant Front Desk, with teak and pine secondary, probably Cantonese, circa 1740, in William & Mary form, with shallow half round gallery. The batten-end single-plank figured... 1,400
736 EXCEPTIONAL CHINA TRADE EMBROIDERY - Commemorative Silkwork In Memory of My Cruise Around the World, P.I., Hawaii, China and Japan, for Thomas Columbo, 1922-1925, with portraits of his ships, the USS Huron & USS Sac... 1,300
737 JAPANESE SILK WARSHIP PORTRAIT - Important Japanese export silk embroidered ship portrait of the US Navy Maine Class Battleship USS Pennsylvania, which participated in the cruise of The Great White Fleet, 1907 - 1... 1,500
738 JAPANESE SILK WARSHIP PORTRAIT - Important Japanese export silk embroidered ship portrait of the US Navy Maine Class Battleship USS Ohio, which participated in the cruise of The Great White Fleet, 1907 - 1909. Aut... 1,500
739 IMPORTANT CHINESE EXPORT PLATTER - Orange Fitzhugh Armorial Meat Platter made for the American market, first quarter of 19th c., featuring a well-painted US Eagle clutching an olive branch and a cluster of arrows, red... 5,000
740 GEORGIAN TALL CLOCK - Richard Duck of London, circa 1760, Chippendale Transitional, in figured mahogany case, having brass works with 8-day time and strike (missing bell), date window and seconds sweep, brass and silv... 4,000
741 CHINESE BONE PAGODA MODEL UNDER GLASS - Extremely Detailed 19th c Model of a Five Gallery Pagoda Tower with finely reticulated panels, chains suspended from peak, bells from the point of each eave, surrounded by a fen... 1,900
742 RARE BARDOU TELESCOPE ON TRIPOD - Apartment or Touring Size Solid Brass Telescope with Oak Tripod in original finish having bronze fittings and sailors ropework on the grips. The scope appears as Model 5800 in the Ba... Unsold
743 RARE CHINA TRADE REVERSE GLASS PORTRAIT - Circa 1820 Portrait of a European Aristocratic Lady in Fur Lined Winter Cloak, backed by mirror and in the original wooden frame. She is depicted in a mantilla, and so was pro... 250
744 RARE CHINA TRADE CASED MINIATURE PORTRAIT - Circa 1845 Waist-Length Portrait of a Young American Sea Captain or Merchant, gouache on ivory, in the original leather case. The robust young gentleman is depicted in black... 600
745 SMALL HEPPLEWHITE SIDEBOARD - New England Figural Mahogany Bowfront Server with boxwood banded edge to overhanging top, three beaded edge drawers over a deep faux double drawer on left and cabinet door on right center... Unsold
746 CASED ENGLISH SEXTANT - Bronze Sextant by H.G. Blair & Co. of Cardiff, Scotland, circa 1870, having an engraved silver vernier, two lens sets, in the original oak case with varnished paper label, added brass handle. 1... 850
747 BRASS NAVY BELL - USN Submarine Officers Ceremonial Wardroom Bell, of the type given at retirement. Brass Navy Dolphins supporting operating bell on integral molded base, unmarked, nice tone, 18 1/2 x 16 x 9 1/4.... 750
748 JOHN CALLOW (UK, 1822-1878) - Fishing Boats Departing the Clyde, the Mole at Left, oil on canvas, signed J. Callow lower right. Backstamped by Boots Department Store, circa 1870. In gold gesso ranked cove frame, OS:... Unsold
749 SUNDERLAND LUSTRE BOWL - Sailors Bowl, with the Mariners Compass, poem The Sailors Tear & View of the Sunderland Bridge on the exterior, Sailors Tear, Sailors Farewell and view of the bridge on the interi... 800
750 WILLARD LEROY METCALF (NY/MA, 1858-1925) - Grazing Sheep on the Coast of Maine, 1877, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower left W.L. Metcalf, 77, titled on Spanierman Gallery of NYC label verso. In carved gold f... 50,000
751 CARPENTERS TOOL CHEST - 19th c. Shipboard Chest in flame and birdseye maple, having heavy coffined lid with brass center plate and corner guards, heavy molded frames, brass edge-guards to case, the hinged top reveali... 550
752 SHIP MODEL - Third Quarter 19th c Model of the General Garfield, a Two Mast Coastal Schooner, in typical Downeast rigging, in black hull with orange stripe. Named after the Civil War General who would become Preside... 1,100
753 IMPORTANT CHINESE PORCELAIN TUREEN - Orange Fitzhugh Covered Soup Tureen in English Form, oval, with double-dome lid having gilt knop, leaf cap, gilt edged flat rim; the body is ovoid with interlaced gilt handles, tal... Unsold
754 LARGE CHINESE PORCELAIN PUNCH BOWL - Exceptionally Fine circa 1850 Punch Bowl in Famille Rose and Mandarin panel decoration of bird and butterfly alternating with court scenes, inside and out, the uppermost panels hav... 2,200
755 CHINESE EXPORT CAMPHORWOOD TRUNK - Fine Quality 19th c. Sailors Chest in heavy six-plank construction, with un-engraved brass center plate, brass corners and edge straps, ring loop lift on front of lid, heavy drop ba... 1,200
756 (8 PCS) CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN - 19th c. Canton Blue & White Blue Willow Pattern, including: Large Boar Handled Covered Tureen with Matching Underplate, 7 1/2 x 14 x 10 1/4 & 2 x 13 1/2 x 10 1/2, chipped plate... Unsold
757 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Early Deep Bowl with deep foot, having finely detailed Mandarin palette exterior, two large and two small panels of travellers and home scenes, the interior with a rose center, surrounded by a... 950
758 LARGE EAGLE PLAQUE - American Eagle, spreadwing, facing left, with riband and shield, in fiberglass and plaster over a wooden backboard, painted in faux verdigris with gilding. 36 x 87. Repair to left wing tip. 1,900
759 CASED BRASS TELESCOPE - Solid Brass Rigid Scope on folding tripod base, with paper label of Charles Gedney King (1808-1858), London, inside lid of mahogany case, with 29 body, 19 wheel adjusted stem, 18 tall overal... Unsold
760 CHINA TRADE TRUNK - 19th c Camphorwood Sailors Chest or Trunk, exposed dovetail construction, with brassbound corners and bottom straps, center plate on top (not engraved), lockplate, surface mounted drop bail handle... 1,100
761 CHARLES WARREN EATON (NY/NJ, 1857-1937) - Hill Top, Colebrook Pines, oil on canvas, signed lower right, titled verso on artists label, with original stamp from Macbeth Gallery, NY on stretcher, in matched corner Ar... 6,000
762 BAKTIARI CARPET - 13 x 17 - West Persia, first quarter 20th c, square grid of palmettes, cypress trees, weeping willows and floral groups in navy blue, red, gold, black, ivory and royal blue. Large ivory rosette and... 2,000
763 PAIR OF CHINESE POTTERY PLANTERS - Late 19th c. Square Planters in terra cotta with turquoise glaze, having canted sides with overall basketweave pattern, bamboo corners, Greek key flat top rim, on shallow feet, 8 x ... 1,300
764 PAIR OF CHINESE PLATTERS - Oblong Export Platters with scalloped edge, having famille rose, leaf and floral swag decoration with interlaced amethyst ribbon, green draped edge, orange geometric inner border, fourth qua... 550
765 QUEEN ANNE CHEST ON FRAME - Rare Three Part Solid Cherry Chest with cove cornice, five graduated drawers above, three below, with later brasses, all with beading on frame around drawer faces, cove molded receiver, rep... 1,300
766 JOHAN LAURENTZ JENSEN (Denmark, 1800-1856) - Pansies, Appleblossom, Gloxinia Phlox and Primula Auricula on a Brown Marble Ledge, oil on mitered panel, signed on table edge, dated 1835, titled on Spanierman Gallery l... 6,500
767 TABRIZ GARDEN CARPET - 89 X 12 - Northwest Persia, early 20th c, an ivory inscribed floral medallion surrounded by floral sprays, blossoming vines, boteh, palmettes, birds and pavilions, in gold, navy blue, ivory a... Unsold
768 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOTTLE, BASKET & TRAY- Fine quality mid 19th c. export, both with famille rose and mandarin paneled decoration, including: Gourd Shaped Bottle with long neck, original stopper, featuring birds and bu... 750
769 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Early Deep Bowl with deep foot, having well executed and unusual famille rose decoration, the exterior featuring hanging floral baslkets and arrangements on stands, the interior with rose and ... 750
770 CORNER CABINET - Early 19th c. Walnut Country Chippendale Corner Cabinet, with two three-light doors revealing two shelf red painted interior, set between fluted panels under molded cornice above two raised panel door... 800
771 CHINESE OPIUM OR HERB SCALE IN WOODEN CASE - Dotchin Scale consisting of an ivory beam with needle engraved counting marks, a single brass pan and a bronze weight. Mid 18th c. The balance operates on the Steelyard Pri... 500
772 RARE KOREAN PACKTONG MIRROR - Koryo Dynasty, 12th to 13th century, circular mirror with frog form knop, drilled for a cord, surrounded by five concentric rings of shallow relief, the centermost depiciting guardians o... 3,000
773 MONUMENTAL BI-DISC - Ancient Chinese Jade Disc, in pale green with white striation, having slightly beveled center opening, 16 3/8 diam, 3 3/4 aperture, 3/8 thick, minor edge flakes. 1,900
774 CHINESE JADE SNUFF BOTTLE - 19th c. Fish Form Snuff Bottle in deep celadon jade with black inclusions, well hollowed, carved with the tail turned back on the body, as if swimming, 2 1/2 long, fine condition. Unsold
775 SHERATON CHEST - Northern New England, first quarter 19th c, in cherry and mixed hardwoods, having overhanging rope inlaid rectangular top, with three small drawers over three full-width graduated drawers, all in vert... Unsold
776 OLDRICH FARSKY (Czech/IL/CA, 1860-1930) - Mountain Vista, oil on canvas, signed lower left, circa 1900, in the original ornate gilt matched corner frame, OS: 15 x 20, SS: 14 1/2 x 9 1/2, good condition. Unsold
777 MAHAL CARPET - 9 1/2 x 203 - West Persia, early 20th c, lattice with palmettes, rosettes, meandering vines and flowerheads in persian blue, navy blue, cinnamon, aubergine and royal blue. Set on a camel field, abras... 1,600
778 ANCIENT CHINESE BRONZE VESSEL - Warring States or Shang Dynasty Three-Legged Censer with two lug handles and reticulated lid having foo lion knop, the sides engraved with glyphs, the legs with dragon masks, roughly 12... Unsold
779 EARLY CHINESE POTTERY - Large Cizhou or Tzu-chou ware Vessel, Northern Song period, 11-12th century, with floral decoration, inscription and banding. 11 x 13 1/2. One old repair. Unsold
780 SHERATON WORK STAND - Outstanding Large Mahogany Stand, Boston or New York, ca 1805-1815, the large square top with channeled overhanging edge has faceted cookie corners conforming to the turret stiles, the cabinet wi... Unsold
781 ALFRED THOMPSON BRICHER - (NY/NH, 1837-1908) - Rocky Coastal Scene with Figures Under Shade Tree, oil on academy board, signed A.T. Bricher lower right, in gold painted molded frame, OS: 16 x 19 1/4, SS: 12 x 15 ... Unsold
782 FEREGHAN CARPET - 8 X 14 - West Persia, early 20th c, with large elongated ivory oval medallion with anchor pendants. Surrounded by an overall Herati pattern on a midnight blue field, orange-rust boteh filled spandr... Unsold
783 PAIR OF CHINESE SCROLLS - Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxhi Imperial Scrolls on Silk of Birds on Flowering Branches by Chiang Ting-hsi/Jiang Tingxi (1668-1732), Official Painter and Secretary to the Imperial Court, Teach... Unsold
784 CHINESE PAINTED SCROLL - Qipei Gao (1660-1734); Portrait of an Aristocratic Woman leaning on a Cherry Tree, watercolor and ink on silk, signed and with inscription indicating this was painted with his fingers, he was ... 1,900
785 COUNTRY FEDERAL DRESSER - Late 18th c. Solid Rampant Tiger Maple Chest having a small spalshback on a two drawer stepped back cabinet with thin overhanging top, the main cabinet with slightly thicker overhanging top, ... 2,600
786 CHARLES HAROLD DAVIS (CT/NY/MA, 1856-1933) - Winter Landscape with Farm Houses, oil on canvas, signed lower left C.H. Davis. In vintage gilt hand carved frame. OS: 19 1/2 x 22 1/2, SS: 14 1/2 x 17 1/2. Light cra... 1,300
787 SAROUK CARPET - 85 X 118 - West Persia, second quarter 20th c, central cruciform of floral sprays in midnight blue, Persian blue, gold and royal blue. Set on a wine red field decorated with vases of blossoms, midn... 1,200
788 CHINESE STAND - Zitan Wood Low Stand or Table of rectangular form, having an inset mottled rouge marble top, carved edge, carved and pierced openwork frieze, resting on four carved and molded cabriole legs with paw fe... 1,100
789 CHINESE BRONZE STATUE AS LAMP BASE - 18th c Parcel Gilt Figure of Standing Scholar, his head turned to left, proferring a text, standing on an integral mountain landscape plateau. Utilized as an electric table lamp, m... 3,750
790 WILLIAM AND MARY CHEST - Olive Wood and Line Inlaid Oyster Veneered Chest, with concentric circles and brackets on the top, kingwood molded edge, two over three graduated drawers in matching veneer, with banded edge, ... 2,750
791 WILLIAM JURIAN KAULA (MA, 1871-1953) - The Old Farmstead, watercolor on Strathmore paper, signed lower right W.J. Kaula, in reticulated gold frame, matted and glazed. OS: 29 x 36 1/2, SS: 20 x 28, fine condition. 1,700
792 HERIZ CARPET - 89 X 115 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, large gabled square medallion with palmette pendants in midnight and persian blue, gold, sky blue and ivory. Set on a red field decorated with flo... 1,900
793 PAIR OF LARGE CHINESE PEWTER ALTER STICKS - 19th c Archaic Gu Form Columns in heavy pewter having inset enamel panels featuring figures and blossoms with foliage, 27 1/2 x 7 1/2 square, a few panels cracked, one is ... 1,000
794 (20 PC) CHINESE PORCELAIN TEA SERVICE - Export Set for the Continental market in delicate gilt and cobalt blue decoration, fourth quarter 18th c., consisting of: Lighthouse Form Hot Water Pot with lid, 9 x 9 1/2 x 5... 650
795 GEORGIAN SUPPER TABLE - Fine Chippendale Mahogany Round Tilt-Top Table with compartmented top, having ten shallow dishes with carved shell brackets around a large central dish, made to receive china, with a bold ring ... Unsold
796 PAUL KING (NY/PA, 1867-1947) - Fishing Boats, Chester, oil on academy board, signed lower left Paul King, signed and titled verso with a 20 E 10th St address and an original price of $175. In narrow gold frame wit... 1,900
797 BIDJAR RUG - 5 1/2 x 7 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, with an ivory gabled rectangular medallion. Set on an abrashed midnight blue field filled with flowerheads, palmettes and rosettes in rose, red, ivor... 800
798 (2) CHINESE STANDS - Hardwood Marble Top Stands, one low, one tall, the first with mother-of-pearl inlay, open heart shaped corners, pierced dragonhead skirt, bold knuckled legs resting on a square indented open base.... 425
799 (2) CHINESE ANCESTRAL PORTRAITS - 18th c. Portraits in casein on fine cotton canvas, sewn from 18 strips; one depicting single couple with two servants, 83 x 48; the other of two couples, 70 x 43. Multiple inscri... 1,000
800 CHINESE ROBE CABINET - 19th c. Three-Section Cabinet in mixed hardwoods, the uppermost section having a molded top with bone inlay above two glass doors; second section has brass fitted raised panel doors with two she... 500
801 FREDERICK MILLARD (UK, 1857-1937) - The Goose Girl, oil on canvas laid to masonite, signed lower right F. Millard, in ornate deep cove gold gesso frame, OS: 47 x 29, SS: 35 1/2 x 17 1/2, light crazing. 1,900
802 HERIZ CARPET - 63 x 810 - Northwest Persia, early 20th c, large gabled medallion in navy and sky blue. Surrounded by palmettes, rosettes, serrated leaves and flowering vines in navy and sky blue, ivory and brown. ... 1,400
803 FEDERAL PERIOD STAND - Hepplewhite Wine or Kettle Stand in Mahogany, late 18th c., having an oval top with scalloped gallery, small pull-out candleslide with brass knob, shallow conforming skirt having a boxwood bande... 700
804 PAIR OF ITALIAN GILTWOOD URNS - 18th c. Florentine Architectural Urns in carved giltwood, Neo-Classical form with large scrollwork handles, slightly different sizes, 9 3/4 x 12 x 6 1/2 & 10 1/2 x 13 x 6 3/4. Nic... 1,000
805 CHINESE CORMANDEL SCREEN - Six-Fold Screen in black lacquer with inlaid hardstone decoration having incised gilt landscape, mother-of-pearl geometric edge; depicting a mythological flood, buildings awash, attendants p... 700
806 ALBERTUS JURARDUS VAN PROOYEN (Dutch, 1804-1898) - Cattle Watering and Haycart, a pair of oil on panel, both signed lower right J. Prooyen, in the original period gilt gesso frames, OS: 11 x 15 1/4, SS: 7 x 1... 1,500
807 CHINESE CARPET - 10 x 12 1/2 - Early 20th c, with nine circular floral medallions in royal blue and ivory. Set on a midnight blue field decorated with floral groups and birds, ivory floral border. Minor wear, small ... 850
808 ITALIAN WALL BRACKET - 19th c. Florentine Carved Watergilt Gesso and Wood Bracket, Renaissance Style, the stepped half-round top has egg and dart trim, ivy leaf frieze and beaded border, supported by fringed cloth swa... 300
809 (2) KNIFE BOXES - English Chippendale String Inlaid and Banded Mahogany Knife Boxes, late 19th c., identical in every way except one is 1/2 taller than the other. Slant lid has crotch veneer, serpentine ogee front, s... 1,100
810 RARE REVOLVING BOOKCASE - American Federal Period Stand with double rotating round cabinet top, having pierced brass gallery, four curved panel partitions featuring floral urn paintings in the manner of Adams, set on ... 1,400
811 18TH C. ITALIAN OIL ON TIN - The Golden Horn, Hagia Sophia, Constantinople, unsigned, viewed across the harbor with figures in foreground, original matched corner gold painted cove frame, OS: 16 x 19, SS: 11 3/4 x ... Unsold
812 HERIZ CARPET - 9 1/2 X 13 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, a midnight blue gabled square medallion on a mahogany field, decorated with palmettes, rosettes, angular flowering vines and curved serrated leave... 1,400
813 PAIR OF ARCHITECTURAL WINGS - Monumental Gilt Wood Angel Wings, early 19th c.Continental, mounted on weighted museum bases, 64 & 65 tall overall. Good condition. 2,300
814 CHINOISERIE TABLETOP CABINET - Black Lacquered and Gilt Decorated Chinese Export Cabinet, circa 1830, the molded top having a garden court scene set into floral brackets, the two inset panel doors having raised ovals ... 2,400
815 REGENCY CREDENZA - 19th c. Shallow Rosewood Server having a pierced brass gallery at top of two stepped back molded shelves supported by leaf carved and parcel gilt columns, the uppermost shelf is mirror backed; the l... 1,400
816 WILLIAM ROETHGEN (NY/NJ/Germany, 1849-1923) after ADOLF SCHREYER (France/Germany, 1828-1899) - Bedouin Warriors, oil on canvas, signed lower right W. Roethgen, cop. 1910, in ornate gold gesso matched corner frame,... 1,800
817 INDIAN KASHAN CARPET - 102 X 1310 - Mid 20th c, overall Herati pattern in ivory, red, sky blue and navy, set on a navy blue field, red vine and palmette border. Good condition. 1,000
818 (3) MANDARIN EMBROIDERED JACKETS - Chinese Silk Smoking Jackets, circa 1900-1910, one short and two long, all finely embroidered with traditional themes, the short on black with flowers and birds, European collar, w... 4,500
819 (2) FINE CHINESE WINTER ROBES - Man and Womans Coats, mid 20th c., with silk shells having ornate floral embroidery, both lined in white rabbit fur, having fur roll collar/hoods and cuffs, the mans robe (in Imperial... Unsold
820 SMALL SHERATON SETTEE - Early 19th c. American Settee with exposed reeded rail and concave arms terminating in scrolled ends, resting on resting on tapered carved columns, set on tapered ring turned legs with water le... 1,000
821 PAOLO MONALDI (Italian, 1725-1780) - Streetside Vegetable Vendors, oil on canvas, signed lr, depicting several women selling produce to men with packhorses in front of rustic village ruins, castle to right, villas on ... 1,100
822 MAHAL CARPET - 8 1/2 X 109 - Iran, late 20th c, overall design of palmettes, rosettes and flowering vines in ivory, maroon, midnight blue, royal blue and sage. Set on an abrashed red field, meandering slate serrate... Unsold
823 POLESCREEN - Outstanding 18th c. Chippendale Pole Screen in mahogany with brass acorn finial, having first period oblong screen in fine gold-green brocade, with brass set rings, urn and spiral , the carved shaft has t... Unsold
824 SCARCE CHINESE EXPORT LACQUER TRAY - Shaped Deep Well Tea Lacquered Wood Service Tray for the European market, probably Cantonese, with delicate two-toned gold on black decoration of a Mandarin Garden Tea Ceremony at ... 475
825 ITALIAN BOMBE COMMODE - 18th c. Walnut Fancy Commode in bold form with molded bowed front, the uppermost concave frieze containing a single shallow drawer with rococo bass pulls, the cabinet having two deep drawers wi... 4,800
826 ITALIAN FANTASY LANDSCAPE - 18th c. Unsigned Capriccio of River View with Classical Ruins, Island Castle and Mountaintop Fortress, in original hand carved frame. OS: 33 1/2 x 49, SS: 29 x 44 1/2. Fine overall craq... Unsold
827 SAROUK CARPET - 7 x 101 - Iran, mid 20th c, large ivory lobed oval medallion. Set on a red field decorated with flowering vines, palmettes, serrated leaves and boteh, in gold, ivory, aubergine, royal blue and turqu... Unsold
828 (2 PCS) 19TH C CHINESE IVORY - Carved Ivory Calling Card Case, Canton circa 1850, oblong, profusely carved with layers of figural groups among pagodas and blossom trees, foliate edge. Oval cartouche, not engraved. 4 1... 1,400
829 PAIR OF ITALIAN POTTERY BASED LAMPS - Electric Table Lamps with 18th c. Italian Apothecary Jars as bases, having blue on white foliate decoration, typical hipped cylindrical form, with tuned wooden bases, brass caps, ... 325
830 DIMINUTIVE CONTINENTAL COMMODE - Small Desirable Serpentine Front Commode in mixed fruitwood veneer with banded edge, overhanging top, two over two drawers, retaining rococo brass pulls, with shaped aprons, raised on ... 1,000
831 JOHN CONSTABLE (UK, 1776-1837), SCHOOL OF - Country Pond Scenes with Cottages and a Church, oil on coarse linen, unsigned, in vintage gold gesso matched corner frames with early name tags, OS: 18 x 22 each, SS: 10 3... 2,200
832 NORTHWEST PERSIAN CARPET - 8 X 108 - Iran, late 20th c, lattice with palmettes, rosettes and flowering vines in sky blue, tan and salmon. Set on a tan field, matching tan turtle border. Good condition. Unsold
833 PAIR OF GRAND TOUR BRONZE URNS - Italian Cast and Patinated Bronze Roman Urns set on Romanesque red marble and black slate plinths, having a small applied bronze frieze of figures, the urns themselves have fluted conc... 1,200
834 (5 PC) BRASS FIREPLACE SET - Federal Period, including: Pair of Solid Cast Andirons with bold turned and faceted tops and columns, cyma curved front plinth joined by two double spurred arched legs, resting on ball fee... 300
835 LOUIS XV PROVINCIAL BUREAU - French Period Walnut Ladys Desk with fall front having star inlay, narrow iron stops on lid, fitted interior with stepped drawers and compartments, secret well compartment behind lower ce... Unsold
836 ALFRED F. DE PRADES (UK, circa 1820 - circa 1890) - Fox Hunter Leaping a Stream with Two Hounds, watercolor/gouache on paper, signed lower right FdeP. In modern gold molded frame with older name tag, gold mat, glaze... Unsold
837 ANTIQUE SHIRVAN AREA RUG - 211 x 49 - Two serrated diamond medallions on chocolate brown field, rust-red floral spandrels, multi-color diagonal stripe border, areas of wear, minor old repairs. Unsold
838 DEMILUNE SWING-LEG TABLE - Diminutive Queen Anne Lamp Stand / Console in walnut, with demilune top, added storage compartment with lock and key, figured skirt, bracketed and tapered legs ending in classic pad feet. Ea... 1,600
839 BRASS FIRE FENDER - English Aesthetic Period Tall Fender with repeating pinwheel piercings in the hand hammered panel, rail above and molded base below having lion paw feet. 14 1/2 x 41 x 12. Good condition. 450
840 PAIR OF ENTRY CONSOLES - Heavily Carved 19th / 20th c. Japanese Consoles having iris blossoms and foliage in low relief on skirt and full round at the top of the bold cabriole legs, set on later black painted setback ... Unsold
841 GEORGE HENRY BOGERT (France/NY, 1864-1944) - River Moonrise, oil on canvas, signed lower left Geo. H. Bogert, in what is probably the original ornate matched corner gold gesso frame, OS: 29 3/4 x 39 3/4, SS: 19 1/... 2,200
842 GEORGE HENRY BOGERT (France/NY, 1864-1944) - Deadfall at Treeline, oil on canvas, signed lower left G. H. Bogert, the canvas stenciled by Paul Foinet Fils, Paris (1904-1933), in what is probably the original ornate ... 1,000
843 KILIM ROOM SIZE RUG - 5 X 10 - Diagonal rows of serrated diamond medallions in bright pink, pumpkin, ivory, navy blue and gray, very good condition, two minor old repairs in corner. 600
844 WHALE BACK SHELVES - Early 19th c. Maine Made Whale Back Wall Shelf in maple and curly maple having three graduated shelves. Descended in a North Yarmouth family. 32 1/2 tall, 26 wide, 9 deep. Good condition. 750
845 DIMINUTIVE CONTINENTAL COMMODE - Late 18th to early 19th c. commode in figured mahogany, having its original molded edge cleated end overhanging top, fitted with three drawers having rope inlaid banded panels, with wh... 1,100
846 GIUSEPPE CARELLI (Italy, 1858-1921) - Fishermen, Bay of Naples with Mt. Vesuvius, oil on canvas, signed lower left G. Carelli, circa 1890, in gilt Florentine matched corner frame, under glass, OS: 18 3/4 x 14, SS:... 2,000
847 RUNNER - 45 x 103 - Anatolian Kilim, late 19th c, ten hexagonal medallions in plum, green and blue set on a green/blue field, plum figural border, good condition, small holes and repairs. 1,300
848 REGENCY CELARETTE - Floor-Standing Mahogany, in reticulated tapered basket form with brass bail handle, large molded flat rim, turned urn pedestal, on triform base with urn form feet. 18 1/2 x 15 diam. Good conditio... 300
849 FEDERAL PERIOD FIREPLACE SET - Seven Piece Solid Brass Period Fireplace Set including: reticulated brass fender, 7 tall, 48 x 14, Low Cannonball Top Andirons on Chippendale yoke feet, 3 3/4 diam tops, 12 1/2 tall... 250
850 NEW YORK RENT TABLE - Early 19th c Regency Table with octagonal rotating top in starburst figured mahogany inlay, having four drawers with drop ring pulls, set on tapered column with gilt and black enameled base moldi... 1,600
851 KARL OLTMAN (Austrian, late 19th c) - Pair of paintings, The Little Alpine Climbers, depicting young boy and girl in ethnic costume, in contiguous mountainous landscape, each with a walking stick, he looking up towa... 700
852 MALAYER RUG - 43 X 65 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, lobed oval brick red medallion with matching brick red spandrels in Persian blue, gold, ivory and royal blue. Set on a rosette decorated midnight bl... 800
853 CANDLESTAND - Choice Federal Period in select flame grain mahogany, having a thin one board coffin shaped tilting top with triple reeded edge and conforming flame grained satinwood central panel, set on a ring and urn... 1,400
854 FEDERAL BRASS ANDIRONS - Large Pair of Federal Burnished Brass Andirons, early 19th c., bold ball tops over ring turnings, raised on high arch-spurred legs ending in ball feet, 17 tall, 12 x 22, very good condition. 300
855 QUEEN ANNE CHEST ON STAND - Solid Cherry Chest having molded crown around pine top, five graduated drawers with scribed edges, what appears to be the original brass drop pulls and escutcheons, on base with molded rece... 1,200
856 19TH C. AMERICAN SCHOOL STILL LIFE - Grapes, Peaches, Pears and Melons on a Tiled Surface, oil on canvas, unsigned, in gold painted deep cove frame, OS: 26 1/2 x 38, SS: 17 3/4 x 29 1/2, repaired puncture center r... Unsold
857 CARPET - 73 X 10 - Persian Bokhara carpet with seven rows of twenty-two main carpet guls in ivory, cinnamon and black on terra cotta field, terra cotta octagonal medallion border, very good condition, minor wear to... Unsold
858 BOSTON WINDOWSEAT - 19th c. Mahogany Bench with Arms, Regency style, having scrolled arms with carved splats, rose applique centers, turned and twist carved stretchers matched on the scrollwork legs, caned seat. Comes... 1,100
859 ENGLISH TEA CADDY - Late Georgian Casket Form Caddy in burl elm and boxwood stringing, with mitered top and bowed sides, having lidded compartments flanking open reeciver for missing mixing bowl, brass ring handles on... 425
860 FRENCH CHILDS CHAIR - Louis XVI Giltwood Miniature Marquise in the manner of Jacob, circa 1790-1810, having spiral ribbon carved frame with acanthus leaf scrolled arm ends, spiral twist and leaf carved column arm sup... 1,000
861 ATTRIBUTED TO GEORGE INNESS (Scotland/NY/MA, 1825-1894) - Lone Tree at Dusk, oil on laminated wooden panel, signed lr G. Inness, in gold cove frame. OS: 12 x 15, SS: 8 x 11. Light buckling to surface of painting... 1,100
862 KERMAN CARPET - 911 x 138 - Southeast Persia, mid 20th c, large circular medallion with pendants in slate blue and olive green. Set on an ivory field filled with scrolling vines, inscribed pendant vases, large mul... 500
863 CHIPPENDALE LOOKING GLASS - Classic Mahogany Framed Beveled Mirror with gold gesso liner, original glass and backing boards, 40 x 23, scratches and loss to silvering. 200
864 LADIES TOILETRIES CASE - Circa 1810 Federal Period Travel Box in Birdseye Maple, with ebony stringing to edges, inlaid diamond band at bottom edge, brass batwing lock escutcheon (no key), fitted wine velvet interior w... 375
865 HEPPLEWHITE SIDEBOARD - Period String Inlaid Mahogany Bowfront Sideboard with overhanging rope-banded edge, shallow drawers at top having butterfly brasses, lower center has an inset two door serpentine front cabinet,... 2,500
866 ATTRIBUTED TO RALPH ALBERT BLAKELOCK (NY/CA, 1847-1919) - Indian Encampment at Riverside Glen, oil on laminated wood panel, signed lower right R.A. Blakelock, remnant of exhibition label verso, in gold ribbed frame,... 1,100
867 SOUMAK RUG - 55 x 84 - Northeast Caucasus, mid 20th c, three serrated cross motifs in midnight blue and slate blue on a brick red field decorated with various octagons and geometric motifs. Slate blue geometric mo... 2,400
868 ENGLISH CANTERBURY - 19th c. Rosewood Periodical Rack having four flat-topped partitioned compartments with turned spindles, finial top corners, single shallow drawer below with pressed brass knobs, short turned legs ... 850
869 KEEPSAKE OR LETTER BOX - Choice Regency Period Papier Mache Box in black lacquer with mother-of-pearl inlay, gilt detailing, attributed to Bettridge and Jennings of London, Japanners to George III and the Prince of Wa... 400
870 CONTINENTAL CORNER CUPBOARD - Early Pine Cupboard in whitewash, with molded cornice, two sets of recessed panel doors, two upper & one lower shelf, molded waist and shaped bracket base. 79 x 46 x 31. Nice patina. Unsold
871 ATTRIBUTED TO ROBERT HILLS (UK, 1769-1844) - An English Farm Yard, watercolor on paper, unsigned, in gold molded frame, matted and glazed. OS: 22 1/2 x 26 1/2, SS: 14 1/4 x 18 1/4, spots in sky on right, inpaintin... Unsold
872 MEHRABAN RUG - 3 1/2 x 62 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, overall design with rosettes, palmettes, vines and floral motifs in red, rose, persian blue, brown, gold and aubergine. On an abrashed navy field... 450
873 LARGE LOOKING GLASS - Gilt Framed Hall Mirror, with split ring half columns, rosette corner blocks, deep relief frieze of fruit basket flanked by vines, scrolls and blossoms, original silvered glass. 43 x 21 1/2 x 3... 250
874 ENGLISH MAHOGANY CASED TANTALUS - Mid 19th c. Brass Bound Hinged Top Case in Honduras mahogany, the partitioned interior containing four large and three small square clear glass spirit bottles, having brass drop bale ... 250
875 EARLY ITALIAN CABINET - 17th c. Limed Oak Cabinet having overhanging plank top with rounded front corners, two wide carved panel drawers with bronze teardrop pulls backed by rams horn escutcheons, flanking a small cen... 1,100
876 19TH C. STILL LIFE - American School, Fruit with Melon, Knife and Bird, oil on canvas, fragment of initials lower right, dated 1850, in gold molded frame, OS: 19 x 26, SS: 14 x 21, relined. 600
877 NORTHWEST PERSIAN RUNNER - 2 1/2 x 143 - Iran, mid 20th c, overall design of palmettes, serrated leaves and blossoming vines in gold, ivory, navy blue and olive. Set on a burgundy field, navy blue palmette and rose... 550
878 PAPIER MACHE TRAY IN STAND - 19th c English Japanned Tray in Chippendale form, with freehand gilt ivy around edge, label on underside from C.R. Fenton & Co, set into later black lacquered and gilt faux bamboo stand, 2... 350
879 EARLY VICTORIAN ENGLISH PILLBOX CHEST - Miniature Mahogany Chest with two over three faux drawer fronts, string and herringbone inlay, brass knobs and ball feet, secret sliding back reveals two drawers with drop bal... 350
880 MAINE CHIPPENDALE CHEST - Diminutive Cherry Chest, fourth quarter 18th c., having molded overhanging top, four flame-grained birch drawers, brass butterfly pulls, molded base set on nicely carved and shaped original b... Unsold
881 CHARLES DONZEL (French, 1824-1889) - Riverscape Study, ink and wash on paper, inscribed and dated 1872 lower left, with his estate stamp, numbered 53, in water gilt molded frame, french-lined mat, glazed. OS: 15 1/2 ... Unsold
882 KAZAK RUG - 4 1/2 x 74 - Southwest Caucasus, early 20th c, with eight serrated square motifs in red, blue-green, navy blue and ivory. On an abrashed navy blue field, brown rosette and rams horn border. Areas of ... 2,000
883 KARABAGH RUG - 411 x 710 - South Caucasus, early 20th c, Kasim-Ushag design with ivory, Persian blue, gold and red medallions. On a brick red field, ivory spandrels, ivory star and crab border. Areas of wear, 3... 1,000
884 CHINA TRADE WRITING BOX FOR THE ENGLISH MARKET - Large Military Style brass bound solid mahogany writing box with flushmounted brass handles on sides, a side document drawer and secret drawers beneath the pen tray con... 275
885 MAINE COUNTRY CORNER CUPBOARD - Two-Part Cupboard in Pumpkin Pine, having a deep convex molded flat top, twelve-light door with finely molded mullions, original rippled glass, brass twist loop closure, pale blue-gray ... 1,000
886 C. SLATFORD (19th c. British) - Harvest Time, Shropshire, oil on canvas, signed lower left and dated 1869, in gold molded frame with title plate, OS: 25 x 35, SS: 19 1/2 x 29 1/2, cleaned and relined. 800
887 AREA RUG - 43 x 73 - Persian Qashqai area rug with serrated edge hexagonal medallion in black, red, ivory and pumpkin on red field, black stylized boteh border, good condition. Unsold
888 FRENCH WALL HANGING SHELF - Ormolu Mounted Walnut Shelf, Louis XVI Style, circa 1870, with elaborate sweeping gallery having flaming torch posts, ending with cornucopia at the center opening, underhung swag and wreath... 400
889 TEA CADDY - Inlaid Regency Tea Caddy in boxwood, with oval patera of a shell on top, pair of floral urns on front, mahogany cross banded edge with ebony stringing, elongated ivory lock escutcheon, interior of hinged l... 600
890 STOREFRONT STAND-UP DESK - Maine Country Pine Podium Desk in unique paint decoration of exaggerated grain, chocolate brown over ochre, the hinged and edged slant top concealing three small drawers above four valanced ... Unsold
891 BARNYARD GENRE SCENE - Cat Confronting Cock and Three Hens, oil on canvas, signed Van Hagen lower left, late 19th c. In gold painted gesso frame. OS: 18 3/4 x 20 3/4, SS: 9 3/4 x 11 3/4. Repaired puncture at the... 600
892 KAZAK RUG - 47 x 7 - Southwest Caucasus, second quarter 20th c, three hooked cruciform medallions in brown, gold, navy blue, gray-blue and ivory. Set on a chocolate field, brown rosette border. Good condition. 400
893 SILVERLEAF ITALIAN LOOKING GLASS - Large Chinese Chippendale Style Carved and Fatigued Silverleaf Mirror with label from D. Milch & Son, dated 1958, having grayed glass, 67 x 38, fine condition. 700
894 TOTOISESHELL TEA CADDY - 18th c. English Caddy with capped coffin top, double channeled front, conforming lid edge and lower molding, silver top plate, string inlay and lock escutcheon (with key, two compartments with... 1,200
895 COUNTRY CUPBOARD - Early New England Chest in pine with clay red stain, the molded lid retaining original snipe hinges, covered till and shelf inside, fronted by three faux drawers, three graduated drawers below, all ... Unsold
896 AUGUSTIN PAJOU (French, 1730-1809) - Mme. Favart, terra cotta bust on red marble socle, titled and signed verso. 10 1/2 tall overall, repair to terra cotta at back bottom. Marie-Justine-Benoîte Favart (née Marie Du... Unsold
897 LOT OF (3) SAROUK RUGS - West Persia, mid 20th c; #1 - 21 x 12 1/2 runner, good condition, reduced in size; #2 - 22 x 148 runner, repaired crease; #3 - 21 x 31 fragment; Each with a row of oval Tree of Lif... 400
898 FRENCH BOUDOIR SCREEN - Early 20th c. Louis XIV Style Bi-Fold Ladys Dressing Screen in Carved Giltwood in a diminutive scale, the frame with scroll and leaf decoration, having gold brocade floral panels with gimp tri... 300
899 (2) ENGLISH TEA CADDIES - Georgian Boxes, circa 1780-1800, both without partititon, the larger in Mahogany with cross-banded edge, ebony stringing, shell brackets, ivory diamond lock escutcheon with original key, silv... 475
900 CHIPPENDALE BLANKET CHEST - Late 18th c. Connecticut Chest with pine lift-top and sides, four graduated drawer front in maple, the upper two are faux fronts, the two below are practical, with chestnut secondary wood, ... Unsold
901 IVORY PLAQUE - 18th c or earlier Ivory Carved Bas Relief of The Battle of Milvian Bridge, after the Raphael fresco in the Vatican Palace depicting the victory of the Roman Christian Emperor Constantine I over the Pa... 6,500
902 EARLY FRENCH SCULPTURE - Standing Figure of a Man in red robe holding a placard, with a parchment sheet having and inscription in Old French,, with integral base having a heraldic shield on front. 18 1/2 tall overall... 450
903 ITALIAN SAINT SCULPTURE - Carved and Polychromed Figure of Saint Theresa in pose of benediction, late 18th to early 19th c. Faded giltwork. 17 3/4 tall. Wormage, paint loss, nice age patina. 325
904 LATE GOTHIC ARCHITECTURAL SCULPTURE - Figure of Mother Mary Holding the Bible, limestone, French or Northern Italian, circa 1400 or later, in full round, typical elegant, mannered form, missing her crown. Very heavy. ... 5,500
905 ENGLISH COFFER - Oak Paneled Wedding Chest, circa 1680, with transistional linenfold carved top panels having fluted frame, the front having vine carved rails centering on greenman heads and spoon carved stiles with l... 5,700
906 ETRUSCAN MARBLE ARCHITECTURAL FRAGMENT - Ancient Figural Temple Frieze Relief featuring a hound attacking a horse to the right of a Gorgons head, which would have been the center of the panel, 5th to 3rd c. BC. Assem... 4,750
907 BRONZE AGE VASE - Large Two-Handled Greek Cypriot Pottery Vase with tall collar neck, flat rim, red on white geometric line decoration. 16 x 13 1/2 diam. Assembled from shards, complete, one rim chip, minor loss to ... Unsold
908 BRONZE AGE VESSEL - Unusual Greek Cypriot Olive Oil Transport Pottery Vessel, Early Classical Period, 6th-5th c. BC; in elongated ovoid form, horizontal form, with ring foot at one end, handle and nipple spout at othe... 1,000
909 BRONZE SCULPTURE - Early Islamic Figure of a Lion with inscription on back, 12th c., possibly Moorish-Spanish. 4 1/4 tall, 6 1/2 long. Encrusted. 5,000
910 STONE BAS RELIEF - An Important French Romanesque Carved Stone Icon of St. Peter, enthroned, holding the Key to Heaven, set into arch with columns, having an early iron hanging bracket with fleur-de-lis ends. 12th c. ... 15,000
911 PAIR OF BRONZE ARCHITECTURAL PANELS - Continental, probably Flemish, 17th c. or earlier, embossed relief panels that conjoin to depict two monks tending a fruitful grape vine, centered on a Royal monogram of a crowned... Unsold
912 (2 PCS) RENAISSANCE BRONZE FURNITURE FIXTURES - Continental, probably German, including: Complex Pierced Lock Escutcheon, cast and chased, consisting of two dolphins facing out, surmounted by a crown, with a Royal por... Unsold
913 PERSIAN TILE - A Safavid Blue and White Underglaze Painted Tile, Persia, 17th century, in traditional Islamic floral decoration with a raised shaped center panel, fragment of an early British label verso. 13 x 10 x ... 3,000
914 PERSIAN CEREMONIAL MACE - Demon Head Gorz or Processional Mace, Qajar dynasty, late 19th c, in hollow iron damascened with silver, with open mouth that whistles when spun. 30 1/2 long, 4 wide at horns. The horned he... 700
915 (2) FRAMED PERSIAN TILES - Two Hunters, Qajar Dynasty, Ishfahan Region, mid 19th c., the first, in vertical format of a man in blue with hawk on hand and his dog running alongside his white horse, 13 x 9 1/2 tile, e... 500
916 MINIATURE PORTRAIT - Early 19th c. Mughal Pasha, unsigned, oil on ivory, collectors notation on back, with original domed glass, no bezel. 1 7/8 x 1 1/2. 550
917 MUGHAL INDIAN WINDOW - Carved Wooden Openwork Window (Jali) with polychrome glass tesserae, Northern India, probably Fatehpur Sikri, early 19th c. Of rectangular form, the design composed of multiple interlocking octa... Unsold
918 (3) CONTINENTAL INDIAN BRONZES - Early Indian Bronze Religious Figurines, the smallest with lug on back, receptacle in top. 18th - 19th c. 7 to 3 3/4 tall. Quite worn from age and use. 250
919 CONTINENTAL INDIAN BRONZE FIGURE - Hindu Diety Ganesh, ritual object, 12th c., on integral plinth, with binding flange on back of head, 2 3/8 tall, nice age and use patina. 375
920 ANGLO-INDIAN SILVER BELT - 19th c. Ladies Belly Belt in delicate silver links of alternating rosettes and double rings, the rigid buckle with the same theme having six pendant cords ending in hearts with scrollwork be... Unsold
921 FLEMISH TAPESTRY - 17th c Wool Tapestry of a Historical Scene with four Knights approaching a King, who is conferring with an elder, a group of figures at the entrance of his castle behind, smaller groups in the dista... 2,750
922 (2) CRUCIFIX - Silver Relief Entablature of the Passion, signed Schulin lower right and marked G.D lower left, mounted in velvet lined leather case, 6 x 5 overall; PLUS 18th c. or earlier Russian Brass Pendant w... 400
923 (3) SMALL CATHOLIC RELIQUARIES - Italian Oval Monstrance or Ductus Mounts with Ex Ossibus relics of 16 saints, identified on cedula, set into gold bullion and glass jewel decorations. 2 3/4 x 2 1/4 each. Loose, in d... Unsold
924 PAIR OF SPANISH COLONIAL RELIGIOUS ICONS - Late 17th c. to early 18th c. watercolor on parchment portraits of the Madonna and a Saint holding the Christ Child, enshrined in similar gold and silk embroidered silk mat w... 1,400
925 EARLY MEXICAN CRUCIFIX - 19th c. Crucifix with Corpus Christi, in carved, gessoed and painted wood, 15 1/2 x 8 1/4, some losses, nice age patina. Unsold
926 ITALO-CRETAN ICON - Virgin with Christ Child, finely painted on a gilt panel with sunken field, profuse punch-work decoration, 18th c. or earlier, in later Italian gilt box frame with applied gold velor mat, corner ro... 900
927 PORTUGUESE ARTICULATED SANTOS - Carved and Painted Wood Figure of the Madonna with articualted arms and legs, 18th c, havng beautifully painted features, glass eyes, her body in powder blue, her feet painted with sand... 650
928 ALABASTER VASE - 18th c. Footed Urn Form Vase, probably Italian, with molded round foot and flared to flat rim, tapering to thin edge, the entire body is translucent. 6 1/2 tall, 6 1/4 diam. Internal age fracturing ... 200
929 16TH-17TH C. ITALIAN SCHOOL - Pastoral Scene with Approaching Storm, a family huddling behind their herd of cattle, dramatic sky behind, oil on linen, unsigned, unframed. SS: 33 1/2 x 41 1/4, relined, multiple repai... Unsold
930 FRENCH CORNER DESK - Louis XV Ladys Escritoire in fruitwood veneer with ormolu panel frames and mounts, shaped top drop-front with red velvet writing surface, single drawer, two hinged fronts reveal full width shallo... Unsold
931 HAMADAN RUG - 52 x 8 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, with midnight blue, red and ivory lobed circular medallion. Set on a floral filled red field, ivory spandrels, dark brown flowerhead border. Good cond... 250
932 ITALIAN OLD MASTER PAINTING - 18th c. Italian Mother & Child with John the Baptist, oil on canvas, unsigned, 18th c. In modern gold frame. OS: 23 x 19, SS: 19 x 15, small indentation lower left, flaking in Marys ... Unsold
933 18TH C SILKWORK PANEL - French Double-Sided Embroidery in silk on silk, depicting the Annunciation, with scrollwork leaf and blossom cartouche, mounted in early 20th c. double-glazed gilt molded stick frame, set into ... 300
934 PAIR OF CHINESE POTTERY FOO DOGS - Pottery Guardian Figures in green, gold and brown glaze. Approx. 21 x 24 x 14. Repairs to tail of one. 600
935 (6) SYRIAN ARMCHAIRS - Similar Sandalwood and Bone/Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Arm Chairs with horseshoe-shaped back, stepped crest, arms raised on spindles and panels, having star and mosaic motifs, raised on arched suppo... 950
936 NORTHWEST PERSIAN CARPET - 65 X 95 - Iran, mid 20th c, a serrated medallion set on a tomato red field. Decorated with flowering vines, rosettes and palmettes in ivory, sky blue, tan and gold, navy blue floral bord... Unsold
937 (AFTER) JACOPO DEL SELLAIO (Florence, 1441-1493) - Madonna and Child, oil on panel, a 17th c. copy in ornate architectural frame of later period. The two, with scraffito halos, have garden windows behind. OS: 30 1/2 ... 2,100
938 CANDLESTAND - Delicate Oval New England Stand with thin one board top set on delicate ring and turned urn shaft, having three arch carved legs ending in well shaped slipper feet, Newburyport, Mass or Portsmouth NH, se... 600
939 (2) CHINESE EXPORT VASES - 19th c. Blue & White Cantonese Vases, one in classical Gu form, with landscape, gilt detailed leaves above, 13 1/4 tall, old staple repairs to rim; PLUS the second in cylindrical form with ... 450
940 PAIR OF FRENCH WINDOW SEATS - 19th c. Directoire Style Curule Form Seats in carved water giltwood with upholstery in marbled silver gray polished cotton, self double-corded, 16 1/2 seat, 24H arm, 27 1/2W x 15 1/2D... 1,400
941 KERMAN RUG - 4 x 68 - Southeast Persia, early 20th c, a navy blue and gold circular rosette medallion. Set on a floral filled ivory field in royal blue, red, ivory, blue-green and brown, abrashed brick and burgundy... 450
942 OLD MASTERS PAINTING - Two Embroiderers, oil on canvas, unsigned, possibly a later academic copy, or a fragment. In gold molded frame. OS: 31 x 40, SS: 26 1/2 x 35 1/2. Wrinkled, flaking. 1,900
943 UNUSUAL DIMINUTIVE LADIES DESK - Narrow Secretaire in Directoire Style, possibly intended to hold jewelry, having a striated gray marble top surrounded by a pierced brass gallery, two shallow drawers in the setback up... 500
944 CHINESE PORCELAIN LAMP - 19th c. Rose Mandarin Baluster Vase converted to an electric lamp circa 1930, drilled for wooden base, two sockets with pullchain switches, adjustable height shade stem, 13 1/2 x 7 1/4 diam ... 425
945 CHEST OF DRAWERS -Late 18th c. New England, red stained maple and birch, having plain overhanging top with exposed dovetails on sides, four graduated drawers in the unusual arrangement of having the largest at the top... 375
946 KAZAK RUG - 38 X 5 1/2 - Southwest Caucasus, second quarter 20th c, three brick red and blue-green cruciform medallions on a navy blue field, ivory polygon border. Good condition, minor loss to one end. 1,000
947 OLD MASTERS COLLOQUIAL PORTRAIT - Seated Mother Comforting Child, rabbit on left, decending cherub with palm fronds above, oil on linen, unsigned, Italian, early 18th c., unframed. 18 1/2 x 14, losses at bottom. 1,600
948 COLONIAL CANDLESTAND - Early Maple and Figured Maple Stand retaining its original one board round top in Spanish brown painted surface, with bold and crisply turned shaft, set on three well shaped arch carved legs ter... 500
949 SHERATON WORK STAND - Fine Quality Stand in flame mahogany with overhanging molded top, rounded corner drop leaves, two shallow drawers with figured booked satinwood fronts, original fleurette pressed brass knobs, the... Unsold
950 QUEEN ANNE DINING TABLE - Oval Dropleaf Swing Leg Table, Coastal New England, third quarter 18th c., in solid mahogany, the skirt with raised shaped frieze, set on well proportioned cabriole legs ending in pad feet, 2... 1,200
951 KAZAK RUG - 59 X 69 - Southwest Caucasus, mid 20th c, with two columns of eight square gabled rust medallions. Set on an abrashed slate blue field decorated with diamonds and rosettes, ivory polygon border. Good p... 3,750
952 CHINESE CLOISONNE LIDDED CENSER - 20th c Imperial Yellow Field Incense Burner with polychrome decoration, in Warring States form, the pierced and repoussed lid having a large teardrop knop, set between two tall tapere... Unsold
953 SERVER OR SILVER TABLE - Period Hepplewhite Server in mahogany, rectangular, with molded edge overhanging top, low backsplash, large oval patera-inlaid central panel, the case with two beaded and banded edge drawers h... 1,600
954 RARE EARLY CHINESE EXPORT SAUCER - Fine Porcelain for the English Market, 18th c., with a black line rendering of a young couple in western costume fishing from a stream, the woman with pole, the man with net, he is o... 250
955 SMALL REGENCY ETAGERE - Gents Apartment Server in mahogany with tall shaped splashback having applied buttons on upper scrollwork, two stepped shelves supported by turned spindles, shaped side galleries, ebony banded... Unsold
956 SOUTH PERSIA VILLAGE RUG - 44 x 67 - Iran, mid 20th c, a navy blue stepped octagonal medallion on a burgundy field decorated with rosettes, birds, stars and floral motifs, midnight blue and ivory spandrels, meande... 300
957 (2) CHINESE EXPORT SAUCERS - Pair of Qianlong Saucers painted with polychrome image of dancing boy, having shaped edge with cobalt blue and gilt border. 1 3/4 x 5 1/2. Wear to features of one. 375
958 COUNTRY PEMBROKE TABLE - Period Hepplewhite Oval Table, quarter round edge top, single drawer retaining first period brass bail pull, raised on square tapered legs, enhanced with line and dot inlay. Fourth quarter 18t... Unsold
959 TIBETAN DAGGER - 19th c. Dagger with Repoussed and Chased handle and sheath, the handle having domed end, features a Demon on each side; the sheath, with square end, features two opposing dragons, three cabuchon mount... 900
960 SMALL QUEEN ANNE/GEORGE II LOWBOY - Fruitwood Silver Server having a rectangular molded edge top with shallow drawer flanked by deeper drawers, having molded edges and what appears to be the original brass willow bail... 600
961 KAZAK RUG - 39 X 57 - Northwest Pakistan, late 20th c, with a diamond and star center medallion in abrashed medium blue, ivory and red, set on a floral decorated red field, ivory geometric motif border. Good condi... 300
962 CHINESE JADE BELT HOOK - 18th/19th c. Small Belt Hook carved from pale celadon jade with white and grayish mottling, ending in a dragonhead with bulging eyes, the underside with round disc for attachment, 2 7/8 long,... 275
963 SHERATON DRESSING TABLE - Small New England Table having a square raised splashback over two deck drawers and one long drawer below working surface, both with thin overhanging tops, all but the drawers in Spanish brow... 500
964 COLLECTION OF (27) CHINESE AMULETS & CASH - From the Collection of Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr. (1916-1981), a third generation missionary born in China. Includes (9) Silver Plated Amulets of Chieng-Mai, Northern Thailan... 550
965 DUTCH BOMBE DRESSER - Early 19th c Figured Mahogany Swell Front Chest with bombe stiles, concave sides, overhanging shaped top with boldly figured veneer, later formal filigree brasses, shaped skirt with short continu... Unsold
966 KARADJA RUNNER - 27 x 101 - Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th c, five stepped medallions in beige, camel, ivory and black . Set on a dark red field, dark blue/black boteh border. Extensive pile wear. 325
967 CHINESE PORCELAIN COVERED COMMODE - Mid 19th c. Famille Rose Chamber Pot with Domed Cover having large gilt knop, bowed sides, single handle, shallow gilt striped recessed foot, decorated with alternating floral and l... Unsold
968 EARLY DUTCH WALL CABINET - Arch-Topped Vitrine with canted sides, having a molded cornice, four-light door, flanked by two-light faces, all with molded frame and mullions, containing three thin shaped shelves, set on ... 1,000
969 CHILDS CHINESE PORCELAIN GARDEN SEAT - Unusual Scale 19th c. Octagonal Barrel Form Seat with recessed top, pierced with central handle, the sides with groups of three lugs and raised beaded band top and bottom, centr... 475
970 QUEEN ANNE HIGHBOY - 18th c. Two-Part Highboy, in cherry with pine secondary, the upper cabinet with plain overhanging lid, containing five graduated molded edge drawers with butterfly brasses, quarter molded base; th... 750
971 EARLY DUTCH GENTS CUTLERY SET - Silver Fork and Knife with marks from the Hague, circa 1710-1715, having hardstone carved handles, with silver sockets, housed in a two-pocket, shagreen covered wooden sheath with silv... Unsold
972 CUP - Sterling two-handle cup dated 1720 by John Elston, Exeter, engraved monogram I.W. 1720 E.M and JB to FBL. 2.34 ozt, good condition, lacquer has been applied. 950
973 TRAY - 18th c. Italian Silver Tray with repousse floral and scroll decoration and rolled rim. Bearing 18th c. hallmark for Embrun (part of Nice, which belonged to the Dukes of Savoy until it was united with France in ... 1,350
974 LARGE CHINESE PORCELAIN VASE - Mid 19th c. Gu Beaker Vase in famille rose, Mandarin palette, having panels of birds and butterflies alternating with court scenes, gilt fields, recessed base, 15 1/2 x 10 1/8 diam, fi... 850
975 DRESSER - Country Sheraton Dresser in solid cherry, poplar secondary, having two small drawers flanked by two deep drawers over three full-width graduated drawers, all with mushroom knobs, panel sides, 19th c., 46 1/2... Unsold
976 KAZAK STYLE RUG - 3 1/2 x 53 - Northwest Pakistan, late 20th c, two octagonal medallions in abrashed medium blue, gold, tan and red. Set on a tomato red field, tan serrated leaf and wine cup border. Excellent con... 225
977 MONUMENTAL BUDDHA HEAD - Japanese Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Head in solid polychrome painted wood, cut from a full-body statue. Carved from a single piece. 39 tall, approx. 22 x 25. Some loss to paint, nice age patina. 200
978 CHINESE EXPORT BOWL - Daoguang Period and Mark, in cobalt blue with flaming pearl symbols on exterior, goldfish; the flat rim with gilt floral scroll work, the interior in two panels split by geometric cloud forms, ha... 250
979 CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLE - Enameled Red Peking Glass Bottle decorated with Christian imagery, the Madonna and Child on one side (Christ holds a peach); Angel with Child on other side, (both holding Lingzhi fungus), with c... 150
980 DINING CHAIRS - Set of (8) contemporary upholstered dining chairs, set consists of (2) arm and (6) side chairs with open block and turned legs, professionally covered in an oak leaf and acorn print fabric with brass d... 500
981 (3) CHINESE POTTERY PILLOWS - Green Sancai Glazed Square Pottery Pillows with Cash decorated unglazed ends, late Qing dynasty, in graduated lengths, with modern wooden stands for displaying vertically. 28, 18 3/4 & ... 375
982 FRANCOIS LE MOYNE (French, 1688-1737) - Out of Whom Went Seven Devils, depicting the saving of Mary Magdelene, ink and wash on laid paper, unsigned, tipped to 19th c. collectors mount by the corners, unframed. SS: ... Unsold
983 CHINESE PORCELAIN PUNCH BOWL - Mandarin Palette Bowl with four panels of court scenes on the exterior, one center interior, gilt edge trim, 4 5/8 x 10 3/8, fine condition. 800
984 CHINESE PORCELAIN BOWL - Late 18th c. Famille Rose Bowl with squared body and lobed rim, the interior and exterior top band featuring writhing dragons, 4 3/4 x 9 1/4 x 9 1/2. Small chip to interior of foot. From th... 250
985 GEORGIAN DRAUGHTSMAN STAND - 18th c. English Oak Adjustable Slant Top Desk for Architect or Calligrapher, having molded overhanging top with easel back, brass keys for missing detachable lip, single panel front drawer... 700
986 SPANISH ROYAL PORTRAIT - Maria Pacheco, Countess of Ferranova, a 19th c oil on panel copy from a 17th c original of the Heroine of the Comuneros of Castile, a 1521 populist revolt against Charles V, the Holy Roman E... 2,800
987 (2) SMALL CHINESE EXPORT FRAMES - Delicately Carved Exotic Wood Oval Frames, both floral, one with integral easel, shaped border; the other with offset frame within frame. 6 x 4 1/2 & 6 1/2 x 5. Good condition. Unsold
988 ABALONE SHELL - 19th c. Pink Shell with Relief Carving of a Fisherman, on shore, the striations of the shell providing a sunrise, 6 3/4 tall, included brass stand. Fine condition. 250
989 PAISLEY TABLECLOTH - 128 x 60 excluding fringe - 19th c. English Loom Woven Wool on Cotton Paisley Cloth in a large Kashmir pattern, red-orange, having aqua, ivory & gold details, with a red-orange center, repaired ... 350
990 ITALIAN CHEST - 18th c. Inlaid Three Drawer Chest with two panel inlay and edge banded and molded top. Drawers have 3 panel inlays, the center with lattice marquetry set in. Molded base with shaped foot. The interior ... 1,700
991 SIR EDWARD JOHN POYNTER (British, 1836-1919) - Seated Girl in Classical Costume, en grisaille, black and white chalk on grey paper, with estate stamp on concealed edge. In Aesthetic Period gilt frame, matted with clip... Unsold
992 PAISLEY TABLECLOTH - 130 x 60 excluding fringe - 19th c. English Loom Woven Paisley Cloth in a large Kashmir pattern, red-orange, having grey-green and golden ochre details, with a black center, large repaired tears... 250
993 PAISLEY TABLECLOTH - 134 x 64 excluding fringe - 19th c. English Loom Woven Wool on Cotton Paisley Cloth in a large Kashmir pattern, red-orange and ivory, having olive green and pumpkin details, with a black center,... Unsold
994 PAISLEY TABLECLOTH - 120 x 58 - 19th c. English Loom Woven Wool on Cotton Paisley Cloth in a scarce pattern, with large unadorned black center, narrow geometric side borders, longer end embroidery, all in red-orange... Unsold
995 GERMAN HUTCH - 18th c. German Cabinet on turned leg base with cross stretcher, in pine with exotic wood inlays, deep molded geometric cornice. Doors have four point stars and banding, on molded base with heavy turned ... Unsold
996 ERNEST RINZI (UK, 1836-1909) - Miniature Portrait of Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII of England, oil on ivory, signed on right edge, in original gold filled bezel with domed glass, 2 x 1 5/8, good condit... 1,100
997 PAISLEY TABLECLOTH - 121 x 60 - 19th c. English Loom Woven Wool on Cotton Paisley Cloth in a large Kashmir pattern, red-orange, having aqua, green and white details, with a small black center, 121 x 60, missing fr... Unsold
998 ANGLO-INDIAN GENTS TRAVEL BOX - 19th c. Desk/Dressing Box in exotic hardwood, having a dovetailed case with overall intricate floral and tombstone chip carved decoration, set on a molded bracket base. The hinged lid ... Unsold
999 ANGLO-INDIAN SILVER CHEST - Large Tabletop Hardwood Chest with ivory inlaid Tree-of-Life on top of hinged deep lid, which has diamond decoration on edges, the front and sides of lower case with inlaid sinuous vines, c... 375
1000 QUEEN ANNE DROP LEAF TABLE - English Oak Queen Anne Period Gate-Leg Drop Leaf Table that opens to full round, with typical spade foot cabriole leg, ribbed edge to lid, two plank top and leaves, 26 1/2 tall, 19 x 50... 500
1001 UNSIGNED EARLY 19TH C. ENGLISH PORTRAIT - Young Woman with Guitar, her raven hair up in bun and with side ringlets, she is wearing an Empire lowcut white dress with red sash, gold jeweled necklace, brooch and cuff bra... 700
1002 BUTLERS TRAY ON STAND - Period English Hepplewhite Butlers Tray on Stand in solid mahogany, heart shaped cutout handles in the ogee front side panels, 21 1/2 tall overall, 32 1/2 x 21, 18 1/2 to working surface,... 400
1003 (6 PCS) FRENCH JASPE POTTERY - 19th c., all in greeen, brown and white glazes, including: (2) Pitchers, Tapered Cylinder, 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 diam, stamped illegible mark, flaked rim; Bulbous Cylinder with heavy rim, 6 x... 250
1004 (5 PCS) FRENCH JASPE POTTERY - 19th c., Pitchers, unmarked, in similar green, cream and blue gestural glazes over red clay with cream interiors, ranging in size from 6 x 5 diam to 3 x 2 1/2 diam, excluding handles... Unsold
1005 CORNER BENCH - Unique Custom L-Shaped Bench in Hepplewhite Style, mahogany with birdseye maple inlaid x-banded panels on the rails and front skirt, out-curved back having pairs flanking a center triplet of square spin... 900
1006 AUGUSTE ROESELER (Germany/Austria, 1866-1934) - Bavarian Tavern Scene, oil on canvas, signed lower left A. Roeseler, Munchen, 1923, in black lacquered molded frame, OS: 36 1/4 x 44 1/4, SS: 31 x 39, good condition. 550
1007 OVAL FRENCH VITRINE - Gold Finished Two Shelf Oval Vitrine, circa 1900, with overall polychrome floral detailing, ormolu beaded overhanging molded top having mitered top glass, locking door with key, velvet lined bott... 325
1008 PAIR OF FRENCH FOOTRESTS - Mid 19th c. Louis XV Style Turtleback Footrests, with carved and gilt gesso frames, what may be the original Aubusson tapestry floral upholstery, having a pale green field, later parti-color... 500
1009 FRENCH SHEET MUSIC CABINET - Vernis Martin Gold Serpentine Front Cabinet in Rococo style of Louis XV, circa 1875, with molded overhanging top having polychrome hand painted musical instruments, inset ormolu trim; the ... 425
1010 LARGE EARLY HOBNAIL SAFE - Gayler Salamander Fireproof Office Safe, circa 1840, the safe within a safe having an air gap to provide against loss by fire, a solution made popular after the Great Fire of 1935 in New... 1,600
1011 HERBERT PULLINGER (PA, 1878-1970) - Sunday Promenade, Philadelphia, oil on artists board, signed lower left and dated 19, inscribed verso Brauercourt (?) & Galt & Ingham (?). In cream painted cove frame. OS: 1... Unsold
1012 PAIR OF SMALL OVAL ITALIAN MIRRORS - Early 20th c. Carved and Gilt Florentine Wood Frames in horizontal format, with blossom crest, broad reticulated scroll and leaf surround, 12 1/2 x 15, losses to gilding. 350
1013 PAIR OF FRENCH CHAIRS & VANITY BENCH - 20th c. Ballroom Chairs in Louis XV Style, in parcel gilt finish, with finial topped stiles, carved block corners, fluted back columns and legs, re-upholstered in fine pale green... 250
1014 ITALIAN OVAL STAND -19th c. Fruitwood Veneer Lamp Stand with floral medallion center, having radiating inlay, a shallow gallery, single door with similar center and veneer concealing three shallow drawers, faux inlaid... 100
1015 CAMEL-BACK SOFA - Regency Style Custom Sofa with mahogany frame, having beaded edge continuous exposed frame, scroll to scroll setback arms, five square tapered legs with inset carved panels, in mission tweed natural ... 500
1016 HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL - Unsigned oil on canvas, circa 1845, depicting a somewhat fanciful mountainous river valley with sailboats. In the original gold gesso and sand stenciled frame, OS: 31 x 45, SS: 21 x 35. light... 700
1017 PAIR OF FRENCH ARMCHAIRS - Louis XIV Style Open Frame Armchairs in pale gray paint with blue highlighted carved floral crest, knees and skirt cartouche, in self-corded oatmeal linen upholstery. 17 seat, 23 arms, 33... 325
1018 ITALIAN LOOKING GLASS - Florentine Rococo Style Carved Giltwood Framed Mirror, 20th c., with a floral basket and sunburst top, scrollwork corners, blue-gray glass, 41 x 21 1/4, good condition. 400
1019 PAIR OF ITALIAN DESIGNER CONSOLES WITH LAMPS - Gilt Louis XIV Style Demilune Tables with shaped, molded tops, having reticulated skirts and scroll carved cabriole legs, 31 x 28 x 11; PLUS Two-Stem Electric Lamps wi... 450
1020 HEPPLEWHITE CARD TABLE - Mahogany Veneer Hepplewhite Period Bowfront Card Table, with banded inlay to legs and lid edges, 30 tall, 16 x 17 1/2, some wear. 200
1021 SCHOOL OF REMBRANDT HARMENSZOON VAN RIJN (Netherlands, 1606-1669) - Study of a Jew with his Servant, signed and dated in the plate lower right Rembrandt 1633, an uncatalogued original etching on Oriental paper, pres... Unsold
1022 LOOKING GLASS - Double Phoenix Chinese Chippendale Style Hall Mirror by Carvers Guild of Old Groton, Mass. With aged mirror. 27 x 48. Fine condition. 400
1023 ENGLISH POLE SCREEN - Late 18th c. Adjustable Pole Screen in painted wood with dark over pale green spiral ivy on the pole, flute and leaf painted urn base, bellflower painted tripod base. The oval screen has silk sti... Unsold
1024 PAIR OF ITALIAN HALL CHAIRS - Neo-Classical Carved White and Giltwood Chairs with curved octagonal backs having painted panels depicting putti on the lookout and fighting. Pale blue background with a plaited leaf bord... 3,500
1025 ENGLISH HEPPLEWHITE PORTERS DESK - George III Tambour Top Desk in string inlaid mahogany, having a back gallery and domed tambour front. Interior fitted with elevating easel writing surface, six pockets over one wide... 1,750
1026 18TH C ENGLISH GENRE SCENE - Couple Dancing Among Friends, Outdoors Near Lake and Villa, marked Watson on the stretcher, oil on linen, laid to board. In later gilt gesso frame. OS: 21 1/2 x 25 1/4, SS: 15 x 18 3/... 325
1027 FRENCH LADYS DESK AND CHAIR -19th c. Vernis Martin Bureau de Dame, in Louis XVI style, with ormolu mounts, triple arched top, domed lid and sides, the top painted with musical instrument, the front with a garden cour... 550
1028 PAIR OF FRENCH BENCHES - Carved Walnut Framed Window Benches, Louis XV Style, with ornately carved scroll frames and reticulated arm and back panels, set on slender cabriole legs, upholstered in double self-corded cre... 800
1029 FRENCH BOUDOIR CHAIR AND STOOL - 19th c. Marquise with carved walnut frame, Louis XV style, upholstered in celery green silk brocade with gold dragons, double self-corded, having a down filled loose self-corded cushio... 350
1030 COUNTRY CORNER CUPBOARD - 19th c., Two-Part, having a scrollwork and molded cornice with applied bullseyes, two four-light doors with ceramic latch over three shaped front shelves, the interior in robins egg blue; low... Unsold
1031 DUTCH GENRE SCENE - 19th c. Oil on Tin, depicting an 18th c. Tavern Scene of three men smoking. In the original gold gesso frame, OS: 16 1/2 x 15, SS: 7 1/2 x 6, painting is in good condition, losses to frame. 275
1032 ENGLISH TEA BOX - Figural Mahogany Chippendale Period, with coffered lid having molded edges, brass swing bail on top, brass lock escutcheon (no key), molded foot, three lidded interior compartments. 6 1/4 x 9 1/2 x... 450
1033 TEA CADDY - English Chinoiserie Tea Caddy in black lacquer with mother-of-pearl and gilt decoration, having a slightly domed hinged lid with linenfold sides, footed molded base, two-compartment interior with lids, cir... 125
1034 CONTINENTAL LADIES DRESSING CASE - Early 19th c. Faux Tortoiseshell Box with hinged lid, script monogram LM on top, mirror inside lid, compartmented tray having two interior drawers that act as releases to lift out ... Unsold
1035 WILLIAM & MARY STYLE DROP LEAF TABLE - Cherry Oval Top Gateleg with block and ring turned eight leg frame, having swing leg leaf support single long drawer with mushroom knob, wood pegged top. 20 leaves. 29 1/4 x 42... 300
1036 MINIATURE PORTRAIT - A Gainsborough Beauty with flowing strawberry blonde hair and plumed straw hat, oval, watercolor on ivory, illegibly signed in pencil on backing paper, circa 1810, in the original cast brass frame... 250
1037 (2) 19TH C. WRITING BOXES - English Rosewood with brass string inlay & plate, purple velvet surface, gilt top ink bottles & American mahogany, brass bound, MBK engraved plate, 5 x 9 1/2 x 14 & 4 1/4 x 9 x 12. ... 300
1038 EMPIRE PERIOD WINE COOLER - French Black Lacquer and Mahogany Cooler on Tripod Base, with ormolu mounts including a gallery rim, oval frames with bronze relief plaques of cherubs, gryphon head leg mounts holding fine ... 350
1039 ENGLISH WALL SHELF - Choice Regency Period Three Shelf Wall Mount Knick-Knack Shelves, in block serpentine form, the thin shelves interspaced by unusual openwork carved barley twist columns, with urn tops and upper an... 350
1040 FEDERAL PERIOD LOOKING GLASS - Large Gilt Framed Mirror having bold molded cornice, over a black and gilt eglomise scenic panel, old beveled mirror glass beneath, flanked by Corinthian fluted columns, retaining the or... Unsold
1041 PAIR OF PORTRAITS - Grand Tour Era Copies of Self-Portraits by Rembrandt and Van Dyck, oil on board, unsigned, oval formats, housed in remnants of matching ornate water gilt Florentine frames. OS: 18 x 12 1/2, SS: 8... 300
1042 ENGLISH TRAVEL DESK - Rosewood Box with ornately shaped brass binding, top plate and lock escutcheon, ball feet, the interior fitted with slanted tooled green velvet writing surface, ink bottle, pen compartments, open... 500
1043 CANDLESTAND - Queen Anne Maple and Figured Maple Stand, probably Maine, retaining the original serpentine top, having a bold ring and turned urn standard, raised on three arch carved legs terminating in slipper feet, ... Unsold
1044 CHIPPENDALE ARMCHAIR - Period Gents Library Chair in mahogany, having a nicely shaped crestrail, pierced backsplat, carved and curvilinear stepped back arms, square molded legs with h-stretcher, slip seat in later go... 1,200
1045 FRENCH FOLDING SCREEN - Late 19th c. Four-Fold Arch Topped Screen, finished on both sides with early 19th c. French varnished silk wallpaper, featuring exotic birds and floral baskets, having a brass tacked edge, seco... 300
1046 ANDREW HARRINGTON BIBBER (ME/CA, 1837-1913) - New England Coastal Town, possibly Bucksport, Maine on the Penobscot River, Verona Island on left, oil on canvas, signed lower right A.H. Bibber, Maine, 1882, in gilt ge... 900
1047 PORTABLE WRITING DESK - Early 19th c. New England Figured Maple Writing Box, opening to a plum velvet slanted writing surface, both leaves hinged to reveal storage, mahogany edged and with mahogany bottle partitions a... 275
1048 SET OF (4) MAINE COUNTRY CHAIRS - Sheraton Period Plank Seat Chairs in original putty paint, with overall pinstriping and fruit theorems on back rail, splat and front edge of seat. Circa 1820s-30s. 18 seats, 32 x 16... 475
1049 PINE BUCKET BENCH/SHELF - 19th c. Pennsylvania Bench in pine with two graduated shelves set back on shaped stanchions, resting on a cabinet with two panel doors concealing two shelf interior, with original brass lift ... Unsold
1050 MONUMENTAL GILDED AGE CREDENZA - American Red Walnut, with painted carved heraldic shield on backsplash, molded top over three drawers, open base with four Renaissance revival carved scroll legs, molded panel back, sh... 500
1051 VICTOR MILTON CORDEN (UK, 1860-1939) - The Ferry, Langham Sketch & Opening the Canal Lock, oil on academy board, the first initialed lower left, titled and signed verso; the second signed lower right and dated 188... 1,100
1052 BLANKET CHEST - 18th c. Country Blanket Chest in Rock Maple, two drawers below the mushroom knobs, lift top reveals intact till, snipe hinges, pine secondary wood, original lock, square nail construction, on tall brac... 300
1053 CHIPPENDALE LOOKING GLASS - 18th c. English Hall Mirror- Mahogany Veneer Frame with complex scroll cuts at top and bottom, inset circular crest w/ reticulated gilt leaf form, molded edge to glass with gold painted car... 325
1054 SCHOOLGIRL PAINTING - Late 18th c Watercolor Self-Portrait of Girl, depicted seated on veranda of a Colonial New England house, picket fence in front, surrounded by carefully detailed foliage. In oak frame, matted and... 475
1055 ITALIAN MARBLE TOP PIER TABLE - Oblong Carved Giltwood Hall Stand with variegated green marble top, having a base in neo-classical style, with molded, beaded and leaf carved skirt, tapered round leaf carved, beaded an... 475
1056 TIMOLEON MARIE LOBRICHON (France, 1831-1914) - Toddler Asleep in Mothers Lap, pastel on paper, signed lower left Lobrichon, in gilt matched corner frame, french-lined mat, glazed. OS: 18 3/4 x 16 1/4, SS: 12 x 9... Unsold
1057 (6 PCS) BENNINGTON POTTERY - All 19th c. Pitchers, including: Hunter with Dog, 9 tall; Laurel Wreath, 9 1/2; Peacock & Palm Tree, 8 1/4, chipped inside spout; Plain Cylinder, 7; Large Low Barrel, 4 1/2; Medium Lo... Unsold
1058 (4 PCS) FRENCH STONEWARE - 19th c. Yelloware Glazed Confits or Cooking Pots, Provence, all with two handles, one with missing lid, ranging in size from 10 x 11 to 7 x 9, a few chips, hairlines. Unsold
1059 T.R. CULLIN - Still Life with Apple, Grapes and Banana, oil on canvas board, signed lower left and dated 1891. In gold painted cove frame. OS: 10 3/4 x 13 3/4, SS: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2. Scuff at bottom. 125
1060 SHERATON CARD TABLE - Fine Sheraton Card Table with shaped profile, flame veneer skirt, diamond carved leg, leaf and twist carved legs, swing leg, 29 tall, 38 1/4 x 19 1/2, light checking to finish. 700
1061 FEDERAL LOOKING GLASS - Gilt Framed Two-Pane Mirror with dull and bright finished split columns featuring turned collars and acanthus leaf appliques, rosette corner blocks, with the original gray-green silvered glass.... 250
1062 (4 PCS) FRENCH JASPE POTTERY - 19th c., all in green, brown and yellow glazes, including (2) Large Ovoid Vases, 12 1/2 x 9 diam & 10 x 6 1/2 diam; PLUS Medium Oviod Vase with ribbed sides, 6 1/4 x 4 1/4 diam, fl... 250
1063 (4 PCS) FRENCH JASPE POTTERY - 19th c, including: Vallauris marked Deep Bowl & Oval Platter, in tan, russet and green glazes, 2 1/2 x 7 1/2 diam & 1 1/2 x 10 x 7 1/2, edge chips; PLUS Small Covered Bowl with two ... Unsold
1064 VINTAGE DECOY - 19th c. Painted Carved Wood Sandpiper Decoy with glass eyes, unsigned, delicately rendered, with modern stand, 11 long overall, tip of bill to tail, fine condition. 700
1065 CORNER CUPBOARD - Late 18th c. New England Two-Part Cupboard in walnut with pine secondary, the upper cabinet having a molded cornice with dentil and fluted frieze, right hinged four-panel door over three shaped edge ... 1,200
1066 HENRI LECLERC (France, 1905-1970) - Farm Team Entering Gated Dooryard, oil on canvas, signed lower right, in the original artist painted frame. OS: 24 1/2 x 28, SS: 17 1/2 x 21. Good condition. Unsold
1067 COLLECTION (15) SHORE BIRD DECOYS - All late 20th c., in carved and painted wood, on driftwood or natural bases, some signed, with gift inscriptions, including: (2) Snipes & a Curlew by Richard Morgan; Masons Curlew,... 700
1068 (8) WATERFOWL & SHOREBIRD DECOYS - All late 19th to early 20th c., mostly New Jersey, including: Canada Goose with old tag marked Mrs. Rudic, Columbus, NJ, 21 long; PLUS Black Duck, unmarked, 18 long; Red Head Duc... 400
1069 PAIR OF DUCK DECOYS - Working Decoys in black and white paint, crudely formed, marked on bottom of both Frank Foley, both roughly 14 x 7 x 6 1/2, weathered. Unsold
1070 TWO-PART FRENCH BOOKCASE/CUPBOARD - 20th c. Mahogany Cabinet Louis XV Style Cabinet with faux ormolu mounts and fancy gilt mullions on glass doors (which have locks with key), hand painted scrollwork on frieze, floral... 2,000
1071 REGENCY LOOKING GLASS - Maritime Themed Oval Gold Gesso Framed Mirror having elaborate rope and shell decoration that incorporated two double sets of candle sconces at bottom. 36 x 20. Some damage, reconstruction. 300
1072 LADIES DRESSING STAND - Federal Period Figured Mahogany Stand with concave coffin-hinged lid having mirrored interior, storage compartment with faux drawer front above practical drawer, both with palm leaf bronze pull... Unsold
1073 ENGLISH TRAVELING SECRETARY - Two-Part Diminutive Slant-Front Desk in mahogany with figured, banded and molded inset panels, having upper setback cabinet with molded top, two glass doors over shelves, above two shallo... 250
1074 CANDLE STAND - Period Chippendale Mahogany Tilt-Top, with dished lid, tapered ring and urn column set on arched padded snake foot tripod base. 27 1/2 tall, 23 diam. Water stain to one edge. 350
1075 FEDERAL PERIOD WING-CHAIR - Circa 1820-1830 American Wing-Chair with flat top back, medium depth wings, rolled arms, loose self-corded seat cushion, ribbed blue cotton upholstery with brass tacked trim, turned front l... 1,100
1077 TILT-TOP TEA TABLE - New England Queen Anne Mahogany Tea Table having an octagonal tilting top, bold ring and turned urn column, resting on three well shaped arch-carved legs terminating in well developed pointed padd... 300
1078 PEMBROKE TABLE - Period Cica 1790 Mahogany Pembroke Table with short rounded corner leaves, single drawer with brass knobs, faux drawer at opposite end, tapered square legs having brass ferrule casters. 28 1/4 tall, ... 325
1079 TILT-TOP TABLE - Queen Anne Period Shaped Piecrust Tilt-TopTable in mahogany with ring and turned urn column, padded Snake foot arched tripod base. 28 1/2 tall, 30 diam. Good condition. 700
1080 DINING TABLE - Large Sheraton Period Solid Cherry Table with long, nearly full-length drop leaves, swing leg leaf supports paired to stationary legs, all ring and turned, 30 1/4 x 24 x 47 1/2L, 20 leaves. Very goo... Unsold
1081 18TH C. FRENCH RELIGIOUS PAINTING - Scene Biblique, oil on canvas, inscribed verso Lisaie, Copi par H. Boilly, Musee de Nantes, depicting a seated elder surrounded by a riband that reads Celum Sedes Mea Terra Av ... 1,100
1082 REGENCY SEWING STAND - Solid Mahogany Pedestal Base Sewing Stand, with coffin shaped hinged top concealing lift-out compartmented tray and cloth basket, the conforming fascia and canted side case are supported by a sh... Unsold
1083 COLLECTORS DISPLAY STAND - English Chippendale Four-Shelf Mahogany Stand, having ring and turned urn stiles, turned mushroom finials, on brass casters. 56 1/2 x 20 x 18. A few scratches and scuffs, shrinkage crack... 450
1084 ENGLISH PLANT STAND - Period Chippendale Solid Rosewood Stand with round top having deep rolled rim, molded lower dish, set on scrolled and reversed scrolled tripod base with gilt carved leaf brackets and central fini... 300
1085 PAIR OF CUSTOM CHAIRS - High Backed Chippendale Style Mahogany Frame Armchairs, with plain yoked rail and s-curved splat, simple arms, aggressive cabriole legs with ball and claw carved feet, hard upholstered in self-... 300
1086 NIKANOR GRIGOROVICH CHERNITSOV (Russia, 1805-1879) - Two Men in Troika with Driver, watercolor and ink on card, signed on lower edge, unframed, 3 7/8 x 7 1/8, water spot on top edge. Unsold
1087 PAIR OF ENTRY CANDLESTANDS - Chippendale Style Mahogany Stands, late 19th c, having octagonal tops with crenellated galleries, carved edge, trifid column with feather capitals, floral binding at midpoint, conforming m... 900
1088 BUTLERS TRAY TOP TABLE - Butlers Tray Top Sofa Table in solid mahogany with exposed brass butt hinges, bead chamfered square legs with h-stretcher, 28 to working surface, 33 tall & 24 1/2 x 39 1/2 with handled s... 375
1089 FRENCH ARMCHAIR - Open Frame Louis XV Armchair with caned back and seat, in the original gilt and green finish over the carved hardwood having floral crest, inset ribbon curl and bead carved frame and arms, which end ... Unsold
1090 REPLICA TAVERN TABLE - High Quality Solid Tiger Maple Table with overhanging top that has rounded corners and eased edges, two leaves, beaded edge frame, straight tapered legs ending in Queen Anne padded foot. Unmarke... 700
1091 CLAUDE-HENRI WATELET (French, 1718-1786) - Study of the Head of a Turk, etching on laid paper, signed in plate lower left Watelet, unframed, tipped by the corners to a 19th c. collectors sheet, trimmed to edge of p... Unsold
1092 CHIPPENDALE SIDECHAIR - 18th c. New York Chippendale Chair in mahogany with green & gold brocade seat, pierced rail with scrolled stiles, ribbon carved splat, acanthus leaf and ball & claw legs. 37 1/2 back. Good con... 425
1093 CHIPPENDALE SIDECHAIR - 18th c. Chippendale Chair in mahogany with taupe floral brocade slip seat, probably Baltimore area, shaped rail with low relief floral carving, wreath and ribbon splat, gadrooned skirt, leaf ca... 1,100
1094 CANDLE STAND - 18th c. Mahogany Candle Stand with bullnose round top, baluster turned column, snake foot tripod base with turned undercap. 26 1/2 tall, 17 1/2 diam. Minor staining to top. 325
1095 CONTEMPORARY WINGCHAIR WITH OTTOMAN - Chippendale Style Wingchair in slubbed upholstery featuring tan cuneiform symbols on a wine background, self-corded, with loose seat cushion, arm covers, shallow arched back, narr... 275
1096 ATTRIBUTED TO PIETER JOHANNES VAN REYSCHOOT, (Belgium, 1702-1774) - A Study of Six Female Heads, graphite and red chalk on paper, in Italian gold frame, french-lined mat. OS: 18 x 14 1/4, SS: 7 1/4 x 5 3/4. Clippe... 250
1097 ARM CHAIR - 20th c. carved mahogany replica Chippendale arm chair, acanthus leaf carved and shaped back with open arms. Seat apron shaped and carved on ball and claw feet with bellflower carved knees, covered in blue ... 550
1098 CANDLESTAND - Queen Anne Birdcage Tilt-Top Candlestand in mahogany, snake foot, turned urn column and cage spindles, dished top, 18 1/2 top, 21 foot to foot, 28 tall, dark spot in center of top, scuffs to feet, met... 350
1099 SHAVING MIRROR - Federal Period Dresser-Top Shaving Mirror in mahogany, with crotch veneer mahogany drawer fronts and case, set on ball feet, the cabinet housing two wide drawers at center with locksets (no key) flank... Unsold
1100 HUBERT EMILE BELLYNCK (French, 1859 - ?) - Returning Trawlers, oil on wood panel, initialed lower left HB, in modern molded frame, OS: 12 3/4 x 16 3/4, SS: 9 x 13, good condition. 250
1101 WILLIAM & MARY GATELEG TABLE - 19th c. Replica of an early Walnut Oval Gate Leg Drop Leaf Dining Table, with ring and block turned legs, D-shaped leaves. Knots in top and leaves. 28 x 42 x 16 1/2, 20 1/2 leaves. O... Unsold
1102 DOUGH TROUGH - Circa 1800 Maine Pumpkin Pine Covered Trough, the original cover with old inletted repairs, tapered dovetailed sides, molded receiver, splayed turned legs and shaped skirt, exposed peg construction. 26 ... 300
1103 TILT-TOP TABLE - 18th c. American Chippendale Walnut Handkerchief Table with tapered conical column, peaked snake feet, 27 x 30 1/2 x 31 1/2. Refinished, spot of glue on top. From the Estate of Roselle Cassidy Flyn... 250
1104 PAIR OF ITALIAN MARBLE TOP CORNER CABINETS - Late 19th c. Cabinets with molded variegated pink marble tops, opposing single hinged doors having quartered fruitwood veneer, mahogany veneer case with string inlaid panel... Unsold
1105 DROP LEAF TABLE - 18th c. American Queen Anne Drop Leaf Table in mahogany with shaped skirt, swing leg supports, pad foot raised on bun. 28 x 44 1/2 x 17. 16 leaves. Minor stains, old refinish. Unsold
1106 GEORGIAN CORNER CUPBOARD - Wall-Hanging Mahogany Cupboard with flat molded cornice, beaded frieze, right-hinged door having two long lights set between three short, with two intercises, canted returns, molded base, bl... 700
1107 PEMBROKE TABLE - George III Mahogany Hepplewhite, single plank overhanging reeded edge top, rounded corner leaves, one drawer with cast brass knobs, opposing faux drawer, string inlay, brass casters. 8 1/2 leaves. 27... Unsold
1108 LOLLING CHAIR - Chippendale Style Armchair with oxbow back, leaf and fretwork carved setback arm supports, pierced brackets and H-stretcher, fretwork carved front legs, in caramel and celery green striped floral silk ... 325
1109 SHERATON LONG DROP LEAF TABLE - Honduras Mahogany Swingleg Table with single plank reeded edge top & rounded corner leaves, ring and turned urn legs with brass ferrules & casters. 22 1/2 leaves. 28 1/2 x 41 x 15 1/... Unsold
1110 TRESTLE TABLE & BENCH - Paine Furniture, Boston, Mass, circa 1925, Renaissance revival, in walnut, the table with two-toned top having butterfly joints, ring and turned urn pedestals, crossed T molded platform with fo... 700
1111 CONTINENTAL WINE TABLE - 19th c. French Provincial Elmwood Demilune Table with flip-top supported by a fourth castered leg back center that tracks out, revealing a drawer, the round top with inset brown oilcloth surfa... 325
1112 PAIR OF CENTENNIAL ARMCHAIRS - Chippendale Style Benchmade and Handcarved Mahogany Frame Library Armchairs, with well-designed shaped crest, pierced carved backsplat, scrolled carved arms, square molded front legs, h-... 275
1113 TWO-DRAWER WORKSTAND - 19th c. Two Drawer Dropleaf Workstand with mirrored crotch mahogany veneer, molded overhanging top, ring turned legs on brass caster cups, turned cross-stretcher with channeled disc at center, 2... 200
1114 GAMING TABLE - English Sheraton Mahogany Gaming Table with serpentine front, shaped corners, rope inlaid edge, slender turned ring legs, 28 1/2 tall, 19 x 36, loss to banded edge of skirt. From a private Texas resi... Unsold
1115 HEPPLEWHITE CARD TABLE - Period Table in mahogany, with string inlay, having stepped, rounded corners, flame figured conforming skirt, tapered square legs. 30 x 35 x 17. Top is slightly cupped, sun faded finish, ve... 375
1116 HEPPLEWHITE CORNER TABLE - Hepplewhite Corner Work Table, late 18th to early 19th c., in mahogany with raised shaped backsplash and inset tooled leather surface, 32 1/2 to working surface, 40 1/2 tall overall, takes... Unsold
1117 (2 PCS) EARLY MAINE FURNITURE - Both retaining their original red surface including: Hardwood One-Drawer Stand with one board overhanging top, mushroom knob, turned and tapered legs, late 18th to early 19th c., 28 1/2... 175
1118 OAK BLANKET CHEST - Period Jacobean English Oak Chest, with hinged molded lid, chip carved decorated four inset panel front, beaded edge post and foot, unfinished interior with original covered till, 31 tall, 54 1/2... 300
1119 BACHELORS COMMODE - English Regency Cabinet in string inlaid figured mahogany, with split hinged deep top that reveals bowl, razor and soap compartments, behind a faux drawer front with single working drawer below, t... Unsold
1120 CHEST OF DRAWERS - 18th c. English Oak (4) Drawer Chest, molded and recessed panel drawer fronts with brass pulls and escutcheons, recessed panel sides, set on straight legs, natural old finish, 33 1/2 tall, 37 1/2 ... 375
1121 COLLECTORS DISPLAY STAND - English Sheraton Three Shelf Mahogany Stand, with single drawer below center shelf, having ring and sausage turned stiles, acorn finials, on brass casters. 40 1/2 x 17 x 15 1/2. Missing ... 250
1122 ENGLISH ARMCHAIR - Period Chippendale Honduras Mahogany Open Frame Armchair with camel back rail, pierced fan vertical splat, cyma curved arms with turned out scrolled knuckle ends, ribbon carved front legs, vertical ... 125
1123 TALL WALL-HANGING CUPBOARD - 18th c. Maine Pumpkin Pine Cabinet with simple molded crown, narrow two panel door, original mushroom twist knob, 1/2 round edge trim, 16 single plank backboards, 53 tall, 27 x 15 1/2 ... 800
1124 CANDLE STAND - Georgian Candle Stand in string inlaid mahogany, with a shaped top, turned urn column, tripod arched legs, rigid top converted from tilt top. 26 1/4 x 23 3/4 x 16 1/2. Old crack and stains to top. Unsold
1125 CHEST OF DRAWERS - 18th c. Country Chippendale two over three dresser, the top with applied cove molding, the drawers with molded edge, what appear to be the original batwing brasses, on molded bracket base, 38 1/2 x... 950
1126 PAINT DECORATED DIMINUTIVE DOWRY CHEST - 19th c. Continental Faux Grain Painted Pine Trunk with domed top, canted sides, molded lid and base, skid feet, forged iron handles and old lock. Unfinished interior. Detailed ... 100
1127 FEDERAL PERIOD ARMCHAIR - Hardwood Caned Seat Chair in the original green, gold and black paint, circa 1810, probably Philadelphia. The rolled back decorated with compass star flanked by ferns, the remainder worked in... 350
1128 COVERED PINE DOUGH TROUGH - Circa 1820 Country Dough Box Table with oversized lift off top having breadboard ends, canted side dovetailed box with molded edge seat panel, canted tapered legs with deep straight skirts,... Unsold
1129 CORNER WASHSTAND - Period Hepplewhite String-Inlaid Washstand, with tall thin backspalsh, round front, the thin top having three apertures, shallow skirt, three narrow square legs, the two front legs curving out at bo... 125
1130 TWO DOOR/TWO DRAWER CUPBOARD - 18th c. Maine Pumpkin Pine Cabinet with molded cove cornice, raised panel doors with wooden twist stop, brass knobs, three shelf interior, two molded edge drawers, tall molded bracket ba... 950
1131 FIREWOOD BOX - Painted Pine Open Top Box, with heavily molded base and crown, in raw ochre paint, with molded panels having faux blue stone treatment. Possibly made from an old Masonic Ark of the Covenant (brackets we... 275
1132 CARD TABLE - Hepplewhite Demi-Lune Swing Leg Card Table in string inlaid mahogany, with figured skirt on square tapered legs. 28 1/2 tall, 34 x 17, top is sun faded, has some scratches, stains. 300
1133 KING-SIZED ROPE BED FROM CONVERTED SHERATON ROPE BED - Solid Maple, with some tiger in the headboard, which has a rams horn top, the posts are turned ring and urn, with tall spindles, original drilled rope ends, fill... 2,100
1134 REFRECTORY TABLE - Large Oak Elizabethan Style Table in cream enamel paint, having pounce and groove decoration to the top, clipped corners, eased edges, set on two trestle posts having large leaf carved urns, flat fo... 250
1135 HEPPLEWHITE TWO-PART TAMBOUR FRONT DESK - Period String Inlaid Mahogany Desk with stepback cabinet having overhanging top, vertical tambours concealing two drawers over an open compartment, flanking a center locking c... Unsold
1136 LARGE MORTAR AND PESTLE - Early 19th c. Black Walnut, in classic molded and footed urn form, with heavy walls and very thick base, 9 3/4 x 10 1/4 diam; the original 13 long pestle having knop turned molded end, gre... Unsold
1150 PIERRE JULES MENE (France, 1810-1879) - Whippet with King Charles Spaniel, cast iron in dark patina, signed P.J. Mene on oval molded base depicting carpet with a ladies handfan outspread, the whippet turning his hea... 1,600
1151 PIERRE JULES MENE (France, 1810-1879) - Two Whippets, Old and Young, cast bronze in dark patina, signed P.J. Mene on oval molded base depicting carpet with a play ball between the two, the older whippet turning his ... 1,200
1152 PAUL AICHELE (Germany, 1859-1910) - Laughing Arab Boy Astride a Bucking Donkey, cast bronze, signed on rectangular landscape base, 9 1/2 tall. Base slightly bent, otherwise very good condition. Unsold
1153 HANS MULLER (Austria, 1873-1937); Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, cast bronze on a marble plinth, signed on back of shoulder, stamped Austria at bottom back. This was one of a series Muller did of Great Poets and Comp... 400
1154 GILT BRONZE TABLE STATUE - Young Sea Nymph Riding Ancient Sea Turtle, unsigned, probably French, circa 1870s. Mounted on oval white marble plateau. 3 7/8 tall overall. Fine condition. 425
1155 BRONZE TABLE STATUE - Aphrodite Offering Drink to Statue of Pan, unsigned, probably French, late 19th c., on the original green marble socle. 6 1/8 tall overall. Chips to marble. 350
1156 PUG FIGURINE - Carl Thieme Dresden Figurine Depicting a Mother Pug Dog and Puppy, early 20th Century. Handcrafted piece made in Potschappel, Germany, circa 1901, marked near tail with Thiemes blue underglaze intertwi... 900
1157 MAJOLICA TEAPOT - Minton Majolica Figural Teapot Depicting a Monkey Grasping a Coconut with Bamboo Spout, impress marked 1844 and Mintons, circa 1875. 6 1/4 high, 8 1/2 wide. Good condition. From Brooke Astors ... 2,000
1158 (3) TEAPOTS - Collection of (3) Majolica Figural Monkey Form Teapots. Including: teapot depicting a monkey with a serpent form spout and green pointed hat, unmarked, 8 3/4 high, 7 1/2 wide, chips to hat and base rim... 325
1159 ASSORTED POTTERY - Group of (12) Pieces of Assorted Decorative Pottery, including (2) teapots, a vase, candlestick, majolica box, oval bowl, and (6) animal figurines. Including: English Staffordshire single candlestic... 500
1160 DECORATIVE PORCELAIN - (16) Piece Collection of Porcelain Figurines and Boxes, including Italian and English made pieces. Includes: (3) Mottahedeh Design Porcelain Cottage Form Lidded Boxes, (2) with Mottahedeh paper ... 475
1161 FISH VASES & MAJOLICA - Pair of Mid-19th c. French Porcelain Vases Depicting Fish by Jacob Petit, bases decorated with an array seashells and flowers PLUS an Early Chinese Majolica Fish Figurine. Each porcelain vase h... 850
1162 (2) FIGURAL BISQUE VASES - Similar Vases, probably German, circa 1890, depicting a horned owl next to a hollow tree trunk, one has blossoms and ferns on the trunk, otherwise they are the same, stamped No 164 & 11 ... 325
1163 (2 PCS) EARLY ENGLISH SOFTPASTE TRANSFERWARE - Including: Dixons Sunderland Cream Pitcher, circa 1830, with Masonic symbology and inscription on one side and sailors poem on the other, having polychrome overpainting... 250
1164 SEALS - Collection of (22) Assorted Seals and Intaglios, including examples in carved stone, brass, and crystal, many with crests. Group includes an unusual brass Victorian multi-intaglio fob, with eight different sea... 650
1165 (22 PCS) FANCY CANE & PARASOL HANDLES - 19th c. handles in various materials, including gold filled, silver, ivory, mother-of-pearl, horn, tortoiseshell, burl, bamboo & etc. 15 1/2 to 3 1/2 long. Generally good cond... 1,700
1166 CORKSCREWS - Collection of (5) early corkscrews. Lot includes: German-made folding ladys leg form corkscrew with black and white stripes, marked Gesetzlich Geschutzt (registered), 2 5/8 long; Large brass barrel de... 1,800
1167 (5 PC) POLITICAL COLLECTIBLES - Including: 1828 DeWitt Clinton Commemorative Ribbon, black ink on white silk, 2 1/2 x 5 1/2, soiled; PLUS 1876 Centennial Stevenograph Woven Silk Ribbon depicting George Washington, f... 275
1168 GENTLEMANS WALKING STICK - Dated 1915 Boxwood Cane with a carved agate handle in the form of a rabbit, with diamond eyes, sterling band engraved C.P. 15.12.16 and horn tipped, 37 1/4 long, the rabbit is 3, very g... 2,100
1169 GENTLEMANS WALKING STICK - Circa 1890 Malacca Cane with a pink quartz mushroom handle in an unmarked sterling mount and ivory tip, 36 1/4 long, good condition. 275
1170 GENTLEMANS WALKING STICK - Circa 1900 Diamond Willow Cane with a spherical Brazilian golden rutilated quartz handle in an ivory mount and ivory tipped, 35 1/2 long, 1 7/8 diam quartz, very good condition. 350
1171 GENTLEMANS EVENING STICK - Circa 1910 Tiffany Faux Macassar Ebony Cane with a spherical faceted crystal handle in a marked solid 18K gold mount and horn tipped, 32 long, very good condition. Unsold
1172 (4) FANCY WALKING STICKS - All Gentlemens, late 19th c, including: Ivory Handle carved with Bug, oak leaf and acorn, on a hickory shaft with repousse gold filled band engraved LBT, brass & steel tip; 35 long with ... 1,900
1173 A PAIR OF COFFEE MILLS AS LAMPS - Electric Table Lamps made from a pair of #14 Cast Iron Swift Mills by Lane Brothers, Poughkeepsie, NY, patd Feb 9, 1875, intact other than the top finials, with drawers, in the ori... 1,000
1174 TIFFANY FAVRILE & BRONZE COUNTER-BALANCE DESK LAMP - Swirled 7 deep profile Damascene shade on 2-arm #417 split arm counter-balance base. Shade signed L.C.T. Favrile, split ball base is signed and numbered 417. The... 10,000
1175 BREAKFRONT - Two-Part Custom Chippendale Style China Display Cabinet in mahogany, having a stepback blocked front, molded cornice with fluted frieze having triple rosettes on each front, three doors with diamond mulli... 1,900
1176 TIFFANY FAVRILE VASE - Peacock Vase in teal and ivory with iridescent green string overlay, having a squared shoulder, broad flared rim, small flared foot, marked LC Tiffany, Favrile on underside. 8 3/4 x 5 1/4 di... 1,600
1177 BAVARIAN CASED GLASS DRESSER SET - Powder Jar & (2) Decanters in White Cut to Cranberry Moser Style Glass, circa 1870-80, with gilt vinework and banding, white raised cartouches featuring boys and girls, or floral bou... 1,300
1178 THEODOR GUSTAV ERNST SCHMIDT (Germany, 1855-1937); Genre Scene of Young Love, a framed Berlin KPM Plaque, signed lower left Schmidt, circa 1890, stamped twice verso with KPM mark and numbers 237 & 158, marked in... 2,500
1179 OTTO WUSTLICH (1819-1886) AFTER REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (1606-1669) - A Rabbi Seated, A Stick in His Hands, A High Feather in His Cap, painted plaque with Bindenschild mark of Royal Vienna Porcelain, signed lower right ... 3,500
1180 PAIR OF CONTEMPORARY DESIGNER SOFAS - R. Jones of Dallas Tuxedo Sofas in striped silk shantung upholstery of the highest quality, self-corded, with clip-in down layered seat cushions and loose full down back cushions.... 2,000
1181 STERLING FLATWARE - (80) Pieces of Sterling Silver Flatware by Georg Jensen in the Parallel pattern, purchased in 1950. Set includes: (12) dinner knives, (6) fruit knives, (12) dinner forks, (12) salad or dessert fork... 6,000
1182 PAUL PETROVICH TROUBETZKOY (Russia/NY/CA, 1866-1938) - Bust of a Boy, patinated bronze on a black marble plinth, signed on lower right front, dated 1915, marked Roman Bronze Works on back at bottom, 13 1/2 x 13 x ... Unsold
1183 RUSSIAN COMMEMORATIVE CIGAR BOX - 19th c. Russian Malachite and Silvered Metal Cigar Box, the heavy box veneered with malachite, the interior lined with silvered metal, the interior of the hinged lid applied with a si... Unsold
1184 KOVSH - Early 20th c. Russian 84 Silver Enameled Kovsh, c. 1915, marked for St. Petersburgs 3rd Artel, a supplier to Faberge. With gilt washed interior, enameled in shades of turquoise, peach, apple green, white, and... 1,750
1185 TRAIN STATIONMASTERS DESK & STOOL - Slant Top Quarter Sawn Golden Oak, circa 1900-1910, in all original finish, nearly immaculate; having an upper gallery, four drawers in the top cabinet with raised panels and woode... 2,500
1186 DESK BOX - Latvian Made 875 Silver & Gold Hinged Desk Box, marked on base for maker Richard Lange (Riga, 1903-34), Also, with Russian 84 silver kokoshnik mark (1899-1908) on base and Cyrillic mark A.P. on base and ins... Unsold
1187 RUSSIAN ICON - Tikvanskaya Mother of God, in silver repousse oklad with simple gilt halo, hallmarked for St Petersburg, 1856, assayer Aleksandr Nikoleyich Mitin, maker unknown. 10 1/2 x 8 1/2. Very good condition. 1,200
1188 TEA SERVICE - Russian 84-Silver (3) Piece Tea Service with gilt washed interior, St. Petersburg 1893, assayer Alexander Sevier, probably by Erik August Kollin. Set includes teapot with insulated handle and finial, 5 3... 1,400
1189 RUSSIAN GOLD MEDAL - Imperial Russian Order of Saint Stanislaus, Civil Division, Second Class, in 14k gold with guilloche enamel, central SS button, hanging loop. Hallmark of Itzka Lozinsky (Moscow, active 1892-1908... 850
1190 HEPPLEWHITE STYLE INLAID BOOKCASE CABINET - Custom Two-Part Stepback Cabinet in Mahogany with Neo-Classical parquetry mixed wood inlay, circa 1910, the upper cabinet having a molded swan neck pediment, cross-mullioned... 1,200
1191 RUSSIAN GOLD MEDAL - Imperial Russian Order of Saint Stanislaus, Military, Third Class Class, in 14k gold with guilloche enamel, having swords and eagles, central enamel SS buttons missing, hanging loop. Hallmark of... 750
1192 TURKISH GOLD MEDAL - Turkish Order of Charity, in 10k gold with guilloche enamel, central button in 18-22k gold containing Tugra for Sultan Abdul Hamid II, having Hijri date of 1295 (1890), with hanging loop bearing e... 1,600
1193 18TH C ENGLISH MASONIC JEWEL - 18K Yellow Gold Masonic Royal Arch Companion Past Master Jewel, made by Thomas Harper, London, reticulated and engraved on both sides, dated 1793 and having the name of John Lett as reci... 2,200
1194 CANE HANDLE - 18K Yellow Gold and Blue French Enamel Topped Cane Handle, with intricate engraved decoration. Unmarked, but tests for 18K gold. 2 1/2 high x 1 3/4 diam; 27.8 dwt tw. 1,000
1195 PAIR OF LOVESEATS - Contemporary Chippendale Style Camelback Settees, made by the Conover Chair Co, Conover, NC, having setback scroll arms, fully upholstered in ribbed ivory cotton, self corded, with loose cushion, e... Unsold
1196 RUSSIAN ICON - Christ Presenting Scripture, 19th c., with narrow silver frame having St.Petersburg hallmark, 1907-1926 silversmith Mikail Grachev , 14 x 12, crazing in the fleshtones. 700
1197 RUSSIAN ICON - Fedorskaya, Mother of God, 19th c, self-framed, with gilt scraffito, cyrillic inscriptions, 14 x 12 1/4, very good condition. 700
1198 CASED RUSSIAN ICON - 19th c Madonna and Child in parcel gilt silver oklad, with gilt cove frame, within walnut case having glazed and hinged cover, 9 1/2 x 8 x 2 1/2, very good condition. Unsold
1199 TURKISH SILVER BELT - 19th c. Turkish Gilt Silver Linked Belt with Niello floral and Landmark Vignettes, each link stamped with Tugra, consisting of fifteen panels plus a raised buckle having three pendant tassels, la... 400
1201 19TH C RUSSIAN ICON - The Annunciation, depicting the visit of Gabriel and the Holy Spirit to Mary, oil on panel with silver oklad having only the mark of a script RJ on the edge. 14 3/4 x 11. Losses and distortio... 500
1202 RUSSIAN ICON - Madonna and Child in silver oklad with unknown makers mark, 84 zlotny, set into gilt frame with fitted mahogany case, under glass, with Richard W. Oliver label verso. 4 3/4 x 3 3/4 icon, 7 x 7 3/4 ... 250
1203 STAR LIANA YORK (MD/NM, 1952 - ); Tribute to Da Vinci, patinated bronze, signed on integral base and numbered 8/35, mounted on molded walnut base with brass plate giving title and artists name, having a concealed t... Unsold
1204 BRONZE CASED BRACKET CLOCK - English Double Fusee Clock in the First Period Gothic Revival Style, by Thomas Moreland, Chester, England, circa 1830, with solid brass sheet case having cast bronze architectural trellisw... 1,000
1205 SET OF (8) GOLDEN OAK DINING CHAIRS - Circa 1890 Renaissance Revival/Arts & Crafts Transitional, two Armchairs and six Side Chairs, no makers mark, in cream silk brocade upholstery with gimped edge, having relief car... 650
1206 MARY WHYTE (SC/OH, 1953 - ) - Jumble Sale, oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated 81. Depicts a young couple seated among their offerings alongside their pickup truck. In gold molded frame with burlwood panel. O... Unsold
1207 SCOTT ROGERS (TX/UT, 1961 - ); Speaker of Wisdom, a waist length sculpture of a Native American Sachem holding a pipe, bronze, signed verso, dated 02, limited edition 3/30, mounted on an oak plinth, 12 3/4 tall ov... Unsold
1208 PAIR OF MARKED E GARCIA SPURS - Silver Inlaid Fancy Spurs with engraved pierced flower design, by Eduardo Garcia, San Ysidro, California, having silver conchas fancy tooled leather straps by Buddie Foster of Decatur, ... 1,000
1209 PAIR OF SILVER MOUNTED SPURS - Unmarked early 20th c Spurs with engraved silver mounts , a heart on the post, with tooled and brass studded straps by Rogers. Good condition. 375
1210 GOLDEN OAK SIDEBOARD - Circa 1890 Renaissance Revival/Arts & Crafts Transitional, quartersawn, no makers mark, two-part, the upper part having relief carved leaves and ivy on the backing board, a top shelf supported ... Unsold
1211 ROY MARTELL MASON (NY/CA, 1886-1972) - Family Skating Party, oil on canvas, inscribed lower left To Bob & Ann, Mar 8 1941 from Roy M. Mason, also with original handwritten tag verso Family Skating Party, to Bob &... 3,500
1212 SUSAN KLIEWER (AZ, 1940 - ); Cheyenne Splendor, cold painted bronze, signed on base, dated 1998, numbered 13/50, a full-length portrait of a chief in war bonnet, mounted on molded mahogany plinth with brass plaque g... Unsold
1213 SKELETON CLOCK UNDER GLASS DOME - Exceptional British Lyre Form Skeleton Brass Clock, Fusee with Passing Strike, circa 1850. A visual artifact of the Industrial Revolution, such clocks were built to impress their owne... 950
1214 MINIATURE ARMOIRE FORM JEWELRY BOX - Biedermeier Style Two Door Cabinet containing six shallow drawers, in mahogany, pine and elm, with inlaid panels and diamond escutcheons, having faux ebony black painted moldings a... Unsold
1215 FINE ENGLISH LADIES WORK STAND - Early Victorian Rosewood Stand of unusual design, the beaded edge coffered hinged top with deep cove edge has delicate Adams style engraved brass and ivory flower and swag inlay with s... Unsold
1216 ANDY WARHOL (NY/PA, 1928-1987) - Sunset, 1972, serigraph on paper, signed and numbered in pencil verso, from an edition of 632 unique prints (each in a different color scheme) that included 40 portfolios of four pri... 30,000
1217 SIGNED WARHOL EXHIBITION POSTER - Gallery Broadside for Andy Warhols American Indian Series Exhibition at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles, March 1977, signed by the subject of the portrait, Native American activist Russel... 1,800
1218 SCOTT ROGERS (TX/UT, 1961 - ); Calling the Buffalo, a monumental patinated bronze of a Native American decoying in a herd wearing buffalo hide and horns, crouched over with shield and club, standing atop the ghosts... Unsold
1219 SOUTHERN TRIPLE DECK SHELF CLOCK - Antebellum Mahogany Case Clock by M&W Dyer of Savannah, Georgia (1837-1840), with a carved eagle at top, flanked by bulls-eye capitals, gold painted dial and mirror flanked by Doric... 800
1220 DINING CHAIRS - Set of (6) 19th c. armless Continental carved back dining chairs, high relief carved panel backs with upholstered seats, set on carved legs with shaped stretchers. 43 high, 21 wide, 18 deep, very go... 650
1221 FERNAND RENARD (FRENCH, 1912 - ?) - Pears on a Tabletop, oil on canvas, signed lower right Renard, in gilt cove frame, OS: 27 1/2 x 35, SS: 20 x 27 1/2, several small flaws in the background. Provenance: La Ca... 5,000
1222 (2) HORSE SCULPTURES - Both in cold painted bronze, including: Compadres by Jan Mapes (CO, 1954 - ), signed and titled on integral base, numbered 16/24, depicting a pack donkey with a crow on his load, roughly 7 3/4... Unsold
1223 BANJO CLOCK - 19th c. Clock with mahogany case, brass finial, bezel and brackets, weight driven time only works with painted metal dial, replaced tablets featuring the 1812 battle of the Enterprise vs the Boxer, with ... 550
1224 SCARCE ENGLISH PAPIER MACHE VANITY BOX - High Victorian Japonisme Jewelry Chest in black lacquer with handpainted birds on blossoming cherry tree branches, having hinged molded top with scalloped edge, revealing silve... 800
1225 (2) CONTEMPORARY DESIGNER ARMCHAIRS - Overstuffed Club Chairs, the first by R. Jones of Dallas, having square arm and back, is upholstered in a caramel brocade with pink and green flowers, self-corded, loose seat cush... 800
1226 FERNAND RENARD (FRENCH, 1912 - ?) - Cerises II, oil on canvas, signed lower right Renard, titled on stretcher and marked #207, in gilt cove frame, OS: 20 1/2 x 27, SS: 14 1/2 x 21, fine condition. Provenance... 6,000
1227 DAVID MANUEL (OR, 1940 - ); High and Mighty, cast bronze sculpture, signed on base, numbered 19/19, with copyright of 1981, having foundry seal from Maiden Bronze Foundry, Walla Walla, Wash. Includes COA from the ar... 2,750
1228 FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK - Guiche Palais Royale Model 147 Louis XV-style gilt bronze figural time and strike clock with porcelain dial, set on the original conforming gilt plateau. The clock has a double handled urn at top... 700
1229 FRENCH BOULLE TANTALUS - Napoleon III, circa 1870, having tortoiseshell and brass decorated exterior, serpentine front, hinged top and sides that open to reveal a lift-out hardwood rack containing four decanters and s... 800
1230 PAINTED VICTORIAN BED - Full-Size Eastlake Renaissance Revival Bed in cream paint with gold detailing and incised blue pinstriping, having a large carved crest with a panel below having a polychrome Roman style portra... Unsold
1231 ELYANE ADDARI (France, 1936 - ) - La Promenade, signed lower right E. Addari, titled and dated 1984 on receipt verso, oil on canvas depicting a beachfront boardwalk. In Impressionist gesso frame with linen liner, ... Unsold
1232 BRONZE SCONCE - Belle Epoch French Gas Font in the form of a Rearing Dragon with writhing tail. This would have been vertically mounted, the gaslight emanating from the dragons mouth. The wings were cast separately a... 1,800
1233 VIENNA REGULATOR CLOCK -19th c Figured Mahogany and Ebonized Wall-Mount Clock, weight driven, with large brass pendulum and weights, original key, having an arched molded pediment with three finials, resting on canted... 650
1234 ENGLISH APOTHECARY CABINET - Mid 19th c Mahogany Six-Drawer Countertop Dresser Form Cabinet, having an overhanging molded top, pairs of graduated beaded edge drawers (only three with the original glass screw-in knobs)... Unsold
1235 TALL CLOCK - Black Lacquered Cherry Cased English Aesthetic Period Tall Clock with spindled gallery, ornate silvered repousse dial featuring time in flight allegory of Cupid in flight spreading a cloth over the field ... Unsold
1236 WILLIAM CROSBY (NY/ME, 1938 - ) - Early Spring, 1971, oil on canvas, signed and dated center right edge, titled on stretcher. In a black slat shadowline frame, OS: 34 1/2 x 53 1/2, SS: 33 x 52, light crazing. Unsold
1237 BRONZE SCULPTURE - Full Body Cast Bronze American Eagle with wings spread, head down and to the right, mounted atop rough hewn vertical stone plinth. Unmarked. 22 tall overall. 26 wingspan, 13 deep. Fine condition. 1,800
1238 SWEDISH CLOCK - Carved & Gilt Baroque Style Wall Clock by Westerstrand & Sons, Model Fantasia, the carving features three rose blossoms, circa 1960, roughly 21 x 13 x 4 1/2. Good condition, includes key. 350
1239 EARLY MEISSEN COMMEMORATIVE - Monumental Blanc de Chine Porcelain Group of a Musician playing his lute atop a rocky promontory, surrounded by four figures in diminishing sizes, a man and woman playing hide and seek (o... Unsold
1240 TIGER MAPLE WORK STAND - Circa 1830 Maine Country Tiger Maple Work Stand with two graduated drawers and drop leaves, pine secondary wood, original pressed glass knobs, ring turned legs terminating in urn feet, rounded... Unsold
1241 ALBERT BREDOW (Russia, 1828-1899) - Romantic Moonlit Winter Landscape with Stone Church and Distant Village, oil on canvas, signed lower left A. Bredow, (mis-identified verso on old auction clipping as Adolf), in th... Unsold
1242 ALFRED PIERRE RICHARD (French, - 1884); Bronze Harlequin atop a Platform, signed A. Richard, the Italian Commedia dellArte comic character is depicted in a presentational pose, head turned, his slapstick behind his... Unsold
1243 TIFFANY MANTEL CLOCK - 19th c. French Gilt Brass Mounted Green Onyx & Beveled Glass Mantel Clock, marked Tiffany & Co, France on the enameled porcelain dial, the case in Greek Revival form with a head of Minerva at ... 750
1244 PAIR OF OLD PARIS URNS AS LAMP BASES - Enameled Porcelain Vases with colloquial scenes; one of two boys in military uniforms attacking a scarecrow, the other of a young boy musician begging from two children on a stai... Unsold
1245 HOOSIER STYLE KITCHEN CABINET - Circa 1905 Two-Part Utility Cabinet by Macdougall Mfg Co of Frankfort, Indiana, the chief competitor to Hoosier Co. In solid golden oak with the original tag at top, three doors with ... 450
1246 JOHN W. MCCOY (1910-1989) - Mares Tails, watercolor and gouache on paper, signed lower right, titled on M. Knoedler & Co label verso. Depicting the distinctive clouds by that name. In fatigued silver box frame, line... 2,000
1247 FOLK ART LION SCULPTURE - Figure of a Reclining Lion in the manner of Bernard Langlais (ME/NY, 1923-1977), constructed from roughly hewn sections of pine logs, knots, and limbs, with jute twine mane and tail, seashell... Unsold
1248 CRYSTAL REGULATOR CLOCK - Seth Thomas Napoleon III Style Shelf Clock, in a brass case with beveled glass, gilt ormolu mounts; urn at top, brackets at upper corners, feet at lower corners, 8-day time and chime with fau... 275
1249 PAIR OF CHERUBS - Italian Carved Giltwood Wall-Mount Cherubs in Flight, with opposing stances, probably Florentine, late 19th to early 20th c., with the original mounting brackets. Roughly 15 1/2 x 9 x 7 each. Good... 400
1250 CORNER CHAIR - Ornately Carved Corner Chair, attributed to R.J. Horner, in black lacquered surface carved oak, with moon portraits on the rail pillow, arms and elongated skirts surrounded by acanthus leg work, elongat... 300
1251 ANDERS ZORN (Sweden, 1860-1920) - Dagmar, 1912, etching on paper, pencil signed lower right, titled verso on Frederick & Keppel of NYC label. In gilt molded stick frame, matted and glazed. OS: 18 x 15, Impression:... 2,800
1252 FRENCH CRYSTAL REGULATOR - Bronze Framed Chiming Clock in Doric Architectural case, made for J.E. Caldwell & Co, Philadelphia, marked on back of movement, having original key and mercury bob, 14 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 7, go... 350
1253 TEA & COFFEE SERVICE - (6) Pc Tea & Coffee Service by Towle Silversmiths in the Lady Constance Pattern. Including: Rectangular tray, 27 1/4 x 15 1/2; Hot water kettle on stand with original sterling burner, 13 1/3 ... 3,500
1254 GEORGIAN SPOONS - Collection of (5) Irish, Scottish and English Georgian Sterling Silver Serving Spoons. Including: Large Irish strainer spoon with engraved stags head crest on handle, hallmarked for Dublin 1813 by S... 750
1255 ITALIAN CHEVAL MIRROR - 20th c. Painted Metal Floor Standing Mirror with full-length oval glass, the gold scalloped frame and scrolled strap iron tripod base covered with fully dimensional polychrome painted steel dai... 350
1256 ARNALDO TAMBURINI (Italian, 1843-1901) - Good News, oil on panel, signed upper right A. Tamburini, Florence, depicting an elderly gent with umbrella tucked under his arm, laughing at a newspaper, in ornate gilt ma... 1,000
1257 SPAN-AM WAR COMMEMORATIVE CLOCK - Ingraham 8-day time and strike Gingerbread Clock in pressed oak, issued in 1903 to commemorate the raising in rank of Admiral of the Navy George Dewey (the only person to ever hold th... 250
1258 SERVING PIECES - Group of (6) Antique Silver Serving Utensils by American, French and English Makers. Including: Large American 18th c. coin silver ladle with shell handle by Thomas Rockwell, Norwalk, CT, 1784-94, mon... 325
1259 IRISH TEAPOT - Irish Sterling Silver George III Period Teapot, with floral engraved decoration, hallmarked for Dublin by James Keating, c. 1790-1800. 13.35 ozt tw; 5 1/2 h, 10 3/8 x 3 1/2 Minor dents to base. 850
1260 EDWARDIAN POT CUPBOARD ON STAND - Walnut Cabinet with molded top, single full front panel door with inlaid oval shell cartouche, brass pull, key lock, molded base, pale green painted two shelf interior, fitted to a la... 1,100
1261 MARGUERITE ROCHE (2OTH C FRENCH) - The Savant, a French provincial narrative, oil on canvas, signed lower right M. Roche with copyright mark, titled verso on stretcher, in period Hogarth Shop of NYC white panel fr... 600
1262 DEMITASSE SPOONS - (12) Early English Sterling Silver Demitasse Spoons. Lot Includes: a set of (6) spoons with bright cut feather edges, hallmarked for London 1782 by Thomas Evans, monogram on handle AF, 4 3/4 long... Unsold
1263 HOT WATER POT - Victorian Period English Sterling Silver Hot Water Jug, hallmarked for London 1881 by Charles Stuart Harris. Baluster shape with fluted repousse decoration, spiral finial, and beaded edges, wooden hand... 400
1264 FISH SERVER - Double Bladed and Hinged English Georgian Period Sterling Silver Fish Server, hallmarked for London 1806 by silversmith Robert Rutland. 11 3/8 long, 2 3/4 wide; 5.94 ozt. Good condition. 225
1265 VICTORIAN BED STEPS - Mahogany Three Step Cabinet with gilt tooled brown leather treads, the uppermost step with hinged top revealing storage compartment, the second with pull-out drawer under hinged tread, all raised... 500
1266 FERNAND LUBICH (19th c. German) - Fishermen at Dusk, Venice, oil on canvas, signed lower right, in wood and gold painted molded frame, OS: 32 x 43 3/4, SS: 27 1/4 x 39, short tear upper left, otherwise good cond... Unsold
1267 BOXED LOCOMOTIVE AND TENDER - A well engineered 2 1/2 gauge model of the L M.S. Railway 4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender No 1000, built to the designs of Earle Eagle by G. Ward, stamped on underside Made in England, 1922... 2,000
1268 MODEL STEAM ENGINE - Stuart Model of Watts Double-Action Beam Engine with 7 flywheel, 1 bore, 2 stroke, with governor, alchohol burner, single stack, steam boiler, ancillary single stroke with drive wheel, mounted ... 2,000
1269 SURVEYORS TRANSITS - Keuffel & Esser Co (K&E), New York, ca 1945 Cased Engineer & Builders Transit in black with brass fittings, 11 achromatic scope, 1 3/8 obj, ser no 88780. PLUS Contemporary Replica Vernier Trans... 250
1270 NECKLACE - Edwardian Style18K White Gold, Sapphire, Diamond and Briolette Diamond Necklace. Total sapphire weight: 11.40 cts. Total diamond weight: 6.10 cts. 12 long x 2 wide. Fine condition. Unsold
1271 LADYS RING - Platinum, 14K White Gold, Colored Diamond and Colorless Diamond Ring, in a flowerhead motif centered by a yellowish brown old European cut diamond. Center stone is a diamond surrounded by colorless round... Unsold
1272 BRACELET - Edwardian Style 18K White Gold, Pearl and Diamond Five-Row Bracelet, with (150) pearls. 7 long x 1 wide. Fine condition. 4,000
1273 LADYS RING - Platinum, Oval Sapphire, Pear and Marquise Diamond Ring. Set with a 3.70 carat oval natural sapphire flanked by two oval diamonds and four marquise-cut diamonds, color G/H, clarity, VS. The total diamond... Unsold
1274 BROOCH - Fine Hand Crafted 18K White Gold, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Articulated Bee Form Brooch. With 4.0 cts total weight of white diamonds and 5.30 cts total weight of pink sapphires. 1 1/2 x 1 1/8 Fine condition. Unsold
1275 LADYS RING - Ladys Platinum and Transitional Cut Diamond Ring, set with an est. 2.11 ct transitional cut diamond flanked by tapered baguettes. Est. total diamond weight is 2.35 cts, transitional cut diamond - Color:... 6,000
1276 BROOCH - 18K Yellow Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Citrine and Diamond Parrot Form Brooch. Unsold
1277 BROOCH - Fine Hand Crafted 18K Yellow Gold, Blue Sapphire, and Diamond Bee Form Brooch. 1 1/2 wide x 1 1/4 long. Fine condition. Unsold
1278 JEWELRY SUITE - (2) Piece Art Deco Platinum, Jade, Onyx and Diamond Jewelry Suite, including Earrings and matching ring. Earrings have omega backs. With (2) original GIA certificates. Ring: size 6; Earrings: 3/4 x 5/... Unsold
1279 BROOCH - 18K Yellow Gold, Yellow Diamond, White Diamond, Ruby and Pearl Dolphin Form Brooch. Set with fancy yellow diamonds weighing a total of 9.62 cts and white diamonds weighing 0.67 cts. 3 high x 2 1/4 wide; 22.... Unsold
1280 BRACELET - 14K Yellow Gold Custom Designer Nautical Form Twisted Cable Bracelet, set with blue sapphire on clasp. Marked with makers initials T.M.I., 14K. 3 wide; 17.5 dwt tw. Fine condition. 800
1281 BRACELET - Vintage 18K Yellow Gold Bamboo Style Diamond Bracelet, 1950s, stamped S.F. Set with (30) diamonds with a total weight of 1ct. 7 1/2 long x 5/8 wide; 29.8 dwt tw. Fine condition. 2,200
1282 LADYS RING - Platinum, Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring, circa 1930, with a diamond flanked by round sapphires and further set with diamonds in a scroll motif. Completed by a half round shank stamped PLAT.... Unsold
1283 NECKLACE - Italian 14K Yellow Gold Mesh Necklace with (3) Round Pendants with Micromosaic Scenes of Roman Ruins, each surrounded by seed pearls. Necklace is marked Italy, 14K, 585. 16 1/2 long; 23.4 dwt tw. Good co... 1,100
1284 LADYS RING - Tanzanite and 18K White Gold Ladys Ring. Size 11 1/4. Unsold
1285 BRACELET - 18K yellow gold Ladys Bracelet, set with (6) round diamonds weighing approx. 1.45 ct, alternating with (7) round rubies weighing approx. 2.4 cts, by Gemlok. 7 long; 1/8 wide. Fine condition. 1,100
1286 BRACELET - 14K Gold plated over silver and Gem Set Bangle Bracelet, India. A serpent motif set throughout with emeralds and seed pearls, hinged, plunger clasp stamped 14c. Inside diam: 2 ¼; 34.0 dwt. Good condition. ... 200
1287 LADIES RING - 14 KT White Gold, Oval Sapphire and Diamond Rng. Set with an estimated 2.61 carat oval sapphire flanked by round brilliant cut diamonds, color grade G/H, clarity VS. The estimated total diamond weight is... 2,950
1288 PENDANT - One 18K yellow gold, ruby, diamond and pearl pendant, made by Andrew Clunn, New York. The top section has (31) diamonds weighing 0.75 cts surrounding a heart shaped ruby weighing 1.38 cts, all set on a squar... 500
1289 PENDANT/BROOCH - One 18K yellow gold pendant/brooch set with (35) round diamonds weighing 1.25 ct with a retractable eye ring and diamond clasp over a gidget clasp to use as a pin or pendant and a removable center t... 500
1290 EARRINGS - Vintage 18K Yellow Gold Tiffany & Co. Round Green Tourmaline Earrings with omega backs. 1 1/4 high x 1/2 wide. Fine condition. 1,100
1291 WATCHES - Group of (4) 14K Gold Hunter Case Watches. Including: Ladies Elgin, #3736134, good condition, not running, 1 1/4 diam.; Engraved scenic watch marked Norma, missing bullring and crystal, not running, 1 1/2... 1,500
1292 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Rare Art Deco Bulova Phantom Model 21-Jewel Engraved 19K White Gold Case Pocket Watch. With white gold and black enamel dial, yellow gold numerals, #5502882, movement stamped 85 Swiss. 1 3/4 d... 700
1293 WRISTWATCH - Gents 14K Yellow Gold Presentation Wristwatch by International Watch Company, Schaffhausen, retailed by Tiffany & Co, with replaced leather band. Engraved on back Presented to Frederick R. Sergenian in ... 850
1294 GENTS POCKET WATCH - 18K Yellow Gold Open Face Lever Set Key Wind Pocket Watch by D. Lefevre, #2164 6-Jewels, with fancy gold engraved dial. Presentation inside lid Mary Francis Quincy 1842. 1 3/4 diam.; 39.2 dwt ... 450
1295 LADYS WATCH & CHAIN - 14K Gold Open Face Pendant Watch with leaf engraved case, PLUS Victorian Watch Slide Chain, with millegrain decorated heart slide. 1 1/2 diam; 48 long chain; 6.4 dwt. Good condition, watch wil... 475
1296 LADYS POCKET WATCH - Demi-Hunter 14K Yellow Gold Case American Waltham Pocket Watch, fancy engraved case back with monogram dated June 20, 1886. With tip out movement, #1876655, case marked Patented April 22, 1879 A... 400
1297 LADYS POCKET WATCH - Fancy Engraved 18K Gold Hunter Case Pocket Watch by James E. Bonnet, Neuchattel, #8896, key wind, key set, detached lever movement. In original wooden fitted box with original key. 1 3/4 diam.; ... 475
1298 PENDANT WATCH - Ladies 14K Gold and Scenic Enamel Pendant Watch depicting a tiger in the jungle, with a Swiss movement. 1 1/8 diam. Appears to be in running condition, good overall condition, missing seconds hand; ha... 375
1299 LADYS PENDANT WATCH - Mini 14K Gold Pendant Watch retailed by Smith & Patterson Co., Boston, with Swiss jeweled movement, sn 1473974. In a 14K gold case marked A. W. 1473974. 1 1/8 diam.; 9.9 dwt with movement. Fi... 275
1300 LARGE CRYSTAL CHANDELIER - 1920s Vintage, probably French, 12-candle electric, bronze armature with small bead strings, simple large drops, roughly 48 tall, 36 diam. Fine condition, needs re-wiring. 6,500
1301 GRAHAM PAINTER (Contemprary British ) - River Reflections (3), oil on canvas, signed lr, titled on Sarah Samuels of Wrexham label verso. Impressionist study of water. In gold and tan molded frame. OS: 21 sq. SS: 15... Unsold
1302 HANK TYLER (ME, 1944 - ); Eight Dunlin Sandpipers, carved from a single section of bubinga wood, signed on underside Harry R. Tyler, Jr., Eight Dunlin Sandpipers, Bubinga, no 255, 2006. 8 3/4 tall, roughly 23 1/4... Unsold
1303 HANK TYLER (ME, 1944 - ); Four Ruddy Turnstones, in black walnut, signed on underside, dated Jan 1992 - April 1993 and marked no 206. Polished figures on integral plinth, carved from a section of the trunk, irregula... 1,500
1304 HANK TYLER (ME, 1944 - ); Ruffed Grouse with Three Apples, Hallowell, in black walnut, signed on underside, dated Feb 1992 - April 1993 and marked no 207. Polished figures on integral plinth, carved from a section o... Unsold
1305 TIBETAN CARPET - 81 x 98 - Handmade Wool Carpet with Tufenkian label, Knecht AG of Germany export, having cream field, pale green border, overall blossom and vine designs in brick, ochre and shades of green. Some ... 550
1306 GRAHAM PAINTER (Contemporary British ) - River Reflections (1), oil on canvas, signed lr, titled on Sarah Samuels of Wrexham label verso. Impressionist study of water. In gold and tan molded frame. OS: 21 sq. SS: 1... Unsold
1307 RARE BROADSIDE POSTER - The Sensational Western Life Drama, Jesse James - The Missouri Outlaw. Lige & Eliza Making Soldiers Toes Out. Advertisement for theatrical vaudeville blackface production under the banner o... 500
1308 PROHIBITION BANNER - A Series of Slogans printed on cotton, including: Save Your Sons!; Defend Your Homes!; Down with the Liquor Traffic!; Protection by Prohibition! & Prohibition by the People for the People... 950
1309 EARLY RAZOR - Early pressed or molded horn straight razor, c. 1800, with bust portrait of George Washington and others, plus eagle and stars and lyre images on handle Other portraits on handle include: Charles DeSecon... 250
1310 NEPALESE CARPET - 710 x 911 - Fine Quality Wool Rug with ribbon label from Snowland Art Carpet, Intl, handmade in Nepal, having a camel field, slate grey border, vine, leaf and blossom design with palms and serr... 250
1311 NEPALESE CARPET - 711 x 102 - Fine Quality Wool Rug, the mate of which had a ribbon label from Snowland Art Carpet, Intl but this does not, handmade in Nepal, having a camel field, slate grey border, vine, leaf ... 250
1312 JEAN A. MERCIER (FRENCH, 1899-1995) - Two Illustrations, watercolor on paper, both signed on the paintings, titled and dedicated on the mats: A Cassandre, Pierre de Ronsard, 1524-1585 & La Flute, Andre Chenier, 17... 750
1313 LARGE STEIFF DOLL - Kangaroo with Joey, circa 1935, in the typical blonde mohair with airbrushing, pink velvet lined ears (button missing), felt nose, bakelite eyes, pivoting head and arms, roughly 19 x 20 x 10, so... 400
1314 (10) VINTAGE MOHAIR TEDDY BEARS - Including: Circa 1920 Yes-No Bear, 16, with sterling baby rattle; PLUS Jointed Roosevelt Bear in bow tie, white fur, 16 tall, well worn; PLUS Jointed Bear in short yellow fur, cir... 3,200
1315 INDO-MAHAL CARPET - 10 X 14 - India, late 20th c, lattice with staggered large palmettes, rosettes, stars and geometric motifs in ivory, light blue, midnight blue, rose and red, on a deep salmon field, midnight blue... 275
1316 FRANK L. SPRADLING (NJ/NY/IN, 1885-1972) - Tenants Harbor, Maine, oil on canvas, signed lower right, in driftwood frame with linen liner, OS: 29 x 35, SS: 21 1/2 x 27 1/2, fine condition. 600
1317 PLATFORM PULL TOY - Grey Donkey with Saddle and Harness, circa 1905, probably German, with carved wood body, grey wool flocked covering, mounted on a red painted wood platform with metal wheels. 9 1/2 x 11 x 4, som... 800
1318 TIN LITHO PULL TOY - Circa 1900, probably German, Two-Horse Cart with driver in blue uniform, the harness marked with an acorn, 9 x 6 x 4, about 80% paint, minor corrosion. 250
1319 (2) ANTIQUE BISQUE HEADED DOLLS - 24 Simon & Halbig (Heinrich Handwerck), with strawberry blonde hair, brown sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, pierced ears, jointed compo body, plain pale green cotton dress, b... 350
1320 TAXIDERMY MOUNT - Black Bear Cub, circa 1900, mounted in a seated positon, alert, with front paws together on a small rise, the entirety set on a walnut stained pine base. roughly 29 tall, 26 long, 30 wide, very go... 2,400
1321 FREDERICK HEPPENHEIMER (NY, - 1876), after FRANKLIN BACON LADD (ME/NY, 1815-1898) - Augusta, ME hand colored lithograph, printed by Heppenheimer in New York, 1854. In maple box frame, matted and glazed. OS: 23 1/2 ... Unsold
1322 (2) GERMAN ANTIQUE BISQUE DOLLS - Including: 16 Early Armand Marseille, with inverted horseshoe mark, kid body, ice blue eyes, original dark hair, open/closed mouth with upper & lower teeth, in black lace trimmed dre... 100
1323 (2) GERMAN ANTIQUE BISQUE DOLLS - Including: 15 Red Haired marked Mma, 7/0, with brown sleep eyes, open/closed mouth with upper teeth, jointed kid body, pale pink taffeta dress with lace trim, silk cape, brown stoc... 150
1324 (2) ANTIQUE BISQUE DOLLS - Including 18 Simon & Halbig 1010, with original pate reddish-blonde hair, blue glass eyes, pierced ears, open/closed mouth with upper teeth, plum colored silk satin dress, kid jointed cloth... 275
1325 LARGE ANTIQUE BISQUE HEAD DOLL - 28 Simon & Helbig/ Kammer & Reinhard marked, with blue glass eyes, long brunette pate hair, jointed composition body and limbs, summer lace dress, tan socks and black leather four but... 275
1326 CAMILLE FAURÉ (FRENCH, 1874-1956), LIMOGES ENAMEL ON DOMED COPPER PLAQUE - Autumn, signed lower right, numbered 1/8, with certificate on reverse, in black enamel cove frame, gilt liner, walnut mat, OS: 18 x 22, SS... Unsold
1327 (2) ANTIQUE BISQUE DOLLS - Including 18 Armand Marseille, marked 370, AM2.OX DP, with brown sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, replaced hair, bisque hands, cloth body, compo legs, later orange dress, brown le... 150
1328 (2) ANTIQUE BISQUE HEAD DOLLS - Including: 26 Armand Marseille Queen Louise, Germany, 10, with brown hair in ringlets and bows, brown sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, jointed compo body, cotton swiss dot and ... 450
1329 (2) ANTIQUE BISQUE HEAD DOLLS - Including: 24 Simon & Halbig (Heinrich Handwerck), with blonde hair, pierced ears, brown sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, jointed compo body, cotton summer dress and hand knit ... 425
1330 (2) ANTIQUE PORCELAIN DOLLS - Head/Shoulder Dolls, including: 22 Jenny Lind with cloth body, kid arms and gloved hands, original brown cotton dress, red leather boots, arms off but present, repair to shoulder, wear... 125
1331 ATTRIBUTED TO SUSAN CATHERINE MOORE WATERS (NY/NJ, 1823-1900) - Flock of Sheep and Ram in Mountain Landscape, oil on canvas, unsigned but with provenance as a gift to one of her students in Bordentown, NJ. In gold pai... Unsold
1332 (2) FINE FUR COATS - Both by David Greene & Sons, Master Furrier of Anchorage, Alaska, including: Gents Hooded Coyote Parka, mid-thigh length, quilted lining, size 38 and Ladys Full Length White Fox with shawl colla... 600
1333 OCELOT FUR COAT, HAT AND MUFF - Late 1940s Vintage Long Coat by Weiners of Lowell, Mass, having a wide collar, large celluloid buttons, silk lining, 18 shoulder, 43 long; PLUS Faux Narrow Brim Military Cut Hat wit... 1,700
1334 (2) 19TH C FRENCH LADYS DRESSING TABLE ACCESSORIES - Including: Brass Mounted Blue Glass Stoppered Perfume Bottle on Stand with receiver, stanchions with chain, white marble base set into brass footed trim, small egl... 500
1335 UPRIGHT PIANO - Walnut Case, Federal Style, made by the Poole Piano Co. Boston, Mass, serial #61838, built circa 1912. With stained glass windows above and below the keyboard to reveal the works, with 25 cent brass co... Unsold
1336 WILLIAM SAMUEL HORTON NY/MI/France, 1865-1936) - Life-Sized Portrait of a Young Blonde Girl in a Pink Dress, pastel on paper, signed lower left Horton, in gold gesso frame, under glass. OS: 46 1/2 x 32 1/2, SS: 41... Unsold
1337 PAIR OF ITALIAN WALL BRACKETS - Early 19th c Gilt Plaster and Iron Torch Form Sconce Brackets with single serpentine arm, metal leaf form wall plate, the top plate of each bracket is drilled to receive twelve candle s... Unsold
1338 MEXICAN CARNIVAL MASK - Mid 20th c. Painted Soft Wood with applied real goat horns and internal rattle, featuring a tribal figure blowing a silver horn with an alligator responding at bottom, features of main face in ... 175
1339 (6) DAY OF THE DEAD FIGURES - Talavera Dia de Los Muertos Glazed Pottery Figures, including two Mariachi Band Musicians, 15 tall; (2) Katrina figures, 17 tall; a Ballerina, 16 1/2 tall & a Mother-in-Law, 14... 600
1340 (4) DAY OF THE DEAD FIGURES - Talavera Dia de Los Muertos Glazed Pottery Figures, including Frida Kahlo (with monkey Fulang-Chang & parrot), 16 tall; (2) Katrina figures, 25 1/2 tall & a Bride, 23 tall, all... 600
1341 LAURENCE SISSON (MA, 1928 - ) - Coastal Island View, signed lower right Sisson, watercolor, In driftwood frame with linen mat, cream and silver liners, under non-glare glass. OS: 33 1/2 x 45, SS: 23 x 34 1/2. Fi... Unsold
1342 GERALD NAILOR (NM/Navajo, 1917-1952); Grouse in Wheat, a pair of serigraphs, signed in prints and dated 1951. In the original matching oak box frame, matted and glazed. OS: 19 1/2 x 17, SS: 11 3/4 x 9 3/4, good co... 150
1343 CAPODIMONTE FIGURINE - Early 19th c. Porcelain Group of Couple Dancing the Waltz, in Prussian blue with mint green and gilt detailing, marked on back of integral plinth. 11 1/2 x 8 x 6. Loss to two fingers of gentl... Unsold
1344 (50 PCS) 19TH C. ENGLISH IRONSTONE - Plain unless noted, including: (Plates), Set of (6) Anthony Shaw panel edge, 9 1/2; Set of (4) Elsmore & Forster Wheat, 9 1/2; Set of (4) Powell & Bishop, 9; (3) Alfred Meakin... 250
1345 (14) YELLOW WARE PLATES - Mid 19th c. New England Pottery Plates, in various yellow glazes, with canted sides, 10 to 12. A few minor chips, hairlines. 250
1346 (17) YELLOW WARE BOWLS - Mid 19th c. New England, including: (12) Canted Side Bowls, 7 to 14 diam; (4) Matching Rounded Small Bowls, 4 1/2 diam & (1) 5 1/2 x 7 Oblong, in various yellow glazes, with a few minor c... 300
1347 WALTER JOHN BEAUVAIS (UK, 1942-1998) - Children in the Dunes & A Walk in the Park, oil on panel, both initialed on front, titled and signed verso, with labels from Martha Lincoln Gallery of Vero Beach, Florida. In... 550
1348 PAIR OF BRONZE ASTRAL LAMPS - Circa 1830 unmarked Argand Lamps with Classical detailing in cast bronze, urn form tops with drop crystals, on three paw-footed base with integral plinth, 19 1/2 x 13 x 7. No glass sha... 1,400
1349 (4 PCS) EARLY HAND-HAMMERED COPPER COOKWARE - Round Bottom Candy Cookers, or Mixing Bowls, in graduated sizes, but not a set, the largest with vertical D handles; the second largest, with vertical D handles, made from... 500
1350 (6 PCS) FRENCH COPPER COOKWARE - Including: 13 1/2 Footed Pan with rigid D handles, PLUS Two Oval Au Gratin Pans with handles, 8 x 12 & 10 x 16, the larger marked Bazar Francais, New York & 666; PLUS Two Sauc... 250
1351 ADRIEN RAVALLEC (FRENCH, 1909-1993) - Collecting Seaweed on the Shore, oil on hardboard, signed lower right A. Ravallec, depiciting two Norman men with two horses and a wagon, in simple wood frame with gilt liner,... Unsold
1352 PAIR CHAMPLEVE CANDLESTICKS - Pair of Enameled Gilt Brass Cherub Form Candlesticks, probably French, circa 1880s, unmarked. 8 3/4 tall. Fine condition. 375
1353 FRENCH PORCELAIN CLOCK & CANDELABRUM - Vion & Baury, circa 1880, both with the green anchor mark, Louis XV style, including: Clock with figure of maiden and lamb at top, flanked by cherubs, swagged with blossoms, havi... 425
1354 (6) ENGLISH PORCELAIN FIGURINES - Royal Crown Derby Dancing Jesters in National Costumes representing England, France, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey. Circa 1880. All on integral plinths with marks on und... 1,500
1355 PAIR OF AUSTRIAN BISQUE COMPOTES - Figural Compotes of Two Clothed Putti Supporting Conch Shells, on integral plinths, in polychrome glazes, with gilt pinstriping to bases, unmarked other than four fingerprints on the... 250
1356 PRANAS LAPE (LITHUANIA, 1921-2010); Abstract, Jungle Forms, signed lower right and dated 85. In black slat frame with gold edge, 50 x 51. Fine condition. A gift from the artist to the consignor. 1,600
1357 PAIR OF ITALIAN DESIGNER TABLE LAMPS - Electric Table Lamps Gilt Metal Floral Urns Bases, with slender eight-sided tapered shades and lavender egg shaped finials.36 tall, 12 wide. One cracked finial. 200
1358 PAIR OF JAPANESE PORCELAIN GARDEN SEATS - Meiji Period Satsuma Octagonal Barrel Form Seats with quatrefoil hand holes on two sides, having detailed polychrome and gilt floral patterned all over decoration on the tops ... 1,900
1359 MONUMENTAL JAPANESE CLOISONNE JAR - Meiji Period Pomegranate Form Koro, an ovoid jar with cover having large knop, decorated with repeating panels of Phoenix birds in flight or flames, having gold fleck panels, with b... Unsold
1360 JAPANESE POTTERY ON CARVED STAND - Unusual Meiji Period Imari Jardiniere, in truncated spherical form, with faceted exterior, decoration of cranes, bats and fauna in the typical blue and orange glazes, 7 1/4 x 11 1/2... Unsold
1361 CARL GORDON CUTLER (MA, 1873-1945) - Twin Pines , watercolor, signed lr, titled verso, in cream panel frame, matted and glazed, SS: 19 1/2 x 24 1/2, OS: 32 1/4 x 37, fine condition. Being sold to benefit the acq... Unsold
1362 PAIR OF JAPANESE CLOISONNE VASES - Late Meiji Copper Baluster Vases in aqua enamel with yellow interior and underside, with brick, orange and black over cobalt geometric bands at the concave neck, shoulder and top of ... Unsold
1363 (12 PCS) JAPANESE SATSUMA POTTERY - Late Meiji Period, all signed, with floral decoration, including Center Bowl with rolled and scalloped edge, 4 3/8 x 9 5/8 diam, good cond; PLUS Small Bowl with overall tiny polyc... 250
1364 (3) JAPANESE SATSUMA VASES - Meiji Period, all decorated with lilac wisteria (Fuji), all signed, (the smallest by Koshida), various forms, 6 to 8 3/4 tall, fine condition. Unsold
1365 EARLY JAPANESE ALTAR - 17th to 18th c Low Table in remnants of black lacquer and gilding, the scroll end top having large brass tack edge decoration in groups of three, reticulated floral freize, four agressively carv... Unsold
1366 CARL GORDON CUTLER (MA, 1873-1945) - Underbrush watercolor, signed lower left, titled verso, in cream panel frame, matted and glazed, SS: 16 3/4 x 24 1/2, OS: 29 1/2 x 37 1/2, fine condition. Unsold
1367 JAPANESE BRONZE BOWL - Meiji Period Oval Footed Bowl with flat beaded rim having two dragons in confrontation, acting as handles. Unmarked. 3 1/4 x 5 x 4. Two spots on rim. Unsold
1368 (2) JAPANESE IVORY CARVINGS - Both 19th c., including: Okimono of Kneeling Scribe with inkstone and tablets, signed on underside, 1 1/2 tall; PLUS Ojime of Seated Man holding a staff, 1 3/8 tall, both in good condit... 200
1369 JAPANESE PARASOL - Late Meiji Period Parasol with carved Ivory Handle depicting five Saints with haloes, huanghuali fittings, ivory tipped, the 36 canopy in brown silk satin, with large silk tassel, 28 3/4 long, shr... Unsold
1370 SMALL JAPANESE CABINET - 19th c. Maki Lacquer Jewelry Cabinet on separate stand, in oxblood with gold and red decoration of flowers, symbols of fortune, with engraved silvered fittings on the door, which has a porcela... 325
1371 CIVIL WAR GENRE SCENE - A Musical Evening, oil on canvas, unsigned, stencil verso for Brooklyn NY Artists Supply open from 1859-64, depicting a woman singing, her eyes turned heavenward, while standing behind another ... 550
1372 JAPANESE MIXED METAL VASE - Unusual Meiji Period Bronzed Spelter Vase in traditional Ming Dynasty form, with wide garlic mouth, two writhing dragons over ocean waves, three lobed feet, unmarked. 8 7/8 tall, split to ... Unsold
1373 RARE JAPANESE KAKEMONO SCROLL - Amida Nyorai, Raigo, Japan 13th-14th century; late Kamakura period (1249 -1382) or early Muromachi period Buddhist Scroll Painting of the Descent of the Amida Buddha from the Western Pa... Unsold
1374 FRAMED JAPANESE SCROLL - Late Edo Period Hanging Scroll of a Rooster and Chick under Bamboo, signed Baiitsu Yamamoto Ryo sha and sealed 1783-1856. On what may be the original brocade mount, in gold box frame, under gl... Unsold
1375 VASES - Pair of large 19th c. Period Japanese Imari floor vases with polychrome panels and scalloped top rims, six character marks on bases. 27 1/2 (69.8 cm) high, 13 (33.0 cm) wide at top, good condition. Unsold
1376 MARIO STURANI (Italy, 1906-1978) - Venetian Canal, oil on canvas, arched top, signed lower left Sturani, in gold painted molded frame OS: 51 x 27, SS: 47 1/2 x 23 1/2. Fine condition. 700
1377 JAPANESE SHIP CAPTAINS SAFE CHEST - Funa Dansu, in iron bound kiri wood. Edo Period, 19th century. The front of the chest with extensive iron lock, hinges and hardware, the empty circle at top would have held the fam... 1,400
1378 PLIQUE-A-JOUR MINIATURE VASE - Japanese Floral Glass Vase with silverplated rim and foot, interwar years, 3 1/2 x 3 diam, fine condition. Unsold
1379 PAIR OF JAPANESE PORCELAIN VASES - Fine Imari High Shouldered Vases with broad mouths, Guangxu mark (1875-1908), in typical brick red and cobalt blue decoration featuring Phoenix cartouches and lake panels, 10 x 6 3/... 500
1380 PAIR OF MOTHER-OF-PEARL INLAID CHAIRS WITH SIMILAR TILT-TOP TABLE - Mid 19th c. Black Lacquered Occasional Chairs, probably French, having gilt pinstriping, inlaid MOP, the backs having a central urn set between two k... 325
1381 (2) HANDCOLORED ENGRAVINGS - Classical Views, 135 & 137 from Liber Veritatis by Richard Earlam (UK, 1743-1822), after Claude Le Lorrain (FR/IT, 1600-1682). Publ. by John Boydell, London, 1776. In matching gold molde... 250
1382 TSUKIOYA KOGYO (Japanese, 1860-1927); Two Shikishiban Woodblock Prints, circa 1900, including: Quail Under Moon, with artists seal, unframed, 9 1/2 x 9 3/4, margins trimmed; PLUS Fireflies at Night, signed and ... 800
1383 (16) RARE JAPANESE PRINTS - Folio including: (5) Views of Early Locomotive Trains; oban by Hiroshige, (2) oban by Kunisada, oban by Toyokuni, unknown artist 8 x 17 1/2 on crepe; PLUS Hot Air Balloon with Geishas hol... 2,000
1384 COLLECTION OF JAPANESE INK DRAWINGS - Rare early 19th to early 20th c. Sumi-e studies, some with inscriptions and signatures, color notations, etc. Some may be layouts for Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, others appear to be... Unsold
1385 JEAN FRANZ MILLER (20th c. Pennsylvania) - Lilac Wisteria (Fuji) with Hummingbirds in Japanese style, oil on hardboard with gold leaf field, signed in pseudo chop lower left, housed in gold and black cove frame, 38 1/... 750
1386 GREG MORT (MD, 1952 - ) - Morning Reach, charcoal on paper, signed lower left and dated 1993, titled verso. In gold molded frame, matted under plexi. OS: 16 1/2 x 20 1/2. SS: 8 1/2 x 12 1/2. Fine condition, dry ... 450
1387 PATCH/SNUFF BOXES - Collection of (6) Early Hinged Patch or Snuff Boxes, including (4) Battersea/Bilston enamel examples and (2) French-made boxes. Lot includes: late 18th c. Battersea enamel painted patch box with hu... 850
1388 SNUFF BOX - Chinese Export Porcelain Gilt Metal Mounted Hinged Snuff Box, late 18th - early 19th c., with painted figures on top, sides, base, and inside lid. Figural images of teacher, student and master are executed... 200
1389 INLAID DRESSING BOX - 19th c Continental Parquetry Banded Rosewood Box, fitted with sterling silver topped bottles; the case has ebony edges, mother-of-pearl central cartouche on lid, with matching lock escutcheon; th... Unsold
1390 FINE 19TH C TELESCOPE - Alvan Clark & Sons, Cambridge Mass, All Brass Refracting Telescope, marked on tail piece, having 3 objective, 2 1/2 draw tube with smooth wheel adjustment, 39 tube, original reticule, tripod... 3,000
1391 ATTRIBUTED TO SUSAN CATHERINE MOORE WATERS (NY/NJ, 1823-1900) - Portrait of a Puppy Nibbling on a Napkin, pastel on artists board, unsigned but with provenance as a gift to one of her students in Bordentown, NJ. In v... 250
1392 TABLETOP MUSIC BOX - Circa 1890 Helvetia Disc Music Box with black laquer case having gilt brass ormolu mounts, torches on front, rampant lion on top. Includes two 8 discs. 8 1/4 x 11 x 17. Light scuffs and inde... Unsold
1393 (2) CASED MICROSCOPES - Carl Zeiss Jena Nr 275739, Germany, circa 1930, triple nose-piece, ocular 10x, 13 tall, in the original fitted case, no accessories; PLUS Bausch & Lomb wide angle binocular microscope, model A... Unsold
1394 SILVER CASES - Collection of (5) Antique Silver Cases, including (3) cigarette cases, and (2) small purses. Lot includes: Sterling silver cigarette case with scroll engraving over exterior surface, engraved PH, mark... 400
1395 CARTIER STORE DISPLAY - Circa 1990 gilt leather case with plexi cover for Les Must de Cartier, containing 9 piece Collection Must Desk Set and 6 piece Collection Vendome Desk Set, in stainless steel, sterling si... 1,500
1396 ABRAHAM SOLOMAN BAYLINSON (Russia/NY, 1882-1950) - Seated Nude Woman, charcoal and conte crayon on paper, signed lower right AS Baylinson, 1941, in birch molded frame, OS: 31 x 25 1/2, SS: 19 x 14, good condition. Unsold
1397 (2) SILVER AND SILVERPLATE PCS, STERLING WINE BOTTLE HOLDER & SP FOOTED EWER - Simple Openwork Wine Bottle Holder with hollow handle and molded foot, blank space for monogram, no makers mark, 9 tall, 4 3/4 diam at ... 350
1398 GROUP OF SILVER PLATE - Including: Five-Piece Tea and Coffee Set by William Adams, in Georgian style, consisting of Water Pot on stand with burner, Coffee Pot, Teapot, Covered Sugar & Open Creamer, 12 to 3 1/2 tall,... Unsold
1399 LADIES JEWELRY BOX - Continental Fancy Inlaid Box in burl mahogany veneer with banded edge and marquetry inlaid panels, the top and sides with a musical theme, the front with classical scrollwork, the ebony molded bas... Unsold
1400 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold, Opal and Diamond Dinner Ring, with an oval opal surrounded by round diamonds with diamond-set shoulders. Estimated opal wgt.: 2.46 cts. Est. total diamond wgt.: 1.50 cts; Color: H.I; Cla... 1,100
1401 BRACELET - Vintage 14K Yellow Gold, Green Enamel Bangle Bracelet set with (19) Diamonds. 2 1/2 high x 2 1/2 wide; 13.1 dwt tw. Fine condition. 1,100
1402 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold, Citrine and Diamond Designer Ring by Judith Ripka. Size 7; 8.8 dwt tw. Fine condition. Unsold
1403 BRACELET & PENDANT - (2) Pc Gold and Soft Stone Intaglio Jewelry Lot, including link bracelet and pendant. Bracelet has (7) stone links in varying colors, each carved with the face of an ancient bearded man, 7 1/4 lo... Unsold
1404 RING - 24K Yellow Gold, Cabochon Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring, in Etruscan-revival style with cabochon pink tourmaline set in collet surround by applied gold beads. Shoulders are flush, set with a total of ten ful... 1,500
1405 CHATELAINE & WATCHES - (3) Pc Lot Including a Chatelaine with Seals, Chatelaine Pendant Watch, and an Antique Buttonhole Watch. The steel and brass chatelaine is topped with a crest featuring a crown motif flanked by ... 300
1406 LADYS RING - Platinum, Yellow Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring, flowerhead design with round sapphire surrounded by two tiers of old European and transitional cut diamonds. The (1) round, natural sapphire weig... 850
1407 LADYS RING - Art Deco Platinum and Old European Cut Diamond Ring, centered by a box-set old European-cut diamond flanked by channel set graduating, straight baguettes. Set in tapered curve with single-cut diamond ron... 4,500
1408 (3) BROOCHES - Collection of (3) Brooches, including (2) 18K yellow gold and baroque pearl pieces and (1) gem-set bar pin. Lot includes: Saltwater baroque pearl with ropetwist ribbon bow surround stickpin, 3 long; Fr... Unsold
1409 LADYS RING - 14K White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Four-Stone Band, set across top with a round brilliant diamond, (2) round sapphires and round brilliant cut diamond. Stones are set in integrated four prong heads. Es... Unsold
1410 BROOCH - 1930s Bench Made 18K Yellow Gold Scroll Design Brooch Set with Diamonds and Rubies. 2 3/8 x 1 ¾; 12.1 dwt tw. Good condition. 500
1411 LADYS RING - Antique Platinum and Old European Cut Diamond Ring, signed Bennett Bros., centered by an Old European Cut diamond flanked by (2) round diamonds. Est. total diamond wgt.: 0.89 cts. The hand cast mounting ... 2,900
1412 NECKLACE - TIffany & Co. 14K Yellow Gold Link Necklace with Oval Jade Pendant. Pendant is flanked by gold floral form embellishments. Jade stone is intricately carved and reticulated with floral motifs. 16 1/4 long; ... 2,750
1413 LADYS RING - Custom Designed Opal and Tourmaline Ring, designed with a pear shape white base opal flanked by greenish blue round faceted tourmalines in an abstract figural motif. Pear shape white opal - Est. wgt.: 4.... Unsold
1414 PR BRACELETS - Pair of Victorian14K Yellow Gold Hinged Cuff Bracelets with applied beaded decoration at center and on edges, with safety chains. Unmarked, but test for 14K. 3/4 wide, inner dimensions: 2 x 1 5/8; 32... 2,300
1415 EAR CLIPS - One pair of 18K yellow gold ear clips in a triangular design set with (2) 16.5 mm mabe pearls, made by Andrew Clunn, New York. 21.9 dwt, 1 diam, fine condition. 400
1416 LADYS RING - 14K White Gold, Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Ring, with domed mounting set with three rows of graduated tsavorite garnets weighing an est. total of 3.14 carats. The rows are spaced by full-cut diamond me... 550
1417 BROOCH - 14K Yellow Gold Flower Form Brooch, custom made, circa 1840-50, set with (10) pearls and (8) diamonds, including (6) cognac, (1) canary, and (1) center white diamond. 3 wide x 1 1/2; 8.8 dwt. Fine condition. 500
1418 LADYS RING - Platinum, Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring, c.1930-35, with est. 5.68 ct sapphire surrounded by (22) diamonds. Estimated total diamond wgt.: 1.00 ct; Color: I/J; Clarity: VS-SI. Gallery pierced in a loop a... 1,300
1419 BROOCH - Platinum, 18K Yellow Gold, Hematite and Diamond Turtle Form Pendant/Brooch, c. 1910, with oval hematite shell and body set with old mine and European cut diamonds. Est. total diamond wgt.: 1.58 cts; Color: ... Unsold
1420 LADYS RING - 14K White Gold, Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, centered by an estimated 9.34 carat oval aquamarine flanked by (6) round diamonds in demi-bezels. The cast assembled mounting is completed by a 3.10 mm w... 850
1421 AMERICAN INLAID JEWELRY BOX - Federal Period Rosewood Rectangular Vanity Box with boxwood and mahogany marquetry. The lid centered on a sunburst, having crossed leaf brackets and herringbone banding, roped and cross-b... 475
1422 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold, Oval Citrine and Diamond Ring, centered by an oval citrine, est. wgt. 8.37 cts, set above a surround of (18) round diamonds. Est. total diamond wgt:1.08 cts; Color: H/I; Clarity: VS. The... 800
1423 BROOCH - Vintage, one of a kind 18K White Gold, Free Form Pearl, and Diamond Duck Form Brooch. 1 x 1. Fine condition. 950
1424 LADYS RING - 18K White Gold, Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring, centered by a sapphire above a surround of diamonds with diamond grid motif in the shoulders. The sapphire weighs an estimated 1.42 cts. Est. total diamond... 1,000
1425 BROOCHES - Collection of (12) Victorian Anchor Form Brooches, mostly silver and set with polished stones. Lot includes: Engraved silver and agate brooch, 2 1/4 long x 1 1/4 wide, good condition; Large engraved silve... 1,000
1426 POCKET WATCH - Large Sterling Cased Ulysses Nardin Chronometer with up and down indicator, #29496. With signed case, movement and dial; in a custom fitted mahogany presentation box. 2 1/2 diam. Good condition, appear... 2,600
1427 POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (2) Silver Cased Early English Fusee Pocket Watches with Silver Travel Cases. Includes: Pocket watch by Jackson, Liverpool, #726, movement appears to be intact, large chip in porcelain dial abo... 1,400
1428 POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (2) English Fusee Movement Gilded Metal Cased Pocket Watches with tortoiseshell covered travel cases. Includes: Pocket watch by Rick Wilson, London, #2703, movement appears to be intact, 1 1/2... 700
1429 POCKET WATCHES - (3) Piece Lot of English Fusee Movement Pocket Watches in Silver Cases. Including: Pocket watch by Mark Rogers, Rumsey, #213, movement appears intact, good condition; Unsigned pocket watch, #25728, mo... 350
1430 POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (3) Small Early Fusee Movement Pocket Watches. One is marked DeBon, Paris, movement appears to be intact, case once had scenic enamel and was fitted with gems, enamel badly damaged and all gems... 350
1431 POCKET WATCHES - Group of (4) Assorted Early Fusee Pocket Watches. Including: Pocket watch in a silver case marked Breting, movement appears to be intact, 2 diam.; Silver cased pocket watch, glass cracked, missing ... 350
1432 POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (2) Multi-dial Pocket Watches in Gun Metal Cases. Including: Pocket watch with day, date, month and moon phase, missing the date hand and the crystal, movement appears to be intact and will run... 375
1433 POCKET WATCHES - Group of (5) Sterling Cased Pocket Watches, (2) hunter case and (3) open face. Including: Hunter case pocket watch with full sweep hand and key wind key set with intricate two tone recessed and engrav... 550
1434 POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (5) Assorted American Maker Pocket Watches, in gold filled and silveroid cases. Including: Fancy engraved hunter case by Columbus Watch Company, #190852, wear to case, not running, 2 1/4 diam.... 600
1435 WATCH MOVEMENTS - Collection of (24) Assorted Watch Movements: (6) are fusee, and the balance are regular movements. Fusee movements include examples by: M. Dexter, #1025; J. N. Burnett, London, #13928; Lre Fe, Marsei... 2,200
1436 POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (2) Waltham Pocket Watches. Includes: Northwestern coin silver cased, hunter case American Watch Co. Waltham pocket watch, marked William Ellery, #2494564, movement can be revolved within case,... 450
1437 POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (4) Ladies Hunter Case Pocket Watches, (3) are silver and (1) is gold filled. Including: Fusee pocket watch by Raguet, Paris, #1900; Watch marked C. Detouche, Paris; Unmarked pocket watch; and ... 100
1438 GUSTAVE YOUNG ENGRAVED 1851 NAVY COLT REVOLVER - Civil War Era Factory Engraved Revolver, serial no 147651, 36 cal, 5 1/4 octagon barrel, original ivory grips. Decorated with Germanic scrollwork by Master Engraver Gu... 9,000
1439 HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT POWDER HORN -early 18th c. American Powderhorn, Pennsylvania, the lower portion having a wrap-around map of the Delaware River, with the Scool Kill (Schuylkill) tributary, a view of Philadelph... 7,000
1440 BELGIAN YOUTH SHOTGUN - .410 Gauge Double Barrel Breech Break by Liegeoise dArmes aFeu (active 1866-1929), s/n 16486, with X & PV marks, 29 1/2 barrel, side lever release, the original bluing largely intact, with w... 650
1441 BELGIAN YOUTH SHOTGUN - .28 Gauge Single Barrel Breech Break by Veerees & Co Ltd, Liege, s/n 1668, with X & PV marks, also stamped 6kg 664 with crowned ELG and 26-70 in an oval, 89 on side of trigger guard. 29 1/2... Unsold
1442 US ARMY RIFLE - Model 1884 Springfield Trapdoor Breechloading Rifle, serial no 430983 (1889 mfg), .45-70, 32 barrel, with Buffington sight (slightly bent), Eagle & Springfield stamp on lockplate, VP/P proof mark on... 350
1443 KHYBER KNIFE - A 19th c. Afghanistan sword with scabbard, having original hilt plug on chain. Having a fine 20 1/4 damascene blade with gold and silver wirework inlay over a niello field, decoration extends over top,... 1,100
1444 (2) 1860 MODEL CAVALRY SWORDS - Both post-Civil War, including: US Army etched blade deluxe sabre by C. Roby & Co, W. Chelmsford, Mass. with gilt brass fittings to hilt and scabbard, wire wrapped shagreen grip, having... 750
1445 FOLK ART BACKPACK & TOWEL RACK - Birch Bark over Pine Pack with web straps, twig framing around two tone backgrounds, deer painted on slanted lid, birds on sides, relief carved and painted trout on front. Made by Joe ... Unsold
1446 PERSIAN DAGGER - Ceremonial Jambiya and Scabbard in silver wire filagree decoration, plain steel blade with edge, 20th c., 20 long overall, fine condition. From the Kurt Morse collection. 300
1447 (4) BAYONETS - Including: Scarce Swedish Mauser M1896 with leather frog, conical stud, by Erkilstuna (EJAK), 15 3/4 excluding frog, light corrosion; PLUS French M1874 Gras, no scabbard, marked L. Deny, Paris, 1881, 2... Unsold
1448 SPANISH COLONIAL SWORD WITH SCABBARD & FROG - Circa 1840 based on Napoleonic Era Artillery Officers Sword with solid cast brass handle having a cross hilt and offset pommel, broad and heavy scimitar like steel blade,... 375
1449 EUROPEAN CARVED POCKET KNIFE - Carved Walnut Figural Handle, probably German, 15th c. or earlier, a full-length portrait of a woman having black glass bead eyes, wide and thin steel blade with hatchet form groove, ham... 225
1450 FILIPINO FIGHTING SWORD - Traditional Barong, late 19th c, Southern Moro, Mindinao, probably a trophy of the Insurrection, 1899-1913, having a 16 1/2 broad steel blade, hardwood handle with silver binding, 23 long... 100
1451 (2) 19TH C ANGLO-INDIAN WEAPONS - Including: Sikh Tulwar Fighting Sword, all steel, with aggressively curved blade, no scabbard, 34 1/2 long overall, corroded, blunted tip; PLUS Carved Wood and Twisted Rattan Walking... 375
1452 (3) RARE STAMPS - United States Scott 1, 1847 5c red-brown Franklin, UH, red cork cancel; PLUS Scott 18, 1861, perf 15 1/2 1c blue Franklin, MNH; PUS Scott 25, 1857-61, perf 15 1/2 3c rose I Washington, MNH. Book $5,... 700
1453 COLLECTION OF MINT STAMPS - American Stamps and Blocks, 1890 to 1926 issue, mostly MNH, some MH, including regular post: (6) 1898, (5) 1890-93, (3) 1894, (6) 1903-04, (14) 1909, (9) 1912-1915 PLUS commemoratives, (7) ... 1,100
1454 (5) LETTERS FROM THEODORE ROOSEVELT, (1) WILLIAM LOEB, (2) EDITH KERMIT ROOSEVELT - All to Dr. Samuel McChord Crothers (1857-1927), including: (3) TR as President, tls on White House letterhead, March 16, 1905, with e... Unsold
1455 (14) LETTERS FROM EARLY 20TH C AMERICAN AUTHORS - All written to Dr. Samuel McChord Crothers (1857-1927), including: (4) from Julia Ward Howe; Jan 8, 1905; June 25, 1908, als, 2 pps; July 2, 1908, als, 4 pps; Oct 15, ... Unsold
1456 THEODORE ROOSEVELT PRESENTATION COPY OF BOOK - The Strenuous Life, Essays and Addresses, New York, The Century Co., 1904. Clothbound. Inscribed (as President) on front endpaper To Gordon Crothers, with all good wis... Unsold
1457 LETTER FROM FELIX FRANKFURTER - April 6, 1927 Letter from Judge Frankfurter (1882-1965), to Dr. Samuel McChord Crothers, Unitarian Minister and Reformer, on Law School of Harvard University letterhead, tls, 1 pg, aler... 300
1458 PRINTED WALL HANGING - 1970s Cotton Graphic Print SS Normandie by Frances Butler for Stromma-Sweden, stretched, unframed, 46 square, a few light scuffs. 400
1459 PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT AUTOGRAPH LETTER & TELEGRAM - Appointment Notification from FDR during the seventh week of his Presidency, to Rufus E. Miles, Sr. The telegram was sent on July 26, 1933, appointing him ... Unsold
1461 WWII JAPANESE WAR CRIMES DOCUMENTS - Original Trial Documents regarding the Oswawara Incident, the July 1946 trial of Lt Gen Yoshio Tachibana, Vice Admiral Kunizo Mori and twelve subordinates (including two surgeons... 700
1462 RARE ALBUM OF SILHOUETTES - Cut Paper Portraits of Royal Navy Officers serving aboard the HMS Impregnable, Devonport, England, by Commander (Thomas) Harvey Royse, 1869. The vintage album with marbled boards is inscr... 500
1463 EARLY MAP - A New Map of Iberia Europaea alias Celtiberia or Ancient Spain. Shewing its Principal Divisions and Cheife Cities, Towns, Rivers, Mountains, &c. Dedicated to His Highness, William, Duke of Gloucester who... Unsold
1464 HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPH ATTRIBUTED TO ARTIST THOMAS EAKINS - Roustabouts Loafing Round the Levee, vintage silver gelatin print, circa 1870s, depicting African-Americans seated on bales of hay, steamboat loading in dista... 350
1465 COLLECTION WWI DOCUMENTS - Many Peace Treaty Period, immediately after the war has ended, although the officer had served as a code decipherer during the war. Papers include Secret Roster of Officers on duty with Gene... 250
1466 RARE ORNITHOLOGY BOOK - Nest and Eggs of Birds of the United States, Illustrated by Thomas G. Gentry, Philadelphia, published by J.A. Wagenseller, 1882. Contains 50 chromolitho plates with tissue guards, chromo titl... 425
1467 ENGLISH TEA CADDY - Georgian Mahogany Casket Top Caddy in mahogany with boxwood stringing, , with canted lower case and brass ball feet, inlaid diamond escutcheon for lock with key, the interior in crimson paper, two ... 350
1468 ENGLISH TREEN TEA CADDY - 19th c Mauchline Casket Top Box wth brass lion paw feet, decorated with transfer of courting scene on top framed by ivy, the front and back with river scenes depicting early industry, the sid... Unsold
1469 ENGLISH TEA CADDY - Regency Casket Top Caddy in birdseye and flame maple with ebony top cap, trim and bun feet, the sides canted, interior of lid in wine velvet, two covered compartments flanking empty mixing bowl rec... 300
1470 (9 PCS) FRENCH JASPE STONEWARE - All 19th c., including: A Rare Flask Form Candlestick in brown, green, blue and yellow, stamped Bonne Menagere Vallauris on underside, 8 tall, 6 3/8 diam; PLUS Lidded Powder Jar in... Unsold
1471 PAIR OF WEDGWOOD MANTLE VASES - Early 19th c. Nautilus Shell Form Vases in pink, cream and violet galzes, with brown and green throats, having impressed marks, 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 6, one with spotting to interior. 425
1472 ENGLISH CHINA - (34) Pc English China Lot, incl: (23) pcs of c.1810 Spode black transferware in an early botanical pattern and (11) Wedgwood plates in the Garden Club pattern. Spode transferware includes (18) plates a... 500
1473 (4) DEDHAM POTTERY PLATES - Vintage 1900 Arts & Crafts Plates, including: 8 3/4 rabbit edged; 8 1/2 rabbit edged; 8 3/8 tree edged, 5 3/4 iris edged, all in good condition. 275
1474 (3) EARLY ENGLISH CHINA PLATES - Including: Masons Chinoiserie blue & white stoneware with gold highlighting, with blossoms and prunus, 1813-25 style impressed mark, 9 1/4 diam.; PLUS Worcester blue & white floral wi... Unsold
1475 (2) EARLY WORCESTER PORCELAIN SWEETMEAT DISHES - Chelsea China, Hans Sloane ware, one three lobed with asymmetrical handle, decorated with flowers and having brown trim, the back only has inscription White Flowered P... 350
1476 LOCKETS - Lot of (2) 14K Yellow Gold Oval Victorian Lockets set with seed pearls and stones. One locket is decorated with an oval sash and buckle with blue enamel and set with seed pearls and (6) small diamonds, 2 1/8... 850
1477 PR BRACELETS - Pair of Victorian Design Black Enameled 14K Yellow Gold Belt Form Cuff Bracelets, hinged with safety chains. Each bracelet has bright cut and enamel decoration on each side. Unmarked, but test for 14K. ... 1,300
1478 (2) BRACELETS - Lot of (2) Victorian14K Yellow Gold Belt Form Hinged Cuff Bracelets. One is decorated with gold beading and (5) small pearls, with safety chain, 3/4 wide, inner dimensions: 2 x 1 5/8; other is plain... 1,300
1479 (5) BROOCHES - Group of (5) Vintage 14K Yellow Gold and Enamel Brooches. Including: Bow form brooch with black enamel, (10) small pearls, and (2) faceted black jet drop beads, marked 14K, 1 1/4 wide, 1 long; Rectang... 600
1480 (2) BRACELETS - Two Victorian14K Gold Hinged Belt Form Cuff Bracelets. One is in rose gold with bright cut decoration and (18) small pearls on the buckle, 5/8 wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4 x 2, small dent near open... 1,100
1481 (2) BRACELETS - Lot of (2) 14K Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelets. One is a belt form bracelet set with (16) small turquoise stones, with hinged closure, 1/2 wide, inner dimenstions: 2 1/4 x 1 3/4; other has surface engrav... 900
1482 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold, 11mm Black Pearl and Diamond Ring. Size 8 1/4. Unsold
1483 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold, Platinum, Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring, with an est. 3.63 ct. oval sapphire set above a surround of round diamonds. Est. total diamond wgt.: 1.00 ct; Color: J; Clarity: VS. Cast assemb... Unsold
1484 LADYS RING - 18K White Gold, Square Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring, centered by an est. 12.75 ct emerald flanked by a vertical row of round diamonds. Est. total diamond wgt: 0.24 cts; Color: J; Clarity: SI. The tapered... 1,600
1485 LADYS RING - 18K Yellow Gold Rams Head Design Ring. Size 8. 400
1486 LADYS RING - 18K Yellow Gold, Oval Ruby, and Diamond Ring, set with oval ruby in a four prong head set above three tiers of round diamonds bead set in a cushion shape outline. Ruby weighs est. 3.11 cts. Total est. di... 800
1487 EARRINGS & PENDANT - (2) Pc 14K Yellow Gold Citrine and Diamond Jewelry Suite consisting of a pair of earrings and pendant. 650
1488 BRACELET - Edwardian 14K White Gold and Diamond Reticulated Link Bracelet. 7 1/8 long x 3/8 wide;11.2 dwt tw. 550
1489 NECKLACE - Triple Strand Graduated Pearl Necklace. White to cream/pinkish cultured saltwater pearls with 14K White Gold and Diamond Clasp and a total of (172) pearls. 15 long. Good condition. 850
1490 BRACELET - Triple Strand Graduated Pearl Bracelet with 14K White Gold and Diamond Clasp and (2) Spacers. Bracelet contains a total of (76) pearls. 7 1/2 long. Good condition. Unsold
1491 LADYS RING - 14K White Gold and Diamond Bands; ring consisting of (5) bands set with princess cut and full cut diamonds, est total wgt: 2.52 cts. The cast assembled rings feature channel-set princess diamonds and sur... 1,000
1492 CAMEOS - (5) Pcs of Victorian Jewelry, including (3) cameo brooches, (1) cased cameo, and (1) enameled brooch. Lot includes: Large carved malachite cameo depicting a young woman set in scrolled brooch/pendant gold fil... 250
1493 CHATELAINE - Late 18th - early 19th c. Cut Steel Chatelaine with (5) engraved seals and (1) leather folio book. With faceted cut steel decoration at top. 4 3/8 long (3 1/2 long without seals), 1 3/8 wide Good condi... 275
1494 LADYS RING - Edwardian Cabochon Ruby and Old Mine Cut Diamond Ladys Ring, (5) cabochon rubies surrounded by old mine-cut diamonds in platinum and 18kt yellow gold prong mountings. The estimated total ruby weight is ... 1,100
1495 RING - 18K Yellow Gold, Carved Rock Crystal and Diamond Ring, with a frosted, carved melon form rock crystal inset with a full-cut diamond with ropetwist surround. Diamond measures 2.67 mm and weighs an estimated 0.07... Unsold
1496 RING - 22K Yellow Gold and Moonstone Labradorite Ring, set with cabochon oval moonstone labradorite rainbow moonstone in rectangular cushion shape collet. With a ribbed shank, soft matte finish; mounting is closed a... 1,500
1497 LADYS RING - 18K Yellow Gold, Princess Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring, with (6) rows of square-cut rubies in an inverted V motif, shoulders set with channel set princess-cut diamonds. Est. total ruby wgt.: 2.10 carats. ... 1,300
1498 NECKLACE - Strand of Cultured Pearls, composed of (89) individually knotted 8.00mm to 8.30mm pearls, completed by a pierced, hinged 18kt yellow gold ball clasp. The clasp hinges over the chosen pearl to form a cage ... 600
1499 MEXICAN JEWELRY - Collection of (5) Pcs of Mexican Silver and Stone Jewelry, including (3) link bracelets, a link necklace and ring. Lot includes: Link bracelet with (6) carved onyx stones depicting faces with silver ... 100
1500 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold, Oval Moonstone and Diamond Ring centered by a collet set oval bluish-gray moonstone surrounded by two rows of single cut diamonds set in white gold. (1) Oval cabochon cut gray moonston... 425
1501 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold, Ruby and Diamond Ring, centered by an est. 1.06 ct oval ruby in a buckle motif tension mounting of round diamonds and baguette cut rubies. Cast assembled. Polished finish. Shank measures... 650
1502 LADYS RING - 14K White Gold, Round Pearl and Diamond Ring, with 12mm pearl Size 8. 400
1503 LADYS RING - 14K Yellow Gold and Pink Sapphire Cluster Ring, with round faceted pink sapphires, the center stone is set above (6) smaller stones in flush and gypsy mounts. Est. total sapphire wgt.: 3.63 cts. The gall... 300
1504 (4) PCS JEWELRY - (4) Pcs of 14K Yellow Gold, Pearl and Gemset Jewelry, including (3) brooches and (1) pendant. Lot includes: Crown form brooch, set with (5) small pearls, (12) faceted stones, and engraved Deborahs ... 500
1505 (2) BRACELETS - Group of (2) Vintage Silver Belt Form Link Bracelets, one with (4) carved agate links and the other with inlaid turquoise. Agate and reticulated silver link bracelet opens using the front agate buckle,... 475
1506 JEWELRY - (5) Piece Jewelry Lot, including (3) oval gold brooch frames, (2 have tintypes inside) and (2) gold pinchback lockets. One oval tintype depicts an African American man. Ranging in size from 1 - 1 1/2 . Min... 400
1507 CUFF BUTTONS - Pair of Antique 18K Rose Gold, Gold Quartz and Hardstone Cuff Buttons, circular form inlaid with gold quartz centering an engraved hardstone agate intaglio S. 5/8 diam.; 10.9 dwt tw. Good condition. ... 425
1508 BRACELET - 7 1/2 Double Strand of 5 1/2 mm Pearls with 14K Yellow Gold Clasp. 1/2 wide 150
1509 EARRINGS - Pair of 14K Yellow Gold Triangular Hoop Form Earrings. 3/4 wide x 1 1/8 high; 5.6 dwt. Good condition. 325
1510 GENTS POCKET WATCH - Hamilton Gold Filled Open Face Pocket Watch with engraved case marked Philadelphia Watch Case 20 Years 9208663. Movement is marked Motor Barrel 950 23 Jewels Adjusted 5 Position, with attache... 550
1511 (2) POCKET WATCHES - Lot of (2) Gold Filled American Waltham Pocket Watches. Includes: Hunter cased watch with white porcelain dial and recessed seconds bit, movement marked American Waltham Watch Company #4582813 s... 125
1512 TABLECLOTH & (10) NAPKINS - Swiss Appenzell Cut Embroidery and Lace Linen Tablecloth and Napkins, 142 x 60 and 18 square, good condition. 425
1513 FREDERICK HAUCKE, (NY/NJ, 1908-1960) - Two pieces: Nervous Systems, oil on masonite, signed Haucke lower right and dated 46 verso, mounted on black painted panel, OS: 18 x 24, SS: 12 x 18, scuffed; PLUS Lithog... Unsold
1514 FRITZ BRADLEY TALBOT (MA, 1878-1964) - The Concert Pianist, oil on canvas, marked verso F. B. Talbot, Wianno, Cape Cod, Mass., in molded walnut frame with linen liner. OS: 25 1/2 x 29 1/2, SS: 19 1/2 x 23 1/2. S... 275
1515 LEO BROOKS (ME, 1909-1993) - Ann Heiser, watercolor on Strathmore paper, signed lower right and with a slip of paper stapled below signature having typed poem Ann Heiser; There was a young girl named Ann Heiser, wh... Unsold
1516 THOMAS SARRANTONIO (NY, 1954-) - Tree with Pumpkin Field, oil on panel, signed and titled verso, dated Oct 2003. In pine box frame with shadowline. OS: 13 1/4 square, SS: 11 3/4 square. Fine condition. 500
1517 THOMAS SARRANTONIO (NY, 1954-) - Introspection, oil on panel, signed and titled verso, dated Feb 97. In pine slat frame. OS: 12 1/4 square, SS: 11 3/4 square. Fine condition. 250
1518 JAMES ELIAS STERLING (NY, 1908 - ?) - Artist and Model in Studio, oil and oil pastels on paper, signed lower right J. Sterling, in gold cove frame, linen mat, glazed. OS: 26 1/2 x 31 3/4, SS: 18 1/4 x 23 1/2, fi... 250
1519 WALDO PEIRCE (NY/ME/MA, 1884-1970) - Maine Village, oil on panel, initialed WP verso and marked 722. In gold painted gesso frame. OS: 13 x 15 1/2, SS: 7 x 9 1/2. Light shrinkage cracks to panel. 800
1520 THOMAS SARRANTONIO (NY, 1954-) - Study, oil on panel, signed and titled verso, dated April 98. In pine slat frame. OS: 12 x 9 3/4, SS: 11 1/2 x 9 1/4. Fine condition. Unsold
1521 MARIA ADA GIANNI (Italy, 1873-1956) - Amalfi Coast Road, gouache on paper, signed lower right, in molded gold stick frame, matted and glazed, OS: 25 1/2 x 18, SS: 18 1/2 x 11 1/2, good condition. 300
1522 KARL MULLER (Contemporary German) - Besorgung, oil encaustic on hollowcore panel, signed verso, titled and dated 01. Unframed. 75 x 47 1/2. Fine condition. 250
1523 CHARLES H. PABST (AZ/CA, 1950 - ) - Summer Rain, oil on canvas, signed lower right, El Presidio Gallery of Tucson, Arizona label verso, in weathered wood frame with gilt and linen liner, name tag. OS: 16 x 13, SS:... 400
1524 OIL ON CANVAS - Appian Way, illegibly signed lower left, dated 73 (?), in pine slat frame with linen, with gilt liner, OS: 33 x 28, 28 1/2 x 23 1/2, good condition. Unsold
1525 GEORGE F. CHISHOLM (20th c Maine) - Early Morning at Basin Point seen from Roaring Tides, Harpswell, Maine, oil on canvas board, signed lower left, titled verso, with inscription Done in 1976 from sketches done e... 250
1526 DAVID W. WHITE (ME, 1896-1988) - Canadian Street Scene, 1972, signed lower right, titled and dated verso with a price of $1,250. In a fatigued wood frame with blue and gold liner. OS: 23 1/2 x 36 1/2, SS: 18 1/2 ... 200
1527 DAVID W. WHITE (ME, 1896-1988) - Old Quebec Town, with Still Life of Jugs on Table and Chair verso, both signed lower right. In oak molded frame with linen liner. OS: 24 1/4 x 28 1/4, SS: 19 1/2 x 23 1/2. Good con... 250
1528 DAVID W. WHITE (ME, 1896-1988) - Old Bath Road, oil on canvas board, signed lower right, titled on label verso from the 73rd Annual Exhibition, 1956, Portland Society of Art, Portland, Maine. In greyed pine cove fra... 250
1529 IAN FENNELLY (Contemporary British) - Cathedral Gateway, watercolor, signed lower right, Watergate Street Gallery of Chester label verso. In gold molded frame, matted and glazed. OS: 21 1/2 x 24 1/2. SS: 10 x 13. ... Unsold
1530 MARGARET GLASS (UK, 1950 - ) - The Front Path, pastel, initialed lower left, titled on Sarah Samuels of Wrexham label verso. Impressionist view of a cottage. In gold and tan molded frame, glazed. OS: 21 1/2 x 17 1/... Unsold
1531 JO (SPILLER) DESMOND (Cont. Maine) - Daffodils, Tulips & Marbles, watercolor, signed lr, titled verso. In gold molded frame, matted and glazed. OS: 29 x 32. SS: 19 1/4 x 22 1/2. Fine condition. Unsold
1532 JOSHUA ADAM (Contemporary Castine, Maine); Lobster Float in Rocks, signed Adam lower right, oil on masonite, in painted panel frame with gilt liner, OS: 13 x 16 1/2, SS: 8 x 11 1/2, fine condition. 250
1533 JOSEPHINE VERNAY (Swiss, 1861 - ?) - Monte Carlo, sur la Terrasse du Casino, watercolor on paper, signed lower left J. Vernay, circa 1890, titled verso and with old Jordan Marsh label. In original hand carved matc... 250
1534 (5) 18TH C. PACIFIC EXPLORERS ENGRAVINGS - Plates from the original printing of Bankess New System of Geography, published 1870-1890, London, including Terrecobo, King of OWyhee, bringing Presents to Capt. Cook ... Unsold
1535 HOWARD KLINE (Contemporary CA/MA) - Cape Ann Dories, etching, signed and titled at bottom and marked A/P, in burl maple and gold edged frame, the impression in the silhouette of the image, roughly 8 1/2 x 13 1/2, ... Unsold
1536 (32) TOY TRAIN CARS - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer, in original boxes, including: [1940] #625 Tank Car; #627 Girder Car;; #630 Caboose; #631 Gondola; (2) #632 Hopper Car; #633 R Box Car; #634 Floodlight Car; #636 Depre... 1,700
1537 TOY TRAIN SET - Ives Tin Litho Wind-Up Train, circa 1915, including Engine with P.R.R. Tender, Pennsylvania Lines Passenger Car & European Passenger Car (missing trucks); PLUS Railroad Crossing Gate with Tenders Hous... 100
1538 TOY TRAIN SET - Lionel Standard Gauge, circa 1915, including: #38 Electric Locomotive New York Central Lines, in black; PLUS #190 NYCL Observation Car in olive green; PLUS #19 NYCL Parlo/Baggage Car; PLUS (31) pcs cur... 350
1539 (9) TOY TRAIN CARS - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer, in original plain cardboard boxes and/or rolls, including: #361 Diesel B Unit; #714 Log Unloading Car; #715 Automatic Unloading Car; #716 Automatic Dump Car; #718 Oper... 400
1540 (5) TOY TRAIN ACCESSORIES - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #771 Operating Stockyard; #593 Signal Tower; Beacon Tower (plastic); Signal Arm Post (metal); Railroad Crossing Sign (metal) & Box of Streetlamps (plastic) with ... 275
1541 (2) TOY TRAIN ACCESSORIES - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #751 Log Loader & #755 Talking Station, used, with original boxes. Both appear to be intact and functional except for missing stations speaker and needle, minor... 425
1542 (3) TOY TRAIN ACCESSORIES - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #583 Electromatic Crane; #770 Loading Platform & #591 Crossing Gate, used, with original boxes. The first two appear to be intact with minor wear. The third has ... 500
1543 (7) TOY TRAIN ACCESSORIES - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer, all in original boxes but last, including: #557 Whistling Billboard (1948); #772 Automatic Water Tower (1948); #771 Floodlight Tower (1948); #578 Station Figure... 400
1544 (2) TOY TRAIN ENGINES - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #353 Circus & #332 DC Union Pacific both with tenders, in the original cardboard shipping rolls, used. Both appear to be intact and functional, minor wear. In or... 800
1545 (3) TOY TRAIN ENGINES - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #350 B&O Royal Blue with tender & #370 GM, in the original cardboard shipping boxes, PLUS #21571-499 W NH Electric in 1956 box. All are used, appear to be intact a... 500
1546 (4) TOY TRAIN TRANSFORMERS & CONTROL BOARD, PARTS & CATALOGS - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer Transformers in original boxes: No. 1; No. 12 D; No. 15 & No 30B. PLUS a Home Made Control Panel from American Flyer parts, ha... 375
1547 TOY TRAIN TRACK SWITCHES - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer, in original boxes, including: (6) Pair No 720A Remote Control Track Switches; (2) #725 Cross-Over Tracks; #728 Rerailer; #695 Reverse Loop Relay; PLUS Uncoupler ... 350
1548 TOY TRAIN TRACK - A.C. Gilbert American Flyer, in original boxes, including: [1940] (6) #730 Bumper; [1947] (6) Boxes of 12 #702 Curved Track; (7) Boxes of 12 #700 Straight Track; PLUS Box of Short Straight Track; Box... 425
1549 SMALL TRAIN SET & PLASTIC ACCESSORIES - American Flyer No 20550 Frontiersman Electric Train Set, circa 1960, in the original box, set is complete, damage to box; PLUS Plasticville Kits (in boxes): SC-4 Schoolhouse; ... 200
1550 (2) TIN LITHO TOY TRAIN ACCESSORIES - Marx Tin Litho Freight Terminal with ramp, 9 x 29 x 11; PLUS A.C. Gilbert American Flyer Pedestrian Bridge in gray, 7 x 16 x 13 1/2. Good condition. 200
1551 (16 PCS) LIONEL TOY TRAINS - In boxes, with instructions, unless noted, including: No 726 Engine & No 2426 Tender (1946) with bottle of Smoke Pellets (no box or inst); PLUS No 3435 Traveling Aquarium Car type 3; PLUS ... 500
1552 (8) LIONEL TOY TRAIN ACCESSORIES - All in the original boxes, with instructions if appropriate, including: No 455 Operating Switch Tower; No 138 Water Tank type 2; PLUS No 252 Automatic Crossing Gate; PLUS No 89 Flagp... 200
1553 (8) PLASTIC O GAUGE TOY TRAIN ACCESSORIES - Bachman-Plasticville Products, in the original boxes, including: Passenger Station Kit RS-7; PLUS School House Kit Sc-4; PLUS Barn Kit BN-1 (white-red); PLUS Church Kit; P... 100
1554 LIONEL O GAUGE TOY TRAIN TRACK & TRANSFORMER - Including: Trainmaster Transformer Type ZW, 250 watts, with original instructions; PLUS No 020 (90 degree) Track Crossing in box; PLUS (16) Straight & (10) Curved Piece... 70
1555 ANTIQUE DOLL TRUNK WITH HATS, REF BOOKS & (3) MINIATURE DOLLS - Leather Trimmed Canvas Trunk, containing 2 1/2 Frozen Charlotte, 7 Blonde Jenny Lind & 4 3/4 Shirley Temple bisque; PLUS Six Hats & a Parasol; PLUS Re... Unsold
1556 PERSIAN AREA RUG - 34 x 5 - Afghanistan Area Rug, mid 20th c, three rows of lobed maroon guls set on a midnight blue/black field, maroon rosette border. Good condition. 325
1557 PICTORIAL AREA RUG - 38 X 64 - Three Biblical figures depicting a woman pouring liquid into a cup with a man above and one below her holding open books, flanked on either side by trees and birds, stylized flowerhe... 275
1558 INJELAS AREA RUG - 39 x 54 - Serrated hexagonal medallion surrounded by boteh and flowerheads in rust-red, navy blue and teal on ivory field, rust-red spandrels, midnight blue boteh and flowerhead border, excellen... 275
1559 AREA RUG - 211 x 410 - Semi-antique oval Chinese area rug with octagonal medallion in ivory and navy blue on salmon field, ivory entwined dragon border, good condition, moderate wear. Unsold
1560 BED RUG - 38 X 6 - Turkish Bed Rug, first quarter 20th c, stepped navy blue geometric and linear motifs. Set on a tan field, solid navy blue border. Good condition. 800
1561 CHINESE ART DECO RUG - 3 x 5 - China, second quarter 20th c, sitting and flying phoenix in navy, sky blue and gold. Set on a rosette decorated cinnamon field, navy blue vine and rosette border. Good condition. 300
1562 BALOUCH AREA RUG - 29 x 4 - Two columns of hexagonal medallions in red, ivory, cinnamon and camel on navy blue field, camel diamond medallion border, excellent condition. Unsold
1563 AREA RUG - 26 x 44 - Anatolian Kilim Rug, early 20th c, light blue medallion set on wine red field with navy blue, ivory and tan highlights, ivory border, good condition. 550
1564 AREA RUG - 25 x 42 - Baluch Area Rug, Northeast Persia, late 19th c, lattice with diamond and flowerheads in ivory, russet and aubergine, set on midnight blue field surrounded by three russet and Persian blue mini... Unsold
1565 AREA MAT - 111 x 210 - Hamadan Area Mat in the Sarouk pattern, Northwest Persia, first quarter 20th c, burgundy red field filled with floral decorations in tan, ivory, light, medium and dark blue, good condition. 225
1566 KURDISH CARGO BAG - 110 x 37 - Northwest Persia, late 19th c, Barber Pole design in royal and navy blue, rust, aubergine and ivory, with a rust hooked border. Areas of pile wear, edges frayed. Unsold
1567 AREA MAT - 23 x 20 - Baluch Bag-face, Northeast Persia, late 19th c, rows of palmette motifs in rust, blue and tan, set on a deep navy field, with navy blue S border, fair condition, overall edge and selvage wear, s... Unsold
1568 BAGFACE - 2 x 21 - Northwest Persia, mid 20th c, a House of Worship in black, ivory and medium blue. Set on a red field, ivory meander border. Excellent condition. 150
1569 BALUCH RUG - 22 x 54 - Northeast Persia, early 20th c, four hooked diamond medallions in brown, ivory and black. Set on an ivory field with diamonds and rosettes, ivory stripe border. Extensive wear, extensive col... 100
1570 (26) COLLECTABLE SPOONS IN A TRAY - (17) US Presidents & (9) 1939 New York Worlds Fair, in earlier pressed pine carrier. Good condition. Unsold
1571 (4) FOSSIL SHELLS - Polished Ammonite/Nautilus Shells, retaining portions of their original beds as stands, some with stain highlighting, 8 to 4 1/4 tall, fine condition. 700